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“I love how real these episodes are. . .”

“This podcast was like a beacon of light when I needed it most.”

A grassroots movement getting conversations about death, dying & the aftermath out of the closet.

Becky Aud-Jennison, DeathTalker, has worked for the past four decades as a therapist, instructor, presenter, writer—interfacing with Death professionally—it was her own deep loss that motivated her to start this project.

Hearing others’ STORIES are what informs us.

Join us as we talk all things Death.

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Debra Diamond Ph.D. is a former top ranked Wall Street Money Manager, regular CNBC commentator and former Professor at Johns Hopkins University who left a prominent career to pursue a life of service and spirituality. She is committed to helping others and to assist through Spirit. Debra has a Ph.D. from the Esoteric Interfaith Theological Seminary, an MBA from the George Washington University, a Masters from Christie's Education and a Certificate in Analytical Psychology from the Jung Institute. She is a practicing psychic/medium, author, spiritual teacher and speaker. Debra is the author of "Life After Near Death:Miraculous Stories of Healing and Transformation in the Extraordinary Lives of People With Newfound Powers," and "Diary of a Death Doula: 25 Lessons the Dying Teach Us About the Afterlife." The Death Dialogues Project Podcast episodes referred to that you might find interesting following this conversation are: 86. My Own Death as a Teacher: Kristy Salisbury 31. Tricia Barker shares her Near Death Experience 52. Exploring Death with Lisa Jones (fascinating shared death experiences) And we have several episodes that explore the connection to the beyond as well as death work. If you appreciate what you are hearing here, please leave us a review and consider sharing our work. Thank you kindly for being here.  --- Send in a voice message:
I am so pleased to bring you this conversation with today’s guest:  My name is Joél Simone Anthony. I am a licensed funeral director and sacred grief practitioner. Originally from Beaufort, South Carolina, I was raised in the heart of Gullah and Geechee culture. Spirituality has always been a huge part of my life and professional approach which is deeply rooted in ancient wisdom passed down from community elders, generation to generation.  During my decade of service in the funeral service industry, I fashioned my unique background and professional experiences into a caliber and style of care and comfort that guides countless families toward healing through the exploration of alternative practices designed to help you navigate and heal through your journey with grief. It is my life's work to educate everyone –regardless of faith, race, age or status – that death, dying and grief are sacred and transformative to our journeys as human beings.  All of Jo’el’s links can found here Please go to to learn more about our project & find us on Instagram & FB. This podcast is available on most platforms. We’d love for you to subscribe & leave your comments. 🖤 --- Send in a voice message:
On March 9th, 2016, Miriam's older brother and only sibling passed away suddenly from an overdose. She and her mother, both devastated from a loss they had spent a lifetime trying to avoid, were left to figure out what life looked like without him. One year later, Miriam's mother, wracked with grief, passed away from cancer after a steep decline and an all-too-brief diagnosis. Now the only surviving member of her tiny family unit, Miriam has been openly traveling through her grief in the hopes of helping even one person know they are not alone in the darkness and depth of their experience. Using her work in the fitness and wellness community, combined with being an accomplished performer and choreographer, she has allowed her life-altering experience and perspectives to be raw within her work as a way of helping to foster a healing balance between loss and the joys that still infuse life. Her hope is to create healing in herself and to facilitate others to share their stories in their journey towards healing. In this episode she explores the differences between foreseen and unforeseen loss, the devastation left behind from addiction and the horrific pitfalls of the American healthcare system. In 2019, inspired by letters she used to exchange with her family, Miriam went on to create "Your Faithful Reader," an experiential theater performance. Miriam lives in Brooklyn with her much loved cats and plants and believes her family is in everything she does and that they live on everywhere there is light, energy and joy in the world. @move2livenow @rememberinghenry @thegravelinmytravel Please find out more about our project at --- Send in a voice message:
On this episode we hear about Kellie’s journey with her mother at end of life. Kellie Curtain is an author, journalist and communications expert with a love of family, her tribe of women, and the power of a bright lipstick. The mother of four has a degree in nothing but feels like she has a Masters in Procrastination. Writing a book was never part of her plan, let alone one including conversations with her dying mother. ‘What will I wear to your funeral?’ was named as a Distinguished Favourite in the New York City Big Book Awards. The memoir is funny and heartbreaking in equal parts and a powerful catalyst for prompting discussions many are fearful to have about dying. “ Reading this book was the most heart wrenching yet heart expanding experience.” Maggie Beer AM When invited to speak, Kellie’s is entertaining, thought provoking and uplifting. Kellie wrote her book whilst living in the Middle East. She had traded her career as a television news reporter for the role of trailing spouse. Six years as an expat taught her Pilates, pony riding and patience. It was underscored and enriched by female friendships that, though fleeting have left an indelible mark. She is a board member for Motherless Daughters Australia. The not for profit organisation has committed to building a support network for those who must navigate a future without their first and most influential relationship of all. Kellie is a natural storyteller, her humour, warmth and honesty is captivating.  Instagram: @indelible_marks  Collaborations include : Advanced Care Planning Australia, Cabrini Health, Australian Industry of Funeral Professionals, Breast Cancer Network Australia. Please follow along with The Death Dialogues Project at Instagram, on Facebook and our website . It is a tremendous support of this podcast, if you liked what you've heard, to go to your podcast platform and rate and comment on our conversations. Thanks for being here. --- Send in a voice message:
Brooke Hartman is a wife, mom, and friend. Death became an "old friend" early on in life with the loss of her grandfather- which acted as a catalyst to grief not associated with death. In her journey through multiple deaths of close friends and loved ones, Brooke learned that she had a desire to become more educated in regards to death and death practices She has become a nursing student at her local community college, where it's her goal to become an RN to work in hospice care to help educate and advocate for others regarding death. You can connect with Brooke on IG @bhartman7785. For more about the project please go to & find & follow us on Instagram @deathdialoguesproject & at FB. We’d love it if you’d help our mission by subscribing to the podcast & leaving a review. Your support is greatly appreciated. 🖤 --- Send in a voice message:
Tara Caffelle is a certified life and relationship coach, management consultant, writer, and fluent speaker of the language of grief. Significant and successive losses led Tara to see that, now more than ever, we must get better at supporting our fellow humans at living who is actually a grief-filled life. She works closely with small businesses and non-profit organizations to create a culture that supports grief in our collective spaces of work and service, so that we may take that culture home with us to our dinner tables. Tara is navigating her first year as an adoptive parent with her partner, Bill, and is squeezing in a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work around the edges of work and diaper changes. Tara’s first book, Grief: A Love Story, is due out in 2021. You can follow her work here: Instagram: @taracaffelle @grief_at_work Web: --- Send in a voice message:
Kirsty Salisbury is driven by a passion to live her best life and to help others. A strong believer that we can all 'design' our future regardless of our circumstances. She's a dynamic speaker, a coach, and the host of the Let's Talk Life Design podcast. Kirsty's passion comes from her own traumatic life event when just 3 weeks after her 12th birthday, she was left paralysed on her left side due to a rare brain malformation. It turned her world (and the world of her family) up side down. And there started what she calls 'her second life', one in which she aims to live consciously, filled with purpose and gratitude. Even at such a young age, Kirsty made the decision that this major life event would never define or limit her and she would in fact 'thrive'. In the first few years following her illness, Kirsty dedicated everything to her recovery. She learned how to walk again, how to move her arm, then how to skip, then jump, and now the sky is the limit. Whilst every single day she is reminded of her journey, she is truly grateful for her experience, and continues to use the lessons she has learnt to push life's boundaries. --- Send in a voice message:
This fascinating conversation shares the shocking experience of being introduced to death at the age of 14 while working on the family owned ambulance and how more experiences with death expanded Emily Thiroux Threat to a place where she had a book that had to come out: Living and Loving Your Way Through Grief. In Emily's words: Having gone through the experience of the death of two husbands and many family members and friends. I have much experience in the grieving process, and I have learned to face life with love, optimism, and joy. I have taught writing many years at the university level. My new book, Loving and Living Your Way Through Grief is being published by Mango Press. I facilitate Writing Through Grief groups to help others on their journey. My Email My website My Private Facebook group Writing Through Grief with Emily My Private Facebook Group Reclaiming Your Joy After Loss My Blog where you can sign up to be on my mailing list My Public Facebook Accounts Emily Thiroux Threatt Greif Transformation with Emily My course delivery site for classes on grief and writing Pinterest YouTube Chanel Instagram: @Emily_thiroux_threat --- Send in a voice message:
