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Take a Golf Magazine Top 100 teacher, Jeff Smith ( ( and pair him with an outstanding radio personality and you have the formula for one helluva Golf Talk Radio Show. John Ashton (the show host) has enjoyed success as a morning personality on radio stations from Bangor, Maine to Dallas, Texas. He’s also embarrassed himself on many golf courses in the same locations. John is a hacker, struggling to break 80 (OK, 90) but has a passion and enjoyment of the game, a skewed sense of humor and an outlook that makes this the most entertaining Golf Show around.Jeff Smith, PGA enjoys the innate ability to create word pictures so, even on the radio, his tips and techniques to improve your game are clear, easy to follow and help listeners cut strokes on their very next round.
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(00:01) Golf Rules and Friendly Matches This segment features a lively discussion on some proposed changes to golf rules that could benefit recreational players. John Ashton and Jeff Smith talk about the controversial idea of not having to play out of a divot in the fairway, suggesting it should be considered ground under repair until the grass grows back. They also humorously propose a rule where losing a ball should only cost a player $5 without an additional stroke penalty, especially in non-competitive games. Jeff brings up an interesting twist on handling out-of-bounds shots with the concept of a "brovisional," allowing players to drop a ball near the out-of-bounds area to speed up play. Throughout, they balance their suggestions with considerations for both friendly and competitive matches, aiming to make the game more enjoyable for weekend golfers. (09:59) Rules and Etiquette in Golf This segment unpacks the controversial USGA rule regarding teeing a ball outside of the tee markers. We explore the implications of the rule, which states that doing so incurs a one-stroke penalty but allows the ball to be teed up anywhere else on the course. We debate whether this could lead to players exploiting the rule by teeing up right next to the hole for easy birdies or eagles, and consider the potential chaos this could cause in professional tournaments like the US Open. Additionally, we touch on how strict adherence to certain golf rules can sometimes make the game less enjoyable for amateurs, and clarify the rule about accidental ball movement during a practice swing. (23:25) Common Rule-Breaking in Golf This segment explores the often informal and flexible nature of golf rules in casual play versus the strict adherence required in tournament settings. We highlight how common practices like mulligans, gimmies, and taking liberties with ball placement are not officially recognized but are frequently used by casual players to speed up the game or ensure a better lie. In contrast, we discuss the importance of strict rule enforcement in competitive play, where players and parents closely monitor ball positions to prevent any unfair advantage. We also touch on the need for players and their support teams to be knowledgeable about the rules to maintain fairness, particularly in junior tournaments, where some may try to exploit the rules. Overall, we examine the cultural differences between casual and competitive golf and the impact of these practices on the game. (34:02) Improving Golf Skills With Training Grips This segment delves into the rules of golf, focusing on those that may need revision or could enhance the game if altered. We explore the benefits of training grips, which help beginners achieve proper hand placement and see immediate success, making the game more enjoyable and less frustrating. By discussing a potential tiered system for training grips, we envision how this could cultivate a generation of skilled golfers who learn to compete effectively. Additionally, we touch on the issues of parents interfering in junior golf tournaments, highlighting the need for fair play and proper rule enforcement to foster genuine skill development. (42:36) Value and Controversy of Golf Rules This segmentexplores the significance of adhering to the rules in golf and life, emphasizing the integrity and character-building that come from facing challenges head-on rather than taking shortcuts. We discuss the value of playing by the official rules, even when they lead to difficult situations, as a metaphor for dealing with life's hardships without resorting to dishonesty. We also touch on the debate between those who strictly follow the rules and those who play more casually, highlighting the importance of a balanced perspective. Ultimately, we agree that while some rules might seem unnecessary, they collectively contribute to a fair and enjoyable game.
