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Ken welcomes back Dr. Scott Chesebro. Just last week, Ken and Scott spent two days walking the streets of Hyde Park and the University of Chicago there on the South Side. Scott and Ken we classmates and fast friends, living in the city for three years and a second summer in the late 60s and early 70s. Scott became a sociologist and college professor with the Ph.D. he earned at Notre Dame. For over four decades, Scott was Executive Director of the Chicago Center for Urban Life and Culture, welcoming students from all over the country to the city he loves. They talk about their years at Chicago's famed Moody Bible Institute and the indelible imprint of those formative days. They share their faith journeys which led them in surprising but satisfying ways. Their walk through Hyde Park takes them past the homes of Mohammed Ali, Elijah Mohammed, Louis Farrakhan (friend of Malcolm X), Hugh Hefner (of Playboy, Inc.) and Barack and Michelle Obama. SHOW NOTES include links to Ken's first interview with Scott in which he tells the story of his discovery of slave ownership in his family - and his encounter with descendants whose ancestors just may well have been enslaved by Chesebros.Support the show (
For Easter Week, Ken and Carla begin on a very personal note - Carla's departed husband, Fritz would be celebrating his birthday on the day of this recording. They reminisce about Fritz who, like Ken, went o seminary and served as a pastor. Carla shares the story of their romance. The two reflect on the meaning of this season of resurrection. Turning to the headlines, Joe Biden acknowledges that the Russian assault on Ukraine is genocide. The war crimes accumulate. Ken shares his reading - Amor Towles' Gentleman in Moscow. Carla's book, The Secret Chord by Geraldine Brooks, is an historical novel that explores drama around the biblical David's life. Tiger Woods finished four rounds at the Masters. Carla brings us current on Secretary Pete and Lucy Lark. Next week, there will be a major announcement.(NOTE: This version of the audio corrects the error in the original)Become a Patron - the show
In this installment of Ken's TRUTH QUEST series,  we continue to relive the Civil Rights Tour of the South. Dr. John Perkins, author of 17 books, founder of Voice of Calvary and Harambee, and Christian activist in the Civil Rights movement welcomes our thirty-nine travelers in Jackson Mississippi. At age 92, he brings a Sunday morning message, entertains questions, and signs books. The bus goes to downtown Jackson to the Masonic Temple, headquarters for the Mississippi NAACP, SNCC, and SCLC. The group is welcomed by a group of senior citizens who were active in the Civil Rights Movement in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. They are, each one, "Living Legends." The following morning, the group arrives at the Emmett Till Intrepid Center in Money, Mississippi, a memorial to young Emmett Till who was brutally murdered and became an icon of the movement. Fourteen of the thirty-nine travelers share their reflections, ending with a beautiful dinner at the home of Alert Tate's (Founding Pastor of Fellowship Monrovia) mother.  SHOW NOTESSupport the show
In this second installment of Ken's special series, TRUTH QUEST - Exploring the History of Race in America, we launch the Civil Rights tour of the South in New Orleans.  The Whitney Plantation in St. John the Baptist Parish is a non-profit dedicated to preserving the history and legacy of slavery in Louisiana. You'll hear an in-depth description of the exhibits, displays, and elegant plantation house and how those displays impacted our team of pilgrims. In this episode, we are invited to a team "debrief," in which several share their personal responses to a history that has been hidden until now. Then Ken takes us to the French Quarter on a bustling Saturday evening in the heart of the New Orleans. Under the tutelage of master-guide, Leon A. Waters, the team wanders down the Mississippi River and Washington Artillery Park, to Jackson Square, by the St. Louis Cathedral, the Federal Courthouse, and the Slave Exchange, along the narrow streets filled with iconic architecture, surrounded by eager crowds, street vendors and musicians, lively multitudes lined up for the annual Pride Month Parade - New Orleans style.  SHOW NOTESSupport the show
