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The Legal Mastermind Podcast focuses on tips and tactics for Law Firms and Lawyers to Grow and Manage their Law Firm. Hosts Ryan Klein and Chase Williams sit down with experts in the legal community to discuss marketing, branding, intake and more.
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Paul Samakow is a Personal Injury Lawyer and Author. He has been working in the Washington DC area for the past 40 years and got into personal injury around the 5-year mark. The local hispanic community in DC did not really have anyone talking to them, so he started running some small ads in newspapers and the phone started ringing. Paul is bilingual, but not completely, so he needed to hire someone in his office that was bilingual and could have those conversations. He is now the #1 guy in the hispanic community in DC. He recognized about 3 years ago that what he is doing can be reproduced - he can teach it. So, he opened a consulting business to help other attorneys around the country to do the same thing he is doing in their markets. The best way to reach out to Paul is to give him a call at 301-500-0000. For a copy of Paul’s book, visit On This Episode, We Discuss ...• Recognizing an Under-Served Community and What Cases Work Better• Paul’s Favorite Business Book Finds to Develop the Business Side of Your Firm• Suggestions for Someone Who is Not a Native Spanish Speaker and Top Book Points
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On This Episode, We Discuss ...• How to Find and Write Great Content Topics• Understanding What People Are Searching For• Revitalizing and Re-Optimizing Previous Content
Mike Morse is the Author of Fireproof and Founder of Mike Morse Law Firm. Mike has been practicing law for the past 28 years. In 2011, he lost all of his business and decided to take everything that he had learned to television. Tv worked for him and they are now the largest personal injury firm in Michigan. With all of the things that he has learned along the way, he wanted to draw out a road map for young lawyers, or lawyers who may be struggling, to go from unpredictability to profitability. If you would like to learn more or reach out to Mike personally, email him at mike@855mikewins.comOn This Episode, We Discuss ...• Perception of the Law Firm Being a Business• Finding the Most Success in Finding the Right Hire• Resources, Systems, or References to Consider
Tangi Carter is the Owner of Tangi Carter Law Firm and Business Mentor and Coach at The Peaceful Lawyer. Tangi began practicing in Florida right out of law school and she started out as a Public Defender at the age of 25. She started learning how to network, who the judges were and what their quirks were, so by the time that she opened her own practice, she felt as though she had a very good background to be able to do that. The best thing that she has learned throughout the years is to treat your current clients very well - take care of the people that have already paid for your services - the best clients are referrals from other clients. Tangi also coaches female lawyers. If you want to reach out to Tangi, you can email her at or find her on social media - Instagram (@the_peaceful_lawyer), Facebook, and LinkedIn. For a copy of the ‘7 Steps to Attracting the Ideal Client’ Guide, visit This Episode, We Discuss ...• Tips from 7 Steps to Attracting the Ideal Client Guide • Correlation in Quality of Clients and Raised Prices• Asking the Right Questions to Weed Out the Bad Clients
Brett Trembly is the Founder of Get Staffed Up as well as Founder at Trembly Law Firm. Brett started his law firm in 2011 in Miami, Florida. In 2018, Brett and his partner started Get Staffed Up as ‘the ultimate side hustle’. Their strategy was to get a few clients and then build out their system and nail it down. They spent the first 6 months of 2018 developing their pipeline, relationships, countries that they wanted to be in, and all of the back-end stuff and then began trying to make sales in July of 2018. If you are interested in learning more, visit and fill out the contact page or you can email Brett and his team directly at freedom@getstaffedup.comOn This Episode, We Discuss ...- What Work Can You Hire a Virtual Assistant (VA) To Do?- Benefits of Having Full-Time VA’s- Common Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them
Nat Slavin is the Partner and Co-Founder of Wicker Park Group. He has been talking to lawyers for over 25 years about how to bring a clear voice to their clients. Nat and his partner started Wicker Park Group in 2007 and for the last 13 years, they have been primarily doing direct client feedback. They have developed training programs and other workshops for lawyers to help them act on the information they receive. The single most important thing in client feedback is if you are going to take the time to ask someone what they want and value, you have to be prepared to act on that. Reach out to Nat by visiting his website at and if you are interested in learning more, email him at nat@wickerparkgroup.comOn This Episode, We Discuss ...• Connecting with Your Clients In Order to Receive Feedback• Adding Value to Your Client Relationships and What Questions to Ask• How to Immediately Increase Client Loyalty
