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The Perfect Paleo Podcast with Justin Nault, Founder and CEO of Clovis.

Justin is a Certified Nutritional Therapist, Specialist in Sports Nutrition and Specialist in Fitness Nutrition.

Justin invented the popular supplement line, "The Perfect Paleo Powder."

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90 Episodes
AMA #54 - Travel Tips from Thailand
"Travel Tips from Thailand" Facebook Live AMA #54 with Justin Nault Click Here for the I Am Clovis Free 7-Day Trial! Topics Covered: 5:57- Some updates with I Am Clovis...10:16- What Supplements do I Travel With? 17:25- Probiotics and Immunity23:34- Commenting on Comments: I hated it but had to get antibiotics for my daughter27:03- Commenting on Comments: Just to be clear, take activated charcoal after booze or eating badly? (details matter)30:24- What the heck are nootropics?!37:34- Here’s how emulsifiers work guys. Don’t freak out40:59- Melatonin and How To Beat Jetlag46:48- What is “grounding?”48:30- Digital nomads, jiu-jitsu, and community55:58- Mindest Fix - Stop "starting over"58:00- Q: What AMA’s talk about detox?59:08- Q: Bcaa’s vs. essential amino acids?1:02:37- Q: What do pigs eat in the wild?1:04:53- The anthropomorphism of animals in America... A rant. 1:12:15 -Wrap Up!Immune System Supplements:Healthy Cell - Basic (More Affordable!)Healthy Cell Pro - Justin’s Choice! Paleo Valley Organ ComplexPaleo Valley Essential C Host Defense MyCommunity CapsulesHost Defense Stamets 7 Host Defense Mycoshield SprayJust Thrive ProbioticVisbiome ProbioticThe Perfect Paleo PowderBulletproof Activated Charcoal Sports Research Activated CharcoalOmegaVia Ultra Concentrated Omega 3OmegaVia EPA OnlyNordic Naturals Ultra Omega 3  Nootropics: Natural Stacks CiltepOnnit Alpha BrainProvi Become a supporter of this podcast:
#8 Robb Wolf - Nutrition Debates, Protein Leveraging, and the Problems with Mainstream Advice
Click Here for Full Show NotesClick Here for I Am Clovis Free 7-Day TrialIn this episode, Robb and Justin go deep on everything from the recent Joe Rogan Nutrition Debates, to Protein Leveraging and Caloric Intake, to the cost of Metabolic Disease on the US Economy, and Practical Tips for living your a Healthy, Fulfilled Life! Topics Covered:10:28 - Welcome, Robb Wolf! 11:27 - Robb Breaks Down The Joe Rogan Vegan vs. Omnivore Debate 22:15 - High-Carb vs. Keto Debate  23:45 - Strange Ties Between Fast Food and Diabetes Medication 26:00 - Metabolic Disease Will Cripple Our Company  29:30 - The Lens of Evolutionary Biology…  31:55 - Constituents in Night Shades are Used to Enhance Immune Response  34:00 - High Performers vs. Sick People  35:30 - Robb’s History with Auto-Immune Disease  44:00 - Insane Ideas in the Medical Community 53:29 - Online Influencers vs. Medical Experts… Medicine Has Failed Us 01:00:50 - Protein vs. Energy (Fat and Carbs)…   01:07:05 - People are Afraid of Protein… For No Reason!  01:10:10 - Poor Nutrition is Lowering Human IQ  01:12:10 - Conspiracy Theories, Politics, and Poverty…  01:13:16 - Eat More Micronutrients!!  01:17:20 - What is Your Proper Caloric Intake?  01:26:38 - How People Screw Up Their Caloric Intake… BMR Problems  01:30:34 - Humans Must Learn the Skill of Proper Food Intake…  01:35:38 - Public Schools and … Prison?!  01:46:12 - Robb’s Top Tips for a More Fulfilled Life!   Become a supporter of this podcast:
In Case You Missed It #14 - Basics of Human Metabolism
Click Here for the In Case You Missed It Newsletter!Click Here for I Am Clovis Free 7-Day TrialTopics Covered:4 Basic Functions of Human Metabolism:This week, I wanted to dive into how the human body actually works, and here's why... I've worked one-on-one with over 600 clients in just the year 2018 alone! The biggest thing I have learned through this experience is...There is an overabundance of information about "diets" on the internet.There is a massive lack of information about how the human body actually works!!  If you do not understand how your body works on the most basic level, long-term success with any health & wellness protocol will be virtually impossible. So I set out to teach you exactly how your own metabolism works, in a nutshell!The 4 Most Basic Functions of Human Metabolism:Energy - the human metabolism breaks down foods to create energyCatabolism - breaking down foods to create energy. When the body is in a catabolic state, it is breaking things downAnabolism - using broken down foods to rebuild and repair tissues. “anabolic steroids.” Building and reaping tissue When the body is in an anabolic state, it is repairing tissue and building new tissueCellular Functions - the energy created by human metabolism allows the body to perform all the necessary cellular functions.What Your Body Is Made Of:Amino Acids link together to build ProteinsProteins link together to build CellsCells link together to build TissuesAll of your organs are made of tissues - skin, bone, heart, lungs, eyelids, everything... Macronutrients:Fat = 9 calories per gramProtein = 4 calories per gramCarbohydrates = 4 calories per gram**Ethanol = 7 Calories Per Gram - The only other substance that provides calories is alcohol (ethanol). Technically NOT a macronutrient because it is not necessary for survival. ​​Fun Fact - ingested carbohydrates are not required for human survival either since the body can create its own glucose. Fancy word - gluconeogenesis…  I went on to describe the role that each macronutrient plays in energy production, catabolism, and anabolism. Step by step.Protein: Can either be burned for energy in some very specific cases… or stored and used to rebuild and repair tissues.    