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Author: Matthew Boulton

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Never has there been a better time to be alive in human history. If you’re not feeling it, it’s essential that you discover why. Health, wealth, happiness, and other components of successful living are not achieved by accident. Everything has a cause. This is the weekly show that seeks and discusses impactful ideas, systems, and inspiration---the thinking---to fuel your pursuit of a flourishing, thriving life.

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What is a personal “culture” or identity? And is it ours to shape as we like, or is it determined by factors beyond our control?How did a Bob Dylan quote from an interview in Netflix’s Rolling Thunder Revue encapsulate an answer to this idea that gave Matthew to cheer?In this episode, Matthew gives a (revised) talk from his English conversation course at Hansin University in Korea, “Defining and Developing Your Own Personal Culture.” While many people today seek to find their identities in a group culture, both Bob Dylan and Matthew encourage otherwise.Watch this episode on YouTube: 'Rolling Thunder Revue' on Netflix last week's 'Mr. Bright Side': out ‘Boulton from Boulton’ podcast to this podcast on:Apple/ Spreaker/ Google podcasts/ Castbox/ Podchaser/ Podcast Addict/ Deezer/ Spotify/ iHeartRadio*If a link is not available in your area or otherwise has an issue, try another for now and come back to try again!Get involved in the conversationVisit the Mr. Bright Side Facebook page and get involved in the optimistic conversation!Learn more at or
Matthew had been feeling less than optimal for the past several months, but with one small change, his world has brightened again. The change was dramatic and almost immediate.Hear how revisiting the powerful ideas of a couple outstanding thinkers prompted Matthew to drop Facebook (almost entirely), and hear about the positive change in his life since.Learn what power there is in the question, “Does this promote my agenda?” and quiet the noise in your own life while turning up the things you love. It is a joyous place to be.Listen to Alex Epstein’s Human Flourishing Project, ep. 20: Deep Work by Cal Newport: on YouTube: more at or
Who is the imposter who grows inside us all, trying to evict us from our own bodies and lives? Why and how do we empower him?In the previous episode, Matthew discussed the importance of conviction in achieving health goals (and in all aspects of human flourishing). Here, he highlights and dissects a verse from Andrew Bird’s “Masterswarm” which encapsulates the issue and motivates Matthew when he’s on the road running.Hear why we must arrive at more clarity in our positive goals and then act with more conviction toward achieving them if we’re going to evict the would-be evictor.Listen to 'Masterswarm': on YouTube: more at or
You can make your unwanted cravings disappear. Matthew has. And he’s here to describe how.The process requires regular introspection and reflection, and it is all about conviction. One negative: that you are convinced that the unwanted thing really is toxic to your agenda, and one positive: that you are convinced of the good of your agenda.In physical health, this means understanding clearly how and why the foods and behaviors that are thwarting you are actually thwarting you, and then how and why the state of optimal health feels and is so good for you that it’s addictive.Read the article upon which this show was based: to Alex Epstein’s Human Flourishing Project, ep. 20: on YouTube: more at or
We don’t want to see our kids hurting. We certainly don’t want to be the cause of their pain or the object of their hatred. This is the fear that keeps parents and teachers from showing their disappointment, anger, or indignation to kids, instead attempting to explain things to them in a gentler way with no expression of how their actions have made us feel.But kids need to feel some emotional pain in the form of guilt or shame when they are in the wrong.In this episode, Matthew recounts an anecdote from his childhood and how his father’s indignant and angry reaction impressed the lesson in him and forged an admirable character trait that serves him still today.Read the article upon which this show was based: Boulton from Boulton special episode: on YouTube: more at or
What would embolden you to take on a suicide mission against a terrifying and colossal evil? What makes a leader? How can a leader be convincing and motivate those he proposes to lead? Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King shows us the answers.Using his famous speech at the Black Gate of Mordor for illustration, Matthew explains how a real leader “walks the walk” and motivates his troops by an appeal—not to sacrifice for a “noble cause greater than themselves”—but rather, to their own selfish values they stand to gain and wish to defend.Referring to a past article written on this blog, he breaks down the speech with passion, sharing why he thinks it is among the most powerful and moving epic battle speeches ever performed on film.Watch on YouTube: the article: more at or
