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THRIVEinEDU by Rachelle Dene Poth

Author: Rachelle Dene Poth

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Welcome to the THRIVEinEDU podcast where learning happens and random thoughts related to all things education are shared. Listen in each week as I talk about some of the emerging trends and topics in education. Topics include Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, Global Collaborations, Preparing Students for the Future, PBL, SEL, Coding, the Power of PLNS and more.
56 Episodes
Ideas for focusing on preparing for the unknown.   Also to join in my weekly show on on Wednesdays, 4:00 pm EST   A different guest and topic each week!
What are some things that we can work on now, that will benefit us in  the new school year, regardless of where learning takes place
What have we learned and what can we do better?  Planning for the Unknown
Take time to breathe, focus on  what is most important: Relationships
Make time to ask students for feedback and use their input  to  guide your next steps for summer learning and planning  ahead. 
Reflecting on lessons learned and plans  moving forward, focused on discussion after my recent blog post.  Getting Through
Finding the words to say and the actions to take can be a challenge, I'm working through and making sure I connect, looking to learn and grow.
5 fun  tools to create with AR/VR 
Reflections on progress, plans for the future, new ideas and fun activities
Check out the  EALA: Educating All Learners Alliance, a project focused on providing resources and  support for special education.
Check in on family and friends, make sure your students are doing okay. Every moment matters. 
Sharing ideas and considerations for wellness and helping each other during the pandemic and every day.
Explore unconventional ideas and how to bring  about positive changes in our classrooms, remotely and in person. Check out my book Unconventional Ways to Thrive in EDU.
What do you think needs to happen? What will our schools look like? Inspired by NPR article and my own thoughts.
Some thoughts  about school, classes, precautions, and things  to consider now as we prepare for our return to the classroom.  Great article that I read earlier: NPR 9 things



Innovation does not mean technology. Take some risks, try something new, ideas for students and families. 
Think about best ways to communicate, focus on transitions that may happen fast, as our closures did. Prepare for the return to school by taking some opportunities to try new ways to foster communication.
How can we find balance now? What should we do? Stay connected, make time for you, take breaks. Just some ideas for how to plan days and find some balance during this uncertain and chaotic time. 
Why we need to focus on connecting and how.  I use Zoom and this is how I set it up and  why I am glad that I did. 
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