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14: Networking

14: Networking


Welcome to the MBA talk Podcast, where we talk everything about Career Progression for MBAs.In this episode, we will talk about Networking.Research indicates that up to 85% of positions are filled through networking.One of the key reasons for joining a global MBA class is to have access to World Class networking opportunities. So we will talk about where networking can happen:who can you network with,how to network effectivelythings to pay attention when networking.This episode is part of the consulting series where we dive into how to get into consulting. However, this episode is still applicable for MBAs going into any industry.This show is brought to you by Optness Institute. At Optness we teach Management Methodologies like Six Sigma, Agile, Data Visualization and more for MBAs.
In this episode, we will talk about discovery of companies:how to do research on companies MBAs want to join. This episode is part of the consulting series where we dive into how to get into Consulting. This show is brought to you by Optness Institute. At Optness we teach advanced management methodologies like Lean Six Sigma, Agile, Data Visualization and more for MBAs.
This is the second part of the first episode of the Management Consultant series.Be sure to check the first part of the first episode where we discuss:what a management consultant does?which are the key companies in the consulting industry?internal versus external consulting companiesand more. Keep listening to the second part to learn about:what are the key skills to be a successful management consultant,and what a day in the life of a consultant looks like.
Hello and welcome to the MBA talk podcast. I'm very happy to present to you this new podcast series about Management Consultancy.To produce this podcast series we are joined by Orestes Peristeris an MBA graduate at Yale and HEC Paris, and currently a management consultant. With Orestes we discuss everything about consulting companies, networking, CV building, interview preparation, and more.This first episode is separated into audio files. In the first one, we discuss: What does a management consultant do?Which are the key companies in the consulting industry?And we discuss internal versus external consulting companies. Check out the second one and learn what are the key skills to be successful in the industry, and know about what a day in the life of a consultant looks like. 
Welcome back to the MBA TALK podcast. I'm your host Andrés and this podcast is brought to you by Optness Institute where we teach advance management methodologies to MBAs.In this season I'm joined by Orestes Peristeris, Optness professor and Six Sigma Black Belt candidate, and consultant at a logistics company.This season is dedicated to talk about Management Consulting.We discuss the most common and uncommon questions about Consulting jobs, and how to get into consulting.Expect deep dives into networking, how to do it wrong and right, company discovery, culture fit, interviewing, day in the life of a consultant, the most valuable skills, receiving and negotiating offers, and much more.If you enjoy the episodes, or have a peer that's interested in Consulting, please share, like and subscribe. You can find all episodes at or Optness' LinkedIn profile.Also, if have any comments, topics or guests suggestions, I’d love if you send me an email at wait you on the next episode!
How do you define Entrepreneurship? In this episode we are joined by Eddy Zakes. Eddy is an MBA graduate 2017 and is currently working at IESE as the Director of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center at IESE Business School. We discuss how you can be part of the Startup or Entrepreneurship Ecosystem without necessarily starting your own company, when's the best time for an MBA to start a company, and the advantages of doing it after having some experience in the corporate world. With that, let's bring on Eddy!
In this episode we are joined by Johannes Burgard. Johannes is from the ESADE Barcelona 2017 Class. He is the founder of Solytic, a company in the intersection of solar energy and analytics. Solytic is currently based in Berlin. Keep listening to learn how Johannes resurrected Esade Entrepreneurship Club, how his MBA facilitated his networking efforts, and how he ended into the Energy industry.
What would your parents think if you decided to open an ice-cream shop after your MBA studies? In this episode we are joined by Rodrigo Studart. Rodrigo is from the Chicago Booth 2018 Class. He is the founder of LOWKO, L-O-W-K-O, an ice-cream brand in Brazil. Keep listening to learn how Rodrigo decided to dive into Consumer Goods, won a competition and investment from his Business School, and brought a global food trend to Brazil.
