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Life insight for those wanting to create personal brands they're proud of! A podcast looking at what it means to be human, and how we can live more fully in our diverse, hectic lives today. For the innately curious, the hard-workers, the optimists, and the keen explorers of ‘self’ and the world around them. See more at, for videos check Instagram: @a_blanx, or read my Twitter hype: @a_blanx
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**Disclaimer: Contains Adult themes and language**What do you get when you mix beer, two Canadian males and a tipsy female antagonist? Juicy insight on DATING!! THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST EPISODES YET. We chat dating apps and ghosting, how to lie your way out of a bad date, Catfishing, attractive traits in a partner, and major NO-NOs. Matt and Lyle are from BC, Canada - both in their thirties - one single-ish, one less so at the time of recording (Spring 2019) - and were kind enough to let me probe them for goss one Saturday night. Hope you love it!! 🙏 Let me know your thoughts or future episode ideas on IG @a_blanx!! I relish the DMs. Please SHARE with a friend who'd love it & SUBSCRIBE/REVIEW on Apple podcasts, Spotify, Google podcasts, Castbox, Stitcher etc. - I'd be UBER grateful! Want more in dating? Listen to the related 2 eps- 'Single, Relationships & Everything In Between' with a polyamorous guy I met in Cape Town, here-
S2: The Episode on Anxiety

S2: The Episode on Anxiety


You guys asked for this one! Anxiety comes in various forms and is triggered by a range of things rooted in the beliefs of an individual. This episode covers info and insight about, what appears to be, a modern phenomenon; what is anxiety? What are the symptoms? How can I manage it or get rid of it? I explore all of these based on my own experiences related to work, the future, relationships (romantic and non-romantic) and health, as well as drawing on some informative sources. There's also some great mental health accounts to follow for encouragement & tips, PLUS how one London school is going above and beyond to boost the mental health of children!HOPE YOU'RE ALL DOING WELL!_______________Please leave a review or rate me on Apple podcasts if you loved this episode! 🙏 You can also subscribe on Google podcasts, Spotify, Acast, Podbean, Stitcher & many more! Please get in touch or send episode suggestions to my IG @a_blanx.LOTS OF LOVE (and calm) x
There's dealing with emotions (which is friggin' hard enough) and then there's dealing with TWO sets of emotions in a relationship! No one teaches us how to navigate the road-bumps or sticky situations when dating. IT'S A LOT but it can be simplified with some awareness and pausing before a reaction. This episode centres around respecting your own feelings, whilst appreciating the needs of the other. I open up about my own experiences as well as those of friends; about going back to ex, vulnerability, sexual health conversations and break-ups.___________If you have any questions about relationships, handling emotions or experiences of your own, message me on IG @a_blanx. I LOVE HEARING FROM YA and plan to incorporate them into future episodes! That goes for any other themes you're interested in.Please rate and review on Apple podcasts or subscribe on Spotify, Google podcasts, Apple podcasts, Acast - wherever you listen! THANK YOU SO MUCH :)Blog:
My new podcast format STARTS HERE! After a little step back and rethinking on how to evolve it, it's become a little more conversational, I've added some quick-fire questions for guests and now shape episodes around your ideas/ messages. There will still be plenty of life insight - it'll just be a lighter package for the social summer season! Ella Ringrose is this week's guest. She's a 20-year-old podcaster/YouTuber/digital marketer, all-round wise and beautiful girl. As the host of @blondebiblepodcast and her interest in self-growth, I had to get her on! We cover; understanding emotions, adulthood, how the media shapes our beliefs and fear holds us back, vulnerability and modern dating culture! Find her on IG @ellaringrose. HIT ME UP WITH YOUR Qs & topics for coming episodes on IG @a_blanx I read everything :) Subscribe on Spotify, Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, Acast, Stitcher, Podbean etc. - ALL apps 🙏 THANKS SO MUCH!!
Some episodes don't need a grand intro. This one - on making the most out of your day and boosting productivity - is one of 'em! Let your ears be caressed by some life insight on maximising your potential through simple, daily habits and mindset switches. Don't try them all at once but try ones that feel right to you!_____________________Let me know your thoughts, feels, what works or any or your productivity hacks on IG @a_blanx. 🙏☺ If you liked this podcast, I'll love you if you leave an APPLE PODCAST REVIEW! _____________________Former episode- How to be more creative, whoever you are! here: at:
Remote working and travelling the world whilst doing so, is a lifestyle choice so many dream of but few make happen! This week I chat to someone who did and can confidently say it was the best thing she ever did! Remote worker of over 2 years, Emma Shimmens (the lovely and intelligent woman behind the blog, Nomad Emma) shares her experiences. Expect stories on transitioning from full-time teaching work, how to get a remote job, staying productive without structure and breaking free of family and societal expectations. There's way more obviously, but you'll have to listen! Fun fact: we were 15hours apart in time zone when recording this!! ______________Find Emma on IG: @Nomad.emma and you want to be a guest too or have a great idea, message me on IG: @a_blanx. :)More explorations of 'Self' and the world on my blog: _______________Please share, subscribe or review this ep on any platform you love!! Thank you, all - stay humble.
Finding A Job You Love

