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Update: 2020-01-09


Hello and welcome to the launch of the MBA Talk podcast!

This is a podcast for MBA candidates. In this podcast we are going to explore industry trends, sectors and functions, topics related to advance your career and your next move in the job market.

This podcast is brought to you by Optness.
Optness is an Institute that fosters social and economic development. We do it through the promotion of the best management methodologies.

For MBAs we are developing soft and hard skills courses that complements your MBA curriculum, like
public speaking,
advanced decision making,
among others.
To learn more visit

In this first season, the topic is MBA Founders,
or if you wish, MBAs that got into Entrepreneurship.

Most MBAs go to finance or consulting,
but the slice of MBA Founders is rising year after year.

I interview MBAs that got into entrepreneurship during or right after Business School.

The landscape is very wide. You'll hear stories of MBAs getting into blockchain to disrupt the music industry, starting an ice-cream brand, different ways to get into energy sector, Entrepreneurship through acquiring companies instead of starting new ones, the world of vegetable meat, and much more!

If you enjoy any of the episodes, share it with your peers and with those interested in the topic.
And please, visit to browse the episode notes, and leave comments.
Otherwise send us suggestions to or through the social networks. Our goal is to discuss everything to augment your career.








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0: MBA Talk Intro

0: MBA Talk Intro