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Interview with Parkour UK Development Manager, Chris Grant. A special episode going into detail about how to become a qualified Parkour coach in the UK! What different levels are there? Where are the courses? Who do you need to contact? All this and more with the emphatic Chris Grant. You can find Chris here: @chrisgrantgla Parkour UK @parkouruk And myself @samcoppack
Interview with London coach and practitioner, Posy Brown.Another uplifting voice in the women's scene. Posy has half a decade of training behind her and is now a Level 1 Qualified Parkour coach working in London. We discussed why women-only classes are beneficial, her love of the International Womens Parkour Weekend, and her recent joy in discovering Budokon yoga.You can find Posy here:@posykbAnd myself@samcoppack
Interview with Esprit Concrete coach and practitioner, Lou Wong.After a fascinating previous talk with Kasturi Torchia (Lou's mentor), I've been keen to learn more about the Esprit Concrete method. Here Lou and I discuss how she got involved with this method, her thoughts on identity and how her passion for dance has integrated with her ADD practice.You can find Lou here:@louiseannewongEsprit Concrete@espritconcrete
An on-the-road interview with Grimsby coach, Jake Harris!This one was hatched spontaneously after a sweat soaked 4 hour training session in the new Grimsby indoor Parkour Park. We talked about Jake's early involvement in Urbanfreeflow, the Northern scene and how this new gym was built. Many thanks Jake.Jake@jakecharrisTeam Reality@teamrealityltdMe@samcoppack
Interview with Markus Dell from Fifth Unit, a team based in Surrey, UK.As there are so few Parkour podcasts, I want to reach out and connect with people like Markus, who helps run the Fifth Unit podcast on Spotify.We hit a nice tone in this episode and went a bit deeper into North/South divides, localised inspiration and his 'Solo' video. Markus and the boys clearly have a love for the sport and I really respect their simple joy for moving and making content.Find them here:@fifthunitparkour myself here:@samcoppack
Interview with Stephen Mitchell, who was Chair of Parkour UK for 9 years.Like the podcast? Support me here:'s Classic:Julie Angel - Jump Westminster discussed:00:41 - 9 years...has it felt like a long time?02:17 - How did the initial Parkour UK talks come about?05:45 - Has Parkour philosophy spoken to you?08:45 - Has public perception of Parkour changed over 9 years?12:35 - Is posting spectacular content a self-fulfilling prophecy?18:53 - What key moments stand out in your mind?23:04 - What's the difference between Parkour UK & Parkour Earth?25.33 - Has being involved with the Parkour community affected you personally?30:57 - What are your thoughts on the attitude of the practise?34:37 - Would you have done anything differently?36:58 - Can traditional sports learn from Parkour?43:41 - Is Parkour UK in good hands?48:18 - What does the future look like for Mitch?51:57 - What advice would you give to young people interested in Parkour community work?Go follow Parkour UK: say hi:
Interview with Viennese Kiwi, Lisa Schneider.Like the podcast? Support me here:'s Classic:Monkeeeyman - Run Hard 2011 discussed:Lisa's Origin storySqvadronArt of Motion 2021Mind/bodyDouble Catpass adviceTrampoline coachingAllowing students to be sillyTeaching beginnersConnecting with the dance communityMC's!Being coachedBeing tall in ParkourKowhai Tribe & PicklesAustrian Image CampaignHelping the New Zealand communityGo follow Lisa: say hi:
Interview with Irish bogey, David Willis.Like the podcast? Support me here:'s Classic:Glenn Pickles - Its a video of Jumpin in 2016 discussed:BlanchardstownSpots...or People?Music & Parkour2019 Northern Skill & Speed CompSplat BacksIreland's coaching sceneStructured & Unstructured communityDavid's QR Code ideaStoring clipsBBC's Rush Hour advertThe potential of different video formatsRugby mentality crossoverInstagram Q & AGo follow David: say hi:
Interview with MPO athlete Orane Florinda from Marseille, France.Support the podcast here:'s Classic:ANTHOW - PARKOUR MIRAMAS (2011) Apprenez un peu de français! We discussed:Northern Lights & NorwayRed Bull Al AndalusBeing coached by Harrison FernandezLifting, founders, ADDHow is the French scene?Language barriersMPO & 4TLOMOrane's coachingPretty Parkour online competitionInstagram Q & AGo follow Orane: say hi:
Kicking back with Callum Tinsdale and Connor O'Donnell from Hive.Coppack's Classic:Ben Tiley - Raw Trainings discussed:The name 'Hive'Being tall in ParkourBody type excusesWorcester CommunityYork content trainDom's kong frontCould your best clips dissuade people from trying Parkour?Helping Pretty ParkourPlay as an antidote to anxietyTutoREELSBristol sceneGentpower & HectorA police win storySpots...or people?Go follow Hive: the podcast: Questions? Come say hi
Available to watch here! 3 hour special with two of my biggest inspirations.This podcast is free to listen to, but if you enjoyed watching and want to support me, you can do so here: Classic:Callum Powell - Summer Video your drinks and snacks.We discussed:03:40 Social media funnelling07:11 Callum's book & definitions25:40 How the founders trained, changes, orientation37:14 Would Daniel Ilabaca start Parkour now? 40:46 Parkour as a cultural boiling point45:40 - Klickstein, fringe Parkour and messiness49:09 - Sams music analogy and Parkour sub-genres55:00 - Are there bad motivations in Parkour?57:05 - What is success in Parkour?59:33 - Flynn's change of training1:04:25 - Parkour, Spontaneously?1:09:02 - The T-Shirt Rant & Coaching sustainability1:13:09 - Parkour business, University & Competence1:19:25 - Flynn's Online Exploration Group and providing value1:29:00 - Callum's Newhaven heartbreak 1:31:45 - Is Potential the Jesus Christ of Parkour?1:37:00 - Callum's Alchemist Story1:40:12 - Orthoganal Pedagogy1:46:45 Jack Sparrow's Compass1:48:40 - Is coaching Parkour in groups suboptimal?1:56:23 - Instagram Q & A2:41:39 - Bindthebutler2:47:59 - Vulnerability 2:55:26 - London Parkour scene & Tragedy 3:00:00 - Highest value & Resonance3:04:17 - Thank you, sorryGo follow Callum: follow Flynn: say Hi
Interview with Howard Palmer, a.k.a Cosmonaut, a.k.a @parkoursblackequity.Intro Classic:Daniel Arroyo - Lost But Never Alone listen to the passion of this man.We discussed:Working 3 jobsIssues with CoachingBeing the bestRacial InvisibilityDealing with frustrationWisdomSam finding his voiceDaniel ArroyoIndoor vs OutdoorSelf expression confusionThe history of your practisePodcasting & platformsRace & attentionSankofaCoaches as leadersLuke AlbrechtAudience QuestionsEurope vs American mentalitiesStrong to be UsefulParkour lineage & Krishna MurtiLegacyWhy does Sam love Parkour?Go show Howard some love:@blackstranaut Black Cosmonaut Podcast Hi:@samcoppack on Youtube:
Interview with Philly based coach and practitioner, Pat Carbajal.Intro Classic:Max Henry - 5 Years Training a few questions at this cool customer to juggle with.We discussed:'Living the questions'Finding ParkourJugglingThe sound & rhythm of movementEye movementBack & Meniscus injuriesHelping students gain autonomy Contacting a new facilitySam's emotional student Bouncebacks & CranesMapping the Coaching ExperienceTough conversationsHow would your own classes feel?Pushing coachesPat's advice for coachesPat's letter to himselfSam's view of a good coachAudience questionsGo follow Pat:@pat_carbajal hi:@samcoppack
Interview with exercise therapist and personal trainer, Eddie Ingram, a.k.a alpha.chimp.Intro classic:Street Media x Leeds Boys - Down for the Cause to finally cross paths with a man who claims his ankles are un-sprainable! ;)We discussed:SorsariTreasureParkour training patternsEddie's ankle adviceEddie's Big 5YogaEfficient trainingEddie's Functional Movement Pyramid'It depends'Cartwheels as a doorwayShort vs long term progressionEngramsPowerlifitng, CalisthenicsTim Shieff & Way of the RopeInstagram questions(Hypermobility, Anxiety)Sam's Hamstring problemGo check Eddie out:@alpha.chimp in touch@samcoppack
