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The Legal Mastermind Podcast focuses on tips and tactics for Law Firms and Lawyers to Grow and Manage their Law Firm. Hosts Ryan Klein and Chase Williams sit down with experts in the legal community to discuss marketing, branding, intake and more.
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Ben Glass is the Founder and CEO of Great Legal Marketing and Ben Glass Law. One of the book’s that Ben mentions the most to his clients is Deep Work by Cal Newport - check out the book on Amazon here. To learn more about Ben and to see how he is leading the legal industry to “challenge the status quo”, read his book, Play Left Fullback, on Amazon. You can also visit Ben’s websites at and On This Episode, We Discuss ...• How Do You Manage Everything You Are Doing? • Ben’s Philosophy on the Work-Life Balance• Common Answers from Lawyers on Where to Make a Change• How Much One’s Perception and Experience Contributes
Eric Bersano is the Vice President of Business Development at Market My Market. Eric has been in the legal marketing industry for quite some time and focused specifically on mass torts for the past 10 years. If you would like to reach out to Eric with any additional questions, please email him at or you can call him on his cell phone at 310-889-8777. On This Episode, We Discuss ...- How To Decide Which Mass Tort You Should Pursue- Who Is This a Great Fit For?- The Best Mediums for Getting the Best Cases- Finding a Firm to Partner With- Biggest Pitfalls in the Mass Torts Process
On This Episode, Chase & Ryan Discuss ...- The Only Secret in Marketing is the Process- How Is Tracking So Easy These Days?- Is Keeping Track of Hundreds of Keywords That Important?- Keeping Track of Content Marketing and Content Plans- Honesty and Transparency in Reporting and StrategiesIf you are interested at a deeper look of how you can implement transparency in your marketing process or what it looks like, check out Ryan's article with additional examples here -
Joey Coleman is a former criminal defense attorney and Author of Never Lose Another Customer Again: Turn Any Sale into a Lifelong Loyalty in 100 Days. Joey has since been helping organizations retain their customers and is now a full-time speaker, writer, and consultant on customer experience. To learn more about Joey and his many ventures, visit his website at . The 3 Free Chapters can be found on Joey’s website here by selecting “Get 3 Free Chapters”. For a copy of Joey’s complete book, check out Amazon or visit your local bookstore. On This Episode, We Discuss …• Proactive Behaviors versus Reactive Behaviors• How Lawyers Can Make an Emotional Connection• Efforts to Maintain Relationships After the Case is Over• Difference in Thoughtful Gifting• Retaining the Client Following “The Chase”
Nicole Clark is the Founder and CEO of Trellis Research Inc. Nicole is a Litigator and practiced a lot at the state court level doing employment and class action work. She couldn’t believe how difficult it was to get information at the state court level. Often, Nicole was an associate tasked with anecdotes and making strategic decisions - it blew her away that they were making strategic recommendations based on anecdata when there is a ton of data on the judges. She talked about the gap-in-data with some software developer friends to start mining data from the courts she appeared in most often. It was a game-changer in her practice and was so valuable to her. It gave her the courage to jump from practicing to bring Trellis to other litigators because having that data was a huge competitive advantage as a state court practitioner. Check out Trellis at or reach out to Nicole directly at or find her on Twitter at @nicole_a_clark. On This Episode, We Discuss ...• Most Common Ways People Use Technology When They are Not Necessarily Tech-Savvy• Other Sources and Variables of Data that are Consequential in Making Decisions• Giving Insight to Attorneys to Understand Some of the Judges’ Niche Things• Where is the ‘Gray Area’ Line Drawn for Public Data?• The Ethics for What Attorneys are Required to Do
Richard Sackett is the Founder of Group Matrix Advertising. He has been in the marketing / legal marketing agency world for the past 50 years. Richard and Morris Bart developed the systems and motivations that are the red rock of just about everyone’s ad and marketing program in the legal field today. Time of Day of Advertising, General Motivation of the Message, Internal Marketing Systems, and Management Systems were all developed over a period of 8-10 years. If you would like to reach out to Richard, you can call him at 504-220-5077 or email him at On This Episode, We Discuss ... - Recognizing Areas of Advertising that Have Not Changed Over Time- To Be Successful, You Need to Be Ubiquitous Through Frequency and Connectivity- Isolating the Answer to “Why Did You Pick Me?”- Taking the Approach of Creating an Impact- Keeping an Open and Welcoming Smile on Every First Contact
