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What Would Jesus Say?

What Would Jesus Say?


✨🐥✨CHICKS TALKING SHIFT WISDOM CLIP✨🐥✨Guess who we’re talking about in this wisdom clip…no, not the 🐰 Easter Bunny🐰…but someone who many are celebrating this weekend…you guessed it, Jesus.  In these crazy times, we wondered, “WWJD or say” about the division between so many of us lately?  What advice would he offer us?  Even in the midst of division and unkindness, Jesus beckoned us to walk a higher path and choose love.  Enjoy this snippet of classic teachings that serve as reminders on ways to be a better human.  We’ll leave you with this oldie but goodie…”Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  Be golden!Have a wonderful and blessed Easter. ✝️🐇 Hippity hop🐇Peace up✌️ & Big love💖Angel & Alecia#ChicksTalkingShift#WayshowersfortheAwakening
Escape Your Comfort Zone

Escape Your Comfort Zone


🦋🦋🦋  ESCAPE YOUR COMFORT ZONE 🦋🦋🦋 Imagine the mind-blowing shift in perspective that reveals broader horizons when the butterfly first breaks free from the cocoon. It’s said that life begins just outside our comfort zone. Stepping into unfamiliar territory requires us to reexamine aspects of ourselves and our stale routines.   Globally, we’ve been isolated, cocooned, and grounded much like the caterpillar.  The metamorphosis has begun. Our wings are ready.  We’re now being called to fly and explore new terrain. In this episode, things get real as we share personal experiences and chat about…The downside of staying in our comfort zoneThe beneficial perks of switching things upHow to step out with confidence & courageBusting out of the labels and identifying our contrasting desires frees up those suppressed parts of ourselves that have been denied.  This is how we embrace the fullness of who we are. Who knows, we might even become more interesting people.  We share an extraordinary example of this that might make you ask WTF?! It’s a magical, transitional time. The world is changing and transformation is in the air.  So, say bye-bye comfort zone and hello conscious zone!  Oh, and stick around for the Fun Facts segment where the Chicks dish on each other. Peace up✌️ & Big love💖Angel & Alecia#ChicksTalkingShift#WayshowersfortheAwakening
“Humans don’t awaken when they’re in their comfort zone.” ~Eckhart Tolle, Author of Power of NowIn this short clip, Eckhart reminds us that the obstacles we are currently experiencing are providing us the 'opportunity' to rise to a higher level of consciousness.If this sh!ft is getting too deep, then you’ll appreciate the profound reminder that adversity deepens awareness of our presence.  Being present in the current moment helps ease our discomfort during distress. And those contagious “in the now” vibes have a powerful energetic ripple effect… strong enough to transform fear of the unknown future.Keep vibing high & breathe deeply (like right now…inhale…exhale…we got this!)Peace up✌️ & Big love💖Angel & Alecia#ChicksTalkingShift#WayshowersfortheAwakeningVisit our YouTube Channel
 “These crises are awakening our sleeping potential for transformation.” Barbara Marx Hubbard nails it as she describes our current state of reality and the opportunities we’re being offered.  These times represent humanity’s annoying alarm clock and the snooze button has been disabled. We’re waking up whether we’re ready or not. It's time for us to make the conscious choice to stop sleepwalking, wipe the sleep from our eyes, and become active participants in co-creating a brighter future.  Dare to dream big!Peace up✌️ & Big love💖Angel & Alecia#ChicksTalkingShift#WayshowersfortheAwakeningVisit our YouTube Channel
Another global storm seems to be brewing so how will we navigate THIS sh!ft? We searched for some guidance to remain chill in the chaos. This video is an introspective wisdom clip to aid the soul as we learn to create our new world (excerpted from the full-length episode of “Where the *bleep* are the Leaders?!”). Someone once asked Master Teacher Thich Nhat Hanh, “How do you keep yourself from losing faith in humanity?”  The profound answer applies to each of us and speaks to the power we all possess to calm ourselves which has a positive ripple effect on others.As Buddha has taught us…the pain is inevitable but the suffering is optional.  We invite you to raise the vibe by being the change we all seek to see in the world. Stay calm and carry on. Peace up & Big love, Angel & Alecia#ChicksTalkingShift#WayshowersfortheAwakeningVisit our YouTube Channel 
Most would agree that leadership during the pandemic has been anemic at best.  If you’re like us, you’ve been craving enlightenment to help illuminate these paths of uncertainty we’re all trying to navigate. Take a deep breath and pull up a chair because we’ve gone on a search to find some helpful perspectives from spiritual teachers, conscious thought-leaders, and some of our most admired wisdom teachers.  We’ve uncovered some treasures; the guidance we’ve been longing for, and we share it with you in this full featured wisdom-packed episode. We expound on the profound perspectives from Eckhart Tolle, Dalai Lama, Thich Nhat Hanh, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Neale Donald Walsch, just to name a few.  There are even some shared insights from Jesus and Buddha too. This is a podcast of a different kind.  It was waaaayyyy too juicy to shorten.  We invite you to savor this extended chick-chat for a heavy dose of inspiration. Peace Up & Big love,Angel & Alecia#ChicksTalkingShift#WayshowersfortheAwakening
WTF is Energy Management?! It’s a balance of our inner-self with our outer world and quite frankly, it’s out of whack for most of us right now as we wrestle with what’s right, wrong, true, and untrue. If you've been feeling kinda bitchy lately, you’re not alone.  These energies are chaotic! In this quick chick clip we define energy management and why it’s so essential for clarity and balance in times of uncertainty.  Helpful insights to:Manage our energy in a trigger-happy world Practice emotional & mental flexibility Gain clarity through self-inquiryLet’s clear the muck, raise the vibes, and create silver linings amongst the dark clouds wherever and whenever we can.  Our hurting world appreciates the intention to keep our vibe balanced.  It has a positive ripple effect on us collectively.Peace Up & Big Love,Angel & Alecia 
The Struggle is Real

