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Multifamily Missteps Hosted by Jerome Myers
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Multifamily Missteps Hosted by Jerome Myers

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Are you tired of the "happily ever after" style multifamily podcasts where everything goes to plan? If you are like us, you know that you learn more from mistakes and missteps than when the plan goes smooth. Join your host Jerome Myers, as he digs into the missteps of active apartment operators. In these 30 minute or less episodes, follow along as we find and analyze the blunders in one of the four areas of a multifamily project life cycle: Finding, Funding, Fixing or Flipping the project. We conclude each episode with how the issue was corrected, as well as the other valuable lessons learned.
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Occupancy drops, economic downfall, and debt policies are the uncontrollable aspects of real estate investing yet one thing’s for certain: People will do what it takes to maintain a roof over their head. In today’s episode, Darin Batchelder talks about taking advantage of loan origination processes through trading, building more wealth in real estate as compared to the stock market, and dealing with the down economy while facing low occupancy.[00:01 - 04:53] Opening Segment Get to know Darin Batchelder and how he got into real estateHow loan trading works and methods of origination[04:54 - 11:19] Watch Out for Turnovers: Factor in the Occupancy DropFactors contributing to solid multifamily loans despite down economyGetting out of the trap of the corporate ladderDarin shares his duplex story on having 50% of income gone[11:20 - 22:32] Everything Doesn't Always Go in a Straight LineFinding more wealth-building opportunities through real estate investingShifting to a better approach of establishing relationship with brokersOccupancies in the lens of the buyers and sellers[22:33 - 26:38] Closing SegmentJoining a mentorship group builds your confidence and credibilityFinal wordsTweetable Quotes:“Even in a down economy, people are paying their rent, because you know, if they're going to cut anything out, they're going to cut out entertainment, they're going to cut out, but they need a roof over their head. So multifamily loans have performed very well in both good economies, and also, you know, in downturns.” - Darin Batchelder“Everybody looks at single family and duplexes through a lens of perfection…. If I had the single family or I have this duplex, or both units are rented all year long, here's my total income here, all my expenses, here's my positive cash flow. But most people don't factor in occupancy. And then, you know, other expenses related to that.” - Darin Batchelder“Compared to, you know, investing in the stock market, my experience is that there's so much more wealth building opportunity in real estate, because of leverage, because of the tax efficiency.” - Darin BatchelderLearn more about Myers Methods of Multifamily Investing: for Myers Methods Multifamily Investing Course: more about the Mid-Atlantic Multifamily Conference: the show (
It is perfectly normal for some people to leave you and come into your life. In real estate, however, it should not be. When the people leaving your properties are more than those who come in, you should realize there’s a problem, and you need to pinpoint and address that problem fast. Luckily for Sonya Rocvil, she realized that there’s something wrong with their property and they were able to address it. [00:01 - 03:07] Opening Segment I welcome today’s guest, Sonya Rocvil Connect with SonyaLinks below[03:08 - 13:46] More People Moving Out Than Moving In How she landed in the real estate space Why their occupancy rates were not going upWhat she learned about this misstep[13:47 - 23:02 Digging Deep into The Issues Learn how to leverage bridge loans The question you should ask in closing a deal What changed in their process to make sure the misstep will not happen again[23:03 - 25:54] Closing SegmentDon’t miss these words of wisdom from Sonya! Final wordsTweetable Quotes:“You still have to be diligent and you’re screening [potential tenants].” - Sonya Rocvil“You have to be willing to really dig deep sometimes to find out the issues.” - Sonya RocvilYou can connect with Sonya by emailing or get in touch with her on LinkedIn. Check out Bedrock Real Estate Investors to acquire multifamily properties with potential economic growth and opportunities. Learn more about Myers Methods of Multifamily Investing: for Myers Methods Multifamily Investing Course: more about the Mid-Atlantic Multifamily Conference: the show (
