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Join us weekdays as Kevin integrates humor and satire while analyzing Americas hottest political issues.
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In this episode, career journalists leaving industry as news becomes less about the truth or the whole story. The noticable absence of #MeToo during Cuomos sexual misconduct scandal. Leftists destroying people, just because.
In this episode, key member admits COVID is the best thing that happened to Biden. Late night hosts changing their tunes on Cuomo amid his scandal.
In this episode, if CNN were a real news network, it would be embarrassed by its rating and its anchors. $12.5M deposit for 1,000 ventilators by a company that has never before sold high-tech devices. Cuomo tells attractive young reporter to "eat the whole sausage".
In this episode, does anyone believe that Dr. Seuss and his diversity of red fish, blue fish was pushing white supremacy. Romney touts Trump's influence and impact in America. Nikki Haley changes her tune again?
In this episode, are they trying to pass Biden off as a "law and order" president? In a fight for your rights it's important to choose your fighters wisely.
In this episode, we're nearing two months since the Democrats selected a dictator for America. Biden gushes about Hunter and his progress while the family continues to skirt the law.
In this episode, Hollywood isn't feeling the love as more scandals emerge about the lack of color with TGG members. When Andrew Cuomo is not killing old people, he's molesting women.
In this episode, consider Obama's legacy of failures that continues through his moronic VP. A new legacy of continued crimes against mankind. CPAC refreshes MAGA in the hearts of many.
In this episode, Mr. Potato head is GONE, publicly castrated in the name of cancel culture. Golden Globes promises "politic free". 2.1M votes must be turned over in Maricopa County. Trump closes out CPAC.
In this episode, CEO's departing their roles in record numbers. With executives lasting an average of five years, more have left amid ethical conduct rather than poor financial performance. Are cancel culture tides a motivating factor or are the golden balloon packages too tempting.
Ep. 21-075 - Real Risk

Ep. 21-075 - Real Risk


In this episode, three dozen house Democrats are pushing to have Biden relinquished of his sole authority to launch nuclear weapons. "Figure out who you are and live your best life", but not if you're white and work for Coca Cola.
In this episode, is the $15 mimimum wage meant to kill the mom and pop shop competition? Democrats should be forced to live their policies. One of the best reasons I've ever heard to buy any company's product.
In this episode, Fauci delivers a devastating blow to those who thought the vaccine would bring back normalcy. What Biden has done in 3 weeks makes us grateful he did nothing for 47 years.
In this episode, President Trump should be applauded for Operation Warp Speed but it played into WuFlu as a pure money-grab by Democrats. Biden throws Psaki under the bus. Biden behind the mic.
In this episode, President Trump lashed out at The Supreme Court for allowing the "Trump Taxes" fishing expedition to continue. Captain Demento is so busy undoing Trump policies that he will inevitably undo the Democrats.
In this episode, Smith College to Washington College the cancel culture pursuit reaches new levels of absurdity. Minneapolis anti-police movement now spending $6.4M to recuit desperately needed new officers.
In this episode, Cuomo to be stripped of his emergency powers and subject to a federal investigation. A California school board all resigned after caught on a hot mic mocking parents. Recall Newsom on track to hit 2M signatures.
In this episode, longtime Trump ally Nikki Haley is fiercely condemning the former President. The Lincoln Project aka "Never-Trump" tried to claim a higher moral ground but crashed and burned. Rasmussen poll on voter fraud shows majority of Americans believe.
In this episode, with Bill Gates renewable energy agenda plan 2.8M O&G workers will soon be out of work. Colombia University professor of psychology and neuroscience admits his fondness for heroin use.
In this episode, the fire Cuomo is under is only increasing. Trump's scathing message to McConnell. Eroding the rights of ALL Americans to pretend to get civil rights for special interest groups.
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Scott Bertelson

Thank you Kevin for all your work, I live in a urban area where the youth need you !!!

Jan 15th
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