An interview with Leeds Level 1 Coach and practitioner, Hugo Knowles.Intro Classics:Daryl Stingley - Trials Morales Yang - Controlled Descent better than getting to know someone better who you've only seen occasionally over the years!We discussed:SwahiliCan Parkour influence other sports?Sam's drama ideaDavid Banks, UkemiHugo's big scholarshipObsidian GatheringSam's rant on Trials MoralesMinority groups in ParkourHugo's Parkour presentationsDanger and riskDanish architectureWe have so much to give!Project Z & Street Monkeys GymGerlev Parkour GatheringParkour Generations: RendevousHugo's aspirationsCheck out Hugo: me up:@samcoppack
An interview with Esprit Concrete student and coach, Georgia Munroe.Intro Classic:Julie Angel - Movement of Three deeper psychological dive into just a few topics on this one. Definitely worth a listen if you enjoyed my previous episodes with Kasturi and Lou! Quick thanks to the Leader of The Free World for the intro soundbite.We discussed:RollerskatesEsprit Concrete mentorshipKillthebrain & RacethebrainTransferabilityParkour & GreedSelf & DarknessSam's 'Anger Point' observationDoing something harder, to do something hardPerception & the Imax Running PreAudience QuestionsGo follow Georgia:@georgia_munroe_pk
An interview with the frustratingly humble Canadian practitioner Tamila Ben, a.k.a tamwithacam.Very privileged to speak with my Parkour heroine.We discussed:Sam's facial hairGatineau CityTams 10 year videoTams animationRevisiting spotsEnglish and French languageTams first jam in France with 40 blokesLearning kongs in childhoodEarly inspirationsTraining in publicStorror & HazalParkour projectsDrawing whilst listeningSams challenge for TamTams secret shoutoutTams coaching experienceTeaching your family ParkourP'tites niaiseries à terreAge & DomHorse riding & ankle flexibilityTams flow processFrazthewizard & RemedyDaryl & ReneAudience questionsCheck out Tam here:@tamwithacam myself:@samcoppack
Interview with Barry He, a.k.a pkdegen.Apparently he can actually coach, so I thought I'd invite him on as a filler episode.Intro:Greg Ennis - Shots FiredBig L - Platinum Plus (Instrumental) discussed:Chris GraystonParkour lineageCoaching with Greg EnnisNightscape and walls sitsKie Willis on Swapping ShoesPkdegenSketch processJosh Dohy & standupHumour in coachingHumour in bailingParkour GenerationsParkour TerminologyThe potential of coaching girlsNova CitySouth/NorthGetting schooled by Danny IlabacaChris IlabacaSAM GETS ROASTEDSam's Asian heritageAsian hate crimesSpotify analyticsAppropriately, there were no audience questions.Oh, apart from one he sent from himself.pkdegen@pkdegen He@barryh93 the ep? Reach out@samcoppack
Interview with Team Phat member, Devon McIntosh.Intro music..?I got a message from Flynn:'Please get Devon on your podcast. I think he'll have some nuanced opinions about Parkour and coaching.'And he did! What an exciting new talent and positive individual. We discussed:Intuition & muscle memoryLearning 360sDevons mad 360 at BarbicanFalling as an alternate realitySam's death drop trainingRest & low impact styleStorror x Phat?180 divesDevon first getting into the communityJoe Alvey, Greg EcklesImportance of welcoming newbiesCoaching with PkGenPhat coaching classesPhat mantrasBelief & DoubtThe Parkour LookAudience questionsRanting on music and ParkourDevon@devon_phat Phat@team_phat
Interview with Yoga instructor and Parkour practitioner, Olive!Intro music classicVideo: Callum Powell - 2011Beat: Spectac & 9th Wonder - Lounge (Instrumental)After debating Luis Alkmim about yoga and weight training, I thought it would be great to investigate further by bringing a Yogi onto the podcast. This one flowed really well and contains some wicked stuff on breathwork, mental challenges and coaching different numbers of people.We discussed:Working with Vice and lockdown lifeIs there harmony between Yoga and Weight training?Comparing methods for longevityComparing gender ratios in Yoga and ParkourOlive describes a mental challenge in ParkourSam's recklessness ideaDoes fear exist in Yoga?Pranayama & Neti PotNasal CyclesBreath and ill healthGuidance from Callum PowellPartner/coach dynamicPassive aggressive Yoga teachersIndividual vs Group teachingHow can we make spiritual practises palatable?Go follow Olive podcast
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