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Every week we interview one of the world's most interesting people and have them share their stories: stories about their love of golf; stories about their hatred of golf; stories that will make you laugh, make you cry, maybe just make you think. We guarantee they will all entertain you.
And since golf is such a funny game, we feature one of America's top comedians every week in the Golf Is A Funny Game segment. Listen. Enjoy
27 Episodes
This week on The Approach Shot we share Golf Stories with the President of The Golf Heritage society, Dr. Bern Bernacki. Bern is a great guy with some fantastic stories and some advice on anyone who is or wants to get into collecting golf items. It’s never too late to start collecting Historical Golf souvenirs or starting with a contemporary collection and waiting until it becomes historical! We also go back into the archives for this week’s edition of Golf Is A Funny Game and bring back comedian Daniel Storrow. Another fun, funny, entertaining and informative edition of The Approach Shot
This week on the Approach Shot Podcast we spend some quality time with a baseball legend: Brett Boone. Brett is a third generation All-star. Who can forget the fantastic 2001 Mariners? We talk about baseball, about life, and, of course, we talk a lot about golf. We also visit the podcast archives and go back to our very first edition of Golf Is A Funny Game and reintroduce you to Galli Kroup! Another fun, funny, and truly entertaining edition of The Approach Shot Podcast.
This week on The Approach Shot Podcast we feature a guest from the art world. Linda Hartough ( is the country’s preeminent Golf Landscape Artist. Her original landscapes of Augusta National, Torrey Pines, Pebble Beach and others are hanging on the walls of The Butler Cabin, Jack Nicklaus’s house, and many other homes of golf’s greats. She talks about golf, art, and we try to figure out just how many shades of green there are in nature. We also debut a new comedy feature: “Who Should of Sung It?” An indescribably delicious few minutes of adlibbed improvisational comedy. Or, at least, an attempt there at. Another great hour of stories, entertainment and conversation on The Approach Shot Podcast.
The Approach Shot Podcast this week is a banner episode. First, we welcome Mike Timlin, the relief pitcher for the Boston Red Sox that helped them win their first World Series in 2004. We talk about that for a bit. Have you ever noticed John is a rabid Red Sox fan? Mike is also an avid golfer and we talk to him at length about his golf game, about the similarities between golf and other sports, and the psychological approach to both. John and Mike found they have something in common: both of their mothers passed away from ALS and they promise to throw a golf tournament charity fund raiser for the cause. Listen to find out how to participate. This week’s Golf Is A Funny Game segment is fantastic! I mean, this is the funniest one we’ve done yet. Bert Hart joins us along with his friend Mike with a C and we slug it out with another Bad Jokes And Dad Jokes competition. You can’t miss this.
The Approach Shot Podcast this week features a man that will make every golfer who listens so jealous. His name is Joe Fellini and he is just an average guy who plays golf…lots of golf. Joe has played at over 380 golf courses so far and he isn’t even close to being done. He still has a list of one course in every state that he intends to play and then of course there are the trips to Ireland, Scotland, and every other country with a golf course. Joe has gotten on many of the famous courses that most of us can only dream aboiut. How? Well, hopefully he will share the secret. Listen and you, too, can be playing all these courses. What happens when a touring stand up comedian runs for office as a joke? HE GETS ELECTED! This and other hilarious stories from comedian Jeremy Nunes this week in Golf Is A Funny Game segment. Another fun, funny, entertaining edition of The Approach Shot Podcast.
Jeff Garcia has been to the Pro Bowl 4 times as a quarterback. He’s been to The Approach Shot just once, but he had more fun with us. At least, it took less effort. Jeff has a football camp coming up on May 15 but everything else he says is timeless advice. Advice on playing golf, advice on rearing children, advice on lowering expectations on the golf course. He is absolutely right when he says it took thousands of hours of practice and coaching to be able to play quarterback I the NFL, yet he, as well as most of us, hit the golf course with no coaching, no lessons, no practice, not even some warm ups, and expect to play well. What are we thinking? But you want to talk timeless? Let’s talk about the comedy of Andy Fileta! A very funny man on this week’s edition of Golf Is A Funny Game. Another great fun, funny, and entertaining edition of the Approach Shot Podcast.
