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Author: Justin Nault

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The Perfect Paleo Podcast with Justin Nault, Founder and CEO of Clovis.

Justin is a Certified Nutritional Therapist, Specialist in Sports Nutrition and Specialist in Fitness Nutrition.

Justin invented the popular supplement line, "The Perfect Paleo Powder."

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108 Episodes
AMA #61 - Strength Training, Hydration, Blood Panels, and Protein
Strength Training, Hydration, Blood Panels, and ProteinClick Here for I Am Clovis Free 7-Day Trial! Topics Covered: Clovis Housekeeping:2:15 - First ever Google Hangout was a success! 3:37 - Launching a new podcast series - Clovis Client Case Studies!4:01 - Latest podcast episode with Abel James is up!Comments/Questions:6:30 Commenting on the Podcast with Abel7:37 - Q: “You talked about 5x5 in an episode… what kind of workouts are those?”9:55 - Q: “I know we’ve been told we need to drink a certain amount of water, what ratio do you think is necessary?”13:10 - Commenting on comments: “I take salt shots every day and my doctor took me off my blood pressure meds!”13:44 - Q: “What specifically should I have my doctor order in a hormone panel to get an idea of where I am?”14:50 - What you want to test:TestosteroneEstradiolProgesteroneFSHLHTSHFree T3Reverse T3Free T4Vitamin DInflammation (C-reactive protein)Comprehensive metabolic panel (which will test for things like electrolytes, fluid balance, kidney function, liver function, etc.)16:12 - Commenting on cholesterol panels 18:40 - Commenting on health insurance and “saving money”19:27 - Q: “What’s your take on those that say we don’t need more than 40g of protein because any protein that can’t be used by muscles and tissues is converted into glucose in the liver by gluconeogenesis?” 25:18 - Q: “What about elderberry syrup? Recommendations? Was curious if I make my own and use monk fruit sugar does it become syrupy like regular sugar?”25:52 - Q: “If you soak almonds and remove the skins and then put them in a dehydrator to dry out will enough lectins be removed to eat?”27:11 - Clovis is not Keto!27:30 - Q: “Best drinks when fasting? Water, coffee, green tea?”29:10 - Q: “Would you recommend using monk fruit instead of honey?” Become a supporter of this podcast:
In Case You Missed It #21 - The Soil Will Save Us
A recap of AMA #60 - The Soil Will Save Us, all about soil nutrient density! Click Here for the In Case You Missed It Weekly Newsletter (with special deals!)Click Here for the I Am Clovis Free 7-Day TrialFact To Remember: All the nutrients you consume in your daily diet come from soil… Period.The Scary Facts, Right Off the Bat!:In the past 50 years, the nutrient density of our food has decreased by anywhere from 15%-65% depending on the specific food…The Average, taken from 27 different kinds of vegetables:Copper declined by 76%Calcium declined by 46%Iron declined by 27%Magnesium declined by 24%Potassium declined by 16%The Average, taken from 10 different kinds of meat:Copper declined by 24%Calcium by 41%Iron by 54%magnesium by 10%Potassium by 16%Compared to food in the year 1940, to match micronutrients, in 2019 a human would have to consume:2x as much meat3x times as much fruit4x times as many vegetables. Fruits vs. Veggies: It is critical that we stop putting "fruits and vegetables" in the same category! Here's why... Directly comparing 100 grams of banana to 100 grams of broccoli:Gram for Gram Broccoli has:3x more Protein12x more Vitamin A10x more Vitamin C1/5th the Net Carbs1/6th the Sugar…Banana wins on one micronutrient… Potassium… oh and it wins by a measly 1%.So, the reasons why I choose broccoli over banana are clear… But the most important point: Yes, I have to eat 4 times more veggies now than I did in the year 1940… and I’m cool with that. Why? Because I could eat 6 times more broccoli before matching the sugar content of the banana!Okay, now,  let’s compare broccoli to blueberries, one of the most micronutrient-rich fruits. Broccoli, gram for gram, has:4x more Protein4x more Potassium12x more Vitamin A9x more Vitamin C3x