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Ep. 22-204 - Banned

Ep. 22-204 - Banned


In this episode, Hillary Clinton's promotion of the hoax spotlighted in Sussman trial. The San Francisco archbishop bans Pelosi from communion. The aha moment that changed your life.
In this episode, the psychological effect of being wrong has caused an epidemic of making excuses for unsupported facts. Without opinion, there is no individuality.
In this episode, a look into the stock market plummeting 1200 points. Joy Reid blames her competition for shootings. Senator Gillibrand pushes for social media regulation by the government.
In this episode, an outbreak of monkeypox across Europe and North America. The day we were distracted by Roe v Wade leak a Biden judge reduced Ghislaine Maxwell's sentence significantly.
In this episode, the mounting scandals of Hunter Biden spotlight the lucrative role of the "Big Guy" or "Chairman". The case we make to be recognized and remembered.
In this episode, the optics of DHS pausing the Disinformation Governance Board. The Republican divide between Trumplicans vs RINOs in highest turnout in two decades.
In this episode, Hillary Clinton takes another loss and this time with Hulu. We have a new term "malicious misgendering" - and why it matters to some. New documents indicate Trump targeted by Obama.
In this episode, how Peter Thiel and his team are influencing Trump. Madison Cawthorn concedes losing the Tuesday primary. Half of Joe's followers are fake. Is it fraud for Twitter to overstate its members?
In this episode, why Democrats fight so hard against Conservatives. Melania treated so poorly during her tenure as First Lady. Gates walks back WuFlu.
In this episode, the transition from women to womxn. An economy so bad Bezos speaks out against Biden. The real percentage of violent crime that actually involve guns.
In this episode, Spain leads the charge in menstrual rights. Biden screaming about food shortage and the commitment to "safe" baby formula. 2000 Mules and the intentional silence.
In this episode, the post-mortem begins on the Buffalo shooter. Biden calls on Americans to root out hatred. Positive emotional flatlining defined.
In this episode, Russia's oil and gas revenues hit record highs despite Biden's sanctions. Twitters permanent ban policy and actual percentage of bot or spam accounts.
In this episode, with abortion losing traction the team pivots to the MAGA King. Trade gap in goods and services widens.
In this episode, Jon Stewart in a "hostage situation" with his own audience. Netflix cracks down on sharing. New poll by Rasmussen and the Heartland makes it harder to cheat a victory.
In this episode, Trump is checking out of Pennsylvania Ave for a second time. Democrats are gingerly encouraging Biden to not run in 2024. DeSantis, Cruz and Paul as viable contenders for the upcoming race.
In this episode, California not quite ready for the giant leap into an electrified world. Synthetic opioid fentanyl fuels unprecedented surge in overdoses. Hunter Biden investigation heating up as Garland considers a settlement and fines.
In this episode, "the number one threat is strength, and the strength we've built is inflation." CNN fact-checks deficit reduction claims. Biden's new culprit, the ultra MAGA.
In this episode, millions in undisclosed royalties paid to Fauci and the NIH for WuFlu. Inflation up over 8% with a decline in wages of 3.5%. If you invested in Biden, you lost money!
In this episode, Norway discarded more than $2M of COVID vaccines. It seems incredible as nations discard the vaccine the administration is lifting protections to increase production.
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Scott Bertelson

Thank you Kevin for all your work, I live in a urban area where the youth need you !!!

Jan 15th
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