Naila Francis is a certified death midwife and From Grief to Gratitude™ coach, as well as a wedding officiant, interfaith minister, poet and accomplished writer. Writing in fact was her first love, which led her to a career in print journalism for many years. Over the course of her career, she profiled artists and entertainers such as Yoko Ono, Sara Bareilles, India.Arie, Seal, James Earl Jones, k.d. lang, Pink and “Eat, Pray, Love” author Elizabeth Gilbert. For many years, she also had her own column Life in LaLa Land, where she shared her personal journey, including grieving the loss of her mom’s partner and her own father, with readers. Her words have also appeared in greeting cards and publications such as Mystic Pop and Opera Philadelphia’s festival guides. Raised on the Caribbean islands of St. Lucia, Barbados and Antigua, Naila is an island girl at heart. She considers herself an ardent joy enthusiast, which some find an unlikely trait for someone who serves others in the realm of grief and dying. But she also deeply appreciates holding sacred space for people at life’s threshold moments, whether that’s entering a marriage, experiencing a deep loss or preparing for life’s final passage. Among her other passions is traveling to Tanzania, where she loves spending time with “her kids” at the orphanage she helps to support. --- Send in a voice message:
Celeste was married to her high school sweetheart and heaven sent soulmate. They were together for over 20 years and were married for 13. They were blessed with a big family as Celeste and Anthony were blessed with 8 children. Celeste's life came to an abrupt halt when her husband was diagnosed with sarcoma in the lungs in 2018. He passed 10 weeks after the diagnosis and ever since Celeste has been figuring out her life as a wydow and mother to 7 children. She lost a son 6 years ago, so with the lost of both her husband and her son she developed a  passion to motivate others about love and how to rebuild their life after losing a loved one whether it's a spouse, friend, child, parent, sibling, or a friend's lost of someone dear to them. Celeste is rebuilding her life starting in the mud and she wants to share her journey with you all. "I have always been the type to figure out a way to pull myself out of the mud that I was walking through. In those moments it was unsettling, uncomfortable, and any other 'un' prefix that's suitable to use. Trying to make yourself smile after enduring tragedy is a lot easier than many may think. It's about being able to smile and laugh about the good times. Sometimes, if not most, the sadness creeps back in and takes a seat in the corner waiting for its grand debut all over again, like it just couldn't stand to be missed. However, I like to help others look for the patch of grass on the other side of the snow filled mountain." Wydowhood is a company that's built on the moral of helping wydows and wydowers. We use the letter 'Y', because 'Y' is always the question that we ask when we lose someone close to us, especially a spouse or even a child. 'Y' is also  the summa cum laude of why we do things. It's the very reason of 'Y' we wake up in the morning. We always have to fulfill the 'Y'. Wydowhood is focused on turning the grieving connotation of 'Y' into the immediate reason for 'Y' it's important to move forward, but not move on. We offer services which include, but are not limited to, life insurance information, financial assistance, legal assistance, living will, talk psychology, grief counseling, family psychology, and more. We're here to lend two arms and an open community of welcoming fellow wydows and wydowers alike to share their testimonies and use our services. Instagram: @wydowhood YouTube: HERE --- Send in a voice message:
In this episode we hear the story of Jimmy who died at the age of 21 after an eight year odyssey of brain cancer. This episode shares so many poignant, informative and beautiful messages as a mother tells her story of love and loss. Margo Fowkes created Salt Water to provide a safe harbor for people grieving the death of someone they didn’t think they could live without. Her goal is to create a community where grieving souls can support each other by sharing wisdom and ideas and offer hope about creating a life in the aftermath of a devastating loss. It is the website she couldn’t find after her mom and her 21-year-old son Jimmy died. Salt Water is open to everyone regardless of what they believe, where they are in the grief process, how they’re feeling or what type of loss they’ve experienced. The site provides resources and support for those grieving the death of a child, spouse, sibling, parent, dear friend or pet as well as those mourning a death by suicide. Salt Water also provides blog posts, articles and other resources for “the people who love us”, friends and family members who are desperate to help and don’t know how. Margo learned early on that there are no “perfect” or magic words that will bring her son or her mother back. Rather than criticize friends or family members for saying or doing the “wrong” thing, Salt Water offers practical suggestions and encouragement to friends and family along with gentle reminders to those who are grieving that those hurtful comments are often a loved one’s attempt to show how much they care. By looking for common ground and creating connection, Salt Water enables grievers to help each other heal and build a new life after the loss of a beloved person or pet. As Ram Dass says, “we are all just walking each other home.” Links for more info: Instagram: @findyourharbor Facebook: --- Send in a voice message:
It’s always fascinating to hear the early death experiences that lead people to their life’s work. Dr Annetta Mallon Annetta is an End of Life Consultant and Doula, professional public speaker, writer and editor, academic, social researcher, education advocate, psychotherapist who specialises in grief, loss, PTSD, injury and trauma recovery, and personal growth and development, an artist, and a professional mentor. Annetta has been speaking at public events and conferences both in Australia and internationally for several years, with a focus on end of life and funeral cost transparency for the past two. A passionate consumer rights advocate who prioritises transparency, the absence of itemisation in the corporate funeral business model and information transfer about funeral rights and choice is a current focus of many of her lectures and presentations. In her academic roles Annetta is an Honorary Adjunct and death and dying specialist lecturer with Western Sydney University, and a unit convenor and lecturer with Navitas Sydney City Campus for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in sociology, social science, and health science. Annetta is currently developing a monograph of EOL Doulas in Australia for an international academic publisher, and is writing up the findings from an international qualitative research project of her own initiative which saw End Of Life (EOL) Doulas in four countries interviewed. The project considered End of Life Doula perspectives on the role of death literacy in helping to form compassionate communities and provide continuity of care for clients at end of life and after death, as well as discussions of professional identity. Annetta was awarded her PhD in Social Science in early 2016; her thesis investigated art therapist professional identity formation, encompassing creative arts-based qualitative research, feminism, pedagogy, personal stories and narratives, health sociology, and professional practice. Annetta’s work in the fields of somatic psychotherapy and allied health saw her working in Australia, Italy, and the USA, creatively engaging the personal narratives and stories of her clients in order to support their recovery from injury, grief, trauma, and loss for over twenty years. Her client base included military and paramilitary personnel, and survivors of rape, incest, and domestic violence, and she brings this experience and skillset to her current work with those whose lives have been affected by violent and/or unexpected death. Annetta’s work in this area includes grief support, counselling, and mentoring, funeral planning and funeral celebrancy. In her private practice Annetta offers a wide range of atheist and secular end of life and after-death services to both human and pets, and regularly holds talks and education events to promote death literacy and awareness of rights at end of life, the importance of advance planning for health, end of life, and funerals. She once spent an interesting year working for NSW Police Headquarters as a writer, content developer, and editor for their intranet education program, and spends a great deal of time with her dog Cully (a seasoned research assistant). 100-word ‘highlights bio’ Dr Annetta Mallon is an End of Life Consultant and Doula, highly sought after for professional and academic guest lectures and speaking engagements. Her end of life work combines in-depth training and experience as an artist, collaborator, writer, and professional mentor with her extensive academic and allied health skillset to offer high-quality secular services for both peers, and human and pet clients. Funerals you attend before you die are a popular item in Annetta’s service list. A grief and loss expert who worked in Australia, Italy, and the USA, she now includes EFT for traumatic grief and exposure to violent death. --- Send in a voice message:
Britt says: There's no time in my memory that death was a stranger, but it decided to get close to me later in life. I have looked death in the eye four times; four times I almost couldn't be here. It was as if death needed someone to hear and understand. I feel death chose me. Now, death is my life work. I am a certified death doula whose focus is coaching people as they approach the end of their life. As a longtime educator of infants and children, I often find there is much to which we return, from beginning to end of life, regardless of the age at which we find ourselves at the end. I created The Art of The End to teach what I know from having been there, so close to the edge myself. My experiences have been my privilege and my gift to share with those who are facing the end. Let's erase the isolation of dying. Let's talk about death. (Just search for: The_art_of_the_end) --- Send in a voice message:
Amy Watson is a mom to 6 living children, and two babies in heaven. Lauren was stillborn just a few days before her due date and River was only 14 weeks when his heart stopped beating. Going through pregnancy loss can feel so isolating, because it's not something people want to talk about. But healing and continuing to talk about these special babies is what gives Amy meaning and purpose in her life. She is a certified life coach for other moms of angel babies and she is committed to helping break the stigma around babyloss as well as letting people know that is is possible to heal and live a beautiful life, even without all your babies in your arms. She loves being outdoors, hanging out with her family and reading self help books when she can sneak a few quiet minutes. --- Send in a voice message:
Randi Pearlman Wolfson is a Los Angeles based grief educator and author. After experiencing the death of her dad when she was ten years old, it became her life-long dream to provide hope and healing to grieving children and adults. For nearly 20 years, she has educated the community, including mental health professionals, clergy, students, teachers, and various other professionals, on the topic of grief. As founder/writer at Grief & GRITS on Facebook and Instagram, Randi provides a caring heart and voice for grievers. She is the author of “Eddie’s Brave Journey: How one little elephant learned all about grief” a story for the littlest of grieving hearts. To learn more about her book please go to: Links are @griefandgrits on Instagram Grief and Grits on Facebook "Eddie's Brave Journey: How one little elephant learned all about grief" can be found at --- Send in a voice message:
1. Grief is both a universal and individual feeling. When John Sardella lost his wife, the feeling of grief and loss was overwhelmingly heavy on him. So heavy that he had to lean on others to get through it. A Journey Without A Map ​aims to help those going through their personal grief, while letting them know they’re not alone. 2. Every difficult day is an opportunity to keep going. ​It was a hard lesson for John Sardella to learn that life doesn’t stop when your own world comes crashing down. John says that even the hardest days without his wife are an opportunity to keep moving forward. 3.​ ​It’s not just support that’s important, it’s the consistency of support. ​Anyone who’s lost a loved one has experienced sympathy and support in the aftermath of loss, but John Sardella is quick to point out how quickly that goes away. There’s sympathy then silence. John suggests that the key to moving forward is to seek out support to be there for you in between the sympathy and silence - for the life part. 4. It’s going to be okay. ​John Sardella will be the first to tell you that you don’t stop grieving the loss of a spouse/best friend/mother, but years after losing his rock, he can tell you that it’s going to be okay. John says that his grief will always be there, but it changes with time making it easier to move forward. A Journey Without A Map​ on Amazon​ ​ / Release Date: February 25, 2020 / Lioncrest Publishing Book Description After twenty-seven years of marriage, John Sardella lost the love of his life when his wife, Margaret, passed away following a seven-year battle with cancer. John looked for a book that would give him space for his pain and inspire him to move forward, but all he found were clinical books written by psychologists. That was John’s motivation to write ​this​ book and share how he worked through the grieving process in the hopes of reminding others not only that they are not alone, but also that they will be okay. A Journey Without a Map​ gives you permission to not only feel those real and true feelings you have, but also permission to move forward. Sharing stories that span from Margaret’s battle with cancer to her funeral and John’s life since, John demonstrates the power of connection and shows that with the proper perspective, you can still live life to its fullest extent. You can get back to being the person you’re capable of being—John wants to help you get there. JOHN SARDELLA is the author of two previous books: ​How to Start a Successful Youth Lacrosse Program​ and ​L is for Lacrosse: An ABC Book​. John’s professional career was spent in the Liverpool CSD. He was a teacher for sixteen years and a principal for fifteen years. He is now retired and enjoys spending his time writing, golfing, and being with family and friends. John resides in Liverpool, New York, and Naples, Florida. His kids are all grown, and John still sees them often. You can find John on Twitter @sardella_john, connect via email at, or visit --- Send in a voice message:
Barri Leiner Grant is a self-proclaimed Chief Grief Officer and founder of The Memory Circle, which was established in 2018. Since losing her mom, Ellen Jane, in 1993, she has believed that our grief stories and loss need a better place and space in modern society. A redefinition of the vernacular around loss. Her work as a writer, stylist and collector, has made the art of visual story telling a centerpiece of her life for decades. The Memory Circle was born from a desire to make the grief cycle a shared and more open experience. A a place to tell your tale because it reinforces that your loss mattered. "I have combined my work as a yoga and meditation teacher with my personal mission to heal and help the bereaved at any stage of their journey. Our workshops and gatherings are bathed in ways to release what we are holding - while always keeping the spirt and celebration of those lost and loved, alive." barri leiner grant 917.545.1036 Instagram: @thememorycircle and @blg Website and mailing list: The Memory Circle, Private Facebook Group --- Send in a voice message:
This timely episode is an offering for university or high school students who are finding themselves experiencing extreme stress and/or anxiety as they return to school at a time when the corona virus seems to be running rampant. Thrust into unknown, hopefully you will find a greater ease after listening to this episode. Written transcript at  Please share with anyone who you think can relate to this episode.  --- Send in a voice message:
74. Hope for Steve

74. Hope for Steve


Meet Hope Cross who was the 24/7 caregiver of her husband Steve for nine years— from diagnosis of ALS until his death in April 2020. Steve and Hope openly shared their journey and brought attention and awareness of ALS. They have a wide audience, a documentary and have touched so many lives. Hope commits to always tell Steve’s story. This Intimate conversation was recorded shortly after Steve’s death. You can find Hope at --- Send in a voice message:
Hey, I'm Tom Biddulph and have been through a lot in my 38 years of time on this earth. Since 1994, I have lost 16 loved ones that have either been family or friends. Grief is a never ending journey, but I've learned to find the good grievings along the way that bring me joy. My hope is for you to feel a sense of self worth and to see there is so much more available in life than just to wallow in the pain and fear. I want you to feel love after death, and happiness so you can be present and not lose out on what greatness life has to offer you now. @goodgrievings (twitter) @goodgrievings (instagram) @goodgrievings (YouTube) --- Send in a voice message:
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