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The Piyush Kukreja Show | Digital Marketing Podcast in Hindi
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The Piyush Kukreja Show | Digital Marketing Podcast in Hindi

Author: Piyush Kukreja

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Welcome to The Piyush Kukreja Show.
The Piyush Kukreja Show is a Digital Marketing Podcast in Hindi hosted by Piyush Kukreja.
In this Podcast I share my knowledge and Experience of Digital Marketing.
I also Interview Digital Marketing Experts and Internet Influencers on this Podcast Show.
This is the Only Digital Marketing Podcast in Hindi.
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94 Episodes
In this episode, I have interviewed one of the greatest minds of digital marketing, none other than Neil Patel. Below are some questions I have asked Neil Patel in this episode. 1. What’s the best way to start a career in Digital Marketing in 2020? Like how should we learn digital marketing? 2. How would You start your Digital Marketing journey if you were to start in 2020 from scratch, zero money, No prior experience, as a pure beginner? 3. Is Seo Dead, If not then what is the future of SEO? 4. A piece of advice in this COVID hit Era- when a lot of marketers have lost their jobs, many agencies have lost their clients and so many had to shut down their business ..How should we all deal with all this?  A few wise words of Do's and Don't. Neil. 5. What’s your take on podcasting? How do you see podcasting in 5 years? Is it worth investing time in Podcasting? 6. What are 3 Strategies to rank New and fresh website on google? 7. How can someone work for Neil Patel? And I have asked many more commonly asked questions. Follow Neil Patel on - Youtube - Instagram - Facebook - Blog - Follow Piyush Kukreja on - Facebook - Instagram - LinkedIn -
Many of youngsters have a misconception that Content creation is the only way to build a personal brand. Yes personal brand me Content creation ek bada role play karta hai but jab tak aap Personal Brand ko as a business nahi dekhoge tab tak aap apna brand grow nahi kar paoge. Woh brand he kya jiska koi objective nahi, Goal nahi. I believe Personal branding should be tied to some missions. In this episode, I have shared those missions. This is episode 03 of the #AskPK series on #ThePiyushKukrejaShow. My today's guest is a young aspiring content creator, her name is Disha Kharbanda. She has asked me amazing questions on personal branding and how to be consistent at content creation. If you are starting out into Personal branding or you are already into that, then this episode is a must-listen for you. Dm on Instagram if you want to be my next guest for the #AskPK series. My Instagram Handle << @thepiyushkukreja
The major difference between 2016 wala Piyush and 2020 wala Piyush is Mindset. I changed my mindset and everything got changed after that. In this episode of #AskPk series of The Piyush Kukreja Show, I have shared about the mindset shift and the experiences of my life which helped me in reaching where I am today. So, I have Moin Jaliyawala in today's episode a special guest to ask me some questions and Interview me on the #ASkPK series. There's a huge Mindset shift in the years. In 2016 my Mindset was to just make money and want people working under me. And I end up doing 6 Jobs/Internships happily and end up finding up my passion and happily working on and building my brand. Do you know how I am able to do everything? Because of Mindset Shift. Yes, The day I changed my mindset, everything got changed all of a sudden. Do listen to this episode to experience the power of Mindset while I share my experiences. Want to be my next guest? Check this post -
Social Media is one of the best sources of PR. So what you do on social media matters and creates an impact. In this episode, I have invited Deepak V. Maddila to share his experience with PR. Deepak V. Maddila is the Founder of DVM Media, a PR firm whose clientele includes startups, corporates, and entrepreneurs all around the world. He’s a PR Strategist, International Best-Selling Author, and a TEDx Speaker. He has worked with various startups, entrepreneurs and corporates by getting them featured in major publications. Forbes and the Inc. The magazine has named him as a PR and Marketing Expert and he’s listed as one of the 2018s 30 Game Changers in India. Apart from entrepreneurship, Deepak loves to write poems and studies physics. He’s a co-author of a research paper that’s been published in an IEEE International Conference. In this episode, Deepak has shared a lot of insights into PR. 1. How your positioning ca impact your PR? 2. How and when should a business start to focus on PR? 3. Who can do PR? 4. How should we position our selves on social media? 5. Some best ways to connect with Journalists. and shared many PR tips. Do listen to this episode to know Some Effective Ways to Use Social Media for PR. Connect with  Deepak V. Maddila on Instagram - Connect with Piyush Kukreja on Instagram >> @thepiyushkukreja
