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PodFest 2020, a podcast series created by the May Fest team at The University of Aberdeen, bringing research and culture to you at home!
10 Episodes
Find out how the Human Nutrition Unit team at the University of Aberdeen Rowett Institute designs diets and feeds our volunteers as part of the human nutrition trials, and why it is so important to eat healthily.
Former First Minister Henry McLeish talks to Neil McLennan about leadership in a crisis; how Scotland's politics and parliament might change before reflecting on life during lockdown and his primary passion- football.
This podcast looks at the work of Professor Abbe Brown, a professor in Intellectual Property, and Professor Marcel Jaspars, a Chair in Chemistry, in advising policy makers who are developing a new UN treaty to conserve marine biodiversity.
PhD student Nolwazi Nadia Ncube talks menstrual activism. She launched a charity in Zimbabwe in 2015 providing sanitary wear to women and girls in Zimbabwe.



What makes us, as speakers, decide on whether to use a new word? Join PhD student Sabrina Link as she discusses the factors which might influence a word’s success or failure, what makes a word attractive to speakers and what impact real-life changes have on our vocabulary.
Join Scottish author Jane Alexander as she talks to Helen Lynch about the imaginative possibilities of speculative fiction, what draws her to writing about technology, the challenges of writing about virtual realities and what such stories can tell us about our present day.
Using records held by NHS Grampian Archives, Fiona Musk an Archivist at NHS Grampian, looks at the history of the project to relocate three hospitals to one site at Foresterhill in Aberdeen.
Film and TV producer Chris Young talks to Alec Macdonald, the Gaelic voice of Daddy Pig, about his work transforming Gaelic narrative tradition into film.



Bryan Angus, Martin Malone and Pete Stollery (collectively now known as Northlife) present work in progress on the project that was set up at May Fest 2019.
PodFest 2020 Trailer

PodFest 2020 Trailer


Brought to you by the May Fest team at the University of Aberdeen; PodFest 2020 is coming soon - Bringing research and culture to you at home!While so many of us are unable to go out to enjoy live events and festivals this summer, we will bring some of the interesting topics and discussions you would normally enjoy at MayFest, to you in your living room, bedroom or even bath.... to listen to at your leisure.We hope you enjoy the variety of topics covered from ‘Sharing the Benefits of the Ocean’ to ‘The transformation of the Foresterhill NHS campus in Aberdeen, and even some nutritious cooking tips to follow in lockdown.For more information check out the original May Fest website to discover the series of 9 podcasts as they are released from Friday 29 May onwards.
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