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Author: Alex Povey

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Want to grow your personal training business? Tune in the and learn from some of the best coaches, experts, fitness professionals, industry leaders and thought provoking people. Trainers at every level who want to discover new ideas, implement fresh strategies, get better results for their clients and be an all round better fitness business owner. Alex (host) is the co-founder of Coaching Ignited, who are dedicated to helping trainers around the world build healthy and profitable businesses.
47 Episodes
Transitioning From Offline To Online CoachingGavin had a very humble start to his journey, making it up as he went along. Through resourcefulness he was able to build a thriving business, but found himself burning out.Later he would invest in a mentor and made some big changes to his business. Tripling his prices almost overnight and making some large mental shifts along the way.From there he was able to free up time to branch out into online training, which we unpack on this weeks podcast. We look at what steps he took to make it happen and how you can do the same
Pricing Up & Selling TransformationsDan is back again to share a ton more value with the CI listeners. On this episode we explore how to price up your services and sell transformations.What leverage tools you can use to get your clients results and give them the support they need. Plus how Dan taps into his 23,000 followers on IG and turns them into coaching clients. Ignited 
Asking For What You Are WorthIn this episode we welcome Mounir Lazzouni to dive into the topic on money mindset, asking for what you are worth and making price adjustments based on your audience.We explore how you go from the traditional model of selling time, to selling outcomes and transformations.What belief system do you need to make this happen and how to get create mental toughness when asking for what you are worth. 
 The Secrets To Selling Fitness (there are no secrets)When your heart's not in it to there hope for your fitness business?Inside this week’s show, Rich and I thrash out the realities of facing the sale.We will walk you through a framework to follow and methodology to use.Rich helps businesses breakthrough their sales slump without comprising integrity by creating systems & processes unique to their own style of communication.He’s highly respected for working with fitness professionals across the industry, allowing them to unlock their true sales potential and find their dream clients.Not only that, Rich host’s the Transformative Sales Podcast, which is definitely worth checking out for all your podcast bingers (links in comments) FB:  
How To GeT Your First Online ClientOn today's episode Brain Mark, founder of Aesthetic Domination and PT Domination walks us through three steps to getting your first online client.We look at free ways to tap into your power base, get your mindset in check and hone in on your ideal customer so that your marketing message cuts through the  
Tim DrummondPsychology Of Selling Coaching-The art of selling coaching and personal training-Money mindset and how to charge more-Why learning how to sell will impact your businessFacebook Facebook Group The Prosperous Personal Training; transform your business with high-value online programs The Client Compliance Toolbox Coaching Clinic Coaching Ignited
How To Launch A BootcampHave you thought about launching a bootcamp, but don’t know where to start?Setting up a bootcamp can be a lucrative way to scale your fitness if you get it right.Tim Megginson, the founder of Body Shape Fitness has been running bootcamps for the last 10 years.On this episode we go through a step by step process to get your group training dream off the ground.We look at some of the pitfalls to avoid and how to make your bootcamp a long term success. Facebook page: call:
High Ticket Coaching And How To Sell ItWant to learn how Hannah and her clients are selling £1,000+ coaching programmes every single week?Hannah reveals how she went from selling low ticket hourly rate coaching to now selling high ticket coaching packages at scale.We go step by step through her sales process and how she does it.I don't believe she has ever shared this process outside of her client community before now.This is not just for high ticket sales either.If you are on the gym floor selling £30/hour in person coachingYou’re going to learn how to smooth up that sales process without being salesy or pushy.So be sure to tune into this episode if you want to learn:-How to sell outcomes not time-Where top performing coches invest their money-What's stopping you from charging morewww.highticketfitnesscoach.comInstagram @hannahchan921Facebook hannahchan0921
Is fear crippling YOUR business?-Fear of investing-Fear of failing-Fear of change-Fear of rejection-Fear of lossWe are all effected by these fears to some degree (including myself)They hold us back, stunt our growth and harbour regrets.Tackling FEAR is a huge part of our work with personal trainers.It’s where we have the big breakthroughs and the real magic happens in their business.With it playing such a big role in what we do, I was eager to speak to Stephen AishHe successfully helps people destroy the illusion of their ego and find inner peace.Steve is regarded by many as one of the leading kettlebell coaches in Great BritainHe holds an impressive 4 British Weightlifting Championship titles, British records and a World Record in all-round weightlifting under the IAWAHe achieved his 1st Dan black belt aged 14 and went on to successfully teach his own classes for nearly 15 years as a 3rd Dan instructor.On this episode of the podcast we do a LIVE fear busting exercise that will help you...👇🏼 -Approach more people -Excel your growth -Become more confident-Achieve more in life and business
Offline vs Online Personal TrainingOn this episode of the podcast we explore what it looks like to run a hybrid personal training business, blending both offline and online coaching practice.- What is the difference?- How do client results differ?- Which one is right for you? 
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