We must sacrifice a lot for love, right? That's just common knowledge. Matthew disagrees. He would never sacrifice anything to anyone. And neither should you, he argues. But would he die for that which he loves? Sure. What the wha'???With the help of some lyrics from the song "I'll Fight" by Chicago alt-country band Wilco to concretize the issue (and calling upon a key scene from Ayn Rand's 'Atlas Shrugged' to drive it home), Matthew clarifies the concepts of sacrifice and love, and why "I'll die for you" is really an act of integrity in the selfish pursuit of one's highest values. Listen to 'I'll Fight": Atlas Shrugged: on YouTube: more at or
What is the source of value and production: brain, brawn, or both? How does Disney/Pixar’s ‘Ratatouille’ dramatize the answer? What does intellectual independence look like? What is Anton Ego’s motivation in being a food critic?Join Matthew in revisiting this delightful movie, as he highlights some of the moral, economic, and philosophical themes of this fun family film, focusing on three in particular. While hopefully gaining some new insight and appreciation of the dramatization of such themes, you can also enjoy reliving the magic through various clips.If you liked episode 21 on ‘The Castle,’ you’re likely to enjoy this, too!Watch on YouTube: more at or
It's not about effort. It's about mindset. We're already working hard. Our ideas make sense, else we wouldn't be doing them. What most of us need---and are missing---is a breakthrough in our thinking. Yet that breakthrough at first won't make sense...Want to know more? Listen to mindset coach Jarrod Haning, as he and Matthew discuss the following and much more in this interview full of powerful ideas leading toward that breakthrough shift:-life coach vs. performance coach-attitude vs. mindset-music and your brain-why to-do lists slow you down ("You are the assistant.") -How is stage fright related to business success?-personality tests vs. the MindScan (and how the former are dangerous)-how to uncover thinking blindspots-Operating in your "clumsy" vs. your "genius"-how to arrange your day around your "zone of genius"-mindset "pushups"-Thinking Patterns of Success-Jarrod's unusual personal accomplishmentsLearn more about Jarrod:Website: Talks:Trying Harder Won't Get You There: on Demand: surprising power of your brain on music: on YouTube: more at or
Does good etiquette lead to self-esteem? Or is etiquette just a social convention imposed upon us and a show put on for others?Learn the "meaning behind the manners," as Nita Patel distinguishes traditional and modern etiquette, defining the latter as "where outer actions and your inner awareness come together to achieve your best self."Nita always shares her passion for her artwork and why it is healing for her and for others. Website: on YouTube: more at or
Be a better version of yourself every day. This is the essential message strength & conditioning coach Jim Goetz brings to Mr. Bright Side in this wide-ranging and highly-informative interview, as he shares his experience in pro sports and beyond. He and Matthew discuss:-pro athletes mentalities & coaching-youth sports & coaching-new training methods-how to prevent injury-diet myths & fads-biohacking (and book)-upcoming Keto Project movie-chiropractic benefits & misconceptions-the "Functionised" brand-achieving the extraordinary through the consistent execution of the ordinary-What does Jim think of the Blue Jays' present and future??-much, much moreLearn more about Jim:Website: Project movie: media: Facebook: on YouTube: more at or
How does voice betray us? What can we tell in a person's voice? How can we re-connect with ourselves through voice? How can we develop and nurture a more authoritative, assertive, influential voice? Cynthia Zhai has unflinching answers, as she shares with Matthew the principles and ideas that empower her many clients. These latter are not singers, as is commonly thought upon hearing of a "voice coach," and while mostly business leaders, they include regular people looking to transform themselves into a more powerful and influential individual--with others, and within oneself. Learn how to live a life that's more fulfilled, connected, and true to yourself in this fascinating interview.Find Cynthia:YouTube: and resources: media:Facebook:, 'Influence Through Voice': on YouTube: more at or
Get educated and inspired on nutrition, health, and life. Get hopeful and excited about deliciously sweet but healthy food products created by self-educated food scientist and serial entrepreneur Thom King. This guy is really impressive.In this rich and fun interview, Matthew and Thom discuss:-Self-education on any topic-Ketogenic diet, ketosis, fasting-Autophagy and its effect on degenerative disease-Guy Gone Keto book and products (the miraculous properties of allulose)-Food labels-Presence and mindfulness-Role models (Thom's grandfather, for one)-Entrepreneurship-Why Thom likes My Morning Jacket (Matthew's personal indulgence topic)-So, so, so much moreLearn more about Thom:Icon Foods: Gone Keto: on YouTube: more at or
