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The POZCAST: Career & Life Journeys with Adam Posner

The POZCAST: Career & Life Journeys with Adam Posner

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Hosted by Adam Posner, where he interviews top experts, entrepreneurs and thought leaders from the world of Business, Talent Acquisition, Marketing and other world-class amazing humans on their insights into their own career journeys and personal growth.

The goal of #thePOZcast is to showcase amazing humans who share their stories to inspire you to harness your inner tenacity to drive your life and career forward.

Adam Posner is the Founder and Managing Director @ NHP Talent Group- a boutique NYC-based staffing agency with expertise in marketing, media and advertising.
138 Episodes
2:43 - Matt's Inspiring Journey4:32 - Scared of Success?6:22 - ABC of Salsa Industry7:33 - Impetus in Starting Salsa Business9:36 - Getting into a Food Business12:18 - Decision Making15:50 - How to stand out?17:44 - How to build loyalty?18:44 - Brand identity20:27 - Building a brand from scratch24:13 - Getting to Consumers25:14 - Product positioning27:29 - Thought Process in Brand Building37:52 - Favorite Salsa Flavor38;48 - Stance on Double Dipping39:29 - Hardest Lesson Learned41:54 - Single Greatest Piece of Advice44:43 - What is Authenticity?46:55 - Brand in 5 years time48:14 - Matt's North Star
2:05 - Adam's Introduction 7:31 - How to Help Others in reaching their goals8:49 - Recruiting Pyramid10:43 - Drawing the line12:08 - Job search is a sales process12:18 - Turn Conversation into Storytelling15:46 - Fear of the Unknown17:46 - Stance on Cover Letters19:30 - Format and Outlook of Resume and Cover Letter24:07 - Read the Job Description27:37 - What puts off in a Resume33:30 - Story-telling Resume36:29 - Resume vs. Interview38:34 - Effect of Downsizing42:51 -  Advice for unemployed people45:50 -  Zoom Meetings!49:00 - Adam's Strengths
2:13 - Arah's Introduction3:20 - Launch of 'Kyutee'4:25 - Fighting Boredom during Covid5:12 - Arah's Property Manager Experience6:42 - What is so special about 'Kyutee'7:48 - Process of starting a business8:23 - Market Research9:23 - Target Market10:01 - The Process of Selling the product11:27 - Future of 'Kyutee'12:21 - Arah Sim's Mission Statement13:03 - Entrepreneurship14:21 - Michelle Obama's impact15:15 - Social Justice16:54 - Brand's Social Responsibility17:38 - Challenges of Entrepreneurship19:38 - Diversity in Entrepreneurship22:31 - Advice to New Entrepreneurs23:28 - The Good, The Bad and the Ugly24:21 - The word 'Authentic'25:47 - Greatest piece of advice26:41 - Arah Sim's Super Power27:03 - What is Arah's North Star?
9:28 – Chinning Up12:40 – Youngest CEO16:51 – Foundation to Leadership Mindset / Influencer vs Leadership22:44 – The Twitter Journey32:10 – Non Profit Projects/ Giving More /  When Work feels Fulfilling33:46 – Relationship with NorCal Cannabis38:21 – Work Life Balance / Keeping it Together
3:02 - How did the show start?4:28 - The First Show5:35 - Daddy Daughter Engagement6:21 - Nina's Questions for Rasa7:42 - What got the show started8:47 - Least favorite thing about Pandemic10:40 - Dad Moments13:14 - Things Learned from Daughter16:05 - How to pick a Poem for Podcast17:43 - Nina's Explanation about Robox20:38 - Rasa's Explanation to Jeremy about Puzzle Pieces25:07 - Parenting Inspiration27:23 - Rasa's Super Power28:18 - What makes Jeremy an Awesome Dad31:25 - Personal and Professional Silver Lining33:23 - Jeremy's North Star34:49 - Rasa's Opinion on School during Covid
3:50: Out of the Box Ideas/ Creativity behind Bars6:03: Think Tank/ Working with Defy Venture8:30: First day home after Release11:10: Ex Cons make the best employees?11:56: All about Concrete14:33: Story about Incarceration/ Rock Nation21:36: Future of Concreate22:52:The Creative Process26:18:  the word 'Legacy'
1:28 - Katie's Presence3:23 - Michael Loeb's Legacy7:10 - Loeb's Future Model17:34 - Real Life Examples19:58 - The Right Administration23:31 - Strange World24:22 - One Go-To Interview Question25:28 - Michael Loeb's Accomplice/North Star
