DiscoverGolf Essentials - Answers for Weekend Warriors
Golf Essentials - Answers for Weekend Warriors

Golf Essentials - Answers for Weekend Warriors

Author: Casey Bourque

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Free daily and deployable golf help for those who don't want to pay an instructor - arm yourself with practice plans, drills, and custom insights. I answer all your questions, host live Q&A's, and tell it to you straight.

Here's what I believe:
1. Golf is challenging, but it doesn't need to be complicated - a simple, consistent methodology is best.

2. Infrequent and expensive lessons aren't optimal for improvement - light, regular refinements are better.

3. There's no magic pill (sorry) - I'll tell you what to do and how to make the most of your time.

65 Episodes
KPI Golf on Underperforming Golf Courses & Options to Turn Things Around
Expert Opinions are CheapJohn Brown discusses the options that struggling and underperforming golf courses have. The first big misconception is that professional advice and exploratory conversations only come with hard sales pitches for club management contracts. This isn't the case at all.The logic first step to take is to pick up the phone and call a consulting or golf management company. KPI Golf offers free phone consultations, investing hours in learning about the club's challenges and assessing best fit.Of course, only so much information can be gathered over the phone. Often an on-site visit is necessary, however this can be done for surprisingly little cash outlay.For less than the cost of a few covers in the restaurant, John says that he'll pay your club a visit and roll up his sleeves. He'll dig into financials, interview staff and members, conduct basic market research, and gather a clear picture of how the club is positioned.After just a few days, the club receives an exhaustive presentation about where the club stands, competitive set, and recommended next steps toward improvement.Long Term Consulting is BestAs a next step in a club's turnaround process, John highly recommends a long term consulting agreement. This is effectively standard consulting on a regular cadence that makes sense for the club - typically quarterly or annually.This allows KPI Golf to dig deeper into the club's culture and learn more about the inner workings of the facility and marketplace. It also allows for performance reviews, planning sessions, and continuous improvement.John emphasizes that there is no "set and forget" strategy that works. Long term consulting is a great, and inexpensive way to ensure that your club is continually evaluating performance, prioritizing highest impact activities, and holding everyone accountable for results.John can be reached best through email:
Tips For Shooting Great Video With What You've Got - CSK Creative's Craig Kotilinek
CSK Creative Founder Craig KotilinekI've known Craig for 8 or 9 years now here in Orlando. He's an extremely talented and accomplished videographer and business operator. CSK Creativeis a video production agency boasting clients like Golf Digest, Mercedes, The US Coast Guard, Total Wine and Wakeboarding Magazine.Craig's shot famous figures like best selling author James Patterson, Jordan Spieth and Ms. Transworld Wake's Amanda Lewis.Videography for DummiesIn this podcast, I do my best to squeeze as much knowledge out of Craig as I can. He shares a bunch of tips on how to produce better videos using simple equipment like just your iPhone.We cover a lot, but some major points were:Lighting is super important. Get your light source behind the photographer for best results. Use natural light where you can, rather than anything indoors.Don't abuse the slow-mo feature. Trim up your videos to minimize the wait time, and dead space at the beginning and the end.Watch the sound. Find quiet places with minimal background noise. If you're shooting indoors, be aware of air conditioning systems and other noises you may not otherwise notice.Consider a second camera for backup footage. This is a great way to fill in gaps or add some variety.Set up your background. Move your subject away from the background as well to push the back out of focus.Frame your shots horizontally where possible. Unless you're shooting for a specific medium, horizontal is always best.Don't shake. Mount your camera on a tripod when you can.Add some background music. Great royalty-free music can add so much to a video.Contact Craig and CSK CreativeIf you're looking for some video work, or if you have any questions for Craig...I highly recommend reaching out.Craig KotilinekCSK Creative - Orlando, FloridaWebsite |  Email Craig |  (407) 718-1112
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