DiscoverSHE CAN SEO™ | Search Engine Optimization, Marketing, Branding for Female Entrepreneurs
SHE CAN SEO™ | Search Engine Optimization, Marketing, Branding for Female Entrepreneurs

SHE CAN SEO™ | Search Engine Optimization, Marketing, Branding for Female Entrepreneurs

Author: EMILY FONTES | SEO, Search Engine Optimization, Marketing Branding for Female Entrepreneurs

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Are you intimidated by the idea of search engine optimization? If you have a business but you have no idea how to rank on search results, how to get found organically or how to optimize your website so that people choose to hire you, you are in the right place. I'm Emily Fontes and I’ve been learning and using SEO and conversion skills for 20 years. My superpower is teaching motivated DIY female entrepreneurs, web designers and VAs how to do SEO with powerful conversion, marketing & branding strategies that they can implement quickly. If you want to rank and convert on Google, Pinterest, YouTube, Etsy, Amazon or Instagram, this is the podcast for you.
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The most common word people use to describe how they feel about SEO is intimidated.Maybe that’s you.I have to admit, for a long time the SEO community profited off of perpetuating that feeling.After all, if you are too intimidated to do SEO then you either won’t be outranking them or you feel like you have to pay them. If you want to break through intimidation you have to be clear on your motivation and you have to learn the foundational SEO skill that unlocks all the other. Get my Simple SEO Keyword Toolkit:
Get free access to my entire training vault:'s connect on IG: you are a service provider or coach that uses leads forms or applications, this episode is for you. I'm going to teach you the three questions you can use on your lead forms to make the prospect pre-sell themselves before you even get on the phone.Every field you add to your form adds friction and increases the form abandonment rate. You need the right type of friction in lead forms: there is good and bad friction. In this episode I give you several examples of both.
Get more value stack examples: access to my training vault: you are struggling with price objections, low conversion rates and competitors undercutting prices in your industry, you are going to love this episode. I’m unpacking the simple strategy I use to make sure potential clients see the value in my offers no matter what the price point is.So many people are moving their services online right now and I’m hearing from a lot of you that you are frustrated with how much harder it is to sell a service online than it is to sell it in person. And I totally understand selling online is a whole different ball game from selling a service in person and making that transition can be really frustrating.It’s harder to get people to see the value. It’s harder for people to understand exactly what you do and there’s a natural lack of trust or disconnect when you sell an online service. You lose that in-person face to face component where you’re building a relationship. So what I want to do in this episode is introduce you to the concept of a value stack, which is something I actually learned from Russell Brunson who is an absolute genius at marketing.
Join me as I unpack the secret about business naming & logos that most business owners don't know and how you can fix it so that you can attract your ideal clients as simply and easily as possible!Get on my VIP list:'s connect: 
The She Can SEO podcast is officially 1 month old! Listen while I reveal the juicy launch strategy that got me to #4 in the marketing category and drove 1711 downloads in my first month with only 8 episodes. All this without a massive following to start with and only 2 weeks prep!Get in Podcast Pro University: your audio/video for $0.25 per minute:'s be insta-besties: 
Y'all loved episode 5 where I unpacked the most common SEO mistakes, so I'm back with another three SEO mistakes that entrepreneurs make and how to fix them!Compress your images: for duplicate content: the Simple SEO Keyword Toolkit: http://simpleseokeywords.comLet's me insta-besties:  
Get 50% off a Flodesk subscription: giving away access to my SEO course: episode I told you that you needed a free opt-in on your homepage. You didn’t think i’d leave you hanging did you? Today I’m going to teach you how you can create a freebie and get it on your website in less than 1 hour!Let's be insta-besties!
If you've ever been frustrated with the number of people who find your website, but don't take any action, today's episode is for you! I'm going to be giving you five concrete ways you can spruce up your homepage so that people will stick around and take the next step once they find you in search results.Grab colors from your logo: your copy of the Simple SEO Keyword Toolkit: http://simpleseokeywords.comLet's be insta-besties: 
In this episode I'll unpack the most common mistakes I see entrepreneurs make in their SEO. I'll tell you where most people go wrong and how you can fix it ASAP.Resources mentioned in this episode: with me:
I think “SEO Like a Girl” is a compliment, not an insult and in this episode I’m going to share why I think women can be better at SEO than men. I’ll explain how you can use your natural skills and intuition as females to tap into better SEO, marketing, conversion and more. Lets be insta-besties: your SEO assessment at:
In today’s episode we are going to explore why it’s highly likely your online presence is full of holes and I'm going to help you highlight the different areas you need to pay attention to. Don’t worry, almost every client I work with has holes in their online presence. The good news? It’s easy to fix if you know the strategy!!! Stick with me and grab a notebook because this is a MUST LISTEN for every single business.Lets be insta-besties: the transcript of this podcast: SEO help? Grab the Simple SEO Keyword Toolkit: 
In today's podcast I’m going to share why I believe anyone can do SEO. I’m going to lay out for you how you can begin transforming your organic reach, get found in search results, and start generating more traffic than you thought possible -- with a few, easy strategies!Let's be insta-besties: this episode as a blog post: the Simple SEO Keyword Toolkit: 
In this episode I’m going to reveal what in the world SEO even is, how I learned SEO from scratch without any tech knowledge, why SEO is so important for your business and we’ll wrap up with a mini SEO tip and homework for you.Let's be insta-besties: this episode: 
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