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With the global shift to remote work in 2020, the workplace has changed radically and understanding current employment rules and regulations matters immensely. Hosted by Perkins Coie’s Labor & Employment attorneys, Workplace Rules features discussions with in-house professionals, outside counsel, and other thought leaders on timely labor and employment law topics, from regulatory developments to litigation trends.
7 Episodes
Our country has entered a new era, in which disabilities are increasingly viewed as superpowers and informed employers recognize them as the keys to unlocking employee performance. But obstacles remain, especially at the intersection of race, poverty, and disability. Join Andy Imparato, executive director of Disability Rights California, and Janice Ta, senior counsel at Perkins Coie, as they discuss their own disability journeys and provide a look toward the future of disability law in the United States.
Will the Biden administration be Obama 2.0 for employers, or could we see a more progressive agenda? Will the independent contractor rule be applied more broadly to the gig economy? How will Biden’s Department of Labor (DOL) regulate a post-COVID-19 workplace? What is the future of diversity and inclusion training for federal contractors? Join Perkins Coie Senior Counsel Christopher Wilkinson for a discussion of what it takes to actually get things done in D.C., based on experience gained as the associate solicitor for civil rights and labor management for the U.S. Department of Labor during the Obama administration.
We live in a world where artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming omnipresent. How do we build AI that doesn’t simply replicate our biases and further perpetuate discrimination in hiring? Bill Duane, a tech leader, former Superintendent of Well Being and Sustainable Performance Development Programs at Google, and practicing Buddhist, serves as Strategy and Implementation Lead with the Center for the Study of Apparent Selves (CSAS). CSAS explores how Buddhist concepts hold the promise of addressing key AI issues, such as moral decisions, unexpected consequences, human flourishing, and comparing human and machine intelligence. Join Bill and Senior Counsel Michael O’Brien for a discussion of what AI is and how it can amplify the best of a company’s values.
During the investigation process, survivor-centered, trauma-informed techniques are used to keep investigation participants empowered and safe—physically, emotionally, and economically. Arising from sexual abuse and domestic violence contexts, these techniques are now being recognized for their usefulness and success in more traditional corporate settings. Join Perkins Coie white collar investigation partner, Caryn Trombino, as she provides an overview of survivor-centered, trauma-informed techniques and how they can be a powerful tool in white collar investigations.
Today, former Airbnb, Inc. General Counsel and Chief Ethics Officer Rob Chesnut joins Perkins Coie San Francisco Partner Heather Sager for a frank discussion addressing the realities of establishing a vibrant, accountable, corporate ethics program, and why integrity must start at the top and engage your entire workforce to be truly effective.
In this Perkins Coie podcast, Senior Counsel Michael O’Brien discusses the effects of long-awaited regulatory changes to Title IX, the federal law that addresses sexual harassment in schools. Mike is joined by Amy Klosterman, a former attorney for the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights, who now advises colleges, universities, and school districts through Title IX compliance, and Alicia Arant, an attorney and Title IX coordinator at the University of Montana.The podcast explores how substantial changes to Title IX’s jurisdiction and due process requirements are playing out at colleges and universities, as well as the challenge posed by complying with competing duties to Title VII, state law, and internal policies. This discussion with two Title IX experts provides a high-level look at the regulatory changes that went into effect in 2020, as well as real-world examples of employers’ attempts to rein in inappropriate employee conduct.
Misinformation is rampant in our current COVID-19 world. On this episode, Perkins Coie partners Ann Marie Painter and Jill Louis are joined by Dr. Carolee Estelle, M.D., an infectious disease specialist at UT Southwestern Medical Center and Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Texas, who provides some straight answers about the COVID-19 virus, what we know about its transmission, its effect on the body, and how best to avoid spread in the workplace.
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