As simple as it seems, being honest is truly key in establishing credibility and promoting healthy relationships in all aspects. Yet this idea is still overlooked with the fear of discomfort. Amy Sylvis tells us her real estate journey from taking a decade to finally break into the industry, facing devastating missteps, and suddenly having to deal with a wheelchair bound resident. This talk resonates with the concept of showing up with integrity despite the circumstances.[00:01 - 03:46] Opening Segment Amy Sylvis’s story - a decade to breaking into the industryThe truth behind real estate industry - things don’t always go as planned[03:47 - 07:59] Establishing Credibility Despite SetbackPros and cons of investing in scatter sitesThe virtue of honesty towards the seller and the brokerThe impact of switching horses too late in the race[08:00 - 19:09] The Core of Relationships: Values and HonestyEstablishing and maintaining rapport despite barriersAcknowledging discomfort in forwarding honestyNot all landlords display moral and ethical outlook[19:10 - 20:38] Closing SegmentWe can only play the cards we are dealt withFinal wordsTweetable Quotes:“It [real estate] is a hairy industry. There are definitely missteps. There are definitely things that don't go as planned.” - Amy Sylvis“It's too exhausting to be anything other than honest, it takes too much time.” - Amy SylvisLearn more about Myers Methods of Multifamily Investing: for Myers Methods Multifamily Investing Course: more about the Mid-Atlantic Multifamily Conference: the show (
I had the pleasure of speaking with a research architect at the US Army Corps of Engineers, Samuel Stidwell IV.Let’s jump into Sam’s story that failures are part of the process, and it’s a stepping stone for you to learn and be better than you from yesterday.Things you will learn in this episode:[00:01 – 04:37] Opening SegmentSam talks about his background and how his journey beganHis father was in the real estate industryMajored in Architectural EngineeringJust started in real estate recently[04:38 - 14:09] Sam’s MisstepsSam shares his missteps in the real estate businessSam talked about wanting to learn the process by doing it himself Sam shares some tips he learned from his missteps[14:10 – 19:39] Your Knowledge is Your LeverageSam talks about not having a formal education in real estateThe importance of getting formal education to prepare you into getting in real estateSam gives powerful words of wisdom that you don’t want to miss! Tweetable Quotes:“Don’t be too overconfident” – Sam Stidwell“Everybody makes mistakes, but that doesn’t mean that that’s the end of the road” – Jerome MyersYou can connect with Sam on Instagram, Linkedin, and Facebook.LEAVE A REVIEW + help someone who wants to learn more from mistakes and missteps by sharing this episode or click here to listen to our previous episodes.If you are interested in getting into multifamily or scaling your current business, hop over to our website to grab your free four-step guide on how to get the ball rolling!Support the show by following our Facebook Page ( the show (
Closing deals and finally starting your multifamily journey are milestones worthy of celebration especially when at the initial stages, but that does not mean that everyone in your side is practicing due diligence and just consideration with their roles and limitations. Dr. Erin Hudson reveals her story and reminds us of the dangers of entitlement confusion and not recognizing the red flags early on. Despite these, also witness how she moved forward from this expensive and crippling mistake that helped catapult her to success in the industry.[00:01 - 03:40] Opening Segment Get to know today’s bubbly guest, Dr. Erin HudsonHow she started out in private practice and going into real estate monopoly[03:41 - 06:48] Getting to the Finish Line for a Confidence BoostIt’s not about the deal count or the number of unitsStarting small is strategic and it may work for youBringing in partnership and capital as results show[06:49 - 22:21] Salt on the Wound Multifamily MishapConfusion on entitlement of the investors on commissionsAcquisition fee as the saving grace and the start of fearMultifamily investment is not a poor man’s gameRecognizing the red flags looking back[22:22 - 25:12] Closing SegmentBe consistent with your morning routineFinal wordsTweetable Quotes:“Just like the multifamily space, it's really about doing right for people and not being manipulative, and truly helping them as if they were your brother or sister.” - Dr. Erin Hudson“So people laugh like, oh my gosh, why did you start so small? No, it was a matter of getting strategic and it worked for us.” - Dr. Erin Hudson“If you always have your eye on the prize, which is to take care of your people and water that relationship and do good by people and do right kind of business, you will have a trough of investors and you will forever have a successful business because people will know exactly who you are and what you stand for.” - Dr. Erin HudsonLearn more about Myers Methods of Multifamily Investing: for Myers Methods Multifamily Investing Course: more about the Mid-Atlantic Multifamily Conference: the show (