The Struggle is Real


“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.” 🦋Change is hard and the struggle is real but necessary for our collective evolution. (Hey, we know it's uncomfortable but we encourage you to keep pushing through.💪 ) Like the butterfly, we’re all experiencing our own process of transformation, shedding the cocoons of the past, while learning to fly in new ways. We’re adding some sparkle to the struggle with small doses of purpose and perspective.  Activating our awareness helps us better flow through these turbulent times.  This optimistic chick-chat is rich in dialogue as it relates to the common struggles we may be experiencing.Come, have a seat at our table as we share these insights and more:🌟 Defining the meaning of struggle - mental, emotional, physical, spiritual🌟 Struggle looks different for everyone - leave judgement out of it🌟 Detecting the roots of discomfort - dig a little deeper🌟 Using struggle as a period of growth & self-reflection🌟 Pearls of Wisdom for energy management - to prevent us from wiggin’ outJust ask the butterfly if the struggle was worthwhile…💭 (pssst….you’ll wanna hang for the new “fun facts” segment and the entertaining Blooper clips of our silly moments behind the scenes.)  🎬 Peace Up ✌🏻 & Big Love💖,Angel & Alecia#ChicksTalkingShift#WayshowersforTheAwakening
Have you stopped to think about technology lately?  In this chick-chat, we're talking about the magic tech brings to our lives but also how it's hijacking our time and energy.  (Listeners under 30 years old may be astonished by how we survived without it!)We step back on Memory Lane and chat about the good 'ol days when life was so much simpler without all this tech stuff.  We shine the light on where we are and the impact it has on us and then share some insights as to where we are heading and how to manage it. What’s in store for humanity in our tech-driven world?Tune in and reminisce with us as we create awareness on ways to keep your vibe positive and take baby steps to reclaim ourselves more consciously as we disentangle from the digital world that consumes humanity. 60 Minutes interview with Yuval Noah Harari
A short clip extracted from our Chicks Talking Shift Podcast.  Angel shares how we experience change to better understand how it shows up in our lives so that we can learn to anticipate it and flow through it with ease and grace.  Just another transformation tip for your journey!Download your FREE eBook as mentioned in this episode (Staying Afloat During Tides of Change by Angel Carlton)Peace Up & Big Love,Angel & Alecia
(Excerpted from our video podcast) We’re living in a messy world where uncompromising opinions are frequently and freely expressed, emotional triggers run rampant, and the truth is hard to come by.  These chaotic conditions are causing division, despair, anxiety, and confusion.  This is an uncomfortable, yet necessary, part of our conscious evolution.There’s no question balancing our inner-self with our outer world can be challenging.  Are you someone who finds themself “self-muzzling” to avoid conflict... or are you fighting the “good fight”? No judgement...we’re just here to raise awareness around our collective actions and reactions. If you've been feeling kinda bitchy lately, you’re not alone.  In this chick chat, we clear the fog with some conscious solutions such as how to: Manage our energy in a trigger-happy worldAlign our allies for support and sanity Practice emotional & mental flexibility Gain clarity through self-inquiryThis relatable episode is filled with a variety of insights, epiphanies, and parables that paint the picture of where we are now.   Let’s clear the path of understanding, raise the vibes, and ease our stress while joining together in oneness on the playground of humanity’s great awakening.Peace Up  & Big Love ,Angel & Alecia#ChicksTalkingShift#Wayshowersfortheawakening
Ever feel like you’re in limbo, flat, empty, or just blank inside?  Welcome to the Void...where the Universe laughs at our plans.  This is when it’s best to idle in neutral and go within to assess our emotional and mental state for clarity and direction.  This is what happened as we prepared for our latest podcast.   We showed up in front of our mics completely blank.  Imagine that!  Two chicks with nothing to say!  So we hit the record button and did what we know best.  We talked our way through this in-between space. Join us as our spontaneous dialogue leads us on a verbal adventure that explores:Living from the inside-out instead of the outside-inChoosing between the old and the new frequenciesGranting ourselves permission to do what’s best for usThe out of control feelings that drive us into more tribal mindsetsWe left the conversation feeling inspired knowing that the simple truth is that this is conscious energy evolving with a gentle reminder that this disconnected feeling is sometimes what transformation feels like.  Let’s embrace the void, trusting that it’s taking us where we want to go.Peace Up & Big Love,Angel & Alecia
NEW BONUS PODCASTWe’re stepping out of the box and catching up on the rollercoaster of life as we have a chick chat of a different kind.  As with any challenging circumstance in life, it breeds an opportunity for introspection and personal growth that comes from new realizations.  It’s when we step back and observe ourselves through the process that we gain wisdom. In this bonus podcast, Alecia shares what she’s gained from her recent experiences and the journey through loss.  Some of the discoveries we chat about...Knowing ourselves in unpredictable times and growing through the discomfort of change in a world that’s shifting  Who are we in the midst of loss and afterwards, especially when those who once held the mirror for us are no longer in our lives?  Practicing presence and the need for more humanity in our systemsKnowing our needs and bridging them with the needs of others - there’s a thin line between compassion and codependencyWhen we meet challenges, walking through them with courage, we discover what’s on the other side of fear and then we can proudly say, “Look how far I’ve come and look at what I know now. I've got this!”Peace up & Big Love,Angel & Alecia#ChicksTalkingShift#WayshowersforTheAwakening
Courage is the New Sexy