Introducing #AskPK Series on #ThePiyushKukrejaShow #AskPK is the series where I an inviting my Listeners to part of my show as a special guest. In my normal guest episodes, I ask questions and interview my guests. But there's a little twist in this series. In this series, my special guest will ask me questions and interview me on my show as a co-host. So, this is the first-ever episode of #AskPk Series on #ThePiyushKukrejaShow. In today's episode, we have Sudhakar Joshi, He is a social media marketer. He has asked me a lot of amazing questions on my Journey and some Social Media related questions. Do listen to this first-ever episode of the #AskPk Series. Want to be my next guest? Check this post - Connect with Sudhakar on Instagram -
Do you want to get into the SaaS industry? If it's Yes then this episode is for you. My today's guest is someone who is into the SaaS industry for 10 Years. His name is Udit Goenka. Udit is currently running PitchGround & FunnelBake (Early-Stage) and has generated over $2m combined in sales in the year 2019 with an aim to push over $5m in sales in the year 2020. In this episode, Udit shared his SaaS experience and some insights which will help anyone in entering the SaaS industry. He has shared, 1. What is the scope of SaaS and who should enter this industry? 2. What are the skills required to enter the SaaS industry? 3. Do we need to learn to code to enter into SaaS? 4.  What is the minimum investment required to enter the SaaS industry? 5. What type of product should we create? 6. What is the best launch strategy and how to get our first 1000 users? and he has shared a lot more insights on SaaS. This is a must-listen episode if you want to enter into SaaS. Grab Best Pitch Ground Deals - Know more about Udit Goenka - Connect with Udit on Facebook - Connect with Piyush Kukreja on Instagram >> @thepiyushkukreja
You would have heard this many times, "Your Network = Your Net Worth" I strongly believe that and also my today's guest believes the same. Abishiekh Jain is 20 years old, a businessperson, writer, online marketer, trader, investor but not an entrepreneur. I am a college dropout and 2 time TEDx Speaker. He is Founder of Hacker’s Den, a technology blog that explains technology in simple English. And also Co-founder of BLENDnLend where Abishiekh along with @demystifywithashi equip youngsters with new ways of career building.  Abishiekh has worked with several startups and running many online blogs and a couple of online businesses and ventures and making a living out of it. Networking has played a very important role in Abishiekh's Life. In this Episode, Abhishek has shared how networking has given him a lot of opportunities and help him in building his businesses. Do listen to this episode, to know some right ways of doing Networking. Connect with Abishiekh Jain on Instagram - Connect with Piyush Kukreja on Instagram >> @thepiyushkukreja
This episode will help you in understand power of regional language content. My today's guest, Piyush Supriya has been creating content in his regional language (i.e. Marathi) and dominating his niche. In the very first month of creating his YouTube channel, he was able to gain 1000+ subscribers. This Marathi Mulga, Social Piyush, is the founder of Brand Baaja Social, Pune's leading digital marketing firm. He is also a personal branding consultant  & a hardcore social media practitioner. He has also worked with many Marathi celebrities and singers, And also worked with Big Boss Marathi. In this episode, Piyush has shared his Marathi content creation journey and how regional content is helping in getting more eyes. Connect with Piyush Supriya Youtube - Instagram - Connect with Piyush Kukreja on Instagram >> @thepiyushkukreja
If you want to get started with Amazon Affiliate and want to know how you can make money from Amazon Affiliate then this is a must-listen episode. In this episode, I have invited Pawan Rai, who is practicing amazon affiliate for years now. Pawan Rai is a 5 Fig. Affiliate Marketer and a Blogger. Pawan started his Digital Career around 3 years back with YouTube and content writing as the main source of income. And He started affiliate marketing 2 years back and doing 5 figures every year in revenue from different affiliate platforms. also, he is into google news have a portfolio of 50+ websites, also share in the podcast that how it can help doing affiliate. In this episode, Pawan has shared how a beginner can start his/her career in Amazon Affiliate. Connect with Pawan Rai on Facebook - Connect with Piyush Kukreja on Instagram >> @thepiyushkukreja
