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Author: Chase Williams & Ryan Klein

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The Legal Mastermind Podcast focuses on tips and tactics for Law Firms and Lawyers to Grow and Manage their Law Firm. Hosts Ryan Klein and Chase Williams sit down with experts in the legal community to discuss marketing, branding, intake and more.
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Cynthia Kaiser founded Kaiser Advisors LLC after twenty years as the in-house Chief Marketing Officer for various AMLaw 200 law firms. Kaiser Advisors LLC shares Cynthia's passion by helping others to communicate more effectively. Explore Cynthia's manuscript "Understanding Attachment Styles in Communication Behavior" at where you can read and review.On This Episode, We Discuss...-Identifying Tools and Strategies for Effective Communication-Providing Scripts for Effective Communication to Obtain Positive Results-Addressing Conflicts by Seeing Different Sides to Potential Issues-Best Practices to Resolve Issues Positively for Relational Maintenance.
Running your business on EOS can change your life. Lisa implemented EOS and experienced the benefits for her business and now is a full time EOS implementer. Before becoming a Professional EOS Implementer, Lisa was a business lawyer, specializing in employment defense law. Two decades ago, she joined her family’s business, a remodeling company. The company expanded across multiple states. She now spends her time helping other businesses implement EOS
In this episode, Ali Katz CEO of New Law Business Model, discusses transforming the legal industry by taking risks and thinking outside the traditional service packages.
Cathy Miron is an expert in securing business data. She is known for her expertise in data protection, cybersecurity, and digital transformation and has written several articles on the matter. In this episode, Cathy discusses IT Consulting, Backup & Recovery Systems, Information Security, Cybersecurity, Data Recovery, and finding the best Technical Support.
Elizabeth Franklin-Best is the Owner and Criminal Defense Attorney at Elizabeth Franklin-Best, P.C. She has been in the legal industry for the past 20 years and began looking for more interesting cases recently. Her practice now focuses on more sophisticated financial crimes such as white-collar crime, federal post conviction, federal criminal defense. Elizabeth’s firm accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment. If you would like to reach out to Elizabeth, you can call her at 803-331-3421 or send her an email at or visit her website Why Elizabeth Got Into CryptocurrencyKeeping Up with Articles and Cases to Stay EducatedResources You Can Use to Stay InformedHelping People in Other Areas of the World“The goal-posts are constantly changing and the technology is just moving really quickly. You kind of have to set your mind to keeping up with it.”“The way that the modern banking industry works now, I mean everyone gets their little bite. But with cryptocurrency, there is nothing to keep me from sending somebody in Poland a hundred bucks and nobody gets a bite.”
Ammon Collins is the Co-Founder and CEO of INCA Co. Ammon started his entrepreneurial journey after his car broke down one day and he called several auto shops during business hours looking for a quote. His call was missed by the first 3 auto shops, so when the 4th answered, they were the ones that received his business. After this experience, he decided that missed calls were a problem for small businesses and started to come up with a solution. The best way to reach Ammon is through his email or visit INCA’s website at Ammon and his team are offering a special promotion on services - 20% off for listeners. The code is MarketMyMarket20On This Episode, We Discuss ...• Laws Around TCPA (Telecommunications Protection Act)• How INCA’s System Works• Analytics of the System and Response Rates• Communication Expectations Following Initial Interaction
Elise Buie is the Owner and an Attorney at Elise Buie Family Law Group in Seattle, Washington. You can reach out to Elise through her website at or begin listening to her podcast, Maximum Mom, on all podcasting platforms for moms, lawyers, and entrepreneurs. On This Episode, We Discuss ...• Navigating the Beginning of the Pandemic • Importance of Approachability as a Lawyer• Developing Intake Team and a Sales Systems Manual• Connecting with the Community• The Differences in Areas and Representation Needed
Podcast co-hosts, Chase and Ryan, are back for a special episode to discuss the first 100 episodes of the Legal Mastermind Podcast and how they got to this point. If you have any questions regarding podcasting or how to do any of the aspects that were discussed on today’s episode, please reach out to or This Episode, We Discuss ...• Establishing Your Why of the Podcast• Follow-Through and Consistency is Key• Finding Your Niche to Motivate You and Get You Excited• Ensuring Your Guest Feels Comfortable
Teri Karjala is a Transformational Life Strategist, which is helping take people from old belief systems and step into new possibilities. Teri has tons of tools that she shares in her book. You can get the book for the cost of shipping at and receive resources on how to take care of yourself on a regular basis so that you can create and generate more. If you are interested in learning more or reaching out to Teri, you can visit her website at This Episode, We Discuss ...• Principles That Influence Thinking• Letting Go of the Need to Control• Setting Up Processes and Routines - Start the Night Before• Shifting the Default from Negative to Positive• The Importance of Stress in Your Health
Michael Gerber is the Author of E-Myth Books all about small business entrepreneurship, leadership, and management. He is also recognized as Inc. Magazine’s “#1 Small Business Guru”. If you are interested in learning more about Michael or in purchasing one of his books, visit his website at On This Episode, We Discuss ...• What It Means to Do the E-Myth Work• Discussing the Process of The Eight-Fold Path• Business as the Most Important Product• Having Interest in Selling Your PracticeMichael has recently started his tour talking about transformation for businesses and law firms around the United States. He is currently offering to speak to an audience or small business Monday - Friday during a 90-minute time slot from 9AM - 5PM PST. He will conduct a 60 minute online event with a 30 minute Q+A session to follow for $5,000. Michael is very passionate about investing in today’s small business climate. If you are interested in booking this event with Michael, please visit or email for more information.