TRUTH QUEST brings Ken's participation on the Civil Rights Tour of the South to his podcast. This is the first of five episodes, bringing sixteen voices (of 39 travelers) to the microphone. Each will share what motivated them to join the tour, how the history and sites impacted them, and the commitments that emerge from this quest. In future episodes, we'll visit the iconic sites, from New Orleans to Jackson to Memphis to Montgomery to Selma, and finally, Birmingham. See SHOW NOTES to meet our contributors, see our itinerary, and enjoy photos. Support the show
Ken takes ten minutes to catch his valued listeners up on what's been happening in his world and what's coming up in the podcast. He's been busy putting together a five-part series on the Civil Rights Tour. It's intended to counter the current attack on racial history in America, where CRT has been demonized and talk about race has been silenced in schools, libraries, and government agencies. Ken's working titles are "Truth Quest" or maybe "Wade in the Water."Stay Tuned.Support the show
There is a heaviness in the air - Betsey and Ken have personal connections to Highland Park, Illinois. The review events of July 4th and the horrific shooting by yet another 18-year-old with powerful weapons, legally obtained. America's obsession with guns is nothing new. The dark web is a place that glamorizes and glorifies violence. Ken talks about two California friends who visited Top's Market in Buffalo, New York, and met with a victim's family. Anger can be channeled into purposeful change. The January 6 hearings have filled in the detail with powerful witnesses who have exposed the planning which led to the insurrection. While conservatives (Fox News) complain about the disruption of Justice Kavanaugh's dinner by protesters, at the same time they downplay the assault on the US Capitol. All of this hard news seems to be prompting a positive response - we've got work to do as the mid-terms approach.Become a Patron: Pete on Fox News SundaySupport the show
Ken welcomes back Nate Manderson, the guest who became one of Ken's most popular interviews. An outspoken and deeply committed Christian, Nate writes regularly for  He's a fierce critic of the brand of conservative evangelicalism that lines up behind the former President and (his) Supreme Court. According to Nate, many evangelicals have become modern-day Pharisees. Proximity to power becomes more important than Christian character.  Nate gives his take on the reversal of Roe v. Wade. Ken and Nate share their separate experiences in Glendora, Mississippi, where Emmett Till was brutally murdered. Ken concludes that Nate's life is remarkably "Jesus-like." His writing has called out struggling pastors, wounded Christians, and curious seekers - he's an encourager and thinker of the first rank.  SHOW NOTESBecome a Patron: the show
After a break, Betsey Newenhuyse is back for Beach Talk. Ken reviews his experience on the Civil Rights Tour of the South. The Select Committee to Investigate the January 6 Attack on the Capitol called a special meeting, introducing Cassidy Hutchinson, top aid to Mark Meadows, White House Chief of Staff to the former President. Her testimony takes us into the White House as the violent attack on the Capitol as Congress convened to affirm the state-certified electors of the Electoral College. Ken and Betsey sort through the evidence. It's reminiscent of the Watergate Hearings and the breakout testimony of White House Counsel, John Dean. They also review the decision of the Supreme Court to reverse Roe V. Wade, exposing the court's conservative majority as a political friend of the "Pro-Life" political faction. It's the Federalist Society's dream come true - and more is to come. The celebration and claims that the Pro-Life movement will suddenly provide care for needy women sound hollow and disingenuous. Lucy Lark turns 6 months.  Become a Patron: the show
Ken marks a major milestone: 200 episodes since the podcast was launched in April of 2020. He reflects on the journey that has transformed his life, cemented his friendships and broadened his horizons. A good number of Ken's listeners. partners and friends check in, including Ken's life partner Carolyn who makes her debut appearance sharing her perspective on her husbands wild retirement project. Become a Patron: the show
NEW EPISODE - Ken Kemp is back! He shares his nine-day Civil Rights Tour of the South with Ken Fong and his plans to create a series of podcasts unpacking the high impact of the trip with 38 other pilgrims. Recorded just hours after the Roe V. Wade decision was announced, the two Kens take a deep dive into the issues. Justices Alito and Thomas write disturbing opinions relative to the ruling. Justice John Roberts rides the fence. The three appointees of the former President contradict their testimony in each of their hearings. Ken Fong shares his daughter's reaction and the years his church was situated directly across the street from a busy abortion clinic, with protestors at the ready every Sunday. Become a Patron - the show
