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Golf Essentials With Casey Bourque

Author: Casey Bourque

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Free daily and deployable golf help for those who don't want to pay an instructor - arm yourself with practice plans, drills, and custom insights. I answer all your questions, host live Q&A's, and tell it to you straight.

Here's what I believe:
1. Golf is challenging, but it doesn't need to be complicated - a simple, consistent methodology is best.

2. Infrequent and expensive lessons aren't optimal for improvement - light, regular refinements are better.

3. There's no magic pill (sorry) - I'll tell you what to do and how to make the most of your time.

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I scored terribly (even embarrassingly) in my most recent golf tournament in Leipzig, Germany. Sure, it was a tough course, really windy...but my results were seriously disappointing. If you play golf long enough (or even just a couple tournaments), it's going to happen to you. I believe that handling golf's disappointments optimally is a definitive sign of the kind of player you'll become. Hope this one helps you after your next lousy round...
I played a Pro Golf Tour event this week in Leipzig, Germany. The course was designed to basically eliminate anyone who couldn't carry the ball 270...cross bunkers and fescue. If you're looking to play at the highest level, add some focus to your physicality and carry yardage! 
A conversation with a good buddy struggling with the yips led to some interesting insights that have helped me with all areas of my game. It started with putting stuff, but applies to chipping, pitching, and full swing too. I feel super solid right now, ball striking is good and I'm making more than my share of putts. Hope this one gives you some food for thought. Cheers! 
So many businesses lack patience in their marketing...trashing their mailing lists with sales pitches. Try proper nurturing where you're delivering more value than you're trying to extract. They'll come around when they're ready. 
Golf courses need to make it cheaper and easier for newcomers to learn the game and meet people at their golf courses. Here's the best way I've found to do this. 
Learn how far your short shots fly - namely what I call a 9:00 swing for each of your wedges. 
Most poor putters have short back swings and long follow throughs - try the opposite for more stability through the hitting area.
Balance is a wonderfully simple swing thought that does the following:1. Forces you to swing within your control2. Removes many of the other tips and swing thoughts that you're dealing with3. Forces you to basically make a reasonably fundamentally sound motion4. Holding a balanced finish offers a ton of valuable feelings and feedback for you to improveGive it a try...I promise it'll be refreshingly simple and effective. 
I was invited to play The Golden Bear Club today here in Orlando. My friend has lived in the community for a couple years now, but only last week decided to join the club. He was super excited to have us out there for the day...something we know is an incredible opportunity for a golf club to solicit membership referrals. KPI Golf's 85/50 Program in action...
Super simple...I want to talk with you about your golf game. Ask me whatever you want...I've only got so much time in a day, but book a time slot as they're available at'll have you on the podcast and we'll talk about whatever you want - your questions, challenges, struggles or whatever. I'll do my best to point you in the right direction...and we'll share it with the world.Looking forward to getting to know you. 
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