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After checking in, Antoine and Kennita chat with director/dancer/choreographer Jade Charon. In this episode, Jade tells us about her background (4:10), her experience working during COVID (7:15), working on the dance film Champion Style with Ray Nitti (13:50), plus her thoughts on what Milwaukee can improve on and favorite MKE-based artists (20:00). Support this podcast
On this episode of Black Imagination, our hosts start off by checking in and Kennita shouting out her latest infatuation (1:00). We then welcome on our guest, writer Matthew Gutierrez. Matt and Antoine go down memory land (4:45), then the conversation goes into talks about talent (9:10), the script he wrote called “tiramisu” (10:50), insights from reading the book “notes along the way” (14:00), why he identifies himself as a creative writer (27:30), and his favorite MKE-based artists (30:40). Music: (Song of Freedom by Shonn Hinton) Support this podcast
On this episode of Black Imagination, our hosts Antoine and Kennita continue their conversation from the prior episode. They start off by talking about their workout regimens, our old snack drawers and diets (1:50), Photo Shoots (7:10), Support for Artists Workgroups (10:00), Neighborhood Partnerships Workgroup (12:30), the other Imagine MKE workgroups (17:30), the troubles of setting meetings as individuals and as parents (20:00), why Kennita doesn’t want kids (24:20), how the staff handles workgroup issues (26:45). Music: Song of Freedom by Shonn Hinton ( ( Support this podcast



On this episode of Black Imagination, our hosts catch up after a month-plus hiatus. Antoine shares the symptoms that led up to his leave (2:20); the impact of working from home, sick, and Black (6:00); the dangers of pushing through changes in your body (9:25); discussing the two types of diabetes (14:08); what Antoine had to do to adjust to a new lifestyle (20:40); and hyping up the Imagine MKE team's health goals and Thirst Trap for the Arts (23:40). Music: Song of Freedom by Shonn Hinton - ( Support this podcast



This week, Antoine and Kennita welcome rapper 3XSimpson to the show to talk about his music-making beginnings with his twin brother, moving to Atlanta, and the growth he has experienced while navigating the music industry.   Antoine, Kennita, and 3xSimpson discuss escaping Milwaukee weather (3:50), making music at Marshall High School as the MT Twins and solo projects (5:00), moving to Atlanta for new opportunities (9:15), discussing toxic behaviors with "King Toxic" (10:50), an upcoming album "Pain Lasts Forever" (16:00), what Milwaukee is missing for artists to be successful (17:40), and keeping in touch with Milwaukee rappers while shouting out their favorites (25:20).   Music: (Song of Freedom by Shonn Hinton) Support this podcast
This week, Kennita and Antoine welcome two good friends and partners of Imagine MKE from Metcalfe Park Community Bridges - Executive Director Danell Cross and Deputy Director Melody McCurtis. Talking about how everyone is dealing with the winter weather (1:15), catching up on their week and how extroverts have struggled through the pandemic (5:00), advocating for the Metcalfe Park neighborhood to be at the table (9:00), how the residents of Metcalfe Park show up for each other (14:50), what “the work” and “safety” means and looks like to Melody and Danell (18:30), how programs in Black neighborhoods started by non-residents can be harmful and how Metcalfe Park handled the pandemic (30:00), reflecting on projects executed by Metcalfe Park Community Bridges in the past year (34:40), how Melody feels working with her mother (43:00), the importance of self-care (46:40), and their favorite Milwaukee artists (59:44). Music: Song of Freedom by Shonn Hinton ( ( Support this podcast
On this episode of Black Imagination, we have DeMar Walker from Ko-Thi Dance Company. We talk about Kennita’s dance moves and DeMar’s role in the dance film "The Beckoning” (5:00); his journey with dance, Ko-Thi, and old Milwaukee events (12:30); what makes him committed to Milwaukee (22:30); his vision for dance in Milwaukee (30:40); cool projects for 2021 (37:20); and his favorite Milwaukee-based Artists (42:00). The artists DeMar shouts out are: Reynaldo Hernandez Rosy Ricks Destiny Fletcher Sonya Thompson Ferne Caulker Malkia Stampley Music: Song of Freedom by Shonn Hinton ( ( Support this podcast
Joanna Brooks

