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Author: Myrna Young

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The Transform your Mind radio hour is a journey through the mind. Focusing on mental health, mindset, and personal development. Hosts Myrna Young, certified professional coach and Arifah Yusuf, registered social worker and mental health counselor, give fresh approaches to old problems that plague the African American woman and youth.
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Brain scans have revealed that when your mind wanders, it switches into “autopilot” mode, enabling you to carry on doing tasks quickly, accurately and without conscious thought. Our, autopilot, mode seems to be run by a set of brain structures called the default mode network or, autopilot brain.
 In this episode Dr Tra Ahia, Psychologist offers treatment options for dealing with, anxiety disorder and panic attacks
We all have at least one, Guardian Angel, assigned to us and they have two jobs; one is to love us unconditionally and the other is to get us to our predetermined expiration date. 
Women are you invisible in the boardroom and have no say? Do men listen when you speak? If the answer is no, then find out how to get, a seat at the table.
Millions of people suffer from at least one of the, compulsive behaviors, Compulsive shopping, Compulsive eating, Hoarding, Compulsive sexual behavior.
Child Abuse Statistics, show a connection between, child abuse, Mental Health Disorders, and Addictions.Today we discuss Kreta’s story from the book “Call me an addict, war on Women
Childhood Sexual Trauma and Addiction, survivors abuse drugs because it helps them cope with or block out the traumatic memories.
Childhood Abuse has continually been linked to substance abuse for women. In this Episode we look at, Drug and Alcohol treatment for women with trauma, who were abused by men and parents during childhood.
Your, Unconscious mind, is carrying out behaviors that sabotage your, conscious mind, 24 hours per day. In fact studies show that our, subconscious programming, is running our lives 95% of the time.
Using the, energy healing, of, Reiki, allows you to cause an effect in your life instead of reacting to cause and effect!
Self sabotaging, behaviors move us in the opposite direction from our goals. When we understand the patterns that underlie, self sabotage, we begin to free ourselves.
Coping with, grief, either from death, divorce, incarceration, job loss, or even loosing your home is devastating. Mental Health counselor, Arifah Yusaf and, Life Coach, Myrna Young shares strategies for coping with loss.
For some people their, career purpose, is closely interwoven with their, life purpose. Keshia Morris, is that person, Political Activist and Project Manager with Common Cause.
Here is the oldest principle of success: Good Thoughts, become good things!Good or bad, you manifest what you think about most of the time.
How to, ask for a raise, a promotion, God for something, a Guy out. How to Ask for Affection or anything else you want in life.
Are you a single woman hoping to, find your soulmate? Today we look at the, science of attraction. What happens when two souls with constructive energies meet?
How do, Single Women, find the love they want? How do they prepare themselves in the meantime for Love’s House, where do they find, single men?
No fear, How do we say goodbye to Fear and live with courage? The first thing we must realize is that FEAR is False evidence appearing real. Fear is an energy. Created totally in our minds. The energy of fear is powerful. It can change the quality of lives.
So What is, self- confidence? How do we define, self- confidence, and what does it look like?
So What’s the secret to, living the life of your dreams? Have you wondered how someone can be born with nothing, and then live a, dream life? They can live in abject poverty, having nothing to eat, sometimes homeless and in a few years become a millionaire?
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