David Miller started his career in finance and investment banking and he worked very heavily on collateralized debt obligations. When the financial collapse occurred in 2008, David was just finishing up law school and with his previous background and experiences, he transitioned into a securities litigation practice that he has been in now since 2010. He teamed up with his current partner, Tom McCulloch, who has been doing estate planning for the past 30 years. They are trying to focus now on Complex Estate and Elder Law - what that means is having a plan not only for divesting your assets after you pass, but having a continuing care plan during your retirement and making sure that the right people are empowered to help you. If you would like to learn more or get in contact with David, email him at or reach out to Crystal Collins at crystal@mcmfirm.comOn This Episode, We Discuss ...• Using Your Background and Experiences to Help Your Clients• How to Expand Into Other Niches and Why It Is Beneficial• Fostering Relationships and Tactics to Bring in New Business
Elise Holtzman is the President and Founder of The Lawyer’s Edge. Elise is an experienced attorney, certified professional coach and consultant. She is a former lawyer, no longer practicing law, and practiced in the area of commercial real estate transactions for two New York City law firms. When she was practicing law, she found that there were no coaches or very few female mentors in a similar situation. She got involved with professional coaching because it would combine everything that she loved that utilized many of her strongest disciplines she had developed during her professional career. Now, she helps lawyers and law firms become more successful in terms of bringing more revenue into the firms and running their firms like a true business. Elise does this by helping law firms develop their people into great business developers as well as great leaders. You can reach out to Elise by visiting her website at or send her an email at On This Episode, We Discuss ...• Understanding the Difference Between Marketing and Business Development• Investing in Yourself and the People on Your Team• Fixed Mindset Approach vs Growth Mindset Approach
Kirk Smith is a Managing Partner at Shepherd, Smith, Edwards & Kantas, LLP. He has been practicing law for over 21 years and was also a former stock broker. Kirk’s firm largely represents consumers against brokerage firms or investment advisors and they look to help consumers that may have been taken advantage of either in their portfolio or retirement savings. Often what went wrong inside a person’s portfolio could be due to the broker or brokerage firm’s negligence and Kirk looks to help those consumers and file cases on their behalf in what is called finra arbitration. If you are interested in getting in contact with Kirk, visit his website at or you can call his office at 800-259-9010. On This Episode, We Discuss ...• Red Flags That You Can Look For When Speaking to Your Clients• Why Are the Elderly Targeted and More Susceptible?• Misrepresented Products and Topics to Stay Away From
Peter Walts is the Founder and CEO of Centropy Group as well as the COO of Employment Law Alliance, otherwise known as ELA. Peter is focused on creating new value and client momentum through business strategy, alliances, licensings and transactions. He has been in this business for about 20 years now and has enjoyed helping companies look at building alliances and building business development within their firms. Has been helping law firms specifically for about 7 years primarily through ELA. Peter also hosts a few different podcasts but mainly focuses on Employment Matters. You can learn more about Peter at and you can learn more about Employment Law Alliance at You can find his podcast ‘Employment Matters’ at and connect with him via LinkedIn at This Episode, We Discuss ... • Leveraging Intellectual Property Internally• Assessing Your Unique Value Proposition• Benefits of Strategic Alliances for Law Firms
Terri Pepper Gavulic is the Chief Business Officer or TerraLex. TerraLex started as a referral network nearly 30 years ago and now, they are a membership network by invitation only. Her company has made a conscious effort to morph from being solely a referral network to having a platform for their members to collaborate which gives them the opportunity to have an even larger global footprint.On This Episode, We Discuss ...• How Does the Membership and Vetting Process Work?• Important Elements of Networking to TerraLex Members• Ways for New Lawyers to Get Involved in Referral Groups
Doug Ott is the Founder of Doug Ott Consulting, LLC. Doug has been coaching and mentoring lawyers and accountants for the past 15 years and has been in business development for his entire career, over 30 years. He opened his own consulting practice about 4 years ago. Doug realized that there was a huge need for telling lawyers how not to sell, but how to connect with their prospective and existing clients to help them grow their business. His company, Doug Ott Consulting, works with lawyers all over the US including small, medium, and large firms. If you would like to get in contact with Doug, you can check out his website at or connect with him on LinkedIn ( You can also call him on his direct line at 415-350-9423. Doug is happy to offer a free 30min consultation for any quick question you may have. On This Episode, We Discuss ...• Organizing Your Contacts List and Tracking Development of Relationships• Staying Top of Mind in Business Development• Collaborating with Internal and External Colleagues
