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While 2020 was a rough year for PR, the turmoil was felt most in the StartUp World and the PR vertical that services it. Reputations can make or break a start-up and dealing with the pandemic has not been an easy feat for most. PR teams handling startups have had to be quick to pivot with the fast-paced changes in the businesses while keeping pace with the fast-changing media landscape. So that brings about an interesting question on the startup PR rulebook? How has this changed? How have agencies pivoted to keep up with this change?  Jeremy Foo, Founder and CEO, Elliot & Co, Singapore joins us for this podcast to share his insights on the vertical. He was a part of the PRPOI panel on startups and gave an interesting perspective from the PR industry in Singapore – a city that is often the go-to destination for startups from India when they want the international label. In this podcast, we delve deeper into how Start-Up PR has evolved and pivoted over the last decade in Singapore.  Jeremy has been in the PR industry for more than 10 years and has worked across a spectrum of campaigns and a lot of award-winning ones in sectors spanning real estate, FMCG, healthcare, luxury, IT ,hospitality and startup. Under his leadership, his firm is now one of Singapore's fastest-growing PR agencies. His real passion lies with SMEs. Through Elliot & Co., he has served more than 500 SMEs and startups in the past 4 years. Having educated close to 1,000 SMEs on the power of public relations and with an intimate knowledge of the gaps in the SME market with regard to PR, Jeremy is leading the charge to allow brands of all sizes to attain their own cover story. Hit play and know more about how Start-Up PR functions in Singapore. This episode is by a special arrangement with PRPOI - A space dedicated to upskilling for PR & Communication professionals!
In the role of a communicator after a certain level, you have to define your own growth and while doing that maybe have a shot at creating a completely new designation or role in the industry for yourself. While some may lament the lack of a linear progression for growth that should be provided by an organization, others might find it exciting to be in a field that lets you do that for yourself. You actually have a chance to write your own role and chart a completely new course in the field. Today we speak to an accomplished professional who has done just that. In this podcast we host Bianca Ghose , Chief Storyteller and Head of CEO Communications  at Wipro and the Co-Chair - Asia-Pacific Association of Communication Directors' India Chapter Bianca is a media, brand strategy, and marketing communications leader. She has had a longstanding career in news, digital communications, creative storytelling and marketing. At Wipro she leads communications and messaging for Wipro's CEO, and also leads storytelling at an enterprise level. Additionally, Bianca also serves on Wipro's Diversity Council, and runs inclusion programs that help increase diversity, and advance opportunity parity. Prior to Wipro, Bianca has held various marketing and communications portfolios with HCL Technologies and has also done a successful stint at a PR agency. Before this she was a business news journalist for a decade, reporting and anchoring news for NDTV Television, CNBC and Reuters. Well awarded and well respected for her work across various fields this is a conversation you must listen in on. Hit play and know more about how to craft a global career for yourself. This episode is by a special arrangement with PRPOI - A space dedicated to upskilling for PR & Communication professionals!
Women's Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI ) is a force to reckon with in the industry. Today we speak to WICCI PR & Digital Marketing Council's National President - Kavita Lakhani and Vice President - Anjali Mehra on the need for a council in this segment. It aims to be the force for gender equality and equal opportunity for women within the Indian communications industry through support and interventions where needed. The council is on a mission to create a safe community for women in communications to thrive within the industry, perform and transform to reach the highest levels of leadership through support and connections that educate, empower and inspire. Hit play and know more about WICCI and get inspired. 
