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Join us weekdays as Kevin integrates humor and satire while analyzing Americas hottest political issues.
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Ep. 21-173 - Trends

Ep. 21-173 - Trends


In this episode, the Biden train wreck would be enjoyable if we weren't all on the train. Before the MLB moved the all-star game it was the most favorably viewed sport. What Leftists fear most.
In this episode, conservatives are THE most talented people on the planet... movers and shakers. Trends, sports and ratings decline double digits year after year.
In this episode, Trump says "Cheney is a warmongering fool who has no business in Republican Party Leadership." Biden administration and Dr. Fraudci purposefully misleading people about the adverse side effects of the vaccines. Communists renamed The Free Market to Capitalism.
In this episode, Chauvin files for a new trail as the "woke" society appointed a hanging judge and a stacked jury. Trump launches a new social media site that allows people to post Trump's.
In this episode, did you know there is a museum for sk*nks funded by your tax dollars. DeSantis goes after big tech with SB 7072. Bill and Melinda Gates calling it quits.
In this episode, for Biden's policy on border security, look no futher than Texas. 97 illegals found packed in just one house in Houston, Texas. Trump survives and cotinues to thrive!
In this episode, why the media NEVER reports the actual numbers of blacks killed wrongly by police. John Kerry disclosed his millions liquidated since becoming Biden's special climate envoy. Biden's border crisis blamed on Trump transition.
In this episode, a Spectator article suggests Republicans are now the anti-capitalists. In opposition of corporate "woke culture" Sen. Josh Hawley unveils "Trust-Bustin for the Twenty-First Century Act."
In this episode, the CDC issues new guidelines regarding behavior in open-air environments. Mitt Romney booed as he took the stage at Utah GOP Convention. Tim Scott controvery provided an opportunity for him to show some common sense... but it's clear he has no real principles.
Ep. 21-164 - Derby Day

Ep. 21-164 - Derby Day


In this episode, St. Louis defunds their police as the homicide rate hits a 50 year high. Newsmax backs off allegations of voter manipuation by Dominion Voting Systems after top employee files defamation lawsuit.
In this episode, New York's 7 deadly sins increased dramatically during COVID lockdowns. NFL players who put Jesus before social justice. NY Post media spin on Biden's first 100 days in office is embarrassing.
In this episode, ironic that Biden addressed Congress on the one year anniversary of WHO declaring COVID-19 a pandemic. President Trump's first 100 days out of office prove his political career has only begun. Ted Cruz vs Trevor Noah.
In this episode, President Trump makes his presence known in no uncertain terms and Ducey got a big public dose of it. What happens when Arizona proves massive voter fraud. Democrats try to weaken America by pretending they can make it better.
In this episode, Russia sodomizing Biden publicly, and Iran making him look feeble and helpless. The Biden media portrays a picture of health and America is "back on track".
Ep. 21-159 - 6' vs 60'

Ep. 21-159 - 6' vs 60'


In this episode, MIT study challenges risk of being exposted at 6 feet social distancing guidelines versus 60 feet. Princeton holding only 14% enrollment for white males.
In this episode, tech moguls have donated at least $7.5M to groups tied to BLM, in turn backing their policy goals. Steady decline in viewership and ratings for "woke" organizations. More Chicago shootings go unreported.
In this episode, YouTube restricts information on Thalidomide, a drug introduced in 1956 and widely distributed as safe and effective. Pennsylvania bans males at birth from competing with female players.
In this episode, the Oscars proved once again that in spite of a scamdemic the show must go on.... maskless. Academy Awares organizers prepared for declined ratings and boy did we deliver.
In this episode, push for mandatory vaccination requirements would be a clear violation of The Nuremberg Code. Kerry says CO2 must be eradicated! California university requiring students to get the vaccine to attend college.
In this episode, a funny thing happened on the way to Armageddon. Conservatives living in fear of big tech. Chauvin juror admits outside influence in decision making.
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Scott Bertelson

Thank you Kevin for all your work, I live in a urban area where the youth need you !!!

Jan 15th
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