Today I had the pleasure of speaking with the Founder and CEO of Barratt Asset Management, Ivan Barratt.Let’s dive into Ivan’s story of how to scale your business to get the highest Return Of Investment Things you will learn in this episode:[00:01 - 05:36] Opening SegmentIvan talks about the protests happening in the mids of COVID-19racismConnect with Ivan +317.762.2625 or see below for the links [05:37 - 14:02] Evaluate First Your Potential Partners Ivan talks about his background and his real estate journey Ivan mentions Ken McElroy who says real estate is not location, location, location. It's, it's location, financing, and partners. Ivan shares the importance of evaluating individuals and potential partnerships in order to prevent the awful mistakes he had made beforePersonality test[14:03 - 26:48]  Scaling Out Of the BedroomIvan reveals how to construct the foundation of a strong organization really good trusted attorney hired an admin or assistant much faster Ivan shares his 4 coaches in his life that you wish to listen to! Ivan shares an interesting story about the significance of having a coach in your lifeCoach is worth every penny. It’s a huge return of investmentIvan  gives powerful words of wisdom to someone like you who wants to scale a businessWhat do I have to do today, that will move the chains on where I'm trying to be TomorrowRead five to eight business books over the course of the yearTweetable Quotes: “Don't let that fear or those things slow you down” -Ivan Barratt“You gotta delegate so that you can elevate” -Ivan Barratt Resources Mentioned:  (Blog)  (Company Website)  (Personal Website)You can connect with Ivan on Facebook LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram LEAVE A REVIEW + help someone who wants to learn more from mistakes and missteps by sharing this episode or click here to listen to our previous episodes.If you are interested in getting into multifamily or scaling your current business, hop over to our website to grab your free four-step guide on how to get the ball rolling!Support the show by following our Facebook Page ( the show (
The best solution is creatively finding alternative solutions work best for solving the problem. A Donahue Baker gives tips on finding funding as a real estate developer and developing new ways of closing the deal. He talks about leveraging his network, finding alternative means for funding, and understanding business credit. A Donahue Baker is a CPA by trade but is currently a Real Estate Developer. Join A Donahue Baker as he delves into his missteps as a real estate developer, and creatively coming up with 500K to close a deal.KEYPOINTSFinding alternative means for funding Deal sourcing3 Tiers of Section 8Understanding business creditSEGMENT TIMESTAMPS- 05:00 – Misstep 1: Not having the funding. Finding alternative meanings of funding. - 13:15 – Forming strategies for success. Building and leveraging network. - 17:00 – Leveraging business credit. Get it under contract.- 23:00 – How to build business credit. Entities (LLC, S-Corp, etc.)- 26:00 – Words of wisdom."When you find a deal, even when you don’t have the money, the first thing you do is get it under contract." – A Donahue BakerRELEVANT LINKSA Donahue Baker- Website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: RECOMMENDED READS- Generational Wealth That’s The Key – A Donahue BakerSupport the show (
Many people think that the safest and the best way to keep their money is using conventional financial instruments everyone is familiar with, however, in today’s episode, Damion Lupo argues otherwise. Just because it looks safe and convenient does not mean it’s suitable or beneficial for you. In fact, maybe Wall Street is already preparing your rabbit hole of overwhelming tax. Keep your ears open and watch out for the call to action you might implement in handling your money more wisely.[00:01 - 04:30] Opening Segment I welcome today’s guest, Damion LupoHis story on financial mishaps and starting over[04:31 - 11:37] The Caveat to Better-Known Financial InstrumentsRefrain from the bondage of money and being enslaved by ignoranceWhy 401k is great for victimsComparing real estate investing, eQRP, 401(k), and IRA[11:38 - 20:43] Overcoming the Primal Fear to ShiftWhy it’s difficult to start the shiftUtilizing the right tools for better benefitDiscovering ins and outs of well-known investments[20:44 - 23:40] Closing SegmentIgnorance has detrimental consequencesFinal wordsTweetable Quotes:“It's one of three times that I've lost all my money...every one of those was about ego and ignorance. You combine the two of those things, and it's really dangerous, especially when you start making money.” - Damion Lupo “I think today, money is modern day slavery. I think people are trapped in the cage, and they don't know what to do about it.” - Damion Lupo “There's momentum, what we've always done is what we tend to continue doing because it's easier than when you start shifting. And there's a lot of energy, and there's the unknown.” - Damion Lupo Learn more about Myers Methods of Multifamily Investing: for Myers Methods Multifamily Investing Course: more about the Mid-Atlantic Multifamily Conference: the show (
