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Music Gear Talk dives deep into the heart of all things music gear. We "Tech and Spec" out the best of the best sonic devices the music and audio industries have to offer. We get you the inside scoop on what's coming and what you should be checking out. Get ready to discover the gear that moves you.
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Hear more shows like this at Audio is a collective of artists, musicians and engineers attempting to find the balance between art and performance in sound manipulation. Throughout the years we have been inspired by sounds created by our favorite companies: the perfect breakup on an overdrive; a thick, punchy distortion; an endlessly sustained reverb; a self-oscillating delay. We had to give it a shot. Through many months of late night breadboarding sessions, circuit problem-solving, and sonic tweaking we have come up with a range of guitar pedals as versatile as they are functional. From smooth fuzz to cutting overdrive, our attempts have been to highlight the functions that we would want from these particular sounds. Once we had an accurate idea of the sounds we were creating, we then tried to capture the feel and representation of the pedals through their individual artwork. This process was made possible by Oklahoma artist and musician Nathan Price. Taking stylistic inspiration from classically animated films and using freehand sketching, Nathan has perfectly captured what our pedals should look like. It is our goal to make guitar effects that are as interesting to play as they are to look at. So that’s what we are going to
With FretX you can learn to play the guitar like a Pro in just ONE hour. Pop FRETX to your Acoustic or Electric guitar and rock it till you drop it. FretX slides under the strings of your guitar, and lights up with chord shapes, allowing you to learn chords and songs through the paired instructional mobile app.
Mission has the worlds largest range of professional quality expression pedals designed to work with the latest generation of digital amps, effects, and controllers. From our top selling EP-1 expression pedal, to the Expressionator-multi expression controller, Mission expression pedals are used by the top name artists, studios and venues worldwide.
Godin guitars are assembled in our Richmond, Quebec and Berlin, New Hampshire factories. The necks and bodies are all made in our original location in La Patrie, Quebec.We are also known for our other brands which include our acoustic guitar lines: Seagull, Simon & Patrick, Norman, LaPatrie and Art & Lutherie. We are also the manufacturer of the revolutionary TRIC case provided unparalleled protection for your guitar.All over the world guitar players are making exciting new music that explores new techniques and defies categorization. All of this new guitar music is complemented by the guitars’ almost limitless capacity for variation in design. Unlike most other instruments, which have followed the same design parameters for decades, the modern guitar continues to evolve. We are constantly reviewing and refining the techniques employed to craft them, the materials used to build them, and the integration of the latest developments in related electronics. Exploring these possibilities is what Godin is all about. Our goal with each Godin guitar is to find the perfect balance between the finest traditions of guitar crafting and the new design concepts that we are developing. After 25 years of guitar building we still hand-finish the necks on every Godin guitar. In fact, from fretting to sanding, there is more handwork in our guitars than you would find in most custom shops. From the selection of the wood to the final adjustments on the finished instrument, each Godin guitar is designed and built by people who love guitars.
Cliff Latshaw is President of Newbasstone, Inc. Having spent decades in pursuit of the perfect bass tone and dissatisfied with most everything in the world of bass amplification, Cliff set out to design and build what became The Nitewalker - a revolutionary tube bass preamp.
Sam Systems 2012 Ltd was formed in the UK in 2012 as it`s title suggests. The company was created to design, test and manufacture a new concept in close miking for Guitar combos and speaker cabs and the product subsequently came into being and was branded INTEGRAL. The brand was first launched at the Frankfurt MusikMesse in 2017 to great acclaim with product becoming available in July of that year. The period of time from the company being formed to being in production was spent in development, followed by some four years of road testing with 3D printed samples before we were happy to commit to tooling up for production. The first units were designed specifically to fit 10” (IM10) and 12” (IM12) speakers and will fit any make. Other designs are under development for the future.In short, INTEGRAL utilises a dynamic mic with a super-cardiod pattern that is aimed off-axis to the speaker cone and which is set within a centrally mounted hub. Within the hub, and underneath a perforated domed cover, is a capsule aimed at the speaker sweetspot. This hub is supported by a ring that matches the speaker diameter & fixings and is 3.00mm thick, rather like a gasket. The gasket is sandwiched between the rim of the speaker and the sound board utilising the same bolts or screws that hold the speaker in place. Thus it is no longer floor mounted on a stand, is protected from overspill, is always in the right place and requires no set up time once installed in the cab. Consequently it gives a consistent performance from gig to gig prompting the same comment from the various media reviews “Why has this not been done before?”Richard Smith, is the Technical Director and founding member of the company. Following a spell in the Royal Navy as an engineer he followed a path which led to designing Gas and Oil firing burner equipment. But, in a radical change of direction, he was drawn into the music industry when out of frustration of not being heard when playing in his band, he created the first onboard amplified and subsequently, wireless harmonicas. This journey took him around the world where he met the most interesting, quirky and generally great people. More importantly, this set him up with various contacts worldwide enabling him to perform his present role. Within Sam Systems his job has been to create INTEGRAL from an original concept and take it through to being the finished product we now see being so successful in many countries.
