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The Kevin Jackson Show integrates rapier wit, humor and satirical style while educating fans on America’s political and pop culture ironies and hypocrisies.
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In this episode, I take a look at those who were supposed to bring down Trump. Also, as the impeachment trial begins the infighting heats up between Democrat presidential candidates.
In this hour, I discuss what exactly Les Varnas will bring to the impeachment trial in his smoking gun when the Ukraine prime minister says he never spoke with Varnas.
In this episode, we spotlight the increasing distractions that Democrats try to pass as the new crisis of the day.
In this episode, there's no need to remove the nuclear football from the "unhinged" Donald Trump. Because he acted deliberately, and dare I say presidential.
In this episode, I discuss the Democrat candidates we've had in this race so far and their sales pitch of righteousness to unseat President Trump. Who, if any, are actually convincing the masses of their moral high ground?
Ep. 20-025 - Doomsday!

Ep. 20-025 - Doomsday!


In this episode, I take a look at the no oil, no glaciers, earth warming 6 degrees doomsday predictions pushed by Democrats in a constant urgent national crisis. As well as our Democrat candidates fighting to unseat President Trump.
In this episode, I discuss the take aways from the Democrat debate. Klobachur looked like a defiant child with her consitent abuse of the clock. Fauxcahontas accused Bernie of being a mysogynist. Biden . . . I saw nothing of Biden; and Van Jones' comments about the debate has sparked a lot of animous from the Left.
In this epsiode, I discuss the Democrat debate and one of the more interesting points of it was the attack on Bernie Sanders by CNN. But before the debate let's talk about the woMAN suing to get HER penis waxed.
In this episode, I discuss the gold digger and the golden child spending more time in the US. Certainly speaks LOUDLY when royals want to spend more time in the land of the free! I also discuss the crack in the peace treaty between Warren and Sanders; and the Democrats field looked like a Benetton commercial with a Geritol shameless plug.
In this episode, I discuss the odds of winning the presidential primary that has Trump at 4/5. As well as Wisconsin held to task on their voter rolls; and Obama called out by Trump for his foreign policy screw up with Iran.
In this episode, I discuss the tie between Trump and Obama on "Most Admired Man" Gallup poll, and Obama being scored on the Affirmative Action curve. Also, are Iranian terrorists and corrupt leaders scared after the elimination of Soleimani?
Ep. 20-019 - Our World Hour

Ep. 20-019 - Our World Hour


In this episode, I discuss California homeless and the new bay boats; the Australian fires and lack of climate crisis. As well as Iranian pressure and Pelosi's huddle about when to send articles of impeachment.
In this episode, I take a look back at the Leftist lunacy that has us where we are today and what potentially lies ahead.
In this episode, I talk about gun ownership, the Texas church shooting and all the reasons why Demcrats are afraid of an impeachment failure.
In this episode, I discuss what the Left considers newsworthy when it comes to their chosen ones.
In this episode, I take a look back at Islamic terror attacks and the dropping of bombs.
In this episode, I discuss the impact of political correctness and how it's changed the landscape of comedy. Specifically the recent Golden Globes.
In this episode, I discuss the policies that have completely changed California and have people fleeing to other states for a better quality of life. Where the dollar stretches much farther. Only they're bringing their California ideaology and voting the same in their new state.
In this episode, let's discuss the aftermatch of sending a bomb up Gen. Soleimani's toga, with the President pulling a fast one by first not notifying Congress of the strike. Then second he sends only classified information. What a bold and telling move.
In this episode, let's talk about how Apple, Amazon, Disney and others all claim they're "woke" yet if ISIS started a streaming service, they'd their agents. Denzel Washington offers a little reality check by saying "We are just actors. Don't get it twisted."
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Scott Bertelson

Thank you Kevin for all your work, I live in a urban area where the youth need you !!!

Jan 15th
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