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Café Connect brings you the latest research from the University of Aberdeen. In this podcast series, we meet different researchers who will talk about their work and its relevance to our everyday lives.
10 Episodes
A conversation with Dr Chris Croly, Public Engagement Manager and Dr Malcolm Harvey, Lecturer in Politics and International Relations. In this episode the discussion is around events after the recent US Presidential election and the inauguration of Joe Biden as 46th President of the United States of America. The discussion touches on the election process, the events of 6 January, the future of the Republican Party and the second impeachment of Donald Trump.
The Right to Food

The Right to Food


A conversation with Dr Chris Croly, Public Engagement Manager with Dr John McKenzie, Research Fellow, Rowett Institute. In this John discusses his latest research into food insecurity in Scotland and proposed policies for a right to food.
An exploration of the history and significance of King’s College Chapel – one of the best loved buildings in Aberdeen. Transcript available online:
Leading figures from the University of Aberdeen and NHS Grampian discuss and reflect on how they combined their expertise and worked together to analyse emerging Covid-19 data and define NHS Grampian response to the pandemic. Download the transcript to this episode:
Future of Work

Future of Work


Chris Croly, Public Engagement Manager and Professor Donald Hislop, chair in the Sociology of Work and Technology discuss the future of work. Work has been constantly changing with new technology and home or teleworking has been revolutionised recently. This podcast will look at how this has happened and examine the impact of Covid-19 on homeworking. Download the transcript for this episode at:
A conversation with Chris Croly, Public Engagement Manager with Neil Curtis, Head of Museums and Special Collections. This episode looks at research which has been done on aspects of the rich museum collections held by the University of Aberdeen. Recent research projects have engaged with pre-historic beakers, skeletal evidence and more to offer tantalising glimpses into life in the north east of Scotland 4000 years ago.
This conversation will unpack some of the details of daily life in Aberdeen over 500 years ago.
We’ve all heard about asymptomatic or healthy carriers in the current Covid-19 pandemic but this is not new. We will talk about the historic “Typhoid Mary” case and discuss the implications of isolation for public health and social conditions.
A conversation with Chris Croly, Public Engagement Manager with Rob Donelson, Executive Director of Advancement and Professor Bill Naphy, on the University of Aberdeen's 525 Alumni of Achievement Project.
The NHS in Scotland is deciding whether and how to adopt whole-genome sequencing as a routine test to diagnose genetic conditions. In this podcast, our guests examine the science underlying whole-genome testing, discuss the challenges and limitations of this approach and address some of the questions that still remain.
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