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The Teamwork Advantage a Gregg Gregory Podcast

Author: Gregg Gregory, CSP

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Welcome to The Teamwork Advantage, a Gregg Gregory Podcast. Informal and insightful conversations with professionals and experts in the TLC arena - Teamwork, Leadership, Culture. A must-listen program, where we take you inside the mind's of these experts to discover actionable insights to be a stronger team member, a more effective leader, and enrich your team's culture.
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Unlock the secrets to understanding and transforming your team's culture in this thought-provoking episode of The Teamwork Advantage. Explore the concept of team culture as a dynamic entity that evolves, influenced by external factors and internal dynamics. Gain valuable perspectives from Brett Putter, CEO of Culture Gene, on navigating the complexities of modern-day cultural dynamics, including managing multiple, potentially conflicting cultures within a single team. Join us and discover the critical difference between implementing policies and crafting strategic cultural initiatives, and learn practical strategies for fostering a cohesive and adaptive organizational culture that thrives in today's rapidly changing work environment.Turn your Managers into Hybrid Work Leaders with the Culture Gene Training Program. Equip your managers with the hands-on tools, framework and knowledge they need to lead their hybrid team to success, no matter where they're working from. Learn more: To learn more about Brett and Culture Gene, connect with him on LinkedIn and visit the Culture Gene website!
In this episode of The Teamwork Advantage, Performance Science expert Dr. Carla Fowler brings a fresh perspective on individual performance and motivation, akin to how athletes train for peak performance in their sport.  Blending her unique background in medicine and psychology, Dr. Fowler shares why aligning your work with your passions is crucial for success, and uncovers hidden secrets about yourself that can transform your performance. If you spend 80 hours a week on something, shouldn’t that time be spent on something you enjoy? Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain access to leadership secrets that will propel your team to success and empower you to become a more effective leader!Dr. Fowler has graciously included a free resource, “The 8 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Coach (and how to avoid them!),”  to help you find a coach and avoid common mistakes. For more information on Thaxa and to download the free coaching resource, click here! 
Welcome to The Teamwork Advantage! In this episode, Gregg is joined by chiropractor and stress management expert, Dr. Amir Rashidian. Together, they explore the profound impact of workplace stress and unveil practical strategies for its management. Dr. Rashidian, with his unique perspective, emphasizes the vital link between physical and mental well-being, offering actionable steps for leaders and team members to foster a healthier work environment.Discover the intersection of chiropractic care, stress management, and effective teamwork as Gregg and Dr. Rashidian navigate the challenges posed by workplace stress. Through real-life examples and anecdotes, they make this content relatable and actionable, inspiring our audience to take charge of their well-being. Join us as we unlock the secrets to a healthier and more harmonious workplace.For more on Dr. Amir Rashidian, connect with him on LinkedIn!
Embark on a thought-provoking journey into the realms of ethical leadership with Joe Thomas, Director at the Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership at the US Naval Academy. Ethics, extending beyond moral philosophy, encompasses applied ethics and the pivotal role leaders play. In this enlightening episode, Joe expertly distinguishes leadership from ethics, emphasizing their unique aspects and the necessity to avoid interchangeable use.Dive into the profound concept of "The Stockdale Paradox" coined by Jim Collins in "Good to Great," poised to elevate your understanding of leadership dynamics. Moreover, uncover the compelling vision of the Stockdale Center, designated to "Serve as a Beacon for the Nation," shaping ethical leadership not only for the military but for the entire nation. Joe's insights promise to broaden your horizons, inspiring ethical integration into your personal leadership journey.To learn more about VDAM Stockdale’s biography at the USNA, visit:  To learn more about Joe, visit his LinkedIn.Hit that subscribe button to stay tuned for more enriching dialogues on Teamwork, Leadership, and Culture!
