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A Revolution in Education

Author: Chris Unger

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As much as our world changes – socially, economically, politically and technologically – for the most part our schools remain the same. Fortunately, there are a number of bold, courageous educators and communities TRANSFORMING what teaching, learning, and schooling can look like so that our youth can pursue their interests and passions. In this 7-part podcast series a number of these amazing educators share not only what is wrong with our current model of education but also what can be done to transform education for the better. We need new images of possibility, and even moreso how we can pursue these new images of possibility across our country. In this series, these amazing educators share first how we are not serving our youth well and then what we could be doing to serve them far better. And, finally, the contributors speak eloquently to the power of relationships within and across communities to transform education toward a greater purpose, and to engage everyone in that transformation.
7 Episodes
Three educators who have been working in the arena of system change in education for many years will share their insights as to what and HOW the system of education and educators at various levels of the system can effectively pursue new possibilities in agency and opportunity for all youth moving forward, potentially culminating in a much needed and desired revolution in education. In sharp focus here: How might this happen NOW?!Andy Calkins, Director of the Next Generation Learning ChallengesGrant Lichtman, an advisor, consultant, and partner in change in educationKelly Young, President of Education Reimagined
There has been a very strong press for networks as catalyzers, incubators, and supports to engender the development of new schools, transformation of schools, and agents of change in our educational ecosystem.  Come hear three leading educational leaders talk about the power of networks in driving and supporting educational opportunity and visions for educators and communities around the world.Tom Vander Ark, co-founder of Getting SmartJoanne McEachen, CEO/Founder of The Learner FirstJustin Aglio is currently the Director of Academic Achievement and District Innovation at Montour School District and a frequent columnist for several educational blogs on innovation in schools and school systems
Episode 5: What can YOU do?

Episode 5: What can YOU do?


If we are going to make a dent in our education system today and both imagine and pursue new possibilities for our youth and the adults who serve them, then we each have to ask ourselves: What can I do?  Three educators offer their thoughts on how each of us can assist, support, and be a part of the education revolution as a classroom, school, and district leader.Mike Poore, Superintendent of the Little Rock (AR) Public SchoolsNicole Allard, Interim Executive Director of Innovation & Educational Excellence at Vista (CA) Unified School DistrictSaskia Op den Bosch, Transcend Education and co-founder of Rev-XAlexa Sorden, Founding Principal of Concourse Village Elementary School in the Bronx, which was awarded the National 2018 Blue Ribbon school for Exemplary Performance, and recipient of the 2017 Ryan Award for being a transformational school principal serving urban, low-income, minority studentsEthan Wiechmann, Director of Cedar Falls CAPSHadley Ferguson, co-founder and Executive Director of Edcamp Foundation
The old model of schools with the focus on content delivery and skills not attentive to or directly connected to the interests, passions, and context of youth needs to go.  But how can we pursue new designs of teaching, learning, and schooling that far better engages our youth and affords them the capacity to pursue the lives they want?Jeff Petty, Regional Director of Big Picture Learning and Founder and Director of the Puget Sound Consortium for School InnovationAlexis Gwin-Miller, Executive Director of Momentum Edge Coaching and Consulting Agency and former Principal of Crosstown High SchoolJenn Charlot, Transcend Education and co-founder of Rev-XSonya Wrisley, who helped to develop and was the first Principal at Design39 in San Diego
An inordinate amount of time, energy, and resources have been spent on increase students’ ELA and Math scores on standardized tests.  It’s not that begin able to read, write, and do math are not important – but what happens when we ask the question: What is most important for our students to know and be able to do to pursue the lives they want?Laura Shibulla, Founder of Building21Ayris Colvin, Principal of Building21 school in PhiladelphiaTheresa Moore, Founder and President of T-Time ProductionsTessa Simmonds, graduate of One StoneGrace Belfiore, Co-Lead Researcher and Co-Author of NGLC MyWays
There are educators across the country that have created new “images of possibility” in regards to new school designs.  These educators share and discuss these new possibilities. Jon Ketler, co-Director and co-founder of SOTA, SAMI, and IDEA schools of the Tacoma Public SchoolsTrace Pickering, Executive Director and co-founder of IowaBigBen Owens, former teacher at Tri-County Early College and co-founder of Open Way LearningGregg Brown, Network Coordinator, Center for Advanced Professional Studies Network
What is wrong with our current design of schools?Paula Dillon, Assistant Superintendent of Barrington (RI) SchoolsCorey Mohn, Executive Director of the CAPS NetworkChad Carlson, Director of Research and Design, One Stone  
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