While Ken is out of town, we are bringing back the BEST OF the Beached White Male Podcast.In Part II, Ken and Brian pick up where they left off in Part I, beginning with a discussion of the "persecution complex" so common in the world of religion. Brian unpacks the way in which religious beliefs can be weaponized, often causing harm. They talk in-depth about Brian's new book, Faith after Doubt, some of the characters in the stories he tells, and then we explore the four stages of spiritual development. Brian's friendship with Rachel Held Evans comes to life as well as a visit to a Christian campus that required a bodyguard. SHOW NOTESBecome a Patron: the show
While Ken is traveling on the Civil Rights Tour, he's replaying some of his top podcasts. He's also asking you to check in with your thoughts on the celebration of his 200th Episode.Ken welcomes author, speaker, activist, and public theologian, BRIAN McLAREN to the podcast. It's a rich conversation, worthy of two parts. In Part I, Ken and Brian explore the early years that informed Brian's pursuit of books, theology, the Jesus movement, Calvinism, and a pastorate that lasted 24 years. He began as a professor of English literature, but his curiosity about the world and his quest to integrate it with his faith gave birth to a series of books that have had a powerful impact on a wide audience, including the Beached White Male. SHOW NOTES. SEND MESSAGE re EPISODE 200 to KEN | Send an audio message to kenk@beachedwhitemale.comBecome a Patron: the show
While Ken is traveling on the Civil Rights Tour, he's replaying some of his top podcasts. He's also asking you to check in with your thoughts on the celebration of his 200th Episode.For five weeks, Ken Kemp facilitated a virtual discussion around the Scene On Radio Podcast series, Seeing White - all 14 episodes. All ten participants were white and represented several generations - white people exploring "whiteness" together. In this episode of the BWM, you'll hear about the TABLE TALKS project from Albert Tate, John Williams, Theon Hill, and a special word from author and activist, Brenda Salter McNeil who has just published a ground-breaking new book: Becoming Brave. You'll also hear from several Table Talk participants - Ron Mahurin, Angela Mia De la Vega, and Scott Young; and at one point, they turn the table and interview Ken. SPECIAL NOTE: Because of the disturbing current events, Ken opens with a very personal statement you won't want to miss.  Learn more from our SHOW NOTES.SEND MESSAGE re EPISODE 200 to KEN | Send an audio message to kenk@beachedwhitemale.comBecome a Patron: the show
While Ken is traveling on the Civil Rights Tour, he's replaying some of his top podcasts. He's also asking you to check in with your thoughts on the celebration of his 200th Episode.Ken welcomes back his friend John Williams, the Director of the Center for Racial Reconciliation. Recorded on January 13, after the insurrection and before the inauguration, Ken and John talk about the assault on the Capitol. John's work at the Center has put him in a position to counsel some 200 pastors, most of them white pastors with predominantly white congregations, all of whom are eager to address the issues of race. John is about  to launch a new podcast he calls Disruptive Peacemakers. The Center is also launching a second series of Table Talks. Ken will serve as a facilitator for a second time. The podcast was released just after the inauguration ceremonies - Ken pays tribute to  22 year old Young Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman and her poem,  The Hill We Climb. SHOW NOTESSEND MESSAGE re EPISODE 200 to KEN | Send audio message to kenk@beachedwhitemale.comBecome a Patron: the show
While Ken is traveling on the Civil Rights Tour, he's replaying some of his top podcasts. He's also asking you to check in with your thoughts on the celebration of his 200th Episode.d Kale, M.Div., 1963  professional kayaker, was a student at Yale Divinity School in 1961 when a generous professor funded is participation in a Freedom Ride to Jackson, MS. He was arrested, put in jail along with other men and women, black and white. Because the jails were full, he and the others (including the famed William Sloan Coffin), were transferred to the Mississippi State Penitentiary at Parchman. Ken met Ed while kayaking on Lake Superior - and then met at the historic Old Rittenhouse Inn in Bayfield, WI for an interview. They talked about their experience as seminarians, and then Ed's journey which includes his friendship with James Farmer (the civil rights champion who organized the Freedom Rides), Carol Ruth Silver (author and fellow Freedom Rider) and the incomparable author and philosopher James Baldwin. Learn more about Ed Kale in our SHOW NOTES. SEND MESSAGE re EPISODE 200 to KEN | Send audio message to kenk@beachedwhitemale.comBecome a Patron: the show