Finding A Job You Love


The age old quest of purpose x getting money continues to rear its head...(it definitely does for me, anyway!). In this age of endless choice, pressure, and influences coming from every direction, anxiety around finding a career is at an all-time high! Years of navigating what I wanted to do in the creative industries and feeling scrambled during my twenties, made me realize that the answer lied between: WHO I wanted TO BE, HOW I OPERATED as an individual, and what I STAND FOR.  In this episode, I talk about how to find a job you love and meaningful work. ENJOY._______ Check a former blog post - '300 Signs You're In the Wrong Job & How To Find Meaningful Work.' Here, I was deciding where my values lied, during a transition - it was an integral part of my journey: _______ Once again, thanks for listening!! Please subscribe, share or review if you took something from this episode! Always up-to-date and down to chat on IG: @a_blanx :) YAY.
How To Be Alone!

How To Be Alone!


BEING ALONE IS COOL. Period. But it wasn't always seen this way by Western society... This episode is short, sweet and practical. I talk about this odd taboo surrounding being alone, as well as how lone time is beneficial for growth and productivity. PLUS, there are some tips on how to be alone for those who find it uncomfortable or don't always know what to do with themselves... Netflix isn't always the answer (...but sometimes it is). Thanks for tuning in, loves!Further IG wisdom & send your comments/ideas/free cake to: @a_blanx 😎Blog: add an Apple review...? I'd love to hear from you! ;D
Who else loves Reality TV? Or if you don't, I bet you've got an opinion on it? In this episode, I hope to shake that up a bit, and open up a conversation on why reality TV can be good for us and our human development... "Odd!" you say? Not once you've listened. Don't judge a book by its cover...and that goes for this episode, too!IGTV: @a_blanx - now posting weekly 'Guru Friday' videos on inspiring knowledge bites! Twitter: @a_blanx if you want to chat to customer service - a.k.a me, and read my blog at: FOR LISTENING! If you liked this ep, please leave a review or subscribe on Apple podcasts/ wherever you listen :)
A delve into how a young person views the world today... In this episode, I chat with my half sister, Indy, 17, who was born in Ghana and raised in England. We unpack how a dual-culture has shaped her into who she has become, the big pressures facing the younger generation (dubbed Gen Z) today, who inspires her and what she's most looking forward to in the future. Indy is a role model and someone I admire HUGELY. She is bright, conscientious, motivated, dedicated and diplomatic, as well as kind and giving. How DOES she manage it all?!? It was time for her to share her secrets! I'm fascinated by generational differences, and how smart and value-driven young people can be! If you are too PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to, rate or review🙏thank you, thank you.Find Indy on IG: @indy_blankson. My updates on IG: @a_blanx and the blog at:
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