David Kelly is an author, a baseball fan, and a mystery aficionado. So he takes these three things and melds them into a series of children’s’ books about a mystery solving couple of friends who travel to major league ballparks and solve mysteries while they are there. A fascinating concept from a very creative man. You’ll love our conversation. Then, spend an inordinate length of time with our comedian, Lou Santini. We will admit, this “Golf Is A Funny Game” segment ran longer than any before. That’s because Lou is not only hilarious, but also a former radio guy (just like Neal and John) so we swap some radio stories that will keep you rolling. This is an episode not to miss.
When you come across a guy as funny as Cory Michaelis, you talk to him exclusively, the whole show is just one guest. Cory is a former teacher. He was the school golf coach. He played on the school golf team when he was in high school. He plays golf about 3 times a week whether at home or on the road. If you don’t think that combo makes for some hilarious stories, both about golf and otherwise, you would be severely mistaken. Spend a hilarious 45 minutes with us on this edition of The Approach Shot Podcast. And for Pete’s sake, learn how to pronounce his name correctly.
Whoop! Here he is! This week on The Approach Shot Podcast our special guest is rapper DC Glen from Tag Team and the star of one of the most popular commercials on TV, Geico’s “Scoop There it is” Spot. DC talks about the genesis of the record, how he came to be in a Geico commercial and what it has meant to his career and his future. He also confesses his golf game is just like most of ours, it sucks. We also enjoyed a conversation with comedian Jeff Macilino, a fellow podcaster and stand up comedian who performs regularly in Florida comedy clubs. Join John Ashton and Neal Michaels for another fun, funny and entertaining golf themes podcast, The Approach Shot.
The Approach Shot on Master’s Sunday features the feature writer, Rex Hoggard. He talks with us live from the media center at Augusta National Golf Course. Find out his favorites to win. Find out why he thinks Bryson Dechambeau won’t win. And hear some of the funniest golf stories you have ever heard. And then get ready to dance and cluck like a chicken. Adam Jones, a comedy stage hypnosis guy spends time with us…we are getting sleepy … more fun, funny and ultra entertaining golf talk on this week’s Approach Shot Podcast.
This week on The Approach Shot the guys talk with one of Nashville’s truly wonderful talents and all around nice guy, Larry Stewart. Larry is the former lead singer of the band, Restless Heart and also a man that enjoyed a remarkable solo career. We all talk about music, the state of country music today, some of Larry’s favorite musicians, and about the day Vince Gill showed up for a music video dressed rather inappropriately. And then, of course, we get to the topic at hand, GOLF. Larry has played with some of the best. He hasn’t quite hung with the best. He confesses his short comings on the course. This week we revisit comedian Jeff Blanchard. For those of you who may have missed him the first time we suggest you not make that mistake again. Another fun, informative, and entertaining week on The Approach Shot Podcast.
Another week with two more phenomenal guests and probably the funniest 15 minutes pf podcasting you will hear all week. Our first guest is Tom Abbot, fomr The Golf Channel/NBC. Tom is the play-by-play announcer for the network’s LPGA coverage. You will also remember Tom as the co-host of the Golf Channel Series, The Big Break. We talk Master’s. LPGA. Womens’ Golf, the PGA and all sorts of interesting stuff. Then Bert Hart marks his triumphant return to The Approach Shot. Our “Bad Jokes and Dad Jokes” segment is the funniest (and for some of us, most embarrassing) 15 minutes of podcasting you will hear this week. Enjoy
This week’s episode of The Approach Shot features a sports expert, Jake Asman from Sports Map Radio Network. We talk about the NCAA March Madness. We talk about the Master’s coming up in a few weeks. We talk about how badly Jake plays golf. And then we introduce you to the Comedian Loose Cannon. He will tell you upfront he is a jerk and will most probably offend you. In fact, he figures of he hasn’t offended you he hasn’t done his job properly. If you think you can handle it, put on your big boy pants and listen to this week’s episode of the golf flavored Approach Shot Podcast.
This week on The Approach Shot, something novel for us: .we talk about golf exclusively with our first guest, Kessler Karain. Kessler is a professional caddy on the PGA Tour and is both the caddy and brother-in-law to Patrick Reed. Reed has been embroiled in some rules controversies recently and we get the inside scoop on what happened and what they were thinking from the man who was there, caddy Kessler Karain. Also, golf is a funny game and we have comedian Max Heering on with us to prove it. We want to welcome Public Rec as a new partner to the podcast. Check out the most comfortable pants you will ever wear at
This week on The Approach Shot Podcast is the legendary Disc Golf Pioneer, Scot Stokely. He talks about the early years in disc golf, the 17 championships and the records he holds, how he travels the country giving seminars, workshops and clinics. And he also explains how and why he has introduced disc golf to the special needs community. Also this week, probably the most hilarious Golf Is A Funny Game Segment ever. Neal and John go head to head with comedian Bert Hart in a bad joke contest. We won’t spoil the ending but can the guys hold their own toe to toe against a real comedian? The segment will keep you laughing, that’s for sure.
An over abundance of funny! This week on The Approach Shot Podcast we feature 2 of the funniest guys around. Our featured guest on this week’s podcast is comedian Jeff Allen. Jeff has been touring the country doing stand up comedy for a couple of decades but he has been playing golf even longer than that. Jeff uses his comedic chops to tell some very funny golf stories and some funny stories on other subjects as well. They say a comedian needs to soffer for his art. Well, Jeff has been a Chicago Bears fan forever. Now THAT’s suffering! But suffering creates some great comedy. In our Golf Is A Funny Game segment we feature Flobo Boyce. Flobo is a comedian, writer, podcaster, and film maker. Very funny. Extremely entertaining. You have stumbled upon the funnies hour of podcasting on the net this week. Enjoy.
This week on the new golf humor podcast, The Approach Shot, our two guests are Bob Harig and comedian Martin Montana. Bob Harig is senior golf writer for and has been covering the game for more than 30 years, first at the St. Petersburg Times and then for He began contributing to in 1997. He also covered college football for the Times. In addition to writing for, Harig also frequently appears on SportsCenter and other ESPN platforms from golf events or when news occurs. Harig, a native of Barrington, Ill., got his first exposure to golf as a caddie at Inverness Golf Club, where he earned an Evans Scholarship to attend Indiana University. He graduated with degrees in journalism and history.Harig lives in Florida and has been an active member of the Golf Writers Association of America (GWAA) for many years, including serving a term as the organization’s president. Martin Montana is a stand-up comedian, host, & actor who's quick wit and ability to adapt to any situation has led to him hosting celebrity sports shows, being the voice of Shocktop Beer for over 4 years, and doing stand-up at national sporting events. He also headlines at comedy clubs across the country and his comedy is featured on SiriusXM.
Or we could have called it “A Yankee Fan out of her element”. This week on The Approach Shot we welcome in Walt Thurmond, former member of Seattle’s “Legion Of Boom” and proud owner of a Super Bowl Ring. We talk a little football but now that he has retired, Walt is seriously pursuing golf as both a recreation and a method of out reach. Walt has a foundation, United Champions For Change that is helping high school athletes who have been adversely effected by the Covid school closings and cannot compete for those coveted College Scholarships because their own seasons and chances to play have been cancelled by Covid lockdowns. And then Ro Dellagrazie proves that New Yorkers can be funny…very funny. She is the featured comedian on this week’s Golf Is A Funny Game segment. Altogether another fun, funny, and terribly entertaining version of The Approach Shot Podcast.
On this week’s episode of The Approach Shot, we celebrate the season’s last football game with a couple of big-time personalities. From the world of football we welcome Gus Frerotte, Pro Bowl quarterback for the Washington Football Team and others. Gus talks some football and some golf. Then we bring in comedian Jeff Blanchard. Jeff talks some football, but really, since he lives in Cleveland, how much football has he really seen? Then we switch over to golf, a subject he knows less about then football. But Jeff does have a funny story about almost killing his dad on the golf course. Another week of fun, funny and entertaining from The Approach Shot.
You’ve heard the expression “…put your money where your mouth is.” Well, today we talk with a woman who says “…put your money where your heart is.” Janine Firpo is a brilliant and accomplished woman who has enjoyed terrific success in Silicone Valley with a long tenure with Hewlitt Packard and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Today Janine wants to help women throughout the world feel more confident in investing while she shows us all how to invest in ways that mirror our values. Whether you want to invest in your local community, invest in clean energy, or maybe invest in ways to bring prosperity to impoverished areas of the world, Janine’s forthcoming book explains exactly how, and why, you should consider that. And then we talk to Frank Murphy, an authentic “piece of work”. Frank tells the story of “watering” his peach tree in full view of his entire neighborhood; of childhood bartenders, and drinking with Baptists. Frank is a very funny man and proves it on this week’s episode of The Approach Shot.
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