The world has gone digital. From sabjiwala to digital sabjiwala, from offline games to digital games, from TV to Web to IG live, TV actor to Social Media Influencer everything has gone digital and so does Public Speakers have to do. In this episode, I have invited Viraj Kalra to share his experience and expertise in Digital Public Speaking. Viraj Kalra has ranked amongst Top-20 soft & behavioural skills trainer from India (Silicon India’18; StartUp City’19, WCRC’19). Viraj has ​20 years and 10000+ hours of coaching and training experience. He has ​Coached 1000+ CEOs, TEDx speakers, coaches, trainers, influencers, entrepreneurs & celebrities on public speaking for Digital & Physical Stages. There's a lot to tell about Viraj. In this episode, Viraj has shared some amazing insights on Digital Public Speaking. He has shared the following, 1. What exactly is Digital Public Speaker and why it is important to be one? 2. How do you become a better speaker? 3. Importance of voice and how do you improve it? 4. What are the 3Is of digital public speaking? 5. Importance of body language and how you improve it 6. How to land paid speaking gigs? and Viraj has shared a lot more insights on Digital Public Speaking. Do listen to this episode, if you wanna be a Digital Public Speaker. Connect with Viraj on Instagram - Connect with Piyush Kukreja on Instagram >> @thepiyushkukreja
In this episode, I invited Vanshika Mehta to share her experience and insights. Vanshika is a brand storyteller and communications consultant. With an undergraduate degree in Marketing and Management from Northeastern University, she started her career in Boston, USA. In her 4+ years of experience in varied industries, she has headed Brand and Communications of a Fintech company and was the Lead Content Creator at a design agency. Currently, she is working independently consulting brands on high-ROI and impact pieces of communication. In this episode, She has shared 5 things every startup needs to know about storytelling, along with where to begin. Do listen to this episode to gather insights on storytelling. Connect with Vanshika Mehta LinkedIn - Instagram - Connect with Piyush Kukreja on Instagram >> @thepiyushkukreja
In this episode, I have invited one of the Senior Digital Marketing Expert, who is into this industry since 12 Years. His name is Faheem Ahmed Ji Faheem is Entrepreneur, Digital agency owner with 20 yrs+ Exp. Over the years he has worked with very big brands and helped them in creating their online presence. In this episode, Faheem has shared his experience in Digital Marketing and how over the period of time, Marketing has evolved and how the world is now going digital. He is also shared How Brands are going to think about Digital agencies and how it will affect Digital Marketers. Do listen to this episode and let me know your feedback. Connect with Faheem Facebook - Instagram - Connect with Piyush Kukreja on Instagram >> @thepiyushkukreja
This episode is all about the Award-Winning Book "The Growth Hacking Book". So the day I announced that I am going to part of Part 02 of "The Growth Hacking Book" I started getting a lot of messages about the book, so I decided a do a dedicated episode with none other than Rohan Chaubey. In this episode, Rohan has shared how it all started and some untold things about "The Growth Hacking Book" The Growth Hacking Book is an almanac for growth in today’s hyper-competitive business world! Curated by @RohanChaubey @AuthorParul and @GrowthMediaAI, this book features more than 35 marketing experts, trailblazing entrepreneurs, industry thought leaders, and successful companies from all over the globe who share radical ideas on how you can grow your business using unconventional marketing strategies. Each chapter is a treasure trove of growth ideas that businesses in the “The Valley” try to shield from the public.  But they are not secrets anymore. This book is for you if you want to learn about:  The concept of Growth Hacking  The best growth strategies from Growth Hackers for Growth Hackers The mindset, skillset, and toolset for Growth Marketers  Identifying and analyzing growth channels  The future of Growth Marketing  ...and more. Do listen to this episode to know the story behind "The Growth Hacking Book". A free copy of The Growth Hacking Book - Connect with Rohan Chaubey - Website - Instagram -