Kenny Wolfe joins Jerome Myers on the Myers Methods Presents Multifamily Missteps Podcast to discuss the missteps with coordinating move outs to lift a building. We learn why he decided to bring property management in house and how to buy across the country.  Kenny shares how he jumped into multifamily by doing two passive deals and then syndicated a 76 unit.  We hear about a 2 bedroom unit with 16 mattresses in it and the pain of finding sewer breaks.Kenny believes that there isn't much difference between driving an hour and a half and flying the same distance.In this weeks show we learn about:- importance of accurate accounting- things to look for when buying a company- how to upskill your company by hiring - what happens when cash for keys doesn't work- challenges of older properties- what drove the migration to Texas- how much "cushion" is enough- what dilution of equity means- importance of being a people personIf you are interested in getting more multifamily investing education go to www.myersmethods.comSay hi to JeromeSay hi to KennySupport the show (
Facing unsuccessful deals and going through lots of issues dealing with losses along the way inexorably brings doubts not only to yourself, but also to the partners. In reality, these scenarios are part of the cycle of a business and it is just the matter of how you position yourself despite these challenges. In today’s episode, Mauricio Roque reveals his stories of missteps especially in his first deals with both controllable and uncontrollable factors, how he managed to pivot and rise through it all, the legalities and the implications of practicing due diligence, and the tactical steps to take you might consider for your next RPA.[00:01 - 04:05] Opening Segment I welcome today’s guest, Mauricio RoqueFrom selling residential real estate then to owning massive multifamily properties[04:06 - 13:03] The Caveat to Letting Fear Take OverMauricio shares his first unsuccessful multifamily dealThe disadvantage of letting fear run the courseRepercussions in changing your mind during negotiationRecognizing unreliability of brokers[13:04 - 19:56] The Recipe for Success in Real Estate PartnershipsThe fear of losing partners and potential investorsDisplaying openness in communicationNot giving up despite of tough challengesPracticing due diligence and tweaking the RPA[19:57 - 21:10] Closing SegmentPersist and get to the finish lineFinal wordsTweetable Quotes:“When I started looking at multifamily, all I heard was these perfect stories. And when I started doing all the work myself, then I started hitting walls.” - Mauricio Roque“You see all these people closing deals and I'm not closing anything. But what happened was people actually started approaching a little more and they appreciated the fact that I was putting their interest… and that they saw or they felt that I was taking care of their hard earned money. I think they appreciated it and they stuck with me.” - Mauricio RoqueLearn more about Myers Methods of Multifamily Investing: for Myers Methods Multifamily Investing Course: more about the Mid-Atlantic Multifamily Conference: the show (
Attracting partners willing to invest in deals with you is always an issue in the real estate industry. There are so many different tactics being forwarded and various principles to apply. In today’s episode, Vinki Loomba reveals how exactly she does this by showing her authentic self. From this approach, she shares the strategy of positioning yourself in a place of fulfillment, offering opportunities instead of going after a chase, and the rationale behind coming in on the beginning of a raise.[00:01 - 04:43] Opening Segment I welcome today’s guest, Vinki LoombaHow she shifted from IT, retail sales, to real estate[04:44 - 10:00] Living Your Purpose through Real EstateFilling the heart’s void and finding purposeGoing from merger and acquisitions to multifamilyVinki talks about the gaps we should avoid[10:01 - 17:18] Create Your Own Path and Live Your Own LifeWhy coming in on the beginning of a raise is much beneficialEstablish yourself in a place of fulfillment rather than chaseDon’t live the life of somebody else[17:19 - 19:40] Closing SegmentBe your authentic self. Don’t try to be someone else.Final wordsTweetable Quotes:“Nothing is perfect in this world. But again, it's up to you what you make out of the situation, because every challenge is an opportunity.” - Vinki Loomba“I would say experience is the main thing. And the more experience you have, the better you are.” - Vinki LoombaLearn more about Myers Methods of Multifamily Investing: for Myers Methods Multifamily Investing Course: more about the Mid-Atlantic Multifamily Conference: the show (
Bruce Wuollet joins Jerome Myers on the Myers Methods Presents Multifamily Missteps Podcast to discuss Bakerson's missteps on properties in Arizona. We learn the risk associated with properties that have chiller systems.  Bruce shares how they negotiated a $250,000 credit and how a strong economy made up for some of their challenges.  He also takes us through a discussion on the "valley of death" which is when you are writing checks to pay your mortgage and other obligations associated with the propertyBruce believes that you have to be a rock in uncertain times and you shouldn't let the winds of change push you around.In this weeks show we learn about:- capital calls- dilution of equity- what happens when your property can't pay the mortgage and other bills- how a strong market can save you from unexpected challengesIf you are interested in getting more multifamily investing education go to www.myersmethods.comSay hi to JeromeSay hi to BruceSupport the show (
