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“When you wake a teen up at 6 AM, it’s like waking an adult up at 3 AM.” That’s Kari Oakes, a healthcare reporter and founding member of Start School […] The post Experts Agree That It’s Time to Start School Later appeared first on WORT-FM 89.9.
Today, host Ali Muldrow continues her special Reproductive Justice Month programming with a show about forced sterilization and the intersection of race, disability, confinement, and reproductive rights. Our guest is […] The post On America’s Dark and Not-So-Distant History of Forced Steriliza... appeared first on WORT-FM 89.9.
If you live in south-central Wisconsin, chances are you have spent time at one of the lakes along the Yahara chain of lakes, which includes Lakes Mendota, Monona, Wingra, Waubesa, […] The post The State of the Lakes, Summer 2022 Edition appeared first on WORT-FM 89.9.
Last week, right-wing radio host and prominent conspiracy theorist Alex Jones was ordered by a Texas court to pay out nearly $50 million in punitive damages for his insistence that […] The post Alex Jones and the Right-Wing Media Machine appeared first on WORT-FM 89.9.
“We need to stop calling the MAGA movement conservative,” says historian and education activist Alan Singer. “There is nothing conservative or traditional about [Trump’s followers]. Those labels just provide a […] The post The Conservative Movement, Five Years After Charlottesville appeared first on WORT-FM 89.9.
Every August, the city of Madison has a big housing turnover, with many downtown leases starting on the 15th. This makes for hectic and crowded move-in/move-out days, to say the […] The post What Madison’s Updated Rent Abatement Program Means for Tenants appeared first on WORT-FM 89.9.
Even before this summer’s landmark Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade, many pregnant patients were not receiving the care they need. Cultural, social, and economic environments shape how people […] The post All Pregnancy Care Just Got Harder appeared first on WORT-FM 89.9.
When writer Melissa Faliveno went to fill out her tax forms one year, she paused at the marital status checkboxes. She wasn’t married, but as someone in a long-term partnership, […] The post The Changing Meaning of Being Single appeared first on WORT-FM 89.9.
As we approach the 77th anniversary of the U.S. nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, host Esty Dinur spends the first part of today’s show discussing the current and ongoing […] The post Peace Activists Say No to Nukes on Hiroshima Day appeared first on WORT-FM 89.9.
Yesterday was the third anniversary of the 2019 shooting at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas that left 23 dead and 23 injured. The shooter was a far-right extremist and […] The post Martín Espada on Remembering the Mass Shooting in El Paso appeared first on WORT-FM 89.9.
Wisconsin’s partisan primary election is coming up next week on Tuesday, August 9. Polls are open from 7AM to 8PM. For today’s show, Wendy Hathaway, executive director of the League […] The post Voting in Wisconsin? Here’s What You Need to Know. appeared first on WORT-FM 89.9.
“I’ve never seen you in a shirt that doesn’t say ‘abortion’ on it.” That’s Tuesday host Ali Muldrow talking to Lizz Winstead, founder of Abortion Access Front. With the overturning […] The post The Fight for Abortion Continues appeared first on WORT-FM 89.9.
This summer, no continent has escaped extreme temperatures. Heat waves in the Pacific Northwest and Europe have been making headlines, but places all around the world are experiencing record-setting high […] The post Heat Waves Are on the Rise. How Do We Survive Them? appeared first on WORT-FM 89.9.
The recent disappearance and murder of British journalist Dom Phillips and Brazilian Indigenous advocate Bruno Pereira in a remote area of the Amazon rainforest is part of a longer history […] The post Environmental Crime in the Brazilian Amazon appeared first on WORT-FM 89.9.
Back in April, the Hermits Peak and Calf Canyon Fires merged to become a massive “megafire” that blazed across 534 square miles of New Mexico’s Southern Rocky Mountain front. Today […] The post Megafires and Floods in the Age of Climate Change appeared first on WORT-FM 89.9.
For the last two decades, Sondy Pope has represented District 80 in the Wisconsin State Assembly. However, earlier this year, Pope announced her retirement and is leaving the seat for […] The post Meet Chad Kemp and Doug Steinberg for State Assembly District 80 appeared first on WORT-FM 89.9.
According to 2021 a study by UCLA, more than a million adults in the US identify as non-binary. However, their stories are often not shared or told in their own […] The post Exploring Non-Binary Identity with Author Dianna E. Anderson appeared first on WORT-FM 89.9.
Tomorrow marks the 32nd anniversary the Americans with Disability Act. Since its signing, the ADA has open doors for folks of various disabilities. On today’s A Public Affair, guest host […] The post Intersectional disability studies with scholar Jo Hsu; then Disability... appeared first on WORT-FM 89.9.
After a presidential election in May where no candidate secured at least half the votes, Gustavo Petro won the run-off election. His win makes him the first left-wing candidate to […] The post Reflecting Colombian Elections and Beyond with Andrei Gómez-Suárez appeared first on WORT-FM 89.9.
Zayd Ayers Dohrn born to radicals and organizers in the Weather Underground organization. In 1970, years before becoming Zayd’s mother, Bernadine Dohrn was the most wanted woman in America. Now […] The post Growing up in the legacy of the Weather Underground with Zayd Ayers Do... appeared first on WORT-FM 89.9.
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