This episode is all about getting International clients. In this episode, I have invited Aashish Maru, to share his insights on Getting International clients, as he is dealing in International Market. Aashish Maru is one of the finest online business mentors for service providers and coaching providers who are utilizing social media platforms launch grow and scale businesses. Aashish Maru is the founder of AM Digital, based in Mumbai, India. He is a passionate coach that helps inspire, empower, and ignite the potential in entrepreneurs around the globe. In this episode, Aashish has shared some amazing ways to get International clients and also shared some of his secrets. Do listen to this episode, If you want to know how you can get International clients. Connect with Aashish on FB - Connect with Aashish on Instagram -  Connect with Aashish on LinkedIn - Follow Aashish on Tiktok - @aashishmaru Subscribe Aashish Youtube Channel - @aashishmaru  Connect with Piyush Kukreja on Instagram >> @thepiyushkukreja
If you want to make your first $100 online then this is a highly recommended episode for you. In this episode, I have invited Om Thoke, to share his Digital Sucess Journey and some of the best ways to make the first $100 online. Om Thoke is one of the veteran Indian bloggers and serial entrepreneurs who has built thousands of blogs, written 20K+ articles himself in 15 years,  worked as web hosting guide for (now lifewire) for 5 years, bootstrapped 5 successful companies including his flagship company Webfosys, which has transformed digital landscape since 2009 and developed sites like Audi Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, handled digital campaigns like Davanam Sarovar Hotel, and currently consulting brands like The Logical Indian & Shipyaari, and currently owns a network of 7000+ blogs, selling backlinks to larger agencies in US, Europe, Singapore, Dubai, UK, and Australia  He started Desi Bloggers World, with the intent of helping aspiring bloggers in 2016 with free webinars, local meet-ups, and FB+Whatsapp groups and recently during lockdown he started Bloggers World University for those who wanted to quickly learn how to build micro niche blogs in 15 days In this episode, Om has shared some real ways to make money online. He has shared - 1. How he started his online journey? 2. How and when he made his first $100? 3. Some real and actionable ways to make money online. 4. How can someone make money from niche blogging? 5. How can someone create a blog on Netflix, WWE, cricket, and anything and make money from it? 6. How Om scaled his agency to 7Figs. 7. Om's best advice for anyone who is starting out online. Along with this Om has shared a lot more insights on Making money online. Do listen to this episode, if you want to make your $100, $1000, and $100k. Important Links You can join Super 15 waitlist here - And get started with keyword research and micro-niche blogging from his channel  Follow Om on Tiktok - for some fun learning Connect with Om on FB - Follow his daily dose of motivation on Instagram -  Read his interesting Quora replies on Get daily actionable insights on LinkedIn - Follow Om on twitter - Connect with Piyush Kukreja on Instagram >> @thepiyushkukreja
This episode is all about A/B Testing. In this episode, I have invited Aditya Ghosh, to share his experience and some insights on A/B Testing. With ~4.5 years of experience in start-up culture, Aditya Ghosh is a speaker, a marketer with cross-functional expertise in product management, business development, digital marketing. He is currently working with PlanetSpark as Associate Vice President and takes care of Product and Growth. Prior to that, he has worked with start-ups like FabHotels, Urban Company. He has done his masters from Management Development Institute, Gurgaon ( among Top 10 B-Schools in India). In the month of June'19, LinkedIn published a story about his journey so far and honored him as Professionals Of LinkedIn. He has started a small initiative known as which is a platform where you can hire speakers, professional trainers for academic and professional purposes and also provide students with job assistance Apart from this, he has given guest lectures at IIT Delhi, MDI, and various IIMs on topics like Data Visualization, Digital Marketing, Product Management, Marketing from Scratch, and How to Build your Personal Brand Online. In this Episode, Aditya Ghosh has shared the following insights, 1. What exactly is A/B testing and why it is important? 2. What are some different ways to do A/B Testing? 3. What are the parameters we should test? 4. For how long we should do A/B testing? 5. What parameters should we check while A/b testing in order to decide which variant is working well? 6. What are the best tools used for A/B testing? 7. What are some Common mistakes marketers do while implementing A/b testing? Aditya has shared a lot for detailed insights on A/B testing. Do listen to this episode to know more about A/B testing. Connect with Aditya Ghosh : LinkedIn: Website: Connect with Piyush Kukreja on Instagram >> @thepiyushkukreja