In 2004 four friends, all bandmates, were looking for a new challenge. Having worked together for years at the highest levels of the amp designing industry, their dream was to create new and innovative guitar amplifiers and pedals that would be the ultimate tools for self expression.Having spent two and a half years doing intensive technical research in a garden shed in Northampton England, the first Blackstar products were ready and in March 2007, Blackstar was officially launched at the Frankfurt Musik Messe.Since those early days Blackstar have continued to grow as a company, but one thing remains true. They're all musicians and are truly passionate about what they do - making great guitar amps for players around the world.
PreSonus is an American manufacturer of audio and digital audio workstation (DAW) equipment and software, used to create, record, mix, and master music and other audio.It was founded in 1995, in Baton Rouge, by Louisiana State University engineering graduates Jim Odom and Brian Smith."From Jim Odom on down, our ranks are filled with musicians and sound engineers. We make products we want to use, and we gig and record with them constantly. That’s why our groundbreaking StudioLive™ AI Active Integration™ mixers and StudioLive AI Active Integration loudspeakers, Studio One® digital audio workstation, Sceptre™ and Eris™ studio monitors, USB and FireWire audio interfaces, and myriad other products sound great and are easy to use, while delivering the features musicians and sound engineers really need—and some very cool features you didn’t realize you needed until we delivered them."
Line 6 STORYInspiring innovation.We're musicians. We’re technologists. So, we’re fanatics about engineering innovative, amazing-sounding gear that's ready to go right out of the box. And we're pros who have a track record of designing category-defining products that shatter technical barriers─so you can focus on your music.We introduced the world’s first digital modeling amp. We're the ones behind the groundbreaking POD® multi-effect, that revolutionized the industry with an easy way to record guitar with great tone. Our Variax® guitars can do more than any other instrument in history, and we’ve led the wireless analog-to-digital transition for musicians everywhere with our Relay® products.We haven't stopped, either. Now, Line 6 has introduced Helix®, our new flagship tour-ready guitar processor. Helix represents a giant leap forward in guitar processing, as well as a new way of thinking about guitarists and their relationship to technology. Helix joins a long line of past Line 6 innovations including the AMPLIFi family for Practice, Play and Recording, and the Firehawk® multi-effects processor, which both incorporate intuitive app-based editing capabilities. Our StageScape® live sound workstation and StageSource® loudspeakers make music creation even better by incorporating powerful technology like iOS, the cloud, digital networking and more.We’re proud that our long history of ingenuity and passion for innovation has helped us to change the industry. We’re all about giving you access to the tools you need to create, perform and record in ways you never thought possible. We promise that we'll always take dramatic leaps so you can reach new heights with your music. That's our commitment to you, because in the end, we love being a part of making great music.
Clear Tune Monitors is an in-ear manufacturing company focused on the precision of sound, and there is nothing more important than precision. Whether you are a professional musician or a music lover wanting to take your listening experience to the next level, Clear Tune Monitors (CTM) offers a wide array of products to get you that precision of sound you are looking for.Established and operated in Orlando, Florida, Clear Tune Monitors has been working hard to satisfy the needs and wants of many different international touring acts, sound engineers, professional musicians, and average music listeners by developing and fine-tuning its products. Thanks to a fast and solid growth, CTM is already partnering to expand in Latin America and Europe.From the introductory single driver CT-100 to our amazing six driver CT-6E, Clear Tune Monitors guarantees that you'll find what you need at an extremely affordable price. CTM is also confident that it will help you achieve total satisfaction for every particular monitoring need and budget.
With DrumLite™ you’ll have everything you need to bring the attention back to where it belongs: YOU! Gone are the days of twirling your sticks hoping to catch the audience’s eye. DrumLite™ lets you be the highlight of the show and gives your band a unique stage presence to stand out among the others. Each LED DrumLite™ kit is plug and play and will get your drums lit up in minutes! So whether you are a seasoned vet or just starting out with drums, come join us – give the drummer some – and lite up your skills!