John Warrillow is the Author of Built to Sell, The Automatic Customer, and The Art of Selling Your Business recently released in January 2021. John also has a podcast “Built to Sell” that you can find on with new episodes releasing every week.On This Episode, We Discuss ...- First Steps to Take in Separating Yourself from Your Business- Tactics that Work Well in Retaining Employees- Importance of Documenting Processes- Strategies John is Excited About from The Art of Selling Your Business- Empowering Employees to Think Like Owners (Yes-able Solution)
Brian Cuban is Best-Selling Author of The Addicted Lawyer. He understands the pressures that come with the legal profession both as a solo practitioner and as a part of a mid-size law firm. If you would like to get in contact with Brian or reach out to him with additional questions, you can reach him at For a copy of Brian’s book, visit Amazon.On This Episode, We Discuss ...• Reviewing Snapshots of the Past• Brian Cuban Shares His Life Growing Up• Developing Empathy and Utilizing Compassion for Others• Dealing with the Snapshots Today• Taking Advantage of Your Compassionate Community
Jason Rosoff is the Co-Founder and CEO of Radical Candor. Radical Candor is a framework for thinking about how to build stronger relationships with the people that you work with and collaborate to achieve amazing results. If you are interested in learning more about Radical Candor, visit their website at On This Episode, We Discuss ...• Identifying the Quadrant of the Radical Candor Framework You Are In• Guidelines to Help Yourself Check Yourself• Efficient Use of Time to Maximize Relationships• What Does Radical Candor Lead To?• How to Get Started Yourself
Charley Mann is the President and Lead Coach of Great Legal Marketing. Charley has been working in the legal industry for over 10 years now. To learn more about the Mastermind Groups that Charley is involved in, visit and search for the ‘Hero’ and ‘Icon’ programs and schedule a strategy session. On This Episode, We Discuss ...• Financial Numbers That Are Not Often Discussed• One Thing Does Not Solve All the Problems• Transitioning from a Work Family to a Business• What Is an Average Profit Margin and How to Sell a Firm• Looking for Effective Mastermind Groups
Stacey Brown Randall is an Expert Consultant and Author of Generating Referrals Without Asking. Stacey had an HR Consulting Firm and made it just over 4 years and the best thing that she learned through failing was how to do it better. Her first year as a business coach, her business grew and she received 112 referrals, all while doing it in a way that she wanted. The easiest place to start is by taking the referral quiz. To read Stacey’s book, click here and to check out her podcast, search “Roadmap to Grow Your Business” on your podcast streaming platform.On This Episode, We Discuss ...• First Steps to Take in Getting Referrals• Identifying Who Your Connectors Are • Building Customized Plans for Each Person• Conversations to Have During the Process• Allowing the Referral Source to Be the Hero
Denny Newberry is the Co-Founder of Captorra and Intake Conversion Experts (ICE). He has been working in the legal industry for over 10 years now. If you are interested in reaching out to Denny, you can email him at or visit their website at to learn more.On This Episode, We Discuss ...• Where to Start with Outbound Referrals• Live Connection During the Intake Process• Steps Firms Can Take to Capture & Follow Up with Leads• Day-to-Day Tools to Help with Organization and Productivity• What to Expect from Engaging with Technology
Ben Glass is the Founder and CEO of Great Legal Marketing and Ben Glass Law. One of the book’s that Ben mentions the most to his clients is Deep Work by Cal Newport - check out the book on Amazon here. To learn more about Ben and to see how he is leading the legal industry to “challenge the status quo”, read his book, Play Left Fullback, on Amazon. You can also visit Ben’s websites at and On This Episode, We Discuss ...• How Do You Manage Everything You Are Doing? • Ben’s Philosophy on the Work-Life Balance• Common Answers from Lawyers on Where to Make a Change• How Much One’s Perception and Experience Contributes
Eric Bersano is the Vice President of Business Development at Market My Market. Eric has been in the legal marketing industry for quite some time and focused specifically on mass torts for the past 10 years. If you would like to reach out to Eric with any additional questions, please email him at or you can call him on his cell phone at 310-889-8777. On This Episode, We Discuss ...- How To Decide Which Mass Tort You Should Pursue- Who Is This a Great Fit For?- The Best Mediums for Getting the Best Cases- Finding a Firm to Partner With- Biggest Pitfalls in the Mass Torts Process
On This Episode, Chase & Ryan Discuss ...- The Only Secret in Marketing is the Process- How Is Tracking So Easy These Days?- Is Keeping Track of Hundreds of Keywords That Important?- Keeping Track of Content Marketing and Content Plans- Honesty and Transparency in Reporting and StrategiesIf you are interested at a deeper look of how you can implement transparency in your marketing process or what it looks like, check out Ryan's article with additional examples here -
Joey Coleman is a former criminal defense attorney and Author of Never Lose Another Customer Again: Turn Any Sale into a Lifelong Loyalty in 100 Days. Joey has since been helping organizations retain their customers and is now a full-time speaker, writer, and consultant on customer experience. To learn more about Joey and his many ventures, visit his website at . The 3 Free Chapters can be found on Joey’s website here by selecting “Get 3 Free Chapters”. For a copy of Joey’s complete book, check out Amazon or visit your local bookstore. On This Episode, We Discuss …• Proactive Behaviors versus Reactive Behaviors• How Lawyers Can Make an Emotional Connection• Efforts to Maintain Relationships After the Case is Over• Difference in Thoughtful Gifting• Retaining the Client Following “The Chase”
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