Next Big Brand is one of the most popular Fb page/Channel/Blog when it comes to Official News on Brands. In this episode, I have invited the man behind Next Big Brand, Abhishek Kumar Gupta. Abhishek is a Serial Entrepreneur. He is Community Head at Startup Delhi, Founder at Next Big Brand, Co-founder at HackerSpace Co-working And Co-founder and COO at Uppskill. In this episode, Abhishek has shared the entire journey of Next Big Brand and his secret sauce of 1.5 million reach. Do listen to this episode to know more about Next Big Brand and some amazing insights on Moment Marketing and Story Telling. Next Big Brand official Fb page - Connect with Abhishek - Connect with Piyush Kukreja on Instagram >> @thepiyushkukreja
This is the first time on #ThePiyushKukrejaShow, I have invited any artist. In this episode, I have invited a professional singer, Chandrani Sarma to share her personal branding journey with my listeners. The reason, I have invited an artist because she is crushing it on the Internet, Chandrani has a very strong following base of 150k+ subscribers on Youtube and with 11k+ Instagram followers. She is not only on Social media platforms but also on Udemy, Yes, and her singing courses on Udemy are just reaching milestones and loved by hundreds of students. Chandrani Sarma is a professional singer based in Mumbai. Chandrani Sarma has appeared on ZeeTv SaReGaMaPa 2016 as well as Dance Singapore Dance (Finale Act). She has performed with Mika Singh and Ali Zafar in the past and currently does private and public shows in and around India.  She has a YouTube channel with 150K subscribers where she regularly uploads videos as well as 3 courses on the Udemy website on learning Hindustani Vocals. In this episode, she has shared the following insights 1. How she started her Online Journey? 2. How a singer can start his/her Online Journey? 3. How a singer can plan social media content. 4. How a singer can promote his/her brand through ads. 5. How a singer can monetize his/her personal brand Online? 6. How a singer can start selling courses on Udemy? 7. Chandrani's secret sauce of growing her YouTube subscribers. and she has shared many things about her online journey and how a singer can grow his/her personal brand on social media. Do listen to this episode, if you are an aspiring singer or any of your clients is a singer. Here's the best part of today's episode. This is the first time any guest of #ThePiyushKukrejaShow sang a song for my listeners. Chandrani sang Punjabi wedding song, from the movie Hassi toh Phassi, which she sang at SaReGaMaPa. Connect with Chandrani Sarma - YouTube - Facebook - Instagram - Connect with Piyush Kukerja on Instagram >> @thepiyushkukreja
In this episode, I have invited DP Vishwakarma to share the Checklist he uses for SEO. Dp Vishwakarma is an India’s leading Digital Marketing consultant and SEO expert and helping hundreds of Startups, Businesses, and professionals through his Consulting & Training. He is also a Professional Blogger & speaker and he writes, speaks, and consults mostly about How to blog tips, SEO news, product reviews, Inbound Marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc.Do listen to this episode, to know the SEO checklist of DP Vishwakarma. Connect with DP Vishwakarma Facebook - Connect with Piyush Kukreja Website - Piyushkukreja,com Instagram -
Meet my today's episode guest Avinash Mada, He is the guy, who built his marketing agency from scratch to 1.2 cr in just  8 months. I have been reading his viral articles from Times Of India, Indian Express, and other Digital Magazines and also some viral posts on the Internet. He has been a sensation nowadays, Every other blog and magazine is featuring his success story. I have also been getting dm's from my followers that Please feature Avinash on #ThePiyushKukrejaShow. And to be honest, he was already on my reach out guest lists. Avinash is just 20 and founder of a Marketing agency called IG Accelerators and he is an Instagram Marketing Expert. In this episode, Avinash has shared his secret of building a marketing agency from scratch to 1.2 crs in just 8months. He has shared the following insights in this episode - 1. How he started his Marketing agency? 2. What is the secret behind building a marketing agency from scratch to 1.2cr? 3. How can someone start a Marketing agency? 4. What type of services Avinash provides? 5. What type of services should agencies/freelancers provide? 6.  His views on having a niche based agency? 7. How should someone price their services? 8. What are some best ways to get International clients? 9. Avinash shares his views on having local clients Vs International clients? along with this, he has shared many more insights on starting and scaling a Marketing agency. Do listen to this episode if you want to know the success story and some secrets of Avinash Mada. Connect with Avinash on Instagram - Connect with Piyush Kukreja on Instagram >> @thepiyushkukreja
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