Ryan and Chase are back to discuss what your law firm needs to be doing in 2021 to be set up for success. On part 2 of this podcast episode, the topics include: • Perfecting Your Intake and Follow-Up Process• Having a Plan in Place for Reviews• Optimizing Local SEO• Finding Where You Fit in Social Media• Staying on Top of Website Trends• Continuing to Educate Yourself
Carol Greenwald has written several books on networking, growing law firms, and has over 20 years of experience in-house and as a consultant. Carol started her career in academics and after a few years, she decided to transition into speech writing. After writing speeches, one of her clients hired her as an in-house newsletter editor for an accounting firm and 5 years later, she became the Director of Marketing. She realized that she could move to working for law firms and did just that - she had been working in-house for about 20 years and has now been out for the past 20 years. On This Episode, We Discuss ...- Creating a System for Networking that Makes You Comfortable- Importance of Selecting the Venue You Want to Network In- Understanding Networking is Not About Selling- Bridging the Relationship of Others and Facilitating Further Networking- What Kind of Group Do You Want to Be In?
On this special episode, Ryan and Chase discuss what your law firm needs to be doing in 2021 to be set up for success. Topics covered in the 1st part of this 2 part podcast include:- Evaluating Your Technology / Tech Stack- Taking Your Content Strategy to The Next Level- LSA / Google Local Service Ads- Our Take on Directories Such as AVVO & Justia- Google Ads
Richard Lau is the Founder of He currently has,,,,, as well as others. In the past, he has owned,,,, which many of those he now wishes he would have held onto. The prices for his domains are currently a lot higher than they were 10 years ago.On This Episode, We Discuss ...• How to Protect Your Brand Name Online• Options for Purchasing Domain Names• Different Industries Using Alternate Extensions
Lauren Osborne is the Business Development Officer at TLD Law and has been with the company for about 2 years now. TLD Law is a full-service firm that will be celebrating its 60th year in business in 2021. Lauren works with the partners individually to develop their specific practice areas - they have a few different areas that they cover. Previously, Lauren worked with a CPA Firm for about 11 years before joining TLD Law. If you are interested in getting in contact with Lauren, you can email her at losborne@tldlaw.comOn This Episode, We Discuss ...• Different Strategies for Approaching B2B and B2C Content• Should Attorneys Be Writing Content on Their Website?• Metrics to Measure Content Effectiveness
Amy Adams is the Director of Business Development at Loeb Law Firm. She previously had an online business as an original Etsy shop founder. The past 5 years she has brought that entrepreneurial DNA to where she is at now and helps her team grow the business. She has come from a family of entrepreneurs and that is what she enjoys the most. If you are interested in reaching out to Amy, email her directly at aadams@loeb-law/com or connect with her on LinkedIn at This Episode, We Discuss ...• Tools and Guides to Help You Maneuver Data• How Amy Got Started by Understanding Metrics• Recommendations for Firms and Next Steps
Frank Ramos is the Managing Partner at Clarke Silverglate in Miami, Florida. There are about ten attorneys at the firm who do a mix of litigation, commercial products, and employment. Feel free to connect with Frank on LinkedIn at If you scroll down to the bottom of his profile and find publications, he has several free books mostly geared towards lawyers regarding leadership, marketing, and other topics as well. If you have not been on LinkedIn, get on LinkedIn. Once you are on, try it for a month. Give it a shot, it’s not for everybody, but you may find that you enjoy it and that it creates another avenue to market your company and creates another revenue stream by gaining referral sources. However, if you are going to be on a platform, you need to use it properly. Each platform has its own way of working and its own expectations of what appropriate content is. On This Episode, We Discuss ...• Reaching Out to Connections You Want to Create a Relationship With• Producing Content on LinkedIn and Engaging in Others’ Content• The End-Goal with Networking