You can be the CEO of a company if build it, or... if you buy it! In this episode we are joined by Manuel de Bethencourt. Manuel is a IESE graduate from 2018. Manuel is an entrepreneur with a very curious model: entrepreneurship through acquisition. Keep listening to understand how Manuel, creates a pool of investment funds, buys established companies, and runs them, instead of building them from scratch.
Leaving the comfort of your home in Boston to move to tropical Sao Paulo, without knowing a word of Portuguese? Parker Treacy was all in for the adventure. He moved to Brazil five years ago and founded Cobli, a startup in fleet management. Parker is from Harvard 2012 Class. Keep listening to learn how Parker scaled his first company during his MBA, how was his transition to Brazil, and why Brazil is such an amazing place to be an entrepreneur.
OK so you end your MBA, you have a one-year-old kid to feed and you have no job. What do you do? For Greg, it is all about Entrepreneurship. Gregoire de Hemptinne (I hope I pronounced it correctly) graduated from IESE Barcelona in 2017 and he is a mountain lover from Belgium. Keep listening to learn how Greg founded a startup in the fashion niche, why he killed afterwards, and how he found a much better idea to work on.
Going solo or finding a partner? In this episode we are joined by Hubert Baya Toda. Hubert is from the HEC Paris 2018 Class. Hubert defines himself as a tech-entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of Leakmited, a company that predicts and locates water leaking pipes. Keep listening to learn how Hubert decided to leave a Project Management position in an Energy company, decided to find a partner instead of going solo, and how he found his partner in kind of a dating event for entrepreneurs.
Would you consider to make a big change in your career to follow your dream job? In this episode, we are joined by Adrien Stern, an ESADE graduate from the 2018 class.Adrien worked in one of the biggest European banks with digital transformation. Now he is CEO of, a music tech venture startup that collects music data by offering a digital passport for creatives.At the time of this interview, he was leading Mediarite, a music blockchain startup that connected artists directly with digital streamers and download platforms.In this interview, we will understand how did he manage to be president of an MBA club, have two internships at the same time, be a part of an exchange program in Berkeley Haas, and how he was able to make the change in his career to follow his ambition and heart to work in something that he believes.
Have you already tasted any of those burgers with plant-based meat? I’m talking about Impossible Burger or Beyond Meat brands. In this interview, we are joined by Jay Morgan Keim. He’s a UCLA Anderson graduate from 2016. Morgan is the founder and CEO of Sprouted Ventures, a consulting agency focused on helping emerging food tech brands find funding, scale revenues and enter markets. Keep listening to learn about this fascinating new food market. Read to get some of Morgan’s insider tips and warnings for new entrants. And see if you share Morgan’s approach to entrepreneurship as a way to spread sustainability in the industry.
0: MBA Talk Intro

0: MBA Talk Intro


Hello and welcome to the launch of the MBA Talk podcast! This is a podcast for MBA candidates. In this podcast we are going to explore industry trends, sectors and functions, topics related to advance your career and your next move in the job market. This podcast is brought to you by Optness. Optness is an Institute that fosters social and economic development. We do it through the promotion of the best management methodologies. For MBAs we are developing soft and hard skills courses that complements your MBA curriculum, like public speaking, influencing, advanced decision making, among others. To learn more visit In this first season, the topic is MBA Founders, or if you wish, MBAs that got into Entrepreneurship. Most MBAs go to finance or consulting, but the slice of MBA Founders is rising year after year. I interview MBAs that got into entrepreneurship during or right after Business School. The landscape is very wide. You'll hear stories of MBAs getting into blockchain to disrupt the music industry, starting an ice-cream brand, different ways to get into energy sector, Entrepreneurship through acquiring companies instead of starting new ones, the world of vegetable meat, and much more! If you enjoy any of the episodes, share it with your peers and with those interested in the topic. And please, visit to browse the episode notes, and leave comments. Otherwise send us suggestions to or through the social networks. Our goal is to discuss everything to augment your career.