Courage is the New Sexy


When was the last time you got it up? ...not sure where your mind is going but we’re referring to COURAGE!Why is courage so vitally important right now?What fears are stopping you from having courageous conversations?Let’s face it, doing something different while stepping outside of the tribe takes courage, especially when we feel vulnerable and unsure.  Rocking the boat with courage can make waves as we stand up for ourselves and bring the conviction of our voice to the table.  In this chat we pull back the covers and expose the facets of courage as it relates to parenting, the workplace, and  life/death just to name a few.  We talk about...How to build the resiliency muscle - now’s the time!Naming your fears & baby stepping your way out of themFinding the courage to step outside the norm of comfort zonesFear of loss blocks courage...get over it!Join us in this heart-centered journey as we explore the sexiness of courage and what it takes to be the force our world needs us to be in this time of great change.  Peace Up & Big Love,Angel & Alecia
It’s time to begin writing your new story.  Where do you begin?  With the chalk in your hand and a clean slate in front of you, you have full creative rights to design the outcome of your future and your relationships. As we step out into the world, we are decoding where we’ve been. Now is the time to re-evaluate our needs/wants/desires as we begin to re-engage in our relationships.  What’s it gonna take?MindfulnessBoundariesCourageous ConversationsThis special chat triggers introspection prompting us to “begin with the end in mind”...Who do you want to be and who do you want to be with?  Are there relationships that need healing?  Are there some that need space? At the end of your precious life, what will people say about you?You’re in for a treat with a profound meditative journey.  So sit back and relax as you step into becoming the observer of your life (not ideal while driving).Peace Up & Big Love,Angel & AleciaWayshowers for The AwakeningGrowing Through Grief with Erin Browning (related podcast)Chicks Talking Shift Vibe Tribe on FacebookChicks Talking Shift on YouTube
(Audio from video podcast)Let’s face it, we’re all out of practice. If you’re just starting to brave the crowds and are new to social interaction post-pandemic, you may notice a bit of a shift.  Whether we realize it or not, the past year or so has changed us, those around us, and the world just has a different vibe.Social isolation and the lockdown have done a number on us in ways we don’t even realize yet.  We’re stepping off the 2020 rollercoaster of chaos trying to get our footing as we re-emerge into our social circles.  We’ve discovered that some things have changed and noticed an unexpected feeling of social awkwardness.  Eavesdrop on this chat for perspectives of where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going as we highlight the anxieties and insecurities we may experience as we begin to re-engage with others while heading back out into the new world. Who are you now on this side of 2020?  Be mindful of…How change has changed you and othersHolding yourself to a different standard through conscious choice-makingWhat energizes and depletes you - don’t let anything tamper with your good vibeHow resilient you are and how you’re reinventing yourselfRemember to RAISE THE VIBES wherever you go.  The world needs your positive energy!Peace Up  &  Big Love,Angel & Alecia#Wayshowers for The Awakening#ChicksTalkingShiftChicks Talking Shift Vibe Tribe on FacebookChicks Talking Shift on YouTube