There are aspects in real estate investing that people overlook and that involve the inclusion of insurance, assignment of benefits, and other easily missed potential additional revenue streams. With the many controllable and uncontrollable factors influencing the industry, especially these crucial times, it is beneficial to utilize risk assessment yet, as Johnny Lynum points out, we must also take action. [00:01 - 05:14] Opening Segment I welcome today’s guest, Johnny LynumHow his entrepreneurship heart led him to real estate[05:15 - 12:37] How to Utilize the Characteristics of InsuranceJohnny talks about his misstep and his solutionThe potential risk of not employing cost control approachAim for clarity - Communication is key[12:38 - 20:57] Risk Diversification in Light of Implementing StrategyWhat financial companies to consider in line with real estate servicesFeasible steps in generating additional income Where the true opportunity is in managing properties[20:58 - 24:11] Closing SegmentWhy we should not overanalyzeFinal wordsTweetable Quotes:“When you go through adversity, it sets you up for success. It's always an opportunity when you're going through some type of adversity.” - Johnny Lynum“We got to make our dreams real and you got to take action and make it happen. Because right now, nobody's gonna give it to you. You got to go out there, take action, and take what it is that you're looking for and make it happen.” - Johnny LynumLearn more about Myers Methods of Multifamily Investing: for Myers Methods Multifamily Investing Course: more about the Mid-Atlantic Multifamily Conference: the show (
The initial thought of people whenever a new property is acquired is a celebratory greeting. Although this sounds proper, John Casmon begs to disagree especially when it comes to market positioning. Also, in this episode, he talks about more tips in attracting high net worth individuals, experiencing imposter syndrome, and shifting our focus to giving value. So, why did John Casmon have this thought? Let’s listen to his story.[00:01 - 05:13] Opening Segment I welcome today’s guest, John CasmonSentiments on his email about the reality of the real estate businessTaking advantage of marketing opportunities[05:14 - 15:12] Finding Your Unique Position to HelpAttracting high net worth individualsUnderstand the investor’s challenges to filter your networkTackling imposter syndrome with a shift in focus[15:13 - 23:39] Why Celebratory Messages in Platforms is a No-NoMedium matters - it boils down to marketing positioningAiming to give value and having people think deeper[23:40 - 26:26] Closing SegmentFigure out what’s holding you backFinal wordsTweetable Quotes:“Whenever you have an opportunity to engage your audience, your network, you want to take advantage of that.” - John Casmon“It's not necessarily that you go to them and say, ‘Hey, come invest with me,’ but you want to leverage those relationships to start building out your network.” - John CasmonLearn more about Myers Methods of Multifamily Investing: for Myers Methods Multifamily Investing Course: more about the Mid-Atlantic Multifamily Conference: the show (
It goes without saying that in the real estate business, we must know how to work with people all the while determining who to work with. Trusting one company to do the works may seem to be the safest way to go, however, Cary Love points out that we must consider the possibility of inconsistent quality of services rendered, the dangers of sob stories of contractors just to flesh in more cash, and how the contact person may vanish, leaving you hanging. In this episode, Cary talks about the horror story of working with irresponsible contractors, the lessons he learned, and how he overcame these mistakes.[00:01 - 04:49] Opening Segment I welcome today’s guest, Cary LoveHow he got into the real estate business to retire at 44[04:50 - 12:07] The Dangers of not Being Hands-On EnoughWhen things aren’t going as smoothly as they seemIssues on working with irresponsible contractorsThe contact person may vanish or the quality may diminish[12:08 - 22:17] Steps to Finding Consistent ContractorsRecognizing the changing parameters in contractor workGiving chances for smaller companies to do the jobAllow time for healing  from mistakes to build a solid foundation[22:18 - 24:48] Closing SegmentCreativity solves problemsFinal wordsConnect with Cary via Linkedin: Quotes:“This has always been my fear and multifamily. When you're doing a deal, if you don't have a proven team, right, if you think you're just gonna go out and grab a contract off the street to do the turns on your property that’s got bridge financing on it, I think you're setting yourself up for failure just because you don't know if that company is going to perform at the level that you need them to perform.” - Jerome Myers“If you make a mistake, because you will make a mistake, you can look at your financial information and look at it and say, ‘Hey, in three years, what does this look like?’...’What will it look like in five years?” - Cary Love“You know, one of the things is that time has a way of healing mistakes.” - Cary LoveLearn more about Myers Methods of Multifamily Investing: for Myers Methods Multifamily Investing Course: more about the Mid-Atlantic Multifamily Conference: the show (
