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The Teamwork Advantage with Gregg Gregory
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The Teamwork Advantage with Gregg Gregory

Author: Gregg Gregory, CSP

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Welcome to the Teamwork Advantage Podcast with Gregg Gregory. Informal and insightful conversations with pros in the areas of teamwork, leadership development, organizational culture, and self improvement. A must-listen program, where we take you inside the mind's of these experts to discover actionable insights to be a stronger team member, a more effective leader, and enrich your team's culture.
60 Episodes
Great Employee Engagement leads to great team and organizational Culture. That is the theme of this incredible interview with Kelli Vrla.  Are your team members CAVE dwellers (Constantly Against Virtually Everything)? Kelli Vrla uses David Zinger’s model of eight simple words to determine if your team is engaged.  It is possible that, over time, employees become disengaged. Kelli talks about why and how people become disengaged and offers strategies to bring them back to full engagement. She also talks about what to do when employees refuse, or are unable, to engage.Her tips for leaders to help keep employees engaged is fascinating and eye opening. Get your note pad open because when Kelli V. speaks you will take a lot of notes.
Successful companies commonly have between 6 and 12 habits, or tasks, at the core of what they do. If you and your team focus on these habits, your level of success will grow, regardless of your team's position within the organization. In this episode, Raul Hernandez Ochoa helps us understand how to create certainty in our teams or in our business by focusing on team habits, these simple tasks done exceptionally well.The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we all work.  Remote communication with your team members is vastly different than in-person communication.  Successful teams understand how to adjust from routine or synchronous communication to the new norm of asynchronous communication, while staying focused and continuing to grow.  Raul shares his strategies for making this work.
In this episode of the Teamwork Advantage, Joe Curcillo shares his 35 years in the legal profession and how he works as a mentalist to create powerful communication for leaders, productivity teams, customer service teams and families.  Joe’s book, “Don’t be a Hamster”, shares 30 ways to spark the imagination of busy people. In today’s crazy world of endless Zoom meetings, what leader or team member could not benefit from a little more imagination?Joe talks about the concept of a unified team vision and mission statement with a different twist. You don’t want to miss it. As a final bonus, Joe shares how to get the first four chapters of his latest book, "Getting to Us" for free!
In this energetic and uplifting episode, LuAnn Buechler talks about the Passion Test™ (It's NOT a test at all!) and how it helps you discover those things that matter most to you. Discovering what makes your heart beat is the beginning of living a passionate purpose-filled life.LuAnn is also offering a free 30 minute consultation to all of our listeners.  Simply click on this link to schedule your FREE 30 minute consultation – to help you learn more about finding your passion! 
In this episode, Accidental Leadership coach Ken Blackwell tells the story of a client who was ready for a single-level promotion and was promoted two levels. He was not prepared for this huge undertaking – just one example of an accidental leader. Ken walks us through the process of moving from accidental leader to purposeful leader.  He also helps us understand how the pandemic has created a host of leaders who were not necessarily prepared to lead in this new realm of business.
In this episode, former litigation attorney Becky Morrison talks about discovering that her number one priority was not work.  In her search for what she really loved, she found the world of coaching and learned that she loves helping others do more of what matters to them and less of the stuff that doesn't matter as much.  Becky admits that this is a simple concept that can be difficult to execute, so she addresses three concepts in her process:     1. The Authenticity Gap    2. The Emotional Gap    3. The Physical Energy Gap     In this episode, Becky Morrison talks about all this and more. Discover how to find what matters to you in your life and how to get more of it!
For over 30 years, international speaker, author, coach, Susan Fitzell has worked closely with educators, students, and high performing employees to discover their personal learning preferences so they can learn fast and achieve more. In this episode, Susan explains what neurodiversity is, why it is today's corporate differentiator, and we discuss how companies can implement neurodiversity within their teams.  Don't miss this innovative, informative, and timely episode! For more information about neurodiversity and how to implement these ideas in your workplace, visit to download Susan's ebook, "Neurodiversity in the Workplace".
Over the past few decades, leadership training has become very common.  How to be a good team player, not so much. In this episode, Gregg Gregory focuses in on 5 key elements to becoming a successful team player. There are many variables that make up great teams. As you listen, ask yourself how well you and your colleagues measure up to these five elements.
This episode, Erin Jewell shares stories of success and challenge in her journey through the world of business and medical sales to the work she does today. She focuses on the development of five leadership (within the US culture) "muscles" that allow leaders to empower their teams.  Listen as we discuss how to improve these leadership traits: Strength, trust & rapport, a sense of community, effective verbal & non-verbal communication, and holistic listening.
Charlie Bailes has two roles in business. First, he is the Chief Administration Officer of an 84 year-old, 4th generation family retail business where he oversees all of the back-end administration including human resources, training, and payroll.  Secondly, he is the founder of CB Supplements a nutritional supplement company founded out of a need to help his family.Charlie started CB Supplements around the unique core values of Premium Products, Education, and Customer Appreciation.  In this episode, Charlie draws parallels between the two businesses, his roles in each of these diverse companies, and the lessons he's learned from each.