Ken tells the story of the CIVIL RIGHTS TOUR, June 2022 - Episode 200 is coming!Ken welcomes author, spiritual director, activist, and preaching minister at the University Church of Christ (Pepperdine),  Eric Wilson. The two met at a spiritual retreat for the facilitators of the Center for Racial Reconciliation where Eric led a day of refreshment and restoration around the theme of Brush Arbor. "It's soul work," Eric says. The two take us back to Eric's early formation years growing up in St. Louis, Missouri. His academic work took him from the University of Missouri to UCLA, where he earned an ABD in Theater Literature, History and Criticism. Eric's work as a Certified Spiritual Director and Life Coach contributes to this conversation filled with wisdom, insight, and authenticity.SEND MESSAGE re EPISODE 200 to KEN | Send audio message: kenk@beachedwhitemale.comBecome a Patron: Notes: the show
REPRISE: The first episode of Season 3, Ken brought back friend of the podcast, Dr. David Gushee. He had just released a new book  - Introducing Christian Ethics (release date - January 2022 ). David has just been named Senior Research Fellow at International Baptist Theological Study Centre at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.  David  will present a scholarly lecture entitled "Defending democracy from its Christian enemies." Ethics defined: Critical reflection on Human Morality. It's not just an academic exercise. It's for us all.  Gushee addresses creation, patriarchy, white supremacy, abortion, sexuality, marriage, politics, crime, and more. It's not just what we don't believe, it's about what we affirm.  David identifies covenant as a core ethical value - in both public and private life. David addresses race. Howard Thurman's work, Jesus and the Disinherited gives David a renewed sense of the identity of Jesus and a sensitivity to the marginalized - and the relationship of all this to the Kingdom of God. SHOW NOTESOriginal Release: Jan 1, 2022Become a Patron - the showSupport the show
Ken releases his Beach Talk with Betsey from his quarantine in the BWM Studios. It's been one more heartbreaking week... tragedy upon tragedy.  The shooting in Ulvade begs the question of gun laws - an 18-year-old purchases two AR 15s, with the capacity to kill scores of people in minutes.  The shooting in Buffalo begs the question of race and white supremacy. Politicians who deflect both questions are exposed for who they are. Coach Steve Kerr displays the rage many of us feel. The Governor of Texas assures the NRA that he will not give in - Beto O'Rourke confronts Governor Abbott in a press conference. While Ken does not support this namesake from George, Brian Kemp stands up to the former President and wins the Republican nomination for Governor. Ken and Betsey talk about the ambiguities of the 2024 presidential contest - can Joe Biden win a second term?Support the show
Ken and Osahon Obazuaye talk about hip-hop and one of rap's biggest names: Kanye West, who just won Billboard's top honors as a "Christian artist." Ken remembers Bob Dylan's conversion to Christianity and his classic album, Slow Train Coming (1979). Osahon names Kanye's first and favorite album - College Drop Out as the one that captured his imagination and keen loyalty. His follow-up  album, Through the Wire, was born out of a tragic automobile accident that could well have ended Kanye's life. Kanye made the general headlines with a criticism of George Bush. Kanye and his mother, a college English professor, were very close. When she died at age 58 due to a botched surgery, Kanye drifted into deep grief. The two discuss Kanye's high-profile conversion to Christianity. Jesus is King, according to Osahon, is not a high-quality album. Osahon discusses both salvation and "soul care." Donda, named for his mother, is the album that won the Billboard Awards (primarily related to the volume of sales). The Kanye West Foundation has engaged a broad range of causes, few of the right-wing. WATCH FOR SPECIAL EPISODE #200Osahon's Podcast with his friends on Kanye West - Let 'em Speak.The Pastor Adam Tyson Interview Become a Patron at 197Support the show
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