While the potential for growth in the real estate business is staggering. Once you are in it and witness how much you can scale, it can be tempting to keep going. That’s definitely possible, however, in today’s episode, Mike Morawski reveals his story and reminds us of the dangers of not trimming loose ends in implementing business strategies. Hear how he managed the drastic uphills and downhills of the industry from its early parts and how those impacted his life all throughout.[00:01 - 05:01] Opening SegmentI welcome today’s guest, Mike MorawskiHow he sold his business and stumbled upon real estate[05:02 - 12:16] The Significance of Information Disclosure to InvestorsThe sudden shift in the market and the 2008 bubbleMike shares his struggles as a multi-business ownerFrom being convicted for wire fraud to becoming a commendable real estate coach[12:17 - 29:47] The Repercussions of Scaling Too QuicklyThe intentions may be good, but it’s important to check on the mannerHow Mike figured out the real estate systems at the early stagesThe contributory factors to realize in building confidence before scaling up[29:48 - 27:56] Closing SegmentHow to position yourself towards proper execution Final wordsTweetable Quotes:“I had a guy walk up to me and said, ‘Hey, don't let these people beat you. All they want to do is take everything from you. And they can take your real estate, they can take your cars, they can take your business, they can destroy your family, but what they can't take is what you're made up of.’ ” - Mike Morawski “[The investors] may panic, but be willing to just say, hey, we're in business. Business doesn't always go as planned. Here's what happened. We want you to be a part of the solution. I think that's something that I think more of us can do.” - Jerome MyersLearn more about Myers Methods of Multifamily Investing: for Myers Methods Multifamily Investing Course: more about the Mid-Atlantic Multifamily Conference: the show (
Reassuring ourselves of a good deal is not as simple as determining the potential future value appraisal. It comes with consideration of varying aspects and the market cycle is one of them. David Lindahl discusses the importance of recognizing the patterns of the market and using such observations to elevate our decision-making process in property acquisition. Just as how the flow of trends goes, there exists a method to effectively evaluate deals further.[00:01 - 05:24] Opening Segment I welcome today’s guest, David LindahlHow he moved from small to big property acquisitions in the emerging markets[05:25 - 11:50] Understanding the Full Cycles of the MarketThe ultimate advantage of grasping the market transitionsWhere people go wrong in assessing the market cycleDavid shares his experience as an author and the pursuit of making his parents proud[11:51 - 29:24] Revamping Deal Selections and Finding PartnersDavid shares his first deals and finding his first investorThe heavy influence of market cycles in household formationThe dangers of disorderly inventory and lack of risk assessment[29:25 - 35:14] Closing SegmentHave the right mindset and overcoming your limiting beliefsFinal wordsTweetable Quotes:“Now, if you understand the full cycle of the markets, the four phases, the transitions, and what strategies to be using during each phase, which is explained in the book, then you can sit in your own backyard and make money in each particular phase with the right strategies. The key is recognizing the transitions. That's where people usually go wrong.”  - David Lindahl“This first deal is gonna be the hardest, you know, but if you get through the obstacles and get through your limiting beliefs and get it done, oh, it's like the sky opens up, the sun shines down, you love life gets better, and your face clears up. It's just a beautiful thing.” - David LindahlLearn more about Myers Methods of Multifamily Investing: for Myers Methods Multifamily Investing Course: more about the Mid-Atlantic Multifamily Conference: the show (
