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The Ultimate Attorney podcast is a business podcast for solo attorneys and small law firms who are looking to grow their legal practices with greater ease and effectiveness. Ultimate Attorney was developed to help attorneys master their marketing, sell their services with greater authority, generate repeat clients, and additional revenue in their business.

Each week, your hosts Draye Redfern and Alexis Neely will share some of the closest guarded secrets from successful law firms across the U.S.

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We are all well aware that attorneys are some of the most stressed out professionals out there.   Many attorneys have not yet figured out how to handle the incredible amount of stress that comes with practicing law. On this week’s episode of The Ultimate Attorney Podcast, we're going to cover stress. How to reduce it, mitigate it, and ultimately how to use self care in a way that allows you to have more of a  capacity to handle daily stressors that may arise from time to time.
Have you ever had a prospect on the phone and knew early on it wouldn't be a good fit?  Do you ever have calls where prospects ramble on incessantly and are more so looking for someone to talk to rather than actually working with you? It is important that you have an exit strategy in place so that you can filter out these type of calls and by back your time . In this week’s episode of The Ultimate Attorney Podcast, we discuss the ways that you can essentially let these people down easy, and bail from some of those calls.
Are you currently providing your clients with audits? If not, did you know you are missing out on an opportunity to provide value that you can charge for? Not only that, once you’ve given them this value you can basically use that as an opportunity to then sell your services from a position of strength.  In this week’s episode of The Ultimate Attorney Podcast, we discuss how you can provide your clients with audits to show them you know exactly what you’re doing and use this to generate more money setting you up for more success in your business.
How do you determine what is the right investments for you inside and outside of your law practice to set yourself up for success, to grow and scale your law practice, and also live a fruitful and profitable life in general?  In this week’s episode of The Ultimate Attorney podcast we discuss what you should invest in inside and outside of  your law practice to get to the point where it is producing consistent, predictable revenue that you can count on.
How much time are you currently spending on initial consultations with prospects who don’t end up hiring you for your services? As an attorney, you are there to educate. You are there to support them in making great decisions. You are there to make the best use of their time. You are not just there for a meet and greet. In this week’s episode of The Ultimate Attorney Podcast,  we are going to cover why it is so critically important for you to ditch that initial consultation meet and greet, and really reallocate your time and how you handle these consultations in a different way to buy you back more time, and tee you up for more success in your practice.
Is your home life currently set up for you to run a successful law practice? What can you change now to create an environment that supports your work as an attorney? As attorneys, we often find ourselves  being pulled in a million different directions. This is why we need to actively search for different ways to free up our time, so that we can then focus our energy and  attention on serving our clients in a great way. Join us in this week’s episode of The Ultimate Attorney Podcast as we focus on the home front and discuss how we set up our home lives in order to lead successful businesses; and why for you and your law practice, it's important that you have help at home in order to build that successful law practice.
Who is your ideal client?  What do they look like?  What do they like to do?  How much money do they make? These are some of the questions you must ask yourself when deciding the type of clients you want to serve. You do not want to be what we call a “door lawyer,” or someone who takes anyone who walks through the door.  This is why you need to shift your thinking to become specific and intentional about who you want to work with. This is the first step to transforming your law practice into your ideal work environment. Join us in this week’s episode of The Ultimate Attorney Podcast as we discuss how to find who your perfect client is and how you can craft your marketing and messaging to find them.
 Selecting a practice area is presumably the most important factor affecting your long term success and career as an attorney. This is why it is shocking that most law schools fail to prepare you for this. The practice area you choose can be the difference between career satisfaction/overall success and a lack of professional fulfillment. This is why it is important for you to get really specific on what fits your lifestyle, personality, and interests. It is also important that you are clear on what the legal outcome is you want to provide your clients. In this week’s episode of The Ultimate Attorney Podcast, we discuss how to choose your area of practice and why it is important to choose a practice area where you can become an expert and not just a lawyer that takes whatever walks through the door. 
When was the last time you got out of the office and attended an actual LIVE event? We are not talking about local chamber, CLE, or bar association events here. We are talking about events that are very likely outside of your town or city… Chances are it’s been a while… if at all!! Live events are absolutely critical to the next level growth of your law practice because they give you an opportunity to learn things that take you beyond the scope of your current awareness of what’s possible for your life and practice. They also give you the opportunity to surround yourself with people who are thinking bigger than you are…and that’s really the key! If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re probably in the wrong room!!  Join us for this week’s episode of The Ultimate Attorney Podcast where we discuss the importance of masterminding and going to live events. We will cover how attending JUST ONE live event can potentially be the turning point for your law practice.
We are now well into the year, which means this is around the time many begin to review their new year's resolutions and assess whether they are on track to hit their goals.   How are you measuring up? Are you crushing the goals you’ve set out for yourself and your law practice, or are things starting to look grim? Maybe you have hit a wall and are unsure about what exactly you should be doing next to create the forward momentum you were hoping for this year. In this week’s episode of the Ultimate Attorney Podcast, we’ll cover 5 things that are potentially stopping you from accomplishing your goals, and how you can sidestep these roadblocks and crush the remainder of the year.  