Joanna Brooks


In the first episode of the new season, Antoine and Kennita interview Joanna Brooks from Embody Yoga. After talking about the start of 2021 and the riot on the Capital (4:30), they dive into Joanna’s journey to Embody Yoga (14:30), Embody’s role for Black women (18:15), finding the creativity in yoga (23:20), doing business during COVID-19 (27:25), sweating out edges (34:50), her interests outside of yoga (37:58), her favorite MKE Based Artists (42:40), and more. Music: (Song of Freedom by Shonn Hinton) Support this podcast
This week on Black Imagination, it's a Della Christmas Miracle! We saved one bonus episode of the TRUST BLACK WOMEN tour with Milwaukee artist Della Wells. Enjoy the many rich stories Della tells as we talk about how she got into art, the power of artists networking (25:32), believing your own hype, rejection and other advice (29:17), her love for collages (33:08), the rich history of Black arts in Milwaukee (38:45), the renaissance she seeing today (49:30), the intention of her art (51:45), and her favorite artists (54:15). Music: Song of Freedom by Shonn Hinton ( Support this podcast
This week on Black Imagination, Kennita and Antoine look back on their first season of the podcast. (But don't check out for the season just yet! After this episode, they'll be back in two weeks with one more special guest in 2020.) Our co-hosts reflect on favorite conversations (3:45), lessons learned (7:39), the creation of the TRUST BLACK WOMEN TOUR (13:00), and the year 2020 (16:38). Antoine shares stories about his family and talks about his 2020 (17:25). Then they share how they are moving through this pandemic (38:30), what to expect from Black Imagination in 2021 (54:30), and what's next for our work at Imagine MKE (58:09). Music: (Song of Freedom by Shonn Hinton) Support this podcast
We continue our TRUST BLACK WOMEN Tour with Tyanna McLaurin from Marquette University and Milwaukee Film Festival’s Black Lens. Our conversation starts by checking in on each other after the officer that shot Breonna Taylor was not convicted (3:00). Then, Tyanna shares about her time living in Ghana (13:17), her work at Marquette and her philosophy on community work (27:30), the Milwaukee Film Festival's - Black Lens Program (32:52), how she tries to highlight Black leaders (42:05), advice for Black Filmmakers in Milwaukee (46:40), participating in African American Leadership Program (51:12), some of Tyanna's other hobbies and her favorite MKE-based artists (55:43). Music: Song of Freedom by Shonn Hinton - Support this podcast
Four days before her tenure with the Milwaukee Health Department concluded, Antoine and Kennita spoke with Commissioner Jeanette Kowalik and her chief of staff Lilliann Paine. They reflect on her time in Milwaukee (9:00), Lovecraft country and pioneerism (22:51), her new national role in DC (25:20), and the power of the arts (29:37). Black Imagination names this next round of episodes "The Trust Black Women Tour," so sit back, listen, and enjoy hearing from powerful Black women! Intro/Outro music: “Song of Freedom” by Shonn Hinton ( Support this podcast
This week on Black Imagination, Antoine and Kennita share their space with Malkia Stampley – mom and wife; TV, film and stage actor; voice over artist; and stage director from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (2:00) Malkia talks about her childhood and the pipeline for artists of color in Milwaukee (8:30), her experience going through college being one of the few theater students of color (11:10), representation of black roles in MKE and her experience working around the country (13:10), the life of Chadwick Boseman (19:10), her return back to MKE and how difficult it sometimes is to work here (28:30), The MKE Black Theater Festival (37:10), her health and wellness philosophies (42:53), how to create a new energy around the arts in the city (48:20), and her favorite MKE-based artists (56:30). This is the first episode on a set of episodes called the "Trust Black Women Tour." Subscribe to not miss any of the upcoming pods! Some of Malkia’s Favorite Artists Ammar Nsoroma @ammarnsoroma Adjua Nsoroma El @ansoroma Kwabena Nixon @iamikan  Muhibb Dyer @muhibbdyer Dasha Kelly @dasha_kelly DiMonte Henning @Monte_dh Kevin Seivert - @kevkev7878 Della Wells @dellaartwells Teju the Storyteller Zakiya Courtney - Vegan chef - @zakiyacourtney Intro/Outro music: “Song of Freedom” by Shonn Hinton ( Support this podcast
Nicole Acosta