Join us as we chat with Golf Magazine Top 100 teacher Jeff Smith at the picturesque Pine Canyon. We recount his recent adventures in the Grand Canyon and Winslow, Arizona, while sharing personal golf experiences. I celebrate my birthday with a round at the polo fields in Louisville, where Jeff's advice helped me conquer a notoriously challenging par three. The course's pristine condition and unique hybrid bluegrass made for a memorable day on the links. Listen in as we explore the critical role of a positive mindset in golf. Enjoying a pressure-free birthday round resulted in an impressive 83, underscoring the benefits of not stressing over scores. We discuss the aspiration of shooting one's age and the importance of professional coaching, especially for former athletes transitioning to golf. Our conversation includes encounters with retired Major League Baseball players at Pine Canyon, highlighting their athletic prowess and the value of expert guidance. Discover practical advice for improving your short game under pressure, focusing on chip shots close to the green. We share insights on pre-round preparation, emphasizing purposeful practice, especially on wedges and putters. With tips on emotional resilience and the importance of solid contact, you'll learn how to elevate your game from "suckiness" to "awesomeness." Whether you're looking to refine your technique or simply enjoy the game more, this episode offers valuable lessons for golfers of all levels.
Join us for an engaging episode where we kick things off with a conversation about our dedication to punctuality, followed by a vivid comparison of Arizona's dry heat and the muggy humidity of other regions. We share our latest golf adventures, recounting the unique challenges posed by courses like Calusa Pines in South Florida, known for its rare elevation changes, and Pinehurst, famous for its tricky Donald Ross-designed greens. We also celebrate the impressive performance of young golfer Ava Bunker at Pinehurst, reflecting on the evolution of golf greens over the years. In the next segment, Jeff Smith, reporting from Prescott, Arizona, sheds light on how wind can affect your putting game. Listen in as Jeff provides insights into how varying green speeds and wind strengths can alter putts, supported by practical techniques to improve clubhead and ball speed. He also shares details of a hands-on putting class where participants learned to read greens and adjust for wind conditions, using visual aids and real-time demonstrations to offer a comprehensive understanding of wind's impact on putts. As we continue, we humorously discuss unconventional methods like forming a human wind barrier, but quickly shift to practical tips for improving your game in windy conditions. We explore strategies for mastering golf ball penetration in the wind, including the importance of squaring the clubface to reduce spin and increase ball speed. Jeff shares a unique training technique involving a carwash sponge to help golfers feel and hear the impact of a square hit. Additionally, we emphasize the importance of repetitive motions in practice, offering specific drills and techniques to enhance your performance and impress your fellow golfers, especially when faced with challenging weather conditions.
Unlock the secrets to improving your golf game with practical tips and expert insights! Join us as we delve into the heart of why consistent practice is essential for mastering golf techniques. From Jeff Smith's enlightening stories about students who experienced both immediate improvements and setbacks, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the pivotal role that discipline and regular practice play in maintaining and enhancing your skills on the course. Discover how mastering foundational techniques and adhering to a pre-shot routine can lead to continuous progress. We share personal anecdotes and teaching experiences that underline the importance of routine, alignment, ball position, balance, posture, grip, and clubface orientation. These elements are crucial for not just hitting consistent shots but also for overcoming physical and psychological barriers that many golfers face. Learn from our real-life examples and practical advice to ensure you don't have to relearn the basics, but instead, build on them for improved performance. Finally, we break down the complexities of swing mechanics and targeting strategies to help you achieve better results. From bunker play to adjusting your stance and understanding the club face's role in ball flight, our common-sense approach makes it easy to apply these techniques on the course. Whether you're struggling with confidence or need tips for refining your practice routines, this episode is packed with actionable insights. Tune in to transform your golf game with a balanced and powerful swing that will impress on any green.