 Credit often gets a bad wrap, but can actually be an asset when it comes to growing your law firm. The problem is many still remain in the dark when it comes to leveraging credit to scale their law business. Many law firm owners are often incredibly uncertain about the best ways to maximize credit or if you should even take on debt to grow your law practice in the first place. In this week’s episode of the Ultimate Attorney Podcast, we’ll cover the steps that you can take to maximize your credit score, improve your chances of getting a business loan or line of credit, and teach you why separating your business credit from personal credit is highly advisable. 
Do you have unwavering support of your spouse/family when it comes to building your law firm? Some do. Many don’t. Starting your own law firm can be stressful, overwhelming and uncertain. When you layer in the fact that many lawyers do not get adequate support from their spouse/family, it can cause them to feel discouraged and question whether starting their own law firm was the right decision.  In this week’s episode of the Ultimate Attorney Podcast, we discuss ways in which you can get your spouse/family to support you and how you can get off the emotional roller coaster that often questions your decision of becoming an attorney. 
In this weeks episode, Draye is going to recap some of the most popular episodes of the Ultimate Attorney Podcast that you may have missed. This episode will catch you up with some of the most downloaded episodes and share the highlights of each of these episodes with you. You learn how to better manage your calendar and create time-restrictions that end up giving you more freedom. You'll also learn some key insights to protect your reputation online and how to gain more positive 5-star reviews.
 Whether you’re already a solo attorney or an individual who is considering hanging up their shingle and starting their own law practice, your first year as a solo is such a big deal because it is make it or break it time. Going out on your own can be terrifying, so it is important to not over complicate things at first. You don’t want to be struck with analysis paralysis. It is important to keep in mind you don't have to have all the bells and whistles built in when starting out, that will all come in due time once you know you can engage clients. In this week’s episode of The Ultimate Attorney Podcast, we discuss your first year as a solo and how you can cover your bases, hang up your shingle, focus on lead gen strategies, and scale your law firm.
What if there was something out there that could potentially alleviate stress, while making you more productive? What could a product like that potentially do for your life and business? Many attorneys have turned to pharmaceutical drugs in the past such as  Adderall, Ritalin, and Vyvanse. These are some of the most  well known pharmaceuticals that help with gaining more focus and clarity. In this week’s episode of The Ultimate Attorney Podcast, we discuss Smart Drugs and Nootropics, which provide a healthier alternative to pharmaceuticals, while helping with focus and eliminating mental fog.  To access all of this week's show notes and resources, please visit:  
How much time are you currently spending giving out free consultations? If you had to tally up the total number of hours you’ve spent in your career giving out free consultations to people who did NOT end up hiring you, what would that number look like? Chances are that number is probably astronomically high. In this week’s episode of the Ultimate Attorney Podcast, we discuss how you can implement some client engagement systems that will help you to actually get hired my more of your prospects. We will also delve into why you need to create an intake and engagement process so that you go into these meetings prepared to get hired.  To access all of this week's show notes and resources, please visit:  
On a scale of one to ten, how would you rank your website? Does your website accurately convey who you are as a firm, and what you do to your audience? There are certain must haves that you need to have on your site in order to create differentiation from competitors, accurately convey what you specialize in, and keep visitors to your site engaged long after they’ve clicked off.  In this week’s episode of the Ultimate Attorney Podcast, we focus on what needs to happen on your current website to transition it from it being a brochure about you, to creating a relationship with prospects that are considering hiring you.   To access all of this week's show notes and resources, please visit:  
 What exactly are legal insurance plans? Should clients consider them, or are they better off without them? Understanding the ins and out of legal insurance plans so that you can take your clients through that process and they can come out more informed, educated, and empowered is imperative. Clients should choose an insurance plan with a clear knowing and a clear understanding of what that legal insurance plan doesn't actually cover.  What are the holes that are left as a result of that legal insurance plan? In this week’s episode of The Ultimate Attorney Podcast, we focus on the ins and outs, the positives, the negatives, and give you some really great insights on legal insurance plans. Taking a closer look at the best way to go about educating, informing, and empowering your clients so that they're just absolutely thrilled with the experience they've had with you. Click the link below to check out this weeks episode: 
Many attorneys are becoming increasingly concerned regarding automated online legal services such as Legal Zoom and Rocket Lawyer possibly overtaking the legal industry. This is a legitimate concern for not only attorneys but many industries as well. The reality is that with technology advancing at such a rapid rate, many services will become obsolete in a few years. So how do you make sure that your law firm does not go under, and you are not replaced when this happens? In this week's episode of The Ultimate Attorney Podcast, we discuss how to create a clear value proposition, innovate, and differentiate yourself so that you can capitalize on this shift. Click the link below to check out this weeks episode:
How many hours are you currently working in a week? Is it more than 40? There are some attorneys out there who are currently working 60, 70, 80 hours a week, and at the end of the day, still do not feel as if they're accomplishing their goals. Why does that happen, and is that happening to you in your own life right now? In this week’s episode of the Ultimate Attorney Podcast, we are going to be talking about time that you're probably leaking, which may be as much as five to ten hours per week, and what you can do to better control and manage your time on a weekly basis to buy you back more hours. To access all of this week's show notes and resources, please visit:  
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Samuel Kornfeld

Really good podcast. Discussion of great ideas and excellent tactics. However, sometimes the terminology feels slightly disingenuous and some background material is repetitive.

Aug 22nd
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