Nicole Acosta


This week on Black Imagination, Antoine and Kennita welcome Nicole Acosta - photographer, painter, dancer, DJ, Marketing and Communications Associate for Ex Fabula, and all around cool lady. Kennita and Nicole start off by sharing a quick memory about a Career Day they attended (0:24), then Nicole talks about her early connections to art (6:00), Quinceañeras (8:00), joining our Imagine workgroups (11:48), being Black/Brown in white workspaces (15:00), Season 12 of Ex Fabula (17:45), her “Hoops” exhibit and artist residency at Arts @ Large (20:50), and her favorite Milwaukee-based artists (32:05). Intro/Outro music: (“Song of Freedom” by Shonn Hinton)  Support this podcast
This week, Antoine and Kennita talk to Lafayette Crump, Commissioner of the City of Milwaukee’s Department of City Development. After first having a great laugh about food (2:20), Lafayette talks about his work in the DNC (oh yeah that’s this week); how Milwaukee should be thinking going forward (6:00); how we think about equity and black thoughts (not the rapper) (11:14); his new role as the Commish and how he views city development (17:00); being a political cartoonist (27:30); binge watching, who invented the remix, and hip hop (33:45); and his favorite Milwaukee-based artists (43:53). Intro music: “Song of Freedom” by Shonn Hinton ( ( Support this podcast
In this bonus episode, Antoine and Kennita talk to Alderwoman Milele Coggs of the 6th District of the City of Milwaukee to check in right before Bronzeville Week.  Alderwoman Coggs talks about her journey back to Milwaukee and why she chose to stay in Milwaukee (2:52), how she uses social media to talk to her constituents (5:00), we ask her about her role as an Alderwoman and what she does as a member of Common Council (14:30), talk about Bronzeville week (21:50), putting some respect on earned titles (26:50), the role of art in Alderwoman Coggs’ work (31:45), her favorite Milwaukee-based artists (35:30). Intro music: (“Song of Freedom” by Shonn Hinton ) Support this podcast
Ray Nitti

Ray Nitti


This week, Black Imagination welcomes rapper and developer Ray Nitti to the show to talk about how he got his start in rap, the business around music, and his transformation from full time rapper to Milwaukee Mogul.   Antoine and Kennita dive right into the conversation with standard Riverside vs. King banter and hair talk. Ray talks about his organizing days and how he got into civic engagement (4:00). Then the group discusses how Ray got into rapping (7:00), the story of his hit song “Bow” (10:25), looking back at the business of “Bow” (16:40), his verse and video shoot for “Milwaukee Strong” (21:00), reflections back on his journey from the Virgin Islands to making multi-million dollar investments in MKE (24:18), and his shout-outs of his favorite MKE-based artists (28:18)  Audio transitions: “Champion Style" by Ray Nitti from the short film “Champion Style” coming soon.     Support this podcast
Welcome to the latest podcast out of the Imagine MKE podcast shop, Black Imagination! In this pilot episode, Antoine and Kennita introduce themselves (and get to know each other even more) by chatting about food, the origin of this podcast, their upbringing in the city, and their relationship with art as youngins. They wrap things up with diving into their work at Imagine and the role of art in Milwaukee today. Black Imagination is a bi-weekly podcast, so look for new episodes to drop every other Wednesday. Music: "Song of Freedom," by (Shonn Hinton)  Support this podcast
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