Let’s get into it to get a deep dive into some of the harsh truths of real estate and how to overcome them.[00:01 – 06:02] Opening SegmentJerome talks about his background.Three things that you want to do before you quit your job to get in real estateTo get more of that check listLink below[06:02 – 20:20] Education in Real EstateWhat Jerome went through with the banksThe importance of educationWhat should people be looking for to find the right educatorsThe importance of getting to know the person that you want learn fromFiguring out your why as a studentThe lack of diversity in real estate investing[20:20 – 32:17] Incomplete SolutionsJerome talks about incomplete solutions.How having the mindset is important but not sufficient to succeed.The importance of networks.Jerome’s talks about the context of his podcast, his conference and his course and coaching services.Contact JeromeLink below.[32:17 – 37:49] Bullseye RoundApparent Failure:Not being able to get his first deal done.Digital Resource:CalendlyMost Recommended Book:Sizing People UpDaily Habit:RunningCurious About:Interest ratesI Wish I Knew When I Was Starting:Getting educatedBest Place to Grab a Bite in Greensboro - North CarolinaScrambleContact Jerome:His podcast, details about his conference, his coaching and courses can be found at: jeromemyers.comTweetable Quotes:“The banks don’t invest in dreams. They invest in proven business plans with experienced operators.” - Jerome Myers“When you are unconsciously incompetent, your are in that space of ‘I don’t know what I don’t know.’” - Jerome MyersThank you for joining us for another great episode! If you're enjoying the show, please LEAVE A RATING OR REVIEW, and be sure to hit that subscribe button so you do not miss an episodeSupport the show (
The realms of real estate can be appealing especially in the aspect of monetary gain. In reality, there is more to it than that - it is not simply about acquiring low and selling at a high price. To experience more rewards, we must be willing to do the hard work and give value to our product. In this talk, Josh Cantwell stresses the importance of not relying on the “MVP”, recognizing that money is king, and breaking down the dangers of merely getting a deal done. And all the while acknowledging the goal of the hustle - financial freedom - and ultimately, satisfaction in life.[00:01 - 03:52] Opening Segment I welcome today’s guest, Josh CantwellHow he got into real estate[03:53 - 14:51] Realities of Attaining Financial FreedomThe meaning of financial freedom and its challenges for entrepreneursJosh talks about his deals and the threat of COVID-19The considerations in building a solid business model[14:52 - 28:48] Dangers of Rushing the DealThe real MVP in real estate investingWhat tenants truly care aboutWhy being on time yet going over budget is better [28:49 - 34:45] Closing SegmentThe truth about business - money is kingFinal wordsTweetable Quotes:“And the big challenge for every entrepreneur in today's market is to sit and think about what they're really trying to do, and realize that yesterday is gone. .” - Josh Cantwell“ You do the hard work. That's where the MVPs are at… Why is somebody gonna pay you more rent, if you're not giving them a better product? Simple as that.” - Josh Cantwell“I was passionate about what I was doing. I was loving it. So if I literally had my number calling, I was off the face of the earth that year, I would have been okay with that. Because I was doing what I love. I was having fun with it.”  - Josh CantwellLearn more about Myers Methods of Multifamily Investing: for Myers Methods Multifamily Investing Course: more about the Mid-Atlantic Multifamily Conference: the show (
Many people will tell you to trust your gut whenever you’re making a key decision in your life. In the real estate business, however, it pays to not follow your gut all the time, especially in hiring. What you should do always is doing your due diligence to ensure that you’re doing the right thing. In the case of Anthony Scandariato, he learned to not trust his gut when hiring and instead prioritize background checks to hire the right guy. [00:01 - 04:25] Opening Segment I welcome today’s guest, Anthony ScandariatoHe talks about the services their company offers [04:26 - 15:03] Hiring the Wrong Guy The truth about multifamily investing you should knowWhat Anthony learned from hiring the wrong guy Why background checks are required in hiring [15:04 - 20:08] Why Market Research is Important Should you have a bookkeeper in-house?Here’s Anthony’s experience The importance of market research in real estate Anthony gives a sneak peek on how they look at deals [20:09- 24:59] Closing SegmentDon’t miss Anthony’s words of wisdom!This is applicable for beginners and expertsFind Anthony at the links belowFinal wordsTweetable Quotes:“Don’t be afraid, regardless of whether you’re a beginner, intermediate [or] advanced, keep building out your team.” - Anthony Scandariato“It’s really the property management from multifamily that’s really the key to success, in my opinion, in this business.” - Anthony ScandariatoResources mentionedBrian LeonardIndeedYou can connect with Anthony by emailing or get in touch with him on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. Visit Red Knight Properties to grow your income and wealth from investing passively in real estate! You can also check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.Learn more about Myers Methods of Multifamily Investing: for Myers Methods Multifamily Investing Course: more about the Mid-Atlantic Multifamily Conference: the show (
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