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A business and marketing podcast that tells it like it is without the fluff. It's honest, direct, and raw. Hosted by Wágner dos Santos, an advertising agency veteran who has owned multiple businesses since the age of 17. You might say that he's a tad bit qualified.

A new episode is broadcast and recorded live on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitch every other week on Wednesdays.

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We're back after a long break and we have a lot of great episodes ready to produce. In this episode, we provide a brief introduction to the newly updated show and our outlook on 2023 for business and marketing.
Approximately 30 years ago virtual office spaces made a splash through the US and around the world with flexible space suitable for startups and entrepreneurs on the move. Also known as executive suites, the first such office was launched back in 1962 but did not gain mass popularity then and was limited by the lack of technology yet to come. About 15 years ago, co-working spaces launched everywhere and become the new hip trend for startups and enterprise companies looking for a temporary space to launch new projects in different markets.Virtual office space is taking over the world with large corporations like Google and world leaders agreeing that it could be the future for businesses.What does the new normal of working from home mean for businesses post-pandemic? Will they still experience the same level of operation and productivity?In this episode of Wagner Live, Dan Gracia talks about remote working and how businesses can remain efficient and productive as they transition. He is the current partner and Vice President of Business Development at Joon. He’s also a serial entrepreneur and visionary who has consulted numerous startups while developing his own portfolio of businesses from startup to sale. His business concentration has been within the areas of cellular, virtual offices, and VoIP (voice over internet protocol).Listen in to learn about the efficiency businesses are experiencing after shifting from physical offices to operating completely virtually. You will also learn how a virtual phone works and the benefits of having one as a virtual business.What You’ll Discover:[3:35] Dan shares the history of how he got into the business of virtual/ co-working spaces.[9:34] How Joon’s VoIP app makes virtual phone calls easier for businesses working remotely.[16:43] The impact of the pandemic on businesses and what it will take to adjust to the new normal.[23:09] How the business landscape has shifted from physical offices to operating completely virtually.[27:08] How to ensure work efficiency when people are working from home.[30:40] How the economy and businesses are likely to look after the pandemic.[37:32] Why now is the right time for rebuilding and innovation for people and businesses.Connect With Dan: dan.gracia@joon.usPlease support our podcasts: Wagner Live here:Facebook:
Orlando, Florida is not only where Wagner Live is located but it is also a growing market. It has been called one of North America's up-and-coming tech markets. In a recent study of the leading large, mid-size, and small metros throughout the country, Orlando ranked #9 out of 299 metros studied and #2 in the Southeast. The study evaluated such things as economic strength, prime workforces, year-over-year growth, and mid-term (5-Year) growth.In this episode, we discuss how a city that has been mostly associated with Walt Disney World, has been reshaping its identity and economic future. Despite previous plans for the city, what's changed as a result of the pandemic and its economic impact? To help with this discussion is Tim Giuliani, President & CEO at the Orlando Economic Partnership.Tim’s passion to provoke community impact started at an early age when he helped launch the “Truth Campaign” as a high school student - the most successful youth tobacco prevention effort in U.S. history. Tim is a Certified Chamber Executive (CCE). Nationally, he serves on the executive committee for the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives and is an active participant of the US Chamber Committee of 100. While at the Florida Chamber of Commerce he played a critical role in the passage of legislation that created the $750 million Florida Growth Fund.Listen in to learn how Orlando is progressing in the areas of diversity, economic and social gaps, and policy change. You will also learn how to overcome the pandemic challenges by pivoting and embracing opportunities as a business owner.What You’ll Discover:[2:03] Tim shares his background in economic development and interest in Orlando, Florida.[3:46] How they’re working to diversify Orlando markets, community development, and technological infrastructure.[8:03] He describes the cities they’re borrowing inspiration from to economically develop Orlando.[13:15] Why a region needs to understand its DNA to grow and develop organically.[15:28] The areas Orlando had developed pre-pandemic plus the challenges of the rapid growth.[22:11] The diversity and policy change issues Orlando needs to work on to progress.[29:24] He explains why the region depended on local leadership to witness development.[32:00] How to take care of Orlando’s economy by building consumer confidence with safety during the pandemic.[36:00] How pivoting and adapting will help businesses overcome the pandemic challenges.Connect With Tim:LinkedIn: support our podcasts: Wagner Live here:Facebook:
The new normal, which is a result of the pandemic's effect on the market and economic instability, didn't come with an instruction manual. Expert analysts and economists have been hesitant to commit to providing any forecasting data.How do small businesses survive these challenges and remain in operation and profitable in the long run?In this episode of Wagner Live, we have Thomas Sullivan discuss the current state of affairs for small businesses throughout the U.S. and how they have been managing despite mandated lockdowns and restrictions. Thomas is the Vice President of Small Business Policy at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.Listen in to learn how the pandemic exposed the financial inequity in America, preventing minority and black-owned small businesses from accessing banking.What You’ll Discover:[5:05] The challenges small minority businesses are facing during the pandemic, plus the need for a stimulus.[9:06] The economic and community development benefits of American small businesses.[15:38] The significant pivoting small businesses had to do to establish an online presence.[18:58] How to create disruption as an entrepreneur by listening to your customers and their wants.[23:28] How the pandemic exposed the financial inequity in America and how that’s affecting black-owned businesses.[26:14] How Thomas is working to help small businesses access funds and stay protected.[30:27] The streamlining of the various chapters of the bankruptcy code to make it more efficient.[31:55] The expected changes that are going to help stabilize small businesses.Find Free Resources: support our podcasts: Wagner Live here:Facebook:
Live video is not only an efficient way to hold virtual meetings, but it is also a great way to connect with your audience and ultimately market your business.Will live video and virtual meetings become the new normal for businesses? At a time when in-person meeting encounters pose a potential health risk, how can businesses leverage live video to grow their brand?In this episode of Wagner Live, we have Ross Brand talk about the rise of live video in 2020 and how to build your brand with video online. Ross is an author at Livestream Universe, a former radio on-air personality and reporter. He is a pioneer in the live-streaming field as both a prolific content creator and a thought leader. Ross has been a featured speaker at Summit Live, Social Media Week Lima, Summit on Content Marketing, Content Creators Summit, and New York University’s Division of Programs in Business.Listen in to learn how live streaming can help you perfect the art of making videos to market your business and attract the right clients. You will also learn how to build and represent your brand online without fear of making mistakes.What You’ll Discover:[5:42] Ross describes his experience using StreamYard to stream live videos and recordings.[14:05] How the pandemic and virtual technology are transforming the workplace.[18:23] The importance of hiring people you can trust to meet your expectations when working remotely.[22:30] The benefits of remote working plus how to measure employee contribution while doing it.[27:00] How to perfect the art of making videos for your business by starting with live streams.[31:34] Factors to consider about your business when doing live streams to avoid costly mistakes.[41:00] How to build and represent your brand online without fear of making mistakes.[46:22] How to tell a powerful story on video through testimonial interviews.Please support our podcasts: Wagner Live here:Facebook:
Do you have the right skills to persuade people to say yes to whatever you’re selling?Great presentation of ideas is the ability to persuade someone to want to buy something you’re selling – this goes beyond just presenting.In this episode of Wagner Live, we have Kerry Feuerman talk about the power of presentation skills and what to avoid when presenting creative work. Kerry is the founder of Last Hurdle presentation skills workshops. He is a Creative Director and author of The Five Deadly Sins of Presenting Creative Work. Kerry's experience includes creative director at Fallon Minneapolis, Vice Chairman and Group Creative Director at The Martin Agency, and Global Creative Director at TBWA\Chiat\Day.He's been deservingly celebrated with awards from the One Show, CA, Cannes, Clios, Art Directors Club of New York, London International Awards, Kelley Awards, Obies, ADDYS, Advertising Festival of New York, IF4 Film Festival.And Kerry has worked with global brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Citi, U.S. Army, UPS, Saab, Wrangler, Infiniti, Seiko, Nissan.Listen in to learn how to be a good presenter of ideas in a way that informs, educates, and entertains. You will also learn the value of quality over quantity when presenting ideas for things people want to purchase.What You’ll Discover:[3:25] Kerry on how he teaches people to sell creative ideas as a presentation skills coach.[4:35] Presentation skills – the ability to persuade and make believers out of your ideas.[15:11] The future of marijuana business and the opportunities therein.[18:56] Kerry demystifies Apple’s ad campaign - what happens in your iPhone; stays in your iPhone.[22:17] He talks about his book - The Five Deadly Sins of Presenting Creative Workand its target audience.[28:20] The value of quality over quantity in the presentation of ideas to persuade your audience.[33:20] The trend of consultancies overtaking ad agencies and why it’s not a threat.[34:30] He explains how his workshop is designed to help ad agencies become great idea presenters.Connect With Kerry:LinkedIn: support our podcasts: Wagner Live here:Facebook:
Have you found yourself in an inappropriate conversation at the workplace that you don’t know how to handle? We live in a world where there’s no clear definition of what situation qualifies as sexual harassment in the workplace, which often leaves both men and women on the fence regarding this issue.In this episode of Wagner Live, we have Jennifer Crittenden join us to discuss how to work with women. Jennifer has been featured on CNBC Power Lunch and has been interviewed by Bloomberg Businessweek and several other media outlets. She is also the author of What's a Guy to Do? How to Work with Women.Together we will discuss what's trending in business and marketing and learn more about Jennifer in the process.Listen in to learn the importance of having adult conversations around gender biases at the workplace and how to recognize and address them. You will also learn about the “check the box” diversity, why it’s harmful, and why we need to have mature conversations around it.What You’ll Discover:[2:24] Why Jennifer wrote her book after noticing workplace gender biases during her corporate career. [5:23] How to have conversations about workplace gender biases so we can work together.[7:43] The complexities of human conversations that make it hard to legislate what constitutes sexual harassment.[13:02] How to recognize and address sexual harassment issues in the workplace.[19:43] Why some gender studies are random and the dangers of making decisions based on them.[24:39] Why we need to dissect the issue of diversity by having mature conversations around it.[30:06] The importance of hiring the right people and giving them room to work without micromanaging them.[37:08] Where to find Jennifer’s book plus the gender issues takeaways it focuses on.Please support our podcasts: Wagner Live here:Facebook:
What makes great client service? Honing the craft of serving clients well is about keeping things basic to clients' needs and building sustainable partnerships with them. In this episode of Wagner Live, we have Robert Solomon, the author of the classic guide, The Art of Client Service, and the world's leading authority on how to improve creative work by forging and sustaining trust-based relationships with clients. Robert also runs Solomon Strategic, a firm he founded to provide marketing counsel to advertising agencies, client companies, and individual marketing professionals.Listen in to learn the power of having a creative brief as an advertising agency, collaborating with your team, and partnering with your clients. You will also hear about the philosophy of treating customers like clients that advertising agencies can learn from the restaurant business. What You’ll Discover:[4:22] Robert talks about his career background and the purpose behind writing his book.[9:30] Amazon’s growth-focused strategy that keeps them ahead of everyone else.[16:59] The law of unintended consequences that Facebook is facing and why they haven’t been able to solve it.[26:09] The commoditization of advertising agencies and how it’s changing advertising as we know it. [36:26] Why advertising agencies need to keep things basic to serve clients rather than focus on technology. [41:20] The importance of having a client sign on the creative brief and collaborating in this process. [55:40] The philosophy that advertising agencies can emulate from the restaurant business. [1:03:01] How to adapt to your clients’ needs to better improve how you serve them. Connect With Robert: http://www.artofclientservice.comPlease support our podcasts: Wagner Live here:Facebook:
How do you effectively persuade other people without manipulating them? Persuading people is convincing them to buy into your truth and want what you’re selling them as much as you want it. In this episode of Wagner Live, Jeff Tippett joins us to discuss what’s trending in business and marketing and how persuasive communications should not be mistaken for manipulation. Jeff is an active blogger and author. His first book, Pixels Are the New Ink: 3 Steps to Digital Domination in Your Industry, teaches thought leaders how to make money by sharing information online that’s already in their heads. Listen in to learn how to use persuasive communication to speak to the pain and needs of clients and get them to take action. You will also learn the difference between persuasion and manipulation and the art of crafting the right messaging. What You’ll Discover:[2:28] Jeff explains why he believes we all live and die based on our ability to persuade.[6:16] The downfall and future of Facebook and innovation of other social media platforms. [14:07] We talk about politics, the mid-terms, and business expectations after the political season.[19:16] How persuasive communication speaks to the pain and needs of clients. [23:18] Unleashing Your Superpower – Jeff shares the main topics of his book and how he uses storytelling to explain business. [28:00] The true meaning of persuasion and how it differs from manipulation.Connect With Jeff: https://jefftippett.comPlease support our podcasts: Wagner Live here:Facebook:
What is the best platform to create video content for your business? How do you create great live video streams that are watchable afterward and that bring in ROI? In this episode of Wagner Live, we have String Nguyen, the producer of the award-winning Snapchat channel “Women in Tech”, who has amassed over 350 interviews with entrepreneurs and startup founders, like Gary Vaynerchuk, Holly Liu (Kabam), and Hugh Forrest (SXSW). For the last three years, she has been pioneering videos on social media and was recognized as a “Top Voice” on LinkedIn and nominated for 30 under 30 Forbes Asia.Listen in to learn how to use a good call to action to monetize B2B video content for your business. You will also learn how various platforms are built for video and which one you should choose to stream your content. What You’ll Discover:[3:04] String on how she got started in creating B2B content on LinkedIn.[5:54] Why the secret to live video streaming is the ability to make those videos watchable afterward. [6:44] How to use personal branding and a good call to action to monetize video content. [12:06] We talk business insights, Dunkin, IGTV, and the Instagram founders’ exit. [23:58] Why String shifted to LinkedIn from Snapchat, plus why it’s difficult for Snapchat to innovate. [31:21] Understanding that people connect with people, not company LinkedIn pages. [34:31] String’s opinion on Coca-Cola’s plan to add CBD to their products. Connect With String:LinkedIn: Website: Please support our podcasts: Wagner Live here:Facebook:
What does it take to achieve a lifetime’s worth of achievements before the age of 25? In this episode of Wagner Live, we are joined by Morissa Schwartz, owner of - a marketing and writing company, and - a publishing company that has produced six Amazon bestsellers. Morissa broke a Guinness World Record for creating the World’s Longest Chain of Bracelets, has sung on MTV, speaks professionally about inspiring others through words and entrepreneurship, and was named the “Voice of Generation Z” by Community Magazine. She seeks to inspire others through words and a positive attitude.Listen in to learn how today’s idealized social media society impacts Gen Z and what that means for the future. You will also hear us discuss the future of Facebook after a little setback and voice search evolution. What You’ll Discover:[2:01] Morissa shares her book writing, editing, publishing, and marketing journey. [5:44] The work behind breaking the Guinness World Record for creating the World’s Longest Chain of Bracelets. [11:13] How the idealized social media society impacts today’s young generation. [15:46] Morissa’s stand on the controversial Nike spokesperson Colin Kaepernick. [19:28] The little Facebook setback and what it means for the platform's future. [26:48] The future of voice search and assistance plus the research and data on voice search. [32:36] Morissa describes her singing journey and how she got to sing on MTV. Connect With Morrisa: Please support our podcasts: Wagner Live here:Facebook:
A little over two decades ago, what telecommunication looks like today was not even a dream. The evolution of telecommunication has seen it blend with the internet to create an even bigger world of possibilities.In this episode of Wagner Live, we are joined by Michael Heinrich, the President of Joon, a national business communications company that delivers cloud-based solutions catered to the individual needs of small to enterprise-level businesses. He has more than 20 years of experience, a strong background, and expertise in telecommunication software products and service segments.Listen in to learn how telecommunication and messaging have grown and evolved through the years and what they will look like in the future. You will also learn the importance of working with your people to find a balance between working from the office and remotely. What You’ll Discover:[3:12] Michael describes his extensive data and software programming career background.[8:16] Understanding how telco has evolved and blended together with the internet. [13:26] How telecommunication and messaging have evolved through the years. [22:36] Michael’s opinion on Alex Jones Infowars’s getting shut down and freedom of speech. [30:37] How Elon Musk can approach privatizing Tesla plus views on the rise of public companies moving away from big cities.[43:03] How to master your remote working strategy in a way that works for your people.Connect With Michael: Please support our podcasts: Wagner Live here:Facebook:
Have you thought of how technology is impacting the banking industry? Community banks are fast catching up to fulfill the digital needs of sophisticated banking customers. In this episode of Wagner Live, we are joined by Fernando Pena, Principal Analyst at Forrester and former SVP, Digital Marketing & Experience at Seacoast Bank. He brings over 20 years of experience in the banking, insurance, and investment industries. He focuses on monetizing and increasing growth within digital channels, deploying innovative marketing technology platforms, and improving the digital user experience. Listen in to learn why physical banks won’t go out of fashion even with the evolution of digital services. You will also learn about Walmart’s diversification strategy, its implication of it, and its competitive advantage against Amazon.What You’ll Discover: [3:13] He describes Seacoast bank as a community bank that behaves and has the same capabilities as a national bank. [7:27] The essence of a physical bank branch, even as banking continues to evolve digitally.[11:19] The technological milestones that the banking sector needs to catch up to other industries.[13:20] The value and future of blockchain from a banking perspective.[16:26] Fernando describes the community activities that Seacoast Bank is involved with.[22:08] Why the government has no business interfering with business mergers unless necessary. [28:07] Why the government has no business interfering with business mergers` unless it’s necessary.[31:20] The evolution of streaming services and why they might get expensive for consumers. [38:27] The evolution of delivery services and how these companies are dealing with competition and customer service. [46:21] The diversification of Walmart, the implication of that strategy, and their competitive advantage.Connect With Fernando: support our podcasts: Wagner Live here:Facebook:
How will the internet of things revolutionize the marketing landscape in the next few years? The internet of things, according to Marketo, is the interconnectivity of our digital devices that provides endless opportunities to listen and respond to the needs of their customers with the right message at the right time and on the right device. In this episode of Wagner Live, we talk about how marketing is using the internet of things to customize individual customer experiences and services. Listen in to learn how technological and economic innovations will continue to improve marketing. What You’ll Discover:[1:45] The Internet of Things, according to Marketo, and how it will revolutionize the marketing landscape by 2020. [4:40] How the internet of things is being used to customize individual customer experience and service. [9:11] The seven examples of marketing applications of the internet of things that are here now. [13:43] The technological and economic innovations and marketing we’ll continue to witness.Please support our podcasts: Wagner Live here:Facebook:
S1 E89: Midweek Update

S1 E89: Midweek Update


Are you, as a marketer, tired of hearing about Millennials and how to market for them? Well, there’s a list of their top 100 favorite brands, so you might want to know what they’re doing right.In this episode of Wagner Live, we have our midweek update on what’s been happening in the world of advertising and marketing. Listen in to learn about Facebook and Snapchat’s struggles and what they’re dealing with as social advertisers. What You’ll Discover:[1:14] Millennial’s top 10 favorite brands, and you’ll be surprised by some of them.[6:55] Snapchat’s new camera effects for advertisers and the portability of augmented reality.[9:40] Why Facebook is refunding marketers due to the inaccuracy and errors in their social advertising.[13:01] Instagram continued trend of copying Snapchat.[13:29] Other interesting tidbits in the news this week.Please support our podcasts: Wagner Live here:Facebook:
What are you, an entrepreneur or a small business owner instead? What is the difference between being an entrepreneur and a small business owner?In this episode of Wagner Live, we discuss the difference between entrepreneurship and owning a small business. Listen in to learn why it takes passion and risk to become an entrepreneur, unlike small business owners who are more concerned about sustaining a living for themselves and their employees.What You’ll Discover:[0:53] The confusion on what entrepreneurship is and why it’s not being a small business owner.[2:55] What it means to be an entrepreneur and why it takes passion for creating and helping people.[6:08] Small business owners seek lower risk and are created to sustain a living.[7:25] Why true entrepreneurs don’t believe in work-life balance, but small business owners do.[9:24] How to decide between entrepreneurship and becoming a small business owner.Please support our podcasts: Wagner Live here:Facebook:
Do you know that sometimes brands forget that it’s not about them? They get stuck on me me me syndrome and forget the story isn’t all about them. Brands that can harness listening and learning more about their audience will be more successful than those that don’t.In this episode of Wagner Live, we talk about the importance of brands learning more about their audience rather than talking too much about themselves. Listen in to learn the importance of understanding the three pillars of marketing; educate, inspire, and entertain and why have got anything to do with you as a brand.What You’ll Discover:[1:02] Why successful brands are those that have learned the story isn’t all about them.[4:13] The importance of understanding your audience to provide content that caters to them.[6:30] The three pillars of marketing are; educate, inspire, and entertain.[8:42] Why understanding how to communicate at a human level will make you a success with your audience.[11:08] Why you should test your idea to see if there’s a need and a want out there before starting a business.[12:46] Stop talking about yourself too much and take the time to learn about your audience.Please support our podcasts: Wagner Live here:Facebook:
In this episode, Wágner puts ad agencies in the hot seat in order to be held accountable for the level of service they provide to their clients and because businesses need to know how to select the right agency to suit their needs.
S1 E85: Midweek Update

S1 E85: Midweek Update


This episode, hosted by Wágner, covers the latest news in business, marketing, advertising, and branding with expert commentary.
In this episode, Wágner discusses how today’s and tomorrow’s marketing is trending toward content publishing becoming a major force in attracting consumers versus other forms of advertising and marketing.
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