In today’s podcast, we continue our discussion on how you can create a career in communication outside India. What does it take to craft a global career in PR? Is your education in India enough? Is agency work sufficient or do you need corporate experience too? What happens when you move out to a new country? Can you do this on your own or do you have to rely on your company to make that switch for you? Do work ethics and professionalism differ across continents? Is the skillset you acquired enough to give you a headstart? When do you start? All great and valid questions. So many questions pop up when you think about creating your career in a new country! And to answer them today on the podcast we are joined by Bhushan Rao, Communications & Social Consultant, National Australia Bank, Melbourne who spills the beans on the secrets of a global career.   Bhushan is a marketing communication professional and has worked with multiple companies across India, the UK, Australia & the wider APAC region. Former Social Content Lead for Microsoft Asia Pacific, he specializes in Corporate Comms and creating engaging content in the digital/social media space.   Hit play and know more about how to craft a global career for yourself. This episode is by a special arrangement with PRPOI - A space dedicated to upskilling for PR & Communication professionals! 
When you think of moving out of PR there are a multitude of streams you can venture out into. But which one and what is the most apt for you ? and wouldn’t you like to know more whether a firm grounding in PR will be an advantage or disadvantage?   Ruchi Kaushal: Global Marketing Manager- Car Workshops - Castrol joins us on the podcast today to help PR professionals understand how to chart their career course beyond PR.  Ruchi works in the Oil and Energy Industry as a Global marketing manager. She describes herself as an 'organised creative' and has worked in Sales, Marketing and various brand roles for more than 16 years. She started her career in PR and Corporate Communication and diversified into sales and marketing function where she has spent the last 14 years working across roles in India, Australia, Asia Pacific and Germany.  She is currently based in Hamburg, Germany and spends her time collecting Jazz Records and taking long walks with her dog when not working.  Hit play and know more about how to chalk a path for yourself beyond PR.  This episode is by a special arrangement with PRPOI - A space dedicated to upskilling for PR & Communication professionals !
New age-independent media has come of age in India. They have created a thriving ecosystem for themselves that allows them to create stories for a niche and loyal audience. Though has the Indian PR industry caught up with them? What is the ROI - tangible and intangible? How do you engage them? So many questions!  Aekta Kapoor- Editor and Publisher, eShe magazine joins us on the podcast today to help us decode independent media and how as PR professionals we can engage them in a more efficient manner.  The founder of the independent women’s magazine and blog based in India and Canada celebrates the extraordinary stories of women around the world. Currently ranked 23 among the top women's magazines in the world by Feedspot, eShe has touched the lives of millions of women and men worldwide since its launch in July 2017. As a journalist, Aekta's pieces regularly appear in some of India’s top media platforms, including The Economic Times, Open and Money Control, and are translated to Malayalam on Azhimukham. After a long career in fashion media, Aekta now focuses on social justice and personal development through her writing and talks. Hit play and know more about how to engage Independent media.  This episode is by a special arrangement with PRPOI - A space dedicated to upskilling for PR & Communication professionals!
Ep 12 : Media Advocacy