Troy Sheets of Blipbox

Troy Sheets of Blipbox


Blipblox is a synthesizer and beatbox designed to promote creativity and audio exploration. Its unique physical design is easy-to-use and safe for children as young as 3 years old. Its professional features and nearly endless ability to create new sounds make it fun and captivating for everyone!The Blipblox is not your typical music toy. Instead of generic keyboard sounds, the Blipblox uses a proprietary algorithm that synthesizes completely unique waveforms. You don't just play notes on the Blipblox, you actually design your own soundwave.
64 Audio was started by Vitaliy Belonozhko, a sound engineer who has been working with musicians and production companies in the Northwest for more than a decade. Not long into his career he discovered the advantages of IEMs over traditional floor "wedges". After trying out a few brands it was apparent that a better and a more advanced solution to in-ear monitoring was needed. Many months went into sourcing, designing and field-testing the products that are available today.
Vanguard Audio Labs was created with one goal – designing and building great, affordable recording tools.In the past, members of their design team have created studio microphones and monitors that are used by world-renowned artists, engineers, and producers (including Taylor Swift, Herbie Hancock, Robert Plant, Randy Bachman, Buddy Miller, Nathan Chapman, Ray Kennedy, Lady Antebellum and many others…)Derek Bargaehr (Chief Everything Officer), began burning himself with a soldering iron and messing up his guitar pedals at the age of 15, eventually working as Director of Operations for a successful microphone company for several years. A freelancing engineer, producer, gear tech, and bassist, Derek received a BA in Commercial Music – Audio Engineering & Music Business from Azusa Pacific University in Azusa, CA.
Innovative, New PinchClip™ Replaces Wingnuts On Cymbal Stands And Hi-Hats.The new PinchClip™  from William Feldman Studio is a fast, secure, advanced accessory that is intended to replace conventional nuts and wingnuts on many types of threaded drum hardware, including cymbal tilters and hi-hat clutches. The stainless-steel flange flexes when pinched so that the holes in its overlapping arms align— allowing the clip to be quickly applied and removed— yet the specially designed arms securely grab on to any threaded device when the finger pressure is released.
Jamboxx is a hands-free electronic, breath-powered instrument that brings the joy of music creation to all ages and all abilities.Use breath expression. Bend notes. Switch from electric guitar to a flute or any sound with a button click. Go hands-free and try out new gaming software.While primarily designed for those with disabilities, Jamboxx has seen great adoption from professional artists, disabled or not, seeking new sounds and new ways to express themselves musically.In 2017, Jamboxx received a National Institute of Health Phase II STTR grant to fund a clinical trial using Jamboxx technology for respiratory therapy at Albany Medical Center in New
Founded in 1872, Schoenhut Piano Co. has brought to life the same, patented, state-of-the-art toy piano that has made a name for itself time-and-time again amongst the who’s who in music to the fine-tuned toddler. Schoenhut is one of the first company’s in the world to scale down the size of a piano for the up and coming – to deliver on the look and feel of a real piano careful not to impede upon the sound quality that can only be claimed by the Schoenhut family. Achieving global recognition for delivering on the Schoenhut name year after year, they also have their stamp on a number of other musical instruments sure to enhance your child’s harmonious journey. Schoenhut has a reputation of making safe, high quality toys for kids as a leader in business for more than 100 years.
Soundbrenner has created a revolutionary platform that empowers musicians to master rhythm better and faster than ever before. At the heart of this platform is the Soundbrenner Pulse, a smart vibrating metronome. It is the world’s first wearable device for musicians. It works hand in hand with our metronome mobile app as well as our DAW plugin for desktop
To promote the message, 'Buy the Software You Use', numerous software and hardware companies, associations, government agencies, educational institutions and other organizations from all around the world have been supporting IMSTA since its inception.Members include manufacturers, distributors, retailers, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and other associations from across the globe.
The Goodrich name has long been associated with quality, handmade products since 1965. Over the years their performance has become legendary as the must-have volume pedals for professional musicians. They have spent the last couple of years resolving past product issues and developing NEW potentiometers, pedals and other products. They are thrilled to be able to offer what has become the industry standard volume pedal for professionals in the studio and onstage for guitarists, pedal steelers, keys, string instruments, bassists...anything you can plug in! @goodrichsoundco @goodrichsound
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