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Author: Alex Povey

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Want to grow your personal training business? Tune in the and learn from some of the best coaches, experts, fitness professionals, industry leaders and thought provoking people. Trainers at every level who want to discover new ideas, implement fresh strategies, get better results for their clients and be an all round better fitness business owner. Alex (host) is the co-founder of Coaching Ignited, who are dedicated to helping trainers around the world build healthy and profitable businesses.
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How can you be confident if you fundamentally don’t trust yourself?Overcoming self limiting beliefsWhy people struggle with being authenticHow do we develop high performing habitsHow do you rise from a struggle or lossWhat does it mean to leave a legacyVeronika Abrams is the founder of Hero Academy, Confidence Coach and soon to be host of the Hero Academy Podcast. She’s also the creator of the Online Dating Overhaul (links below). US!!Insta - -
Why do people hate success with Pete TanselyToday’s topics:-Why has Pete been meditating for the last 300 days and what has it done for him?-What did Eli Wilde (Tony Robbins top sales guy) and Pete talk about when the met and recorded a show together?-What does building a dream fitness business look like to you?-How do you balance family life & kids whilst also trying to run a successful business?-Can anyone be successful in business with the right strategies and tactics or is there more pieces to the puzzle?-What did I actually commit to doing for the next 30 days? US!!Insta - -
Online Nutrition CoachingOn today’s episode we welcome Beyond Macros founder Mattew Walrath to walk us through how he built his online nutrition coaching business that consists of multiple coaches.Matt now teaches other coaches how to follow in his footsteps and build their own online offers and services and we discuss the fastest way to get your first 5 clients. US!!Insta - -
Destroying OverwhelmLast week I came clean. I got hit hard with this sudden feeling of overwhelm. It was a crippling feeling that almost seemed impossible to escape.I reached out for advice, found the solution (I already knew) and then took action to destroy the feeling of overwhelm.If you’re dealing with the pressures and demands of running a business, then I’m sure you can relate and this is definitely for you.On this episode of the podcast I’m going to walk you through the exact steps I took.FOLLOW ME!!Insta - -
Justin is celebrating 30 years the fitness industry from a personal trainer, sales person, club manager, multi-club owner and now business coach.He was an inaugural inductee into the Fitness Australia Roll of Honour in 2011 and Australian Fitness Network Presenter of the Year in 2008.JT’s company is Active Management.  It is a world renowned business coaching company with one of the fastest growing closed Facebook groups.He facilitates the Industry Leaders Roundtable.  This is the original and longest running Roundtable program in Australia for gym owners & PT business owners.He has delivered 341 presentations in 21 countries to over 195,300 people – including being the only business speaker to speak for 20 consecutive years at Filex.He has a weekly Facebook live show called #JTInTheRaw that has been viewed over 180,000 times!It doesn't end there!  He is the owner of the Fitness Business Podcast., the #1 podcast on the planet for fitness business owners, managers and people who want to get better.And this year he ran Australia’s inaugural Fitness Industry Technology Summit.Today we are going to get super tactical about how to get your message heard and use Facebook Lives to generate leads and attract new clients. ME!!Insta - -
Double Your Coaching IncomeOn this episode we welcome Adam Hayley, a well respected online trainer, business mentor and founder of the Online Trainer Education.Adam has a track record of helping PT's transition away from the gym floor, and into online coaching - whilst often earning DOUBLE the amount they'd ever earned on the gym floor.He does this by teaching them how to fast track their client results, as well as how to consistently write content that sells.Technology has become a big part of the fitness industry and online training allows coaches to leverage tools to steal back time, create a bigger impact and reach a global audience.We explore Adam’s personal transition from the gym floor to now working with online clients and significantly increasing his revenue.Plus some simple steps that you can take to get started online and create another opportunity to expand your fitness business.OnlineTrainerEducation.com ME!!Insta - -
Performance HackingOn today’s show it’s just me and YOU. I get asked all the time about my routines and obsession with performance today I’m going to give you the low down.We are going to explore getting optimal sleep, unpack my ‘Morning Formula’, talk about reflection/journaling and trying to master meditation (I’m currently failing with this one).I regard these powerful tools more important than any marketing or sales strategy, because they literally underpin everything we do.You can be insanely good at marketing, coaching, or a selling, but if your mindset is not optimized then you are going to leave so much on the table.Let me know your biggest takeaway after you’ve heard the show?Enjoy.FOLLOW US!!Insta - -
Scaling A Fitness Business From 6 To 7 FiguresOn this episode we explore the inner workings of how Justin Devonshire, founder & CEO of Fitness Business Blueprint, helps fitness professionals to scale from 6- to 7-figures, so they can enjoy financial security & lifestyle freedom.Justin does this by teaching fitpros how to transition from a 'solopreneur' trading time-for-money, into the owner of a real business that works for them.We unpack the word ‘scale’ and what it actually means to ‘scale’ your business the right way, limiting your financial exposure and creating sustainable business growth.Among helping fit pros, Justin runs multiple profitable facilities & bootcamps while living on the island of Cyprus. He’s an international speaker, business mentor & investor in other fitness companies.Links to pages and social media:  Hours of free content & downloadable guides to grow your fitness business at US!!Insta - -
Being Your Authentic Self OnlineA story of sexual abuse and murder, the odds were stacked against our guests Perry Power and Matt Burbridge to not be where they are today.But despite being subjected to life altering experiences they both leveraged their story to build successful online fitness businesses, connect with their ideal client and build a powerful personal brandNow they teach others how to do the same.The FitStory Company is revolutionising the fitness industry through the power of storytelling, turning online fitness trainers into storytelling FitPros.This episode is all about getting comfortable with who you really are and being authentic with your online audience. US!!Insta - -
Life Of A Barry’s Bootcamp TrainerMark Ross also know ‘Rossy’ by his team mates at Chorley FC is and online coach and a trainer at the infamous Barry’s bootcamp on Manchester.On this episode we unpack the selection process for Barry’s bootcamp and Mark’s personal experience of building his online coaching business, Lifestyle Lean.We discuss his secret sauce of ‘keeping it simple’ and what makes working with clients online different to the 1-2-1 model. US!!Insta - -
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