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My name is Elaira Tickute and I am the host of this podcast. I invite thought leaders to talk about the future of work, how the world is changing and how to build a new business paradigm from the place of care and re-write outdated definitions.More about me: with me: me on social media: the show (
The world is moving from business enterprises to social enterprises. This first episode introduces the concept of what is so-called "Social Enterprise", where it comes from and elaborate on a few key trends related to it. Show notes:What is "social enterprise"?Why this shift appeared and 3 main influencing causes.Impact of financial crises in 2018.The modern definition of what is a successful business.What does it take to become a social enterprise?Few key human capital trends that are happening right now.This first episode is a foundation for a few coming episodes. Support the show (
In this episode, I invited Atish Kalyan, a founder and principal developer of a software consultancy company Monad Labs. We discussed how technology changed on how we communicate in business and how to manage a huge informational overload.Show notes:2 major developments that changed how we communicate in business & positive results due to that.How topology of companies changed with the internet and smartphones.Struggles and downsides managing technologies.The issue of E-mail and informational overload.The problem of “presenteeism” and what it is.Multitasking and how it impacts different generations.How technologies and communication tools are shifting with Millenials and Generation Z coming into the workforce.Is e-mail dead?How e-mail is unique from other modern communication platforms.How and when to choose the best communication medium.How it can feel lonely in high positions with the overload of information.Tips on how to catch up with the increasing amount of technologies and how to cope with the overflow of information.What is the solution for the future?What are arising technologies on how we will communicate in business?The advantages of disengaging from technology.Useful links & articles: "Conquering digital overload. Leadership strategies that build engaging work cultures". Written by a unique team of experts.Support the show (
Millennials are the most recent generation to hit the workforce. And according to Deloitte data, by 2020 millennials will cover 75% of the global workforce.Today my special guest is Wing-Yan Man, Millenial Coach and founder of 3310 School for Millennials. In this episode, we discuss key characteristics of millennials, challenges, and opportunities Show notes:·       Wing-Yan Man journey and personal story of becoming a founder of 3310 School for Millennials.·       The purpose of 3310 School for Millennials.·       Who are Millenials?·       What are Millenials key characteristics?·       In the business world, are millennials more a challenge or more opportunity?·       Millenials as a bridging generation·       How work is a part of identity and meaning for millennials.·       Key challenges Millenials are facing at work.·       What are the keys struggles to manage millennials?·       Most important tip for Millenial managers.·       Tips for millennials how to manage themselves.·       Old values, confusion of many ways to live your life & struggle of not having standards to live up to anymore.·       How Millenials are different from generation Z and what are their characteristics.·       Resilience of Millenials and Generation Z.·       Where the world is going with new generations·       New ways of defining what is a success.·       Best tip how we can make a world a better place.Support the show (
In this episode, I have a conversation with a very unique guest Dr. Jacqueline Hobbs also known as Oracle Girl ( She has had extraordinary abilities since childhood and I believe she is a very highly consciously evolved human being. We talk about the future of business, new ways of working, what steps we need to take towards that and how to live all of you and your full potential. At the end, Jacqueline does a purification regarding the topic.Episode notes:Jaqueline’s Personal journey to embrace her potential. How to be more inclusive and accepting for gifted, talented people which we don’t understand. What are Jaqueline’s super abilities. Where we are as humankind living our potential & how we can progress in that. Where the world is going. How business is changing in the future. The ways we work differently in the future. What are the first steps towards the new vision of how we do business. The concept of leadership and the change of its definition.What is Jaqueline’s definition of a successful business. How the business is changing with new generations.How to know who you are and not get lost in all the possibilities, new ways, and approaches.Why connecting back to the natural environment is one of the most important aspects to be a successful business. Why sustainability, HR and other support functions don’t work as it supposed to in the companies.How sensitive people can thrive in organizations and offer their talents.Why we have so many burnout cases, what went wrong. How to live all who you are and how to know who you are and not society, parents' definitions of it. How Jaqueline’s abilities work in practice.Purification trackSupport the show (
In this fast-paced world where doing more is highly encouraged and there is no enough room to rest, stress and wellbeing naturally became quite an important topic on the agenda. But what is it and what are key misconceptions about it?In this episode, I invited the topic expert Sander Gremmen who is the owner of the company Crystal Clarity. The company supports people to reduce stress with the help of technology. And, as Sander says:"We want people to care as much about their body battery as they care about their phone battery”. Notes of the podcast:What is wellbeing and why everyone talk about it now?What is wellbeing at work?How wellbeing is it different from stress? Or is it the same thing just a different side of the coin?What is stress?What are the biggest misconceptions about stress at work?Everyone’s unique response to stress and what is causing stress.How do you know what is draining you and what is not, especially when we have so many misconceptions about what is stress to us?How do we know we recovered and what do we need to recover?What is a recovery? What is the difference between rest & recovery and what are good recovery tips?The difference between bad stress and good stress.What is your best tip to manage stress?What are the trends and the future of wellbeing at work?What is your best tip to make the world a better place?Support the show (