2:50 - Venture Capitalist/Bring in your Ideas4:20 - Michaels' Early Journey to Success8:19 - Combination of Old School with new Entrepreneur Spirit10:47 - Michael Loeb at age 3616:03 - Fear of Letting go!22:53 -  Helping People for Good25:05 - Finding Efficiency26:15 - Invest in Jockey over the horse36:56 - Entrepreneurship Qualities39:00 - What keeps Michael up all night
1:58 - First Day of Shooting3:08 - Feeling after getting off the plane4:11 - From Everything to Nothing4:44 - The Thing that was missed the most5:40 - 10 Million Dollar Business6:08 - All about Flex7:20 - Appreciate most after the show8:05 - Being a Girl-Dad8:42 - Takeaway Lessons for Daughter9:24 - What people don't know about Grant?11:23 - Never Waste a Hater13:20 - Golden Secret to Successful Marriage15:54 - Greatest Piece of Advice16:41 - Grant's North Star
1:47 - Coaching and Dating advice4:47 - Getting into Podcast5:29 - Shows on dating7:30 - Moving to Corporate World9:36 - Early Influence as a Podcast Host13:12 - Preparation for a show15:00 - Pandemic Episode18:33 - Conspiracy Theory19:29 - Prediction and Future Trends23:11 - Russell Brand Show24:10 - #1 Guest26:53 - Star Struck27:50 - Pope Killing Episode29:56 - North Korea Episode33:14 - Favorite Episode34:12 - Great Piece of advice to new podcasters37:32 - Quick tp for Adam38:51 - Greatest Piece of Advice40:47 - Jordan's North Star 
2:35 - Scott's Introduction6:25 - The Magic Formula7:15 - Lessons learned from culture8:53 - Ensure value through leadership9:41 - Pivot in the world of recruiting15:04 - Competitive Edge16:30 - Warm Connections18:12 - People over Everything22:20 - Building and Forming Relationships23:01 - Effect of Covid27:00 - The Book Series34:51 - The word 'Authentic'38:12 - Scott's Super Power39:55 - Personal and Professional Silver Linings 
2:53 - Prediction on American Politics3:54 - Start of the Career Journey8:32 - How important is HAPPINESS?11:20 - How to Lead People12:41 - Best Mentor for Jackson13:32 - How much to trust your Gut?15:07 - Agency Background is Desirable?19:14 - Job Search22:35 - The Box Story24:03 - How do you define Brand?25:35 - Be a Customer First, before you become an Employee27:02 - Title is just Ego30:12 - Clorox Experience32:33 - Coach is important35:20 - Best Of both worlds36:57 - Covid scenario for Clorox39:03 - Go-to Interview Questions42:03 - What does Authentic mean?43:20 - SIlver Linings45:02 - Jax's North Star
Continuing the trend, for those of you that have been following along my career journey you may have noticed that I have some guests on that have been integral to my career journey and my next one, Jamal “Jay” Salim is certainly one of them. Jamal was the head of HR when I joined Boombox aka Ergo Interactive. It was a shortstop in my career before I moved over to Vayner but it was critical as I learned a ton in those few short months about myself, tough clients and finding success inside a small agency. More importantly, I made a lasting friend and powerful business connection with my man Jay. Most recently, Jamal was the People Lead at Complex, where he is leading the culture of the company synonymous with culture. Prior to Complex, Jay led the HR department at Laundry Service, an Ad Age Top 10 Agency two years in a row, and Cycle Media. Like me, he is Brooklyn Born, him in East Flatbush and me in Sheepshead Bay, which we both take a lot of pride in. Jay is also a Veteran of the US Army, having served in Operation Iraqi Freedom, another aspect of him that I hold in the highest regard. When he is not building an empire over at Complex or rooting for the Brooklyn Nets you can find him scouring the universe for the hottest kicks or being front and center at the Jay-Z private concert. I love this dude and sure you will as well as we dig into all things TA, HR, Team building, Culture and a whole lot more. Enjoy and please comment and give a review/rating if you enjoy! Thanks For more, please visit Thanks
3:08 - What Inspired Matt Higgins?5:27 - Trump is the most authentic leader6:08 - Difference of Opinion in US Elections 20207:04 - Covid Crisis8:23 - Matt's Early Days and Life Challenges Faced10:51 - Dropping out from school12:19 - Journalism - Ability to communicate13:10 - Bridge the gap14:17 - Rudy Giuliani18:06 - Degree of Sacrifice19:31 - Dont feel sorry for yourself20:56 - Recovery Effects Post 9/1126:04 - Sports and Entrepreneurship28:27 - What makes you different?29:43 - Take a Pause / Survive the Pandemic30:56 - Relationship with Gary Vee35:57 - One thing Matt dislike about working with Gary37:24 - Shark Tank38:26 - The best Shark39:47 - The biggest regret40:44 - Matt Higgins' Hobbies43:09 - Favorite Place to travel45:04 - Matt Higgins' Signature Interview Questions47:40 - Single Greatest Piece of Advice48:18 - Greatest Professional Accomplishment49:40 - Personal & Professional Silver Lining
3:03 – Cathy’s Elevator Pitch10:11 – Asking is the key12;38 – Make One Relationship a time15:30 – Open Yourself up!22:22 – How to Find Clarity? 24:55 – Four Types of People29:11-  There is always enough room31:31 – Building and Validating a Successful Business37:52 – Advice on Comedy40:32 – The A ha Moment Getaway46:12 – Greatest Piece of Advice
1:36 – Rewind into Adam’s Life story3:02 – Reaction on losing the dream job – Find the self awareness – Be realistic 4:30 – Double down on your strengths 6:03 – Brian challenging situation – blaming external sources – take 100% accountability6:37 – Reason for getting fired7:36 – Being Truly Vulnerable 9:18 – Unlocked the passion & Tenacity 11:00 – Nobody forces you to own your loss, and pushes you to do something – Take accountability – learn and not repeat mistakes 12:03 – Once you take ownership of your loss, you create opportunities 13:11 – Biggest mistake in recruiting in early career 15:36 – What makes you a great recruiter?16:31 – Single best piece of advice – Plan your work and work your plan 17:44 – Adam’s super power – Connecting 19:19 – Why the name, NHP Talent Group
5:30- The New Racism11:44 – Impetus for Real Change?16:25 – Attack on Police Force?19:03 – Presidential Affairs with reference to his Published Book22:56 – Overcoming Adversity27:31 – Basketball Story with Gov. Cuomo29:27 – March with Mohammad Ali31:20 – President Obama40:10 – Washington Story42:54 – Thoughts on Trump46:30 – Queen Elizabeth’s Story47:54 – Tom Hanks Incident48:26 – Survivors and a German incident50:17 – The Pope Episode52:53 – Favorite Moment in the Book53:43 – Advice for a Long Lasting Marriage55:12 – Authenticity57:16 – Don’t take anything Personal59:37 – Silver Lining in times of Covid   S 
3:03 – Approach to Employee Handling4:24 – Self Awareness / Recognition of Values7:32 – Process of letting go8:20 – How to create work environment friendly/ Connection and Belonging11:55 – The dark side of letting go13:40 – Dont Burn Bridges/ Sh*t Happens/ Forgive Yourself15:47 – Termination/ After Care / Keep Connected22:39 – What’s not so ‘Awesome’ about working with Gary25:02 – The Art of Communication/ Feedback Training/ Being Empathetic29:00 – Parenthood and Work31:20 – The ING (Survivors of Abuse)
3:03 - Mike's Journey5:02 - Shaun's backstory5:28 - Breakdown of Car Racing Process7:47 - Training and Sequencing10:44 - How to find a Niche12:14 - The Danger involved13:53 - Interview and Recruiting Process16:18 - Think Outside the Pit18:05 - How to bring a balance19:50 - Diversity in workplace21:49 - Change is Happening24:39 - The importance of feeling Valued27:36 - Why should anyone pick up this book?29:30 - The word 'Authentic'30:27 - One Golden Piece of Advice32:02 - SuperPowers34:25 - What is your NorthStar? 
2:48 - Tamara's Journey to Success4:28 - How was your purpose aligned with the true calling?6:45 - Switch to Marketing Agency10:04 - Remain Focused11:28 - Type of Clients14:18 - The Pandemic Effect16:52 - Black Lives Matter19:28 - Brands' Awakening21:15 - Challenges Faced during Covid23:54 - Working on a Non-Profit Project27:54 - Finding and Having the Right Mentor30:14 - What does 'Authenticity' Mean?32:50 - Greatest Piece of Advice34:05 - Personal and Professional Silver Lining
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