Ep 12 : Media Advocacy


Media Advocacy is an essential skill that a PR professional must acquire to move up the ladder. This is also what will gain you more influence within the organization you work in and a seat at the table. But do you know how to create a media advocacy program? Where do you start? What issue actually warrants an advocacy program? Bhaskar Majumdar, Head - Corporate Affairs, Communication & Digital media, Egis India joins us today to help us understand more about Media Advocacy.  Bhaskar has more than 22 years of strategic communication consulting experience in the field of Strategic Communications, Crisis Communication, Leadership Communication & engagement, Public Policy, Digital/Social Media Outreach, Industry Body Engagement & Brand Building. He has worked with several leading Indian and global PR agencies in the country along with managing communications for Indian corporate giants and television channels. Hit play and know more about media advocacy.  This episode is by a special arrangement with PRPOI - A space dedicated to upskilling for PR & Communication professionals!
The influencer and PR community have had a tumultuous relationship since they laid eyes on each other. The romance has had its ups and downs. However, in the past couple of years, the influencer community has evolved to add more professionalism and creativity to it. If you are a part of the PR industry…you need to catch up...if you haven't already.  In this episode, we speak to Pankhuri Harikrishnan, Director - Fetch Consulting - a Digital-first agency that excels at curating unique collaborations and bringing together various marketing aspects to create impactful content.  With over 20 years of experience in events, PR and influencer management, her expertise in creating new marketing concepts and forging partnerships between brands and opinion leaders, has ‘fetched’ her agency some coveted associations between brands, influencers and media. Her circle of influence stretches across multiple verticals and every possible brand creating a demonstrable track record of successful creation of organic marketing buzz through engaging content. Join us as she de-mystifies influencer management and traces its evolution in India with us.  This episode is by a special arrangement with PRPOI - A space dedicated to upskilling for PR & Communication professionals!
As every business fights to come back to a semblance of normalcy, they are now being questioned on sustainability. PR & Communication teams have their task cut out for them with requests to tweak the messaging or add to it or educate their clients on why it is important and how being a part of the sustainability conversation will add to their reputation, generate goodwill and profit. In this episode we have Priya Zutshi, Corporate Communication, Mahindra Group joins us for a discussion on the subject.  With 15 years of experience in the communication space, a bulk of which was spent as a communicator in the social sector space , she has also worked with Aaj Tak and Times of India. She holds a degree in Economics and Communication and has worked across diverse communication verticals including internal communication, public relations, sustainability communication and media advocacy in the NGO ( CRY ) and for-profit sector ( L & T ). In her current role in the Corporate communications function of Mahindra Group she focuses on making climate change- an issue that impacts all- understandable. This episode is by a special arrangement with PRPOI - A space dedicated to upskilling for PR & Communication professionals!
Today we discuss PR in the theatre industry. While most of us are enamored with the spotlights on the stage, few know that it takes a lot of effort to craft that precise scene.  It's only when you peek behind the curtain that you understand that a PR army is working non-stop and putting in the hours to help create an enviable reputation. Within the entertainment industry as well theatre occupies a unique space. Today we have with us seasoned communication professional - Kajal Gadhia, Founder – Mindworkz who specializes in PR for the theatre industry. She is also the executive producer of Manhar Gadhia Productions and has produced several plays. She focuses on theatre, music, art, culture and Gujarati films. Kajal is one of the most sought after consultants in the industry and works for some of India’s leading artists that include names like Naseeruddin Shah, Paresh Rawal, Makarand Deshpande, Zakir Hussain etc. production houses like Motley, Aadyam, Rage Production, Ansh Theatre etc. and cultural hubs in which she counts Prithvi Theatre, NCPA, Goethe Institute, G5A Foundation to name a few.  This episode is by a special arrangement with PRPOI - A space dedicated to upskilling for PR & Communication professionals!
Ep 8 : Podcasting & PR

Ep 8 : Podcasting & PR


Podcasts are an exciting section to explore for PR & Communication professionals and add to their campaigns.  But how does it fit into a PR campaign and will it have real impact ? What do podcasters expect from the PR community? Silawath Irshad, Host of The Growth Mindset Podcast joins us today to answer these questions. In his podcast , he interviews Industry leaders across the world as they share practical tips for listeners that can help them achieve their dreams and goals in Life. His podcast has been ranked as one of top 5 Podcasts in India by Apple Podcast. An NLP Master Practitioner, he understands what it takes to produce a fabulous podcast. So tune in as he decodes podcasting for us.  This episode is by a special arrangement with PRPOI - A space dedicated to upskilling for PR & Communication professionals!
Ep 7 : The PR Universe

Ep 7 : The PR Universe


Do you start your PR journey from an agency or from a corporate communication team? Or do jump into the world of entrepreneurship and start from there? In this episode, we speak to seasoned communication professional - Pooja Trehan, who shares her insights from her experience spanning 15+ years across all these segments.  The experienced storyteller started with a stint in a PR agency that helped her get a firm grounding in the industry. Pooja quickly rose up the ranks to head national and international projects. Her corporate experience for over a decade with Colgate, Castrol and Brand Capital also added to her understand of the larger picture. The entrepreneurial bug bit her 5 years back and she went back to her passion - food! She built a business she never needs to take a vacation from.  Apart from sharing practical nuggets she also shares with us what each phase can teach you and helps you become a well-rounded communication professional.  
Ep 6 : Lifestyle PR