In this enlightening episode of The Teamwork Advantage, Chris Caldwell, CEO of renewable energy company United Renewables, masterfully illustrates the powerful correlation between climate change and teamwork, shedding light on the dynamic relationship between these two crucial elements. Through thought-provoking insights, Chris highlights the immense significance of sustainability in fostering success within teams across all organizational levels.In the pursuit of creating thriving teams, Chris underscores the paramount importance of aligning various stakeholders, ranging from investors and colleagues to vendors and beyond. The harmonious integration of diverse perspectives and objectives creates a sense of purposeful unity, leading to happier stakeholders throughout the organization.Chris presents innovative and effective strategies to tap into employees' personal purposes and passions, igniting their intrinsic motivation. Granting time off for employees to pursue projects that resonate with their hearts, such as engaging in school initiatives or ecological projects, fosters a deeper connection between the employees and the organization. This approach enriches the work environment and nurtures a sense of purpose that goes beyond financial gains. Chris emphasizes that purpose-driven teams can coexist with profitable business ventures. By harmonizing purpose and profit, organizations cultivate a positive and impactful culture that attracts talent and enhances overall performance.Sustainability emerges as the cornerstone of team success, supported by the alignment of stakeholders and an unwavering focus on purpose-driven initiatives. As organizations strive for sustainable growth and happiness, Chris's unique and insightful strategies offer a promising path to a brighter future, where purpose and passion pave the way to success.
In this captivating episode of The Teamwork Advantage, we are joined by Mike McFall, CEO of the prominent regional coffee house, Biggby Coffee, as he shares his incredible journey. Despite achieving financial success, he felt unfulfilled, prompting a profound realization. Mike's insights offer valuable lessons in personal success and cultivating a thriving team environment. From CEOs to team leads, his principles resonate deeply, guiding us from the GRIND to GROW.Purpose takes center stage in Mike's philosophy as he connects it to culture, driving a shared sense of meaning and mission within his organization. Genuine success, he believes, transcends financial gains, extending to a positive impact on employees and the community. Mike emphasizes conscious capitalism and demonstrates how businesses can responsibly thrive without compromising values.A conscientious leader, Mike empowers his team, understanding their aspirations and nurturing their growth. Practical strategies for establishing a purpose-driven culture are shared, emphasizing stakeholder involvement in decision-making. Mike's passion for people and commitment to principles inspire listeners to redefine success beyond monetary achievements.In a world fixated on financial milestones, Mike's journey reminds us of the true path to fulfillment. From financial success to profound contentment, his transformation ignites the pursuit of purpose and passion in work, propelling us to make a meaningful impact on the world around us. Let's unite, fueled by purpose, and brew success together.For more on Mike, visit his LinkedIn profile!
Welcome to "The Teamwork Advantage" podcast, where we explore the intersection between Teamwork, Leadership, and Culture. In this episode, Kelly McGinley brings extensive experience in the non-profit and education sectors, as well as a profound knowledge of project and process management, shedding light on the crucial topic of meetings. Discover the three types of challenging team meetings: the Traffic Jam, the Runway, and the Bottleneck. As you tune in, you'll identify which of these meeting types resonates with you and your teams.Kelly emphasizes the importance of assigning a purpose to every meeting and implementing a progress measuring tool. In addition, Kelly shares her thoughts on the correlation and distinction between process management and project management, leaving you pondering the potential impact of these insights on your future endeavors. Brace yourself for an engaging conversation between Kelly and your host, Gregg, as they navigate the intricacies of team breakdowns. Join us for an informative and fast-paced discussion that will revolutionize the way you approach meetings and team collaboration.For more insights from Kelly McGinley, visit her LinkedIn profile!
Welcome to "The Teamwork Advantage" podcast where we explore the realms of Teamwork, Leadership, and Organizational Culture, uncovering the secrets to creating high-performing, successful, On-Purpose Teams. In this engaging episode, we have the privilege of hearing from Joey Havens, former executive partner of HORNE, a top 25 accounting firm known for its trust and discipline.Joey Havens led a team of over 1,800 members in building what he refers to as a Wise Firm©, with a magnetic people-first culture at its very core. Harnessing the power of culture, HORNE achieved remarkable growth and success under Joey's guidance.During this enlightening conversation, Joey shares his insightful philosophies on leadership and crafting a magnetic culture that transcends industries. Drawing wisdom from his book, "Leading with Significance," he highlights the importance of surpassing a good culture and striving for a magnetic culture that attracts and retains top talent.With a strong emphasis on vulnerability and trust, Joey provides practical and actionable advice applicable at all levels within your organization. Be prepared to take notes as Joey shares real-life 'to dos' that you and your teams can implement to enhance leadership and foster a magnetic culture.Don't miss the chance to transform your leadership approach, create a magnetic culture that drives lasting success, and gain invaluable insights from Joey’s wealth of experience and wisdom. Find Joey’s book on Amazon!