Feeling like you’ve been “bullied by the Universe?”Life fraught with obstacles?Frustrated by uncertainty?We’re not getting sucker-punched, we’re just being challenged to make a higher choice about how we look at the circumstances of our lives.  The stumbling blocks in this “3D reality” serve as the universal training ground for a “5D experience”...wondering what the heck all that means??3rd Dimension (3D) = reality/the physical world; where we’ve been5th Dimension (5D) = mindfulness/elevated consciousness; where we’re headingThis is the shift and we’re all in it!Gear up to scale mountains of obstacles with these climbing tips from our chat: ⛰🌟 Navigating the insecurities, emotions, & emptiness of uncertainty🌟 Realigning with new perspectives & the power of choice🌟 Oh and get the lowdown on the sh!ft Angel’s been dealing with!Because the truth is, what’s happening to one of us is happening to all of us. Peace Up ✌🏻 &  Big Love 💖Angel & AleciaWayshowers for The Awakening3D Obstacles---->5D Outcomes video on YouTubeChicks Talking Shift Vibe Tribe on FacebookChicks Talking Shift on YouTube
(Audio from video podcast)The storms of life bring chaos and uncertainty and we’ve certainly had our share lately.  Facing the unknown and unexpected seems to have become the norm.  The Shift is about consciously embracing the places we’ve never been while tapping into our sensing mechanisms, learning to trust our intuition along the way.  This is a more personal conversation than usual.  Alecia shares the impact isolation from recent storms has had on her mental well-being while Angel expresses her vulnerability as she takes a huge leap of faith into unchartered territory.  In this chat, you’ll find many “pearls of wisdom” and practices that breeds more self-confidence to help dissolve fear.  Detach from the “need to know” by strengthening your sense of inner-knowing so that you can embrace the adventures ahead with less stress and hesitation.Peace Up & Big LoveAngel & AleciaFacing the Unknown with Knowing video on YouTubeChicks Talking Shift on FacebookChicks Talking Shift on YouTube
(Audio from video podcast)“We’re so resilient as humans. Sometimes hearing someone else’s story is a perfect reminder of the resilience we share as a common bond.” ~Erin Browning🎁  GET YOUR FREE SHIFT GIFT DOWNLOAD - PEARLS OF WISDOM FROM THIS PODCAST: Loss is a form of change. Grief is a response to change. Change is uncomfortable and often triggers growth.  Growing through grief is possible when we seek healthy perspectives and resources to help us move out of the chaos of darkness and into the light.Erin Browning joins us in our Special Guest Series and shares her touching story of loss and healing.  This optimistic conversation gets to the heart of the matter when it comes to grief...The rawness of the grieving process - allowing its expressionSocial expectations - sifting through your needs and what others expectSeeking higher truth in the heavier emotions - managing the pity partiesSelf-care while grieving?! It’s possible but may look differentSo whether you’re grieving a loss or struggling with uncertainty, this uplifting show offers a sense of support and encouragement for your precious journey. Peace Up & Big Love!Angel & AleciaWayshowers for The AwakeningChicksTalkingShift.comFree Shift Gift Download - 20 Pearls of Wisdom for GriefWebsite: Browning on InstagramErin Browning on FacebookLink to Angel's book Dedicated to DestinyChicks Talking Shift on FacebookChicks Talking Shift on YouTube  
(Audio from video podcast)💥Holy Shift, Batman!💥Wanna save the world from conflict? Grab your cape. Your mission is to courageously lasso your inner truth.  We’re all being called to power up our super abilities to neutralize judgement which can alter the course of humanity!Self-evaluation shields you from the villain of denial. Hard core beliefs can be kryptonite when left unchecked.  Take a page from our comic book and arm yourself with these conscious superpowers: Curiosity eases stress - Unleash the power of well-beingCuriosity shakes up fear - Sets the opposition off balanceCuriosity is heart energy - It’s not for weaklings If the separation is draining your life force, tap into your spidey senses.  You’ll marvel at how you’ll glide over division once your ego’s mask is removed and your true identity is revealed.“Which will hold greater rule over you?  Your fear or your curiosity?” ~Wonder WomanAnd remember, change begins with you. Peace Up & Big Love!Angel & AleciaHttps://www.ChicksTalkingShift.comLink to Angel's book Dedicated to DestinyChicks Talking Shift on FacebookChicks Talking Shift on YouTube  
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