I just love to have conversations with non-conventional thought leaders but Dr. Jacqueline Hobbs in my eyes is beyond even that. She has an extraordinary ability to purify the blocks and patterns sabotaging your success - switching on your own innate superordinary abilities. She says she is one of a group of 5 others in the world, all with similar abilities. I couldn’t hold myself back but invite this truly unique person to my podcast again and this time, hear the wisdom she has to share around MONEY AND BUSINESS. In this episode, we talk about how the financial paradigm is changing, why the "conscious business" concept is not enough, what money really is and key misconceptions around it. At the end of this podcast, Jacqueline recorded a special “purification track” just for the listeners precisely on this theme. It starts at the end, right after our conversation, at 49 minutes. It is highly recommended, so please make sure you stay on to hear it.  Episode notes:Jacqueline's extraordinary abilities and why this is not a typical podcast.Why did money become such a fundamental definition of success in business?How is the dominant financial paradigm changing?Why is the "conscious business" concept not enough?What really is a family pattern, where does it come from & how does it influence us?Why do people stay in their miserable jobs and how is that a deep form of slavery?Is company success mostly influenced by its leader's patterns or can the team balance it out?What are the "self-healing abilities" we have, how do they work and how to listen to your body to be successful?What are the most common patterns people have, related to money?What really is money?What is the true definition of pure love and what are the misconceptions about it?Where does the concept of working hard and time pressure come from?What is the role of business role in the future?What is the role of business regarding the money paradigm change?Why does shifting from a profit-based business to non-profit not always work, ending in disappointment?What is a "zero value organization"? Or in other words, what is the role of donations?Is money going to disappear in the future?What you should do right now if you are struggling? Practical tipsJacqueline's contribution and focus in the near future for helping businesses.Purification track (starts at  49.02 min)Helpful links:Various Jacqueline's tracks regarding the topic of MONEY. Various Jacqueline's BUSINESS AND ORGANIZATIONS tracks for doing better business. Information about AFTERCARE which is important if you were listening to this podcast.Contact here if you would like to work with Jacqueline on your business & organization.Listen to our first interview together called "Future of Business and Organizations".Support the show (
I invited Dr. Jacqueline Hobbs again because I feel she's one of the best people to ask all the questions about what is really happening right now in the world collectively and in the business arena; how to manage the shift that is happening; and where we are going towards. We will talk about a fundamentally different approach, how to be successful in business and dealing with money in line with the new earth frequencies and the new world we are creating, how donations are the foundation for future financial transactions, deeper clarifications of different types of that, and how true care and bonds of affection are the base of it all. Notes: Jacqueline clarifies her mission - “embodying pure love.” 01.54 min What does embodiment mean? 03.33 min What's happening right now collectively? Where are we going towards and how does it relate to business? 05.48 min Why are people still asleep? 08.00 min What are the challenges, opportunities and possibilities for people in this world as it transitions? 08.39 min What would people gain if they could give up being afraid? 11.56 min How does nature work and how does it affect human relationships? 13.08 min What exactly are "bonds of affection" and how does the term differ from other terms we are used to such as partnerships, collaborations and business relationships? 14.59 min What will our relationships look like when we are completely free of patterns? 17.05 min How is the term "leadership" different from the term "Guardians of the future" which Jacqueline often uses? 20.31 min What are the key differences between old currency and the new world currency? 22.31 min  How do zero-based donations work? 26.28 min  How do minimum donations work? 31.41 min How do the new forms of donation compare to more classic forms of donation? How is the concept of charity flawed? 38.05 How does purification play a role when you forget something and can't remember it? 42.36 min What are the shadow elements on this planet? 43.52 min What is bridging this humanity shift? How can we stay grounded right now? 44.49 min What is the future role of technology and fixed, hard-currency transactions? 46.37 minWhat does the near future involve? 51.00 min Previous episodes with Dr. Jacqueline Hobbs:Future of BusinessMoney and BusinessOracle Girl aftercare Girl Facebook of tracks about various business related themes done by Jacqueline:Business and organizationsMoneyMoney and leaving the matrixMoney myths and materializationSuccess and taking controlAbout Elaira TickuteSupport the show (