Join us this week as we explore the myriad challenges and adaptations golfers face on the course. We kick things off with a round at Iroquois Park, where the sandy greens on the back nine threw a curveball into our game. This leads to a broader discussion on the importance of adaptability in golf, whether it's managing downhill lies or adjusting to top-dressed greens. We also touch on the common expectation among golfers for discounts during course maintenance and how this contrasts with the general acceptance of other course imperfections caused by natural factors. Understanding and embracing these variables can significantly enhance the golfing experience. Listen in as we discuss mastering golf in windy conditions and the mental toughness required to play through them. Much like the unpredictable weather in Scotland or Ireland, these challenges can make for memorable stories and skill improvements. Drawing from a recent scoring school, we share insights on adapting to a two-club headwind, hitting the ball more solidly, and maintaining control and scoring despite adverse conditions. This chapter underscores the importance of mindset and technique in turning challenging weather into opportunities for growth and enjoyment. Finally, we tackle the unique obstacles presented by extreme weather, from playing in heavy rain to enduring 82 mile-per-hour winds during a charity scramble near Valhalla Golf Club. We recount humorous and thrilling moments, such as dodging flying trash cans and hitting long shots in hurricane-like conditions. This conversation emphasizes the need to be prepared for any weather, the value of appropriate gear, and the camaraderie that often emerges in such situations. Whether you're a casual golfer or a serious player, embracing these extreme conditions can lead to unforgettable experiences and stories.
Join us for an enlightening episode where we explore the intricate mechanics of generating power in your golf swing from the ground up. Listen in as Jeff Smith, a Top 100 teacher by Golf Magazine, shares insights from his power schools in Savannah, Charleston, and Arizona. Discover how to correctly time your push from the ground to significantly enhance your swing speed and overall power. Jeff debunks common misconceptions and explains how mastering this sequence can take your game to the next level. Next, we shift focus to innovative training tools designed to improve your golf swing sequencing. We compare a simple rope to the popular Orange Whip, illustrating how it can better prevent premature arm movement and ensure proper torso rotation. You'll also hear about a DIY project involving a PVC pipe, swim noodle, alignment sticks, and a weighted tennis ball—an effective homemade tool to promote correct sequencing and protect your body during practice. Finally, we discuss the importance of hitting the center of the clubface for maximum ball speed and performance. Jeff explains how specialized training aids like the Tour Striker club can help golfers achieve better contact, leading to improved smash factor, launch angle, and distance. We also cover the essentials of putting technique, from grip to minimizing wrist action, and the benefits of focusing on wedge play to enhance overall iron performance. This episode is packed with practical tips and personal anecdotes to help you become a more efficient and powerful golfer.
Join us for an engaging episode as we kick things off with a fascinating discussion about golfing in the stunning elevated terrains of Flagstaff, Arizona. We share our experiences with the climate, the scenic mountain views, and the historical charm of Route 66. Listen in as we address common challenges golfers face when constantly searching for new techniques without mastering any. Through insightful stories and practical advice, we emphasize the importance of understanding the real issues behind poor ball flight and maintaining balance in your swing. This chapter is packed with tips that can help you achieve better consistency and performance on the golf course. We also highlight the skill gap between amateur and professional golfers, stressing the importance of continuous practice. The conversation sheds light on the pitfalls of comparing oneself to pros and the influence of golf instructors who promote specific swing philosophies. We round out the episode with valuable insights on the proper use of golf equipment, from training aids to practicing swings without a ball. This episode is a treasure trove of practical advice and engaging discussions that any golf enthusiast will appreciate. Copy
Join me, John Ashton, and the renowned Jeff Smith, a Golf Magazine Top 100 teacher, as we tackle the mental and physical aspects of improving your golf game. Listen in as we share insights on the vital role discipline plays in transferring lessons from the green to your routine. You'll hear stories of golfers who soared during their sessions only to stumble without continued practice. It's not just about understanding the changes; it's about embedding them into your play with dedication and a practice prescription from your coach. Remember, without the discipline to practice, progress is fleeting. Hone your golf skills with us as we simplify the golf swing for success. We take you from the quirky shops along Tamiami Trail straight to the heart of golf strategy, discussing everything from the importance of a consistent pre-shot routine to overcoming mental barriers that may be impacting your swing. Learn