Catabolism - broken down to amino acids. Certain amino acids can be converted to glucose and burned for energy.  Anabolism - amino acids are linked together to build and repair muscle tissue.  Fats: Must be either burned or stored. Period.  Catabolism - the triglyceride is broken apart. The fatty acids are converted to Ketones and burned for energy.  Anabolism - the fatty acids are attached to a glycerol molecule and stored as triglycerides. Body fat.  Fats are stored as triglycerides. Carbohydrates:  Must be either burned or stored Period.  < Become a supporter of this podcast:
In Case You Missed It #13 - 1-Year Anniversary Special!
A recap of AMA #52 - "1-Year Anniversary Special" Subscribe to the "In Case You Missed It" Newsletter - Full Show Notes - Am Clovis Free 7-Day Trail - Introducing: The I Am Clovis Ambassador Program:This week, on the 1-Year Anniversary episode of my weekly Facebook Live AMA Series, I launched the I Am Clovis Ambassador Program! That means you and I can become co-workers!In this world of crazy (bad) nutrition advice, it was becoming more and more clear to me that I was going to have to find a way to create exponential growth of the Clovis Community. I brainstormed for months coming up with the best way to do this and it turns out the answer was staring me in the face all along... The answer was... YOU! My Clovis Community! Who better to help spread the word?! I came up with a plan that led to the creation of this new Ambassador Program and I'd like to share the details with you today! First things first... The I Am Clovis Ambassador Program is only available to I Am Clovis Members. If you are not a member, before reading any further, visit and sign-up for your Membership right now! Program Details:I Am Clovis is switching to a Members-only platform.That means the only way to get Custom Macros from me is through my Membership Program…Membership will be $27 per month.Current Members will have until January 31st to switch their membership to paid before they will lose access to the Members Only Content.Membership Benefits:My goal was to get my Members a 2-3x return on their investment of $27 per month. I have done this through discounts in my own store and strategic partnerships with some of my favorite brands! Here are some of the perks...10% off Everything in the I Am Clovis store, including Paleo PowderSet Price for New Custom Macros as Clients Lose Weight... $47 each time instead of $97Ambassador Discounts from Popular Brands:Paleo ValleyT Become a supporter of this podcast:
AMA #52 - "1-Year Anniversary Special!"
Introducing the I Am Clovis Ambassador Program! Full Show Notes - https://clovis.showI Am Clovis Free 7-Day Trial - Covered:5:48- How Did AMA's Start? 9:44- You've taught me more than I've taught you...16:14- Why Clovis is changing... I am a crap salesman.20:37- ANNOUNCEMENT! CLOVIS AMBASSADORS!32:38- FB Check33:02- Q: "Where can I find more content?"33:28- Q: "How does physical product subscriptions work into this new membership?"34:08- Q: "What about a Clovis app?!"35:18- Commenting on Comments: "I just had a second stent put in and I’m ready for any suggestions"36:10- Q: "If beef says 'grass fed' is it really grass fed grass finished?"38:40- Q: "Will there be changes for Clovis kids?"40:48- Commenting on Comments: "It’s tough because there are other influences in my kid’s lives"44:54- Q: "Our kids are sicker today than any other time in history. How have genetics and diet played a role?"49:09- Commenting on Comments: "My nephew's school is trying to get my sister to put him on ADHD medication"51:11- Commenting on Comments: "My son broke his leg and I used it as an opportunity to change our household!"51:31- Commenting on Comments: "People blame autism on vaccines…"52:15- C-Sections vs. Vaginal births and the effects of both (this science is NEW)54:26- Commenting on Comments: "We trust our obgyn’s to know better. We can’t go back and re-do, but we can move forward."59:51- Commenting on comments: "So many times babies getting stuck in the birth canal involves bad posture"01:00:08- Q: "I’ve been on a low sugar diet since Christmas and I’m running out of food ideas, any ideas?"01:00:49- Commenting on comments: "I had that the bad doctors give doctors a bad name when there are so many good ones"01:01:31- Commenting on Comments:" I’m about to start a standing desk movement at my University"1:02:38- Q: "As you heal your QL will you keep me posted? I’m suffering with mine"1:06:20- Suggestions for a Functional medicine doctor1:07:11- Q: "What’s a really good app for macros?"1:09:32- Q: "Would Clovis help with Dementia?"1:11:33- Q: "Would sharing the carb manager app be better than nothing for people who aren’t Clovis?"1:13:12- Q: "Why is cooked kale better than raw kale?"1:14:22- Here’s the skinny on baby formula-1:15:09- Q: "Arthritis supplementation suggestions?"1:16:30- Commenting on Comments: "I had neck surgery 13 years ago and have tingling numbness. I’m Clovis now, thank you!"1:20:02- Commenting on Comments: "I feel like Clovis, in a nutshell, is basically learning to read between the lines"1:20:42- Wrap Up!Show Notes and Resources:
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