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Join us weekdays as Kevin integrates humor and satire while analyzing Americas hottest political issues.
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In this episode, some refer to it as the "Trump Effect" but really it's good old fashioned patriotism. How did that get lost? New subpoena orders mean new Democrat plotting. A few of my experiences along this journey.
In this episode, forty five days until the election who's winning the black vote? Democrats pushing hard and receiving resistance. Poll numbers, fact or fiction?
In this episode, even with the revised WuFlu numbers Michelle Obama pushes forward with the true agenda behind the "pandemic". The Big Three censor news in the economy and stock market.
In this episode, turns out blowing up Iranian generals was a better strategy than pallets of cash. The handlers are trying to present Biden as youthful. The Harris-Biden ticket?
In this episode, George Floyd’s family collected a cool $14M off his death. NY workers receive a 2% pay increase while state lawmakers received 64%. Gillum comes out as bisexual; I guess rehab didn’t work.
In this episode, WuFlu lawsuits are well underway. Anthony Weiner is trying to rebuild his shattered life and was recently named CEO. Bill Maher cites frightening finds in electoral analyst, Nate Silver’s recent assessment of Biden winning the popular vote.
Ep. 20-358 - $100M

Ep. 20-358 - $100M


In this episode, Mike Bloomberg is spending $100M to help Biden in the sunshine state. Barack Obama's cop-hating ways live on in BLM and are still putting lives at risk. Phone messages "accidentally" erased by Mueller team.
In this episode, Rudy Giuliani tweeted "#BeijingBiden was once again missing all weekend" - How much longer will keep propping this guy up? Biden campaign bought ads in every NFL game from here to election. Kaepernick slams NFL for social justice messaging.
Ep. 20-356 - Exit Tax

Ep. 20-356 - Exit Tax


In this episode, if you want to flee a Democrat run state that's on fire? Prepare for an exit tax. Ratings hit an all time low for the NFL - if you go woke, you go broke. Trump Nobel nominations deservedly earned but are the nominations legit?
In this episode, accusations of downplaying COVID aka WuFlu, Election Infection, Plandemic. SHOCK polling isn't as shocking when the numbers are intentionally skewed. Biden putting some distance on NAFTA deal by blaming Bush's White House during a rally in Michigan.
In this episode, a recent study across seven colleges about different events with “substantial media attention” reveals which group makes the worst employees. Michigan preparing for an election or an election delay?
In this episode, social media spying with Crowd Tangle under Obama. “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” ... when one of those is claimed to be discriminatory.
In this episode, it's just a mask. Four years reimagined. Teachers concerned with parents.
In this episode, we make no apologies. Treason and the double standard. Trump saves the world!
Ep. 20-350 - Defectors

Ep. 20-350 - Defectors


In this episode, a growing number of Democrat defectors leading up to November election. The analysis of being black in the twenty first century.
In this episode, long time Democrats are feeling embarrassed by their party. Polling of BLM reveals surprising results. Mandates and violence continues across the country.
In this episode, clearly the press pool has been instructed not to tax Joe Biden's brain. Riots in Rochester for a criminal being arrested for violating sexual assault restraining order. Which direction is our moral compass pointing?
In this episode, Kamala Harris tells Jacob Blake she's proud of him. Biden goes home and doesn't receive the warm excited reception expected.
Ep. 20-346 - Energized

Ep. 20-346 - Energized


In this episode, support for Trump continues to grow with every shakedown by the Left. I share some of my experiences.
In this episode, is BLM the key strategy of the Biden-Harris ticket? Bill Maher expresses fear of growing Trump support.
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Scott Bertelson

Thank you Kevin for all your work, I live in a urban area where the youth need you !!!

Jan 15th
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