Nate Brown is a perpetual student.  After spending over a decade managing a complex technical support environment for Occupational Health and eLearning Software, he graduated to The Customer Experience.  In this very engaging episode, it is clear that Gregg and Nate Brown have a true rapport. Nate talks candidly about the biggest difference between customer service and customer experience; how the service you receive makes you feel.  Nate Brown is a perpetual student and the author of “The CX Primer”. He was named the “CX Influencer of the Year" by CloudCherry in 2019 and a top thought leader for ICMI and LitmusWorld.
Today’s guest, Roberta Moore, recognizes that many of the challenges facing leaders stem from the same core challenges that some marriages suffer from. If there is difficulty communicating with a spouse, there will also likely be the same challenges communicating with colleagues and subordinates at work.Roberta uses the scientific model EQI 2.0, structured with 16 different emotional intelligence skills that can be learned by anyone at any time, in any position in life.  Listen as she walks us through several of these 16 skills and how they apply to us in both our professional and personal lives.
Doug Rabold left a six figure income and changed careers, starting over at $12 an hour working the night shift as a level one support desk technician. In this episode, Doug shares the tangible, and intangible, motivations for this career change.With over 30 years of leadership experience in and out of Information Technology, Doug Rabold discusses the difference between customer service and customer experience by sharing his love for the magic of Disney and how they build a customer experience. Listen as he ties this into his three key focuses in business; People, Processes, and Technologies. Listen to understand how it all fits together.
Dr. Beverly Kaye has been recognized by the Association of Talent Development (ATD) for her advanced knowledge and extensive practice across the talent development field. Retaining employees is often an after-thought. And, when we lose a valuable member of the team, we often do not know the real reason as to why. In this episode, Dr. Kaye discusses just a few of her 26 ways to keeping happy employees, taken from her book "Love ‘em or Lose ‘em," now in its 6th edition.
"Manage things and lead people" is often the phrase used to describe the differences between managing and leading.  In this episode of The Teamwork Advantage, Dr. Barbara Dalle Pezze joins us from Italy to share what she refers to as “Inner Transparency” to help us be better leaders and discover our “Inner Leadership.”  A recognized coach, leadership development expert and author, Dr. Dalle Pezze is distinguished by her capacity to inspire and empower. With over 18 years of global experience living and working in China, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, Europe and The US, Dr. Dalle Pezze has partnered with executives, CEOs, entrepreneurs and others to make key paradigm shifts and breakthroughs so that they can effectively create large scale changes in society and the world.
Colonel Nicole Malachowski, USAF, Retired uses the TLC model (Teamwork, Leadership, and Culture) for her life on many levels. While Nicole's definition of TLC is different from ours, it applies to each of us on many levels.  While she was the first female pilot with the incredible U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds, she is quick to remind us that feat was only two years of her incredible career.  Her stories about how teamwork works and why being selfless is vital for every team every day will inspire and energize you!
Andrew Bartlow helps small business leaders understand how to grow a company or a team and maintain their culture over time. He is the co-author of “Scaling for Success: People Priorities for High Growth Organizations”, has a masters degree from the top program in his field, and has been CECP, SPHR, Six Sigma, and executive coaching certified.In this episode, Andrew challenges the ideas that as we grow our business or team that we want to “keep the culture” the same as when the team was smaller.  He talks about each team’s "special sauce" and to help your team to grow through processes and methods to help both the team and the organization grow. One of the significant ideas Andrew shares here is "Inspect what you Expect."  Listen to learn more!
We all have three relatively equal "zones" in which we live in our lives. We call these zones the Comfort Zone, the Growth Zone and the Panic Zone.  In this brief episode of The Teamwork Advantage, Gregg Gregory shares how critical it is to understand these three zones, recognize when we are moving between zones, and how to grow, as individuals, within them. 
Have you ever thought about doing something you wanted to do, and yet, you felt somewhat reluctant?  That inner voice is your integrity.  Possibly instilled in you from childhood, or perhaps learned and, over the years, adapted.In this episode, Mike Horne will help you open the doors to be and do your absolute best. A visionary advisor, leader, and partner to those working with complex people, group and organizational challenges. Mike is a change maker who helps us all become our best. He teaches us how authenticity plays a significant role in all of our teams.Don’t miss a minute of this incredibly powerful episode!
Jim Knight’s first job was at Gatorland Zoo in Florida and he has the scars to prove it.  From there, he started working for the Hard Rock Café, where he diligently worked his way up to Global Training Director of all of Hard Rock International. A position he held for 20 years. In this episode, Jim Knight shares how he took his background working at the zoo, along with his days as a middle school teacher and his life at Hard Rock International to now helping create powerful team and organizational cultures.His key strategies work for every level from front line leadership through the C-Suite. He also takes time to discuss the power of mentor-ship and how to find a great mentor.  
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