Today, we break the mold by featuring a guest who combines the worlds of anthropology and technology. In this episode of The Teamwork Advantage, Alison Hunter shares insights on the power of storytelling to build vulnerability, trust, and engagement within teams. By understanding the stories of team members, leaders can create a culture that leads to everyone being passionate about the team's mission and build a successful, On-Purpose team. Alison's unique background as an anthropologist and tech enthusiast allows her to provide a fresh perspective on teamwork, leadership, and culture. Throughout the episode, she shares practical tips for how to effectively utilize storytelling to enhance team dynamics and foster a sense of shared purpose. Listeners will come away with a better understanding of how to create a culture of trust and collaboration, and how to tap into the power of narrative to drive organizational success. To learn more about Alison, please find her on LinkedIn at the link below:
Very few organizations give you the opportunity to get your foundational education, travel the world, and come back to oversee the institution that provided that education. This week's guest is Vice Admiral Sean Buck, the 63rd Superintendent of the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis. He shares his testimonial on what it takes to become a successful Naval officer. This foundational education begins with lessons in teamwork during Plebe Summer. Over this 8-week period, these young men and women quickly realize how important teamwork is, and that they will not be able to successfully navigate the Naval Academy’s rigorous demands unless they work together as a cohesive unit. As they continue their journey through the Academy, the challenges do not get easier, and the opportunity to learn successful leadership skills and take on more leadership responsibility appears.Vice Admiral Buck was in the 4th class to graduate from the Naval Academy with women and shares the powerful role his upper-class midshipmen played in his life at the Academy. With his candid and open approach, Vice Admiral Buck addresses critical issues affecting leaders today, from the unique challenges posed by multiple generations, including midshipmen and employees at the Naval Academy, to creating a culture of success that extends beyond organizational boundaries through effective communication and civility. During our interview, he tackles current issues head-on.  Vice Admiral Buck’s experience and stories resonate regardless of your industry, or the position you are currently in. Prior to reporting to the Superintendent post, Admiral Buck held 5 commands during his Naval career. Admiral Buck is retiring from the Academy after the class of 2023 graduates. He will have 44 years of service in the US Navy. Thank you for your service.As the title of this episode suggests – these are lessons from the leadership laboratory. To learn more about the US Naval Academy, visit its website:
Are you stuck? Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels and kicking up a lot of dust and going nowhere? In this compelling episode of The Teamwork Advantage, Juli Shulem has got you covered as she shows us how to design better systems that will help you and your team get more done by being better organized, reducing stress, and increasing productivity.Juli shares her expertise in creating a single list of action items that includes team members. By following her advice, you can create a system that works and avoid setting yourself up for failure. This episode is packed with actionable insights that will help you and your team reach new heights.You'll discover how to improve your organizational skills, manage stress, and boost productivity. By tuning in, you'll gain powerful insights and practical tips that will help you achieve more and work smarter. Whether you're a team member, leader, or senior manager, this episode is overflowing with valuable information to help you and your team succeed. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your personal and professional growth – Listen Now - Listen Often!
In this episode of The Teamwork Advantage, Patti DeNucci shares the benefits of, and her secrets for, having meaningful conversations. Explore Patti DeNucci’s 4 P's of Communication and take communication to the next level with your team.  Discover how to identify and avoid "Drainers & Downers," those individuals who drain the energy out of us. Join us as we discuss the power of meaningful conversations and how to use them to build stronger teams. With practical ideas that you can start using tomorrow, this episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to improve their communication skills. Don't miss out on this valuable information! Patti offers a number of resources on her website that can help you be a better networker, listener, and conversationalist: 
Are you curious about how your team's and organization's wellness affect productivity? In this episode of The Teamwork Advantage, Dr. Richard Safeer discusses the link between individual wellness and team productivity. By examining how our wellness actions impact those around us, even in seemingly insignificant ways, we can make small changes that contribute to a positive shift in team behavior. Dr. Safeer outlines his 6 Building Blocks for a culture of wellness, sharing tips on creating a supportive and wellness-focused environment. Join us to discover how your subculture can either positively or negatively impact your team, and learn how to make small changes that can have a significant impact on the productivity of your team. Tune in now to gain valuable insights on building a culture of wellness in your organization!You can learn more about Richard’s work at or follow him on LinkedIn.If you’re looking for training on how to create a culture of well-being on your team or organization, then go to
Are you curious how yoga and meditation can enhance your leadership skills and help you influence others? Join us in this insightful episode of the Teamwork Advantage, as we speak with Dr. Eric Holsapple, a successful former businessman turned Mindful Leadership expert.Dr. Holsapple shares his personal journey of finding happiness and meaning beyond material success through yoga and meditation. He has since developed a program called "Living in the Gap" that teaches the art of Mindful Leadership to individuals and organizations.In this episode, you'll discover powerful yet simple techniques that will help you become more mindful, and ultimately, a more decisive leader. Dr. Holsapple emphasizes the importance of cultivating mindfulness to navigate life's unpredictability and shares a relatable analogy of waking up each day not knowing what pitch you're going to get. With proper mindfulness, you can hit any of those pitches.Whether you're a business leader, an entrepreneur, or someone interested in personal growth, this episode will provide you with practical insights and valuable takeaways. 