more Iron5x more Magnesium1/2 the Net CarbohydratesOh, and I could still eat 6x more broccoli before matching the sugar content of blueberries!How Soil Works:Plants sequester carbon along with water and sunlight from the atmosphere via photosynthesis and turn it into carbohydrates. AKA Sugars… (Click Here for a Short Video) But here’s what you don’t see happening underground…  Plants are deeply rooted inside an interconnected web of mycorrhizal (MICO-RIZAL) fungi, all throughout the ground. Everywhere beneath your feet is this web of fungi and they have a beneficial relationship with plants. Plants give away as much as 40% of the carbon they pull from the atmosphere to directly feed the fungi. In return, the fungi penetrate the roots of the plans and feed them minerals and enzymes required for the plants to grow and thrive!  Today, scientists estimate that 80% of all of earth’s plants are rooted in this web of fungi… The fungi can connect plants up to 250 yards away from one another via this incredible web. Become a supporter of this podcast:
In Case You Missed It #20 - Stop Being A Tweaker!
A quick recap of AMA #59 - Stop Being A Tweaker!Click Here for the In Case You Missed It Newsletter!Click Here for I Am Clovis Free 7-Day TrialYou're All A Bunch of Tweakers!... Excuse Me?!:That's right... I said, "Tweakers!" I’ve worked with over 600 of you in just the year 2018 alone… There are two things I’ve determined as irrefutable fact. The Top 2 trends I have seen in virtually every single client… Obesity is an Ego Problem.You’re all a bunch of "Tweakers."I want to be clear; both of these items work synergistically and hand-in-hand... They feed on one another in the worst ways possible… Obesity is an Ego Problem! This is why I say if I can’t fix your mindset, there’s no reason for you to switch to Clovis… You will fail.  Because Obesity is an Ego problem. We need to fix your mindset first. I need you to Unlearn everything you thought you knew and Relearn the accurate information that will empower you to live a better life. I need to fix your mindset before you can ever begin to pursue a life of meaning and fulfillment. I Had To "Trick" You To Get You Here: The problem is… In the beginning, you were all so focused on “weight loss” that I couldn’t mention a word about mindset or Ego or you would have never consumed a moment of my content.  Everything I said to you had to be“Lose 10 pounds in 1 week!”“Lose 30 pounds in 30 days!”“30 Days to Rapid Fat Loss!"... and on and on.  My first every E-book was called, "The Simple Slim-Down: A Guide To Rapid Fat Loss." Why is that?! Well, because you were all married to your ideas… You lacked even a baseline level of self-awareness to understand the root causes of your weight problems…You had blinders on!  An Epidemic:  We have an Epidemic in America that I call, “lack of self-awareness.” People are brainwashed and 100% married to their beliefs, and they don’t even realize it… Dogma is everywhere. Challenge peoples’ beliefs and they see it as a personal attack on their character… I want to be clear:There is nothing on Earth more silly than thinking your beliefs define you as a human being. You cannot attach your identity to ideasI assure you, you very rarely have a thought, opinion, or idea that is 100% original and your own.Thoughts and ideas are put into your heads by others! Tony Robbins has one of my favorite quotes: “All suffering begins with a focus on the SELF.”What Is Ego?:Tricia Nelson was a guest on my Podcast and is a Best-Selling Author. In her book, "Heal Your Hunger: 7 Simple Steps to End Emotional Eating Now," Tricia outlines the following examples, all of which are manifestations of Ego:DefensivenessLow Self-EsteemInsecuritiesTaking things personallyCompetitivenessComparing ourselves to othersSeeking approval from othersFeeling superior to others​Wanting credit for your actions​​Putting people down and gossiping
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Stephen Nault

Best podcast I’ve found for real advice - and I lost over 50 pounds based solely on information provided by Justin.

Mar 9th
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