Everyone deserves quality education and the chance to unlock their potential. Scott Lee is on a mission to develop "the Netflix of education" so every student may have access to opportunities to find that one mentor who can make a difference in their lives. In this interview, find out how and why Gooroo was founded, and how Scott envisions connecting students with mentors who inspire, not just teach a subject. Also hear about Scott's fascinating and character-building experience in the Korean military when he went back to serve his two-year mandatory service. In Matthew's view, Scott himself is an inspiring role model for students and professionals alike, and you'll want to make sure you hear how he thinks about humility, risk-taking, failure, and taking the positives out of any experience. Check out Gooroo: out to Scott: scott@gooroo.comLinkedIn: on YouTube: more at or
How can you start to love the home you live in? Why is furniture so expensive? How important is color in a room, and how do I discover what colors I like--and where I like them? How about windows, lighting, plants, art? Phew, that's a lot. Design is expensive and time consuming, yet our homes exert an influence on us every moment of every day. To do design well, however, if you don't hire somebody, it takes a lot of strategy.Donna Hoffman, having already helped over 100,000 "Design Divas" through her courses and community, is here to educate you. In this interview, she makes Matthew a "design divo" by taking him through the fundamental strategies and logic of design. You'll be sure to want to follow Donna after this highly educational interview. Follow Donna: Website: interior design: design company handle: @idhdesigns on YouTube: more at or
Why do parents dread the "teen" years? And should they?Dr. Cam says that if you expect the worst, you get the worst. But instead, if you understand why your teens act the way they do and expect good things, adolescence can actually be an ENJOYABLE experience. Find out how teens and parents can build and enjoy a relationship of understanding and appreciation, as she tells Matthew about her P.R.I.M.E. framework and other fascinating, empowering, and encouraging insights about adolescence. Follow Dr. Cam and get a FREE first consultation: www.askdrcam.comWatch on YouTube: more at or
Ending overeating is a lot simpler than it's made out to be. This is the hopeful and confident message Dr. Glenn Livingston brings to listeners in this interview filled with helpfully illustrative analogies and colorfully-related personal stories. How do Big Pharma, the Food Industry, and Evolution play in your seeming lack of ability to control overeating? How can you quell your "inner pig"? Find out how Glenn has understood these and much more to dramatically change his own body and life, and to help his patients overcome the psychological struggles of binge eating.Get a free book and other powerful FREE resources by clicking the BIG, RED BUTTON at: link requested by Glenn: on YouTube: more at
Why are our brains hardwired to resist change? How can happy colors, music, and laughter make us more optimistic? Enjoy the ebullient but scientifically savvy Sharon Glassman as she tells Matthew about how and why she created SmileSongs, how introverts make good public performers, and what optimism and happiness require. If you need a shot of energy and positivity, this interview will set you off in the right mood for your day!Follow Sharon!Website: mailing list: @smile_songs Bright Side:Watch on YouTube: more at or
How can you unlock your resilience? How can you unblock your inner limits? How does stress empower your inner saboteur?Edita Atteck, Breakthrough Specialist, answers all this and much, much more, as she shows Matthew and listeners how to rewire our inner programming, release our limitations, and optimize our mindset.Masterclass, starting July 27th:, 'Awaken Your Inner Leader': on YouTube: more at or
Is clutter keeping you from living your optimal life? Kim Sneath is an expert clutter coach who can help you get back space (inner transformation), get back time (outer transformation), and get back to balance (life transformation).In this fun and informative interview, Kim teaches Matthew and listeners about the Chaos cycle and how to break it toward achieving Space for Grace. Kim is the real deal who gets results. See Kim's FREE ecourse, 'When Life is a Mess,' to get organized, take control, and win your life back! Her approach is uniquely effective, and this 25 minutes will be the best you spend this week: out a FREE GIFT CALL to see whether Kim can't help you take back your life: website: her Facebook group, Clutter Busters: more about Mr. Bright Side at: or
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