Unlock the secrets to success with Jeff Engle in this powerful episode of The Teamwork Advantage! Listen as Jeff takes you through stories of his time in the US Army, why he broke some rules, and why you can, too – if you do it right. Jeff, after joining the US Army at just 17 years old, rose through the ranks to become an expert leader in a special missions team. Learn from Jeff’s experiences in the US Army, including how breaking rules the right way can benefit you. Discover the three types of accountability and why cultural accountability is key to leading high-performing teams. Don't miss this must-hear episode of The Teamwork Advantage!
At Win Big Media, maintaining close communication with the team is of utmost importance. To ensure this, Brandon makes frequent check-in calls to his team members, either via phone or Zoom. Despite their brevity, these informal calls have proven to provide more impactful feedback than structured meetings.Join us as we learn from Brandon's experience and expertise on how to create a successfulremote work culture and enhance team engagement. Whether you're a team leaderor a team member, this episode has something for everyone.
V-A-L-U-E - we have heard the word for years. The term is often focused on Sales and how a salesperson should add more value. In this energetic episode of The Teamwork Advantage, Ken Wendle focuses on his definition of the word "Value".  Ken takes the time to review each of his five components of VALUE:VisionAlignmentLeverageUniquenessExecution 
Growth is one thing. Keeping employees engaged and motivated is another. In this episode of The Teamwork Advantage, Darrin Jahnel shares his secrets for taking a software development company from three employees (two of them being Darrin and his brother) to a powerful team of 150 in just 10 years.Darrin shares the story of his 3rd employee and the fact that she is still with them a decade later. His hiring funnel is impressive. His techniques to keep his teams engaged are awe-inspiring, yet surprisingly simple for anyone to duplicate.  So often the idea of a development team collaborating with the operations team is “wishful thinking.” Darrin shares how he gets his team to partner with clients as well as other teams within the Jahnel Group to accomplish extraordinary success.
Our 6th season of The Teamwork Advantage kicks off with a true superstar from the extreme athletics world, Robyn Benincasa. Robyn is the author of “How Winning Works” in which she talks about how she paralleled professions; being a firefighter for San Diego County and competing in the world of extreme athletics.Robyn talks about how, as a true competitor, her team was dropped in outlandish places like the jungles of Borneo.  Her team then had to traverse over 600 miles, using no motorized transportation, with only a paper map and a compass for navigation.   Listen as she tells stories of what she, and her competitors, encountered.  If you think you have it tough, imagine that, if just one of your team members gets sick or decides the challenge is too tough, the whole team is disqualified. Compare that with the difficulty of being a firefighter and understanding when someone else on the team has a stronger proficiency of a task or can relate to a patient better and you have to step back. Robyn’s ability to articulate these events will make this one of your favorite episodes of all time! Robyn is also the founder of “Project Athena,” a foundation that helps survivors of tragedy regain control of their lives. Whether it is surviving cancer, or the loss of a limb, she helps build powerful teams of individuals that then turn their setbacks into comebacks.   What a way to kick off our 6th season of The Teamwork Advantage!  For more information on Robyn and her work, visit her websites at:   FREE DOWNLOAD - available on World Class Teams - Robyn's acronym for Teamwork. 
After opening in 2018 and working hard to grow its business, the Emma Justine Salon in Louisville Kentucky had its fair share of havoc to deal with during the COVID pandemic. Like many others, they shut down 100% for over 60 days and then opened with limited services for the next several months.In this episode of The Teamwork Advantage, Adel Migirova, the office manager for the Emma Justine Salon, shares how this small business survived the pandemic. Adel shares stories and ideas - like offering employees unlimited time off – about how they weathered the challenges of the pandemic and came out of that experience more robust than ever before.
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