On This Episode, We Discuss ...• Why Are the Legal Local Service Ads Important to You?• Where You Should Begin with Google Screened Local Service Ads• Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Google Local Service AdsTo view the screen share video: you are interested in learning more, check out Ryan's blog post - and if you would like to schedule a video consult with Ryan, use the following link to select a date and time -
Jason Levin is the Founder and Owner of ReadySetLaunch. Jason implements a specific set of tools and approaches that lawyers should be using for law firm business development. ReadySetLaunch has been around for nearly 9 years as a full-service coaching and training company for attorneys doing business development for councils, partners, associates helping them create a road map and execute it so that they can succeed within their firms and within their practices. If you are interested in contacting Jason, please visit his website at or email him directly at jason@readysetlaunch.netOn This Episode, We Discuss ...• Understanding Discipline and Focus in SMART Goals• Common Traps that Lawyers Fall Into Within Business Development• Pro Bono as a Part of the Business Development Plan
Michelle King is the President and Founder of Reputation Ink. Reputation Ink is a public relations and content marketing firm working mostly with law firms. The primary service they provide is getting attorneys and law firms in the media - getting them positioned as thought leaders/experts in whatever niche they’re in - securing the media coverage, but also securing the firm as a whole covering their case wins and matters they are involved with. On the content side, they work with firms to figure out what kind of content they should be publishing, how to do that effectively, as well as how to utilize a lot of that content for public relations purposes. If you are interested in contacting Michelle, please reach out by visiting their website at or you can email Michelle directly at This Episode, We Discuss ...• Determining Your Subject Matter Sweet Spot• How to Present Yourself in a Different Way to the Media• Goals for Law Firms When Engaging with PR Firms
Alycia Sutor is the Managing Director at GrowthPlay and leads the Professional Services Team. She has more than 20 years of experience helping lawyers and executives accelerate their sales performance and revenue growth. Alycia began in this industry when she discovered the opportunity to help lawyers rethink how they bring themselves into being so that the world can rethink the value that lawyers bring to the world. Please reach out to Alycia at www.growthplay.comOn This Episode, We Discuss ...• Understanding Sales as a Service and the Meaning Behind It• How to Keep Your Relationships with Clients and Prospects Open• The Levels of Working with Professionals to Develop Business Plans
Bryan Sklover is an On-Air Personality and has worked in the broadcasting industry for the past 18 years. He has been with iHeartRadio on 101.1 WJRR, a PA Announcer for the Orlando Solar Bears Hockey Team, producing the Mike Harvey Show, as well as being involved with other sports teams including Orlando Magic and Tampa Bay Lightning. He has worked overall in communication as he taught at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting. Bryan likes to encourage people to use the skills they may or may not even realize that they have to get their point across the right way. You can connect with Bryan on LinkedIn at This Episode, We Discuss ...• How to Sound More Effective Over the Phone• Methods for Becoming a Confident Speaker• Bryan's Suggested Tools for Best Quality of Production
Mary Balistreri is the Business Development and Leadership Coach at Quarles and Brady. She coaches attorneys both in groups and individually to develop action plans and strategies to in turn develop business. Mary focuses on discovering tactics to help individuals grow to their full potential. She is also certified in Conversational Intelligence.On This Episode, We Discuss ...• The Importance of Trust in Conversations and Relationships• Understanding Communication Styles and the 80-20 Rule• Assumptions and Judgement vs Discovering Intent
Harlan Schillinger is widely recognized as the "Grandfather of Legal Advertising". He invented television advertising in the legal community when no one else was doing it. He began his career in television work in 1975 and began creating a series of television commercials for the legal category in 1977. If you are interested in speaking with Harlan or learning more about him, please visit his website and reach out at harlanschillinger.comOn This Episode, We Discuss ...• Determining What Others Are Not Doing and Doing That• Strategizing Your Marketing as if You Are Talking to a Jury• Operating Your Business Like a Sports Franchise
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