Katherine Taylor is the Owner and Founder of Taylor Legal - they focus on representing small business owners. When she first began her law practice, she started out at a large law firm in Baltimore, Maryland and was there for just over 7 years. When she left the law firm, she was in local government, essentially in-house counsel for a local government for about 10 years. Katherine then decided to start her own practice, primarily because she wanted something challenging. If you are interested in reaching out to Katherine or learning more, visit her website at https://www.taylorlegal.comOn This Episode, We Discuss ...• Authenticity in Growing Your Law Firm• Staying On Top of Marketing and Relying on Others When Needed• Understanding Referrals Without Asking
Emily Baker, also known as The Badass Lawyer, is the Host of Get Legit Law and Sh!t Podcast and helps online businesses with all of their legal aspects. She made the jump to starting her own business in 2017 after 10 years working as a District Attorney in Long Beach, California. She loved the work as a DA, but sometimes the job was a little bit tough, especially health-wise. If you are looking to get more involved with Emily, you can reach out to her through Direct Message on Instagram - or find her at On This Episode, We Discuss ...• Focusing to Avoid Burnout• Setting Boundaries and Enforcing Them• Contributing to Spaces in a Positive Way
Chris Walker is the Senior Agency Account Executive at GatherUp. He has been working in digital marketing for the past 17 years in several different capacities. Before Chris joined GatherUp, he managed a sales team and an account management team at a local firm in Toronto. One thing that they did for their clients was review generation and that is how he was introduced to the GatherUp tool. He began working with GatherUp 3 years ago helping businesses get reviews. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to Ryan - with any questions that you may have and he will be happy to assist you. On This Episode, We Discuss ...• Gathering, Managing, and Marketing Reviews• What Should You Do When You Receive a Negative Review?• Experiencing Bad Reviews from Fake Accounts and How to Handle It
Michael Bond is the Senior Media Director at Blattel Communications. Michael has been involved in legal marketing now for 15+ years. He has held several in-house positions in New Jersey as well as California and transitioned to Blattel Communications about 10 years ago. Blattel Communications meshed well with what Michael loves in life, which is media. He enjoys pairing what he loves doing with his job. If you are interested in learning more from Michael, visit his website and find him on social media or reach out to him on LinkedIn at On This Episode, We Discuss ...• Getting In Front of Your Clients Through Social Media• Gauging How You Are Doing Relative to Other Firms• Understanding What Metrics You Need to be Looking At
Paul Samakow is a Personal Injury Lawyer and Author. He has been working in the Washington DC area for the past 40 years and got into personal injury around the 5-year mark. The local hispanic community in DC did not really have anyone talking to them, so he started running some small ads in newspapers and the phone started ringing. Paul is bilingual, but not completely, so he needed to hire someone in his office that was bilingual and could have those conversations. He is now the #1 guy in the hispanic community in DC. He recognized about 3 years ago that what he is doing can be reproduced - he can teach it. So, he opened a consulting business to help other attorneys around the country to do the same thing he is doing in their markets. The best way to reach out to Paul is to give him a call at 301-500-0000. For a copy of Paul’s book, visit On This Episode, We Discuss ...• Recognizing an Under-Served Community and What Cases Work Better• Paul’s Favorite Business Book Finds to Develop the Business Side of Your Firm• Suggestions for Someone Who is Not a Native Spanish Speaker and Top Book Points
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On This Episode, We Discuss ...• How to Find and Write Great Content Topics• Understanding What People Are Searching For• Revitalizing and Re-Optimizing Previous Content
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