Ep 6 : Lifestyle PR


 2020 has not been an easy year for Lifestyle PR. In this episode, we speak to Sonali Sokhal, a seasoned PR professional in the lifestyle vertical who shares with us the inner workings of the industry and how it has pivoted to be ready for a new and uncertain future.   Sonali has over two decades of experience in consumer and lifestyle PR . She runs her own PR agency - Intelliquo PR and is based out of Delhi. She has worked with some of India's coolest and most successful lifestyle brands that include names like - Soul Tree, Nykaa, Monkey Bar , Typhoo and Nida Mahmood.
This year has seen a lot of pivots and innovations in the PR industry. In this episode, we throw the spotlight on The PR Loop.  Dionne Taylor and Diane Eichler, Founders of  The PR Loop speak to us about their innovative new platform that aims to transform the PR industry.  The PR Loop is an online membership community for in-house and agency PR professionals as well as journalists to save time and deliver greater value by connecting efficiently with colleagues around the country, exchanging knowledge and locating a resource.  Starting from the USA, they intend to establish their footprints across continents in the coming months.  Hear the scoop on All About PR. 
Healthcare PR was a niche until about earlier this year. Not anymore. Every vertical in PR is being asked to double up or get experienced consultants or add this expertise to their repertoire this year. What is unique about this vertical of PR? Why is it essential for someone in lifestyle or technology to add this expertise to their offerings? How does it work? What are the local, national and global repercussions if you miss this boat? To answer this and more, in this episode we have with us Rimmi Harindran Regional Head of Communications - APAC Global Head of Communications General Medicine & Endocrinology (Interim) Merck Healthcare who speaks to us about the subject. This episode is by a special arrangement with PRPOI - A space dedicated to upskilling for PR & Communication professionals!
What does it mean when a journalist cribs about an 'insensitive' pitch made by PR ? How do you handle the backlash? This when the client on the other end also expects you to deliver the story on the 'trending' topic ? Can you include or learn EQ ? How can you encourage that in your team ? To answer this and more we have Paarul Chand, Editor-in-chief, partner PRmoment India (, India’s leading online PR magazine and Dr John Victor - Clinical psychologist, and CEO, Mind Solace join us today for a discussion. Don't miss this conversation if you want to enhance the EQ in your PR pitches or your teams. This episode is by a special arrangement with PRPOI - A space dedicated to upskilling for PR & Communication professionals!
Tune in to a delicious conversation with Foodies Vidya Lakshmi and Suchitra Chari as they share their unique innovations and how the food blogging world has adapted to the new normal and morphed their association with the PR world. Vidya Lakshmi is an award-winning food #blogger based out of Bangalore and is known for her delicious recipes.  Suchitra Chari is s based out of Mumbai and is known for her cooking skills and beautiful photography.  In this episode, they talk to us about how things have changed for them along with their relationship with the brand and PR world.
Ep 1 : Media Advocacy

Ep 1 : Media Advocacy


Varsha Pillai, Associate Director, Communications, Dream a Dream speaks to us about Media Advocacy in PR. Varsha Pillai has over 16 years of experience in the communication space, a bulk of which was spent as a TV news journalist. A research addict, she has been an NFAI (National Film Archives of India) research fellow in 2009 and a NUFFIC Fellow (Netherlands Fellowship) in 2017. In 2019 she was one of the 10 young leaders selected globally to attend the Winterschool for Thinktankers in Geneva (Jan-Feb 2019) under the On Think Tanks and Think Tank Initiative Fellowship. She is also a PhD research scholar with Symbiosis International University studying Gender Advocacy through Digital Media. She currently heads Communications at Dream a Dream an organization empowering young people using a creative life skills approach. This episode is by a special arrangement with PRPOI - A space dedicated to upskilling for PR & Communication professionals! 
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