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Let's Talk Therapy

Author: Rosemary Burns

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A podcast for the general public about what you need to know about therapy, what you thought you knew about therapy but may have wrong, and the importance of education and outreach to stop the silence and end the stigma. This will be a series for everyday people and then hopefully evolve to reach out to other therapists and mental health professionals.
50 Episodes
When it Happens To You

When it Happens To You


It feels like it has been forever since I've recorded. Let's Talk about when mental health issues happen to you or a loved one. My daughter is having significant difficulties in school for the first time and it was time to get her assessed for ADHD.
Little Rock Angels

Little Rock Angels


Finally! Let's welcome Kelly Gallaher from Little Rock Angels who is going to talk about foster care support and the programs that Little Rock Angels offer for children in foster care to help build attachment and positive relationships.
Let's talk about what happens when you have been making great progress in your treatment but all of a sudden something unexpected happens that becomes an obstacle to your continued progress.
Let's Talk about determination when a blip occurs in our lives. How do you move past, so you can move on and you don't get stuck. Join me as I recount a personal experience involving my daughter and fear.
Let's Talk about trauma and dissociation, a serious trauma response that is the main underlying theme in Wandavision. Let's talk about how Disney depicted Wanda's journey (albeit not a journey she wanted to go on) through intense and horrible grief and loss and how she resolved it. Spoiler alert.
Let's Talk about health and public safety regarding covid-19 and returning to school. If you can, Mask Up! Let's talk about the resurgence of anxiety and depression because of essentially reliving last March (hopefully we don't have lockdowns again).
Let's talk about how day to day marketing influences our decisions to buy, use, or pay attention to something. The psychology of marketing has been around for a long time and doesn't change even though the technology of how we do it does.
Just a quick follow up to the previous episode about Olympians and mental health given the news about Simone Biles.
Have you ever had to get up in front of someone and perform a speech or play? Did you experience anxiety while doing so? Let's talk about performance anxiety, burnout, and overtraining syndrome in professional athletes because I love watching the Olympics.
Tribute to my Dad

Tribute to my Dad


Let’s revisit grief as you indulge me while I reminisce about my dad.
How do you decide what you do with your money? Do you save it? Do you spend it as soon as you make it? This week we are joined with Marc Osorio, financial advisor with Gen Wealth Financial. Let’s talk about the psychology of money!
Lessons From A Dog

Lessons From A Dog


DESCRIPTION:Let’s talk about how there are no bad dogs (or humans). There’s only dogs (or humans) who have been treated badly.
Could you go 24 hours without using any sort of social media, entertainment like radio or tv? Let’s talk about the ways time gets sucked away.
The stigma surrounding mental health has gone on for far to long. Part of my responsibility as a mental health professional is to educate about and dispel misinformation or anything that attempts to perpetuate this stigma.
Self Care Revisited

Self Care Revisited


Talk Space Therapy....Is it the new revolutionary way for therapy or is it just a scam? Let's talk about it!
Let’s Talk about how the way you think affects your behaviors and vice versa. How do the most common irrational thoughts lead to symptoms of depression and anxiety? Let’s dive into the world of CBT.
How do you know if you have generational trauma? What is generational trauma anyway? Let’s Talk about how traumatic events that occurred decades before you were even alive still impact you today.
Imagine you are going about your normal day and out of the blue a horrific event happens to you (i.e. 9/11 or a riot on The Capitol). Now all of a sudden you feel unsafe, upset, angry, scared and maybe other symptoms start occurring-like nightmares or panic attacks. Let's talk about trauma and EMDR as a treatment for PTSD.
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