What does it take to switch from manipulative & fear-based marketing to authentic marketing? And why is marketing often extra challenging for sensitive & heart-based entrepreneurs? That’s what we talk about in this episode.My guest Ayla Verheijen decided to go to the root cause of this topic of marketing. For years she studied psychology of widely used marketing methods, and disruptively shed all the "shoulds" of how marketing must be done. She created her own journey towards what she calls "magnetic marketing", which is all about radically being yourselves. Sharing your true voice with the world is like coming out, and Ayla shares some of the deep inner work she had to do to reach that place. After 6 years of research, she decided to share her (un)training "The Marketing Revolution", where she  brings Purpose work, Human Design, Shadow work  and her marketing knowledge together in a powerful and creative cocktail. The (un)training starts the 1st of October, and will be a journey towards yourself, towards embracing your unique voice, and bringing that voice out into the world fully.Helpful links:Ayla's WebsiteAyla’s Instagram StoriesMarketing Revolution TrainingAbout Human Design  About Elaira:1 on 1 coachingHuman Design ConsultationsDonateSupport the show (
What is the pulse of business right now and where are we going?Words from Jacqueline to help us hold our nerve during these times and purify so we can shed what is the way of us abundantly flourishing and using our talents in businessWhy decisions don’t need to be madeThe business world is going to change radicallyThe dynamics of care: charge, adaptation and calmYou are using your body to generate currencyWhat’s happening the old system and how to navigate it leavingYou are on a positive future trajectory if you are listeningWhat happens in the purification spaceWhat “freely given” means: what it isn’t and what it isHow it is a process of deletion of patterns in us and othersThe place of genuine desire and role of “dreaming”Operating from the actual frequency of purity and groundedness in businessWhere the principle of no harm comes into play and how this will rewrite our business futureAnimals and plants kill - how is this doing no harm?What do we mean by “nature” here? Re-perspectivising nature’s “rules” in terms of your “body read”Your body is like an oracle! We are a mystery feedback mechanism.The limitations of systems and our financial systemHuman self-nature and the spontaneity of our own unique instructionsBurnout and abusive giving vs creativity and flow in businessThe difference between charity - “freely given” in the religious world of finance - and being in right relationship with giving and moneyNature does not starve an open network: it only cuts off what is dyingNo distinction between the individual and collective for true abundanceYour frequency setting must be correct in order to succeed with living by donationWe are driving the frequency changes behind immediate direct transactionsAre donations going to be ultimate financial transaction in the future?Why did Jacqueline choose to work by donation?You and life is “freely given”This is the 4th episode in this series of conversations with Oracle Girl, Dr Jacqueline Hobbs. In our interview this extraordinary woman goes deeper into the dynamics of what is “freely given,” sharing deep and high level wisdom on how the universe really works and how to build your business with broader principles of nature. This is not a typical interview. Listening to this podcast will affect you deeper than you expect due to the special sets of abilities Jacqueline was born with. Please take a careful read of her aftercare page when you finish.Relevant links:Oracle Girl website Aftercare pageJoining the Reboot group or a personal purification or to purify your business Dreaming, identity and self healing Business, organisations & money purification tracks from JacquelineCheck episodes 4, 6 and 7 which are my previous interviews with Jacqueline.More about the host Elaira TickuteDonateSupport the show (
In this episode, I tackle one of the misconceptions and shadow sides of productivity and visibility in business. I go deep to explain where it comes from, what is the root cause of it all, and how it is related to the matters of the heart.I talk about society's glorification for doing, being busy, and working hard. As well, I explore general businesses' approach to visibility and the marketing concept of being constantly visible in order to be successful.Keeping yourself busy and pushing to be productive often is a distraction from something you don't want to face or feel. It's a hiding place for your emotions and not met longing for connection. So, what you try to do this way is attempting to meet your need for connection through the back door."This game of productivity and visibility in our collective is actually fundamental game we are playing for hugely unmet internal need to be loved and seen. Productivity is our transaction of love. And visibility is our trade to be seen and validated".In the end, it’s not about tools trying to be more productive, or more visible but looking within and trying to understand your longings and energy you create everything from.For more information about me, you can find on my website: www.elairaflow.comContact me for 1 on 1 sessionEnjoyed this episode? You can express your support and appreciation by donating with Fiat and Cryptocurrencies here. Or via the Paypal link below.Support the show (
This is the 5th interview with my amazingly wise guest Oracle Girl. This was a live video event that took place on December 29, 2020.And this time, it was an exploration of what is happening in the business and financial arena now and in a near future. We discussed those questions:How we navigate the transition to new business and financial models where we give with integrity? How is money being repositioned in Nature’s World Order?What will happen with our financial system? Will there be an economic crash? Should we all be buying cryptocurrency? What are the dynamics of the moment of exchange when working by donation?Practical actions to prepare.Remember aftercare after listening to this special interview.I highly recommend checking our previous conversations too:Episode 9: Donations, nature and "Freely Given".Episode 7: Care - the new currency.Episode 6: Money and BusinessEpisode 4: Future of businessYour love offerings (donations) are highly appreciated. You can do it HERE with Fiat or Cryptocurrencies.More about me and my work.Support the show (
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