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The audio arm of Christian apologist and Bible teacher, Rob Lundberg. Rob is a is blogger, writer, & public speaker. For four years in his mid to late teenage years, he spent time as an apathetic skeptic. Halfway into those four years someone challenged him to do an investigation to try and disprove the resurrection of Christ. But the evidence Rob found was compelling enough to follow it where it led. We hope you will be challenged, that you will enjoy the Let's Get Real Podcast and learn more from Rob about why he believes Christianity is true.
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If Christianity is true, what does it mean for the believer? Over the last few weeks we have been addressing some of the basics of what Christianity is about; what being a Christian really means; what is faith; what is the Bible; and what the church and its mission is all about. On The Let's Get Real Podcast, we are embarking on a twelve step series defense on what makes the Christian faith true. This is what is called the classical approach starting with the issue of whether or not truth is knowable. In our culture today, Christianity is under attack and the concept of truth is challenged from several different angles from various movements in our culture. In this episode we are going to examine the definition of what truth is and what it is not, and how we know that it is knowable. You may want to take notes as we share the 12 Steps and then move into the first premise. You may want to get a note pad and take notes these next several weeks as we are going to look at each step.   As always, if you have a question please feel free to send your questions or comments to I began to teach this approach in several different venues, once I have learned it from my mentors (click on the link to download a free book), who have published on this approach. The Let's Get Real Podcast is the audio arm of our ministry found at Please feel free to check out the resources we have to equip you and challenge you with answers to questions you may have.  --- Send in a voice message:
Whenever you are involved in a conversation with someone who is skeptical about the Bible, it is usually because they have a preconceived idea that they do not all say the same thing. Mormons may throw down the objection to historical Christianity saying that the Christian church is not united because of all the Bible translations available. Are these objections valid? Is there any truth to them? It all depends on what you want to argue about. Independent Baptist Evangelicals believe the KJV is the only credible translation while others cherry pick versions that do not even qualify as a bona fide translation, but are more of a paraphrase at best and a "interpretive thought devotional" mislabeled as a "translation. What is the best translation for me? Which one is the best translation for study? On The Let's Get Real Podcast with Rob Lundberg, Rob unpacks these questions and more. Because there are an abundance of "translations" what qualifies a translation to be a translation, and what disqualifies an alleged translation to be nothing more than a paraphrase? You will want to refer to the linked site with all the Bible translations available so that you can do your own research. We live in a day where we as Christians need to be in the Word and let permeate our heart, soul and mind (Matthew 22:36-40). If you have any questions or comments on this episode, send them to The Let's Get Real Podcast is the audio arm of Rob's ministry. You can learn more about what he is up to at where you can resources on how you can defend your faith against the objections coming from the culture.    --- Send in a voice message:
Moving through some of the foundational basics of the Christian faith, Rob addresses the question, "What is the Bible?"  Some might think it is a book of myths and fairy tales. Others might use it as a vitriolic sledgehammer in addressing moral and political issues. Atheists cherry pick it. Liberal theologians demythologize it. Progressives politicize and make it about their own view of social justice. Some evangelicals preach it as a therapy book while Bible believing that it is the inerrant Word of God exposit it, answering the question, has God really spoken? But what is the Bible? The Bible is a reliable collection of historical documents written by eyewitnesses during the lifetime of other eyewitnesses writing about supernatural events that are in direct fulfillment to specific prophecies and they claim that their writings are divine rather than human in origin; 66 books, three different languages, from three different continents by approximately 40 different writers communicating the intervention of God through Jesus Christ in human history. Rob shares in this podcast not just this information, but also the different types of genres that are in the 66 books and how they all are authenticated bibliographically in contrast to ancient literature, internally and externally. If you have any questions or comments on what you hear on this episode, please send them to    --- Send in a voice message:
Thinking about what is possibly ahead for us, with the Equality Act on the horizon, it is important to sure up what we believe and why we believe it.  When it comes to conversations about faith, some conversations can become volatile pretty quickly, especially when the other person in the conversation is anti-faith or has a misunderstanding about faith. So, if someone were to ask you to define “faith” how would you respond? On The Let's Get Real Podcast, Rob shares with you a biblical and a practical understanding of this word “faith” from the context of the Bible and the Christian setting. While many believe that faith is believing something without evidence or believing something without seeing, Rob presents the five different definitions found in most popular dictionaries, and then lays out a three pronged understanding of a robust biblical faith. You will want to share this episode with your friends and subscribe to The Let's Get Real Podcast. Rob also shares a thought of the direction of the ministry's A/V presence. If you have any questions or comments, please send them to If you have a question that you would like Rob to address in a future podcast, send that in your email as well.   --- Send in a voice message:
What makes Christianity unique from other religions? None of the other religions (Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, and Hinduism) have a founder who has risen from the dead. With that being said, if Jesus is truly risen from the dead, all these other religions and every ideology counter to Christianity are false. In this episode of The Let's Get Real Podcast, Rob gives you three truths that defend the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.   Those who do celebrate the Easter holiday focus on all kinds of things (chocolate bunnies, marshmallow Peeps, chocolate and real eggs). While all those things are fun, there is a deeper meaning to the Easter holiday that has its roots in an event in history that changes lives today. The death, burial and resurrection of Jesus are rooted in the center of the gospel message (1 Corinthians 15:3-8).   With our culture becoming more and more skeptical by the day, the truths and the content presented provide you with a source and a resource to share with your skeptical relatives and friends. If you are a skeptic listening to this episode, we welcome you. If you would like to get a printed resource of Rob's defense of the resurrection, you can send him an email at and he will respond as soon as possible. --- Send in a voice message:
As we continue to lay the foundation for future podcasts, the the answer to the question, "What is a Christian?" gets many kinds of responses. Responses like being good person (something everybody tries to do for the most part), going to church and putting money in the offering plate, serving in a capacity at church, are all just some of the answers people give. But do those answers satisfy the question? Is there a difference between doing those things and being a Christian and doing those things? On The Let's Get Real Podcast with Rob Lundberg, Rob talks about what a Christian is from the three passages in the New Testament. After sharing that a Christian is one who has been redeemed by Christ, he then moves into a discussion on the nature of Christian conversion in order to  explain the biblical meaning of being a Christian. As you listen to this episode, engage what you are hearing and check out where you stand on this question. You may have an understanding that may be foreign to what you hear in this episode.  If that is case Rob invites you to engage him with comments and questions.  Please email Rob with any questions you have at   --- Send in a voice message:
With religious pluralism seeking to have the front stage, Christianity is seen as just another religion to many?  To the skeptic, some see Christianity is a means to control people. For others, confusion emerges with different stripes of that is called Christianity, from the heretical interpretations like the Prosperity Gospel, the New Apostolic Reformation, and Progressive Christianity to the non-Christian cults like the Church of Jesus Christ (of Latter day Saints) and Jehovah's Witnesses. On The Let's Get Real Podcast with Rob Lundberg, Rob answers the question, "What is Christianity?" going back to the origins to Whom it all starts with, Jesus Christ. Rob explains that those struggling with "organized religion" need to look at the historical Christian faith the way that it is originally intended, a personal relationship with the One Who is the Author and Finisher of our faith, Jesus Christ. This episode is the second of three that Rob is sharing to set forth a foundation for addressing the basic questions of Christianity and addressing the subjects coming against the faith from the aberrant views that are present in our culture.  As you listen to this (or any other) episode, please interact with what you hear and listen to. Rob extends an invitation to his listeners to not just engage the material and email him with any questions or comments you may have. You can send your questions/comments to  --- Send in a voice message:
When you hear or think of the word, "church" what comes to mind? Ornate buildings? Organized religion? Control? Many people grow up in church, but may have never thought of the meaning of the church or what is the essence of the church?   In this episode of The Let's Get Real Podcast with Rob Lundberg, Rob presents the meaning of the word, church and explains the church as both visible and local church is, of course, the physical churches that we see around us and around the world, as well as the members of those churches. The invisible and universal church, however, refers to all believers everywhere.  But what does the terms visible and invisible church mean?  What is the Christian Church and what is it supposed to do?  What images is the church supposed to convey and is the Christian Church divided or united? And if it is united, as Rob will share, what is the message that unites all members of the invisible church? This episode is the first brick of a foundational series that will move to addressing this issues the church is facing in a post truth culture. Do not miss next week's episode, when Rob answers the question, "What is Christianity?"  As he moves through these subjects you will see how it will unfold into addressing the aberrant interpretations of church and Christianity.   Whether you have been turned off by the church, or have been raised in church, you will want to hear the explanations given this in this episode.  If you have any questions, you can send those questions to  --- Send in a voice message:
After a few weeks of no podcasts, Rob shares about his health condition and the recent hospitalization and surgery. However Rob just does not share the time of being down and almost out for the count.  He also shares how he took the opportunities to seek ways to share the gospel, even from the hospital bed. That's right. Did you know that God can use you in not just the high points of an evangelistic moment, but He can use you also when we are in our down times. Knowing this, you will find the blessing in whatever suffering is happening in your life. It could after coming out of and recovering from abdominal surgery or in the good time when all is well. Rob also mentioned the coming new format and potential subject matter that he will be addressing in the coming weeks.  You will want to subscribe and not miss an episode. Also to assist in your retention of material, Rob also will be shortening the podcasts to help you organize subjects and grab enough information to equip you for engaging your setting with the gospel.  Listen in and checkout The Let's Get Real Podcast. Rob mentioned a link that you would find an interesting 8-9 page read "On the Physical Death of Jesus" by Dr. William D. Edwards, MD. The article describes the modern medical condition of the flogging and the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, in a Journal of American Medicine Association Journal article from 1989.  Click the link the link to pull down the PDF If you have any questions on anything you hear, please reach out by email to --- Send in a voice message:
If you want to understand the present moment, especially how similar Wokeness seems to Mao’s Cultural Revolution, you have to understand the Italian communist Antonio Gramsci. Gramsci wrote a series of essays and books while imprisoned by the Italian fascists in the 1920s and 1930s that are referred to as his Prison Notebooks. These are the birthplace of Cultural Marxism. But what is Marxism? With all the issues going on the in culture, with denominations embracing critical race theory and intersectionality, along with critical theory, we are seeing an ideology some never would have thought would be entering into the church. Many churches, parachurch groups, and even denominations passing resolutions which in turn to an ideology that does not line up with the historical Christian faith. The picture that we are seeing emerging with this progressive kind of Christianity is no longer a “gospel alone” message, but one that professes the “gospel plus economics.” The ideology that we are seeing making a comeback is known as cultural Marxism. What is Marxism? Who started it and why does it fail in light of the gospel of Jesus Christ?  I hope to answer these questions in this post. You might recall last week's show where Rob pointed out the incompatibility of socialism (an economic theory) with historical Christianity. In this podcast episode, Rob peels open the onion of Marxism and shows how it is an abysmal failure of the past and will be in the present. Only a biblical worldview will provide the answers to the questions of origin, meaning, morality, destiny and being. And only the gospel of Jesus has the answer to man's social and moral ills. If you have any questions or comments about what you hear on this episode, please send your questions to or go to and send a comment through the website.  --- Send in a voice message:
During the recent Inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, this past week, we heard a lot of rhetoric involving words like "unity" "justice" "God" and "truth in his speech. But what do those words mean when one's platform is all about big government intervening in the lives of the nation's citizens. This form of government teeters in the balance of moving America from a Constitutional Republic to a democratic socialistic form of government.   Many Christians and non Christians think that Christianity is compatible with a socialistic ideal.  Since every politician has a worldview, Rob addresses this issue of Christianity v Socialism from a worldview perspective, breaking open Acts 4:32-35 to how a socialist would misue this passage as a prooftext for bankrupt attempts. Rob shows from the passage how there is no reference to assume a state policy and no class of politburo or bourgeoisie present in the text.   This podcast show is the first of two, where Rob peels open the bankrupt views of socialism and Marxism (next week). You will want to have a notebook handy listening to these, and hopefully what you hear will open your curiosity to study these ideologies and come up with your own responses to them. If you have any questions about anything that you hear or if you have a question, please email Rob at or go to the Contact Link at   --- Send in a voice message:
Imagine you are in a conversation with a friend from work and the conversation turns to a hot button moral subject. If you were asked for your position on the abortion issue, would you know how to answer it in such a way to where you don't sound like making the issue a matter of rights? Many today see us, who are pro life as tyrannical, accusing us of taking away women's rights.  But is it a matter of rights or is it a matter of life? On January 22, 1973, the Supreme Court of the United States set the course of battle for life in motion. On The Let's Get Real Podcast with Rob Lundberg, Rob presents a pretty solid case for the defense of human life in the womb from the point of conception, framing his argument from scientific data, theology, ethics and philosophy.  The attributes set forth in biology and physiology textbooks point to a Grand Creator Who knit us in our mothers in His image and likeness (Genesis 1:26, 27; Psalm 139, Genesis 4:10; Exodus 20:13).  As part of his case, Rob also presents the objections of conception by rape (1% of the cases) and the "life of the mother" (3% of the known cases) and the issue of difficult ethical decisions when nothing else can be done. The Let's Get Real Podcast is the audio arm of Thank you for listening and telling others about this podcast. We welcome your feedback and questions about this podcast, ministry or any other question concerning Christian faith. Please send your comments to    --- Send in a voice message:
With the having gone through some ideological shifts in the past ten years, we are getting ready to see another one with the coming of an administration change.  Christians, now more than ever need to know the issues of culture and be prepared to navigate them with a goal of courageously and graciously sharing the gospel. The key ingredient in fulfilling our mission is knowing how to answer the objections we face day in and day out with the gentleness and respect that Peter tells us, in 1 Peter 3:15, to incorporate into our response. This mission is going to call for a reshaping of apologetics in the twenty-first century. On The Let's Get Real Podcast with Rob Lundberg, Rob takes us through Chip Ingram's (Living on the Edge Ministries) Yesterday/Today points about reshaping our understanding of apologetics. As you go through them, grab your notebook and write them down. Rob also refers listeners to listen in to Jon McCray's Whaddo You Meme video entitled, "Christians & Navigating Political Hell" to encourage believers to focus on your Christian walks and growing in the knowledge of your faith and of Christ during these days, rather than getting caught up in the politckal rhetoric between the aisles.  We need to focus on Jon's encouragement and focus on living out the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:36-40) and the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).   The Let's Get Real Podcast with Rob Lundberg is the audio arm of  For questions or comments, send them to --- Send in a voice message:
One of the outcomes of Western societies, such as in economics, gender, race, the environment etc are due to "immoral discrimination agains groups of people. According to the social justice movers and shakers, these evils have been embedded in social structures like the ones mentioned.  Assumed is that the oppressed need to be liberated from their oppression. But how dyo the social justice crusaders see humanity, race, gender, et al. Do they see each individual as created in the image and likeness of the God that created them? Or do they see people based on the mentioned characteristics as victims of injustice(s)? Happy New Year and welcome to The Let's Get Real with Rob Lundberg Podcast. On this episode, Rob seeks to explain how the social justices movements in our culture do not reflect a biblical worldview and reflect an ideology where justice will never happen because of how they see people and the issues surrounding them.  Many of the proponents of the social justice movements come out of the emergent church movement and have re-emerged in what is today known as Progressive Christianity. You will want a notebook and a pen as Rob mentions some terms that you will want to remember so that you can discern a conversation with someone's cause in the social justice movement. Rob also mentions a great resource for your library, Alisa Childers' book Another Gospel: A Lifelong Christian Seeks Truth in Response to Progressive Christianity, which speaks about her journey to biblical historical Christianity out of a Progressive Christian movement.   The Let's Get Real Podcast is a the audio arm of If you have any questions or would like to address Rob with any challenges, you can email him at or --- Send in a voice message:
For many year 2020 is one that we run as far away from as possible. On the Let's Get Real Podcast with Rob Lundberg, Rob wraps up this year's podcast with some reflections on 2020 and then presents a sobering look at where he perceives America headed looking at Romans 1:18-32. Is God seconding the motion of America's rush toward immoral choices.  What can the church do?   Rob springboards off of his assessment with sharing a potential direction for ministry and the audio arm, The Let's Get Real Podcast.  This is a unique presentation in comparisons to past shows. But it is one that has been on the heart and mind of this ministry, given all that is happening in the moral, social and political climate of this Nation. Please listen to this show, and let us know your thoughts. You can do that by sending an email to or leaving a comment on whatever of the 10 platforms you find this podcast. Please feel free to check out Rob's website at   The Let's Get Real Podcast with Rob Lundberg is the audio arm of RobLundberg.Org.   --- Send in a voice message:
The Christmas holiday season is a upon us and knowing the reason for the season, this is a wonderful opportunity to share those reasons.  The exciting part is that though miracles are a challenge to skeptics, we have a wonderful opportunity to share the miracle of the virgin birth.  In this post, a couple of weeks before the holiday, I want to take some time to address the significance of Jesus’ virgin birth. With all the attacks on the New Testament over the last few years, I thought I would post the material again. However, before we “go there”, many of the mythologies that claim to have “savior/virgin birth stories” are either forgeries, or fabrications that have been well after, even centuries of the prophecies and one hundred to two hundred years following the actual historical events. In either case, none of the mythology stories have a single shred of salvific value, since they were based on “myth.” On the Let's Get Real Podcast with Rob Lundberg, Rob addresses the significance of the virgin birth of Jesus showing the difference between the pagan myths by pointing to the prophetic nature of His birth from the place of His birth to the reason why He came.  The baby in the manger not only was the One who created His mother, He also came to be the substitute payment for our sins. The gospel begins with Christ and is culminated with His resurrection (1 Corinthians 15:3,4). The Let's Get Real Podcast with Rob Lundberg is the audio arm of If you have any questions or would like to make a donation to this ministry, please go to, and click the donate link on the website or go and make a donation there. If you have any questions you can also send them --- Send in a voice message:
I am sure that every one of us, somewhere along the lines, has heard from some well-meaning individuals rail out, “with all sincerity, that we have no business celebrating Christmas, since the Bible gives no date for Christ’s birth? But is Christmas as we know it really a pagan holiday?  On The Let's Get Real Podcast with Rob Lundberg, Rob answers this question, revisiting an objection that came from back in 2007's movie blockbuster The Davinci Code.  In response to the pontification of Dr. Lee Teabing, Rob present two responses. First Rob points to the usage of festivals and holidays in the Old Testament and their purpose in worship for the nation of Israel.  He then points out that anyone wanting to render day “off limits” because a pagan holiday already in existence on that date, there would not be  many days left to celebrate anything. Pointing to Romans 14 and Colossians 2:17, Rob helps the listener understand where the apostle Paul gives his readers encouragement on the use of exercising the Christian conscience on matters that are not condemned. The length of this show is just under 30 minutes but it is packed with information and a resource that Rob mentioned quickly about the coming "alignment" of two planets forming the alleged star of Bethlehem.  Rob gives a quick answer and points to a resource that you will want to go to for more extensive information, Marcia Montenegro's Christian Answers for the New Age website speaking to the issues in today's show. Opening and Closing Music from The Go Fish Guys, It's Called Christmas with a Capital "C" with Christian comedian Brad Stine.   Grab your note pad and your Bible and listen to this information packed show.  The Let's Get Real Podcast with Rob Lundberg is the audio arm of Rob  If you have any questions or would like to make a comment, please send your question and thoughts to --- Send in a voice message:
Is Jesus just a good moral teacher or another guru? Is Jesus just one of the Prophets of old and succeeded by the Islam's Muhammad?  What does Islam have to say about who Jesus is? How is the life, work and ministry of Jesus far greater than the god-men of Hinduism (gurus)?  What makes Jesus far superior to the Prophet Muhammad. On The Let's Get Real Podcast with Rob Lundberg, Rob addresses these questions and more in order to debunk the current perennial and pluralistic mindsets of our post truth culture. On the show today, Rob gives an honest and straight forward answer to the questions of why Jesus is greater than all the religious leaders that have enveloped the religious landscape. What is the greatest event that trumps all other events?  You will want to listen and find out. The Let's Get Real Podcast is the audio arm of,  If you have any questions about anything you hear on this show, please send your comments or questions to   --- Send in a voice message:
With the push in our culture for religious relativism and an underlying perennialism, the question of who is Jesus in the light of key religious figures. On The Let's Get Real Podcast with Rob Lundberg, Rob presents a compare and contrast analysis of who Jesus versus Moses, Socrates, and Buddha. Rob shares a goal to debunk perennialism, the perspective in philosophy and spirituality that views all of the world's religious traditions as sharing a single, metaphysical truth or origin, by ,show how Jesus is superior. This is the first part of presenting the supremacy of Christ versus the religious leaders of the world religions. Part 2 will cover Jesus versus the "godmen" of Hinduism and Jesus versus Muhammad. The apostle Paul warns about another Jesus (2 Corinthians 11:3,4 and Galatians 1:8,9), and in so doing points to the supremacy of Christ in Colossians 1:15-18.  In like manner this episode seeks to show Jesus as supreme against the competing voices of our culture. If you have any questions about anything or anything that you have heard on this show, please send an email to or go to Rob's website at and Rob will be happy to respond to your question.   The Let's Get Real Podcast with Rob Lundberg is the audio arm of Rob a ministry seeking to equip the believer to think in the direction of providing intelligent answers to the questions challenging the Christian faith and sharing the good news of Christ to the thinkers and opinion makers in our culture.   --- Send in a voice message:
The internet is littered with allegations that the historical records of the life of Jesus are examples of a kind of religious plagiarism, a mere rehashing of dying and rising deities from ancient mythologies or a recycling of comment details found in many of the mystery religions in the ancient world around the time of Jesus' earthly ministry.  While many people seeking to debunk Christianity, by Googling some of the names of ancient deities and see alleged similarities to the life of Jesus (His virgin birth, baptism, having a following of disciples, and more).   On the Let's Get Real Podcast with Rob Lundberg, Rob sheds light on these common features, but shows how the mythologies do not line up with historical events of the life of Jesus of Nazareth. To do this Rob advances a response to the mythers claims by presenting two factual problems and a logical problem that puts to rest forever any concerns of Jesus being a recycled redeemer or a copy cat Messiah. This is the first of a few shows on the uniqueness of Jesus as the true Savior for mankind. If you have any questions you would like to ask about what you hear on this program, please send your comments and questions to If you would like to assist Rob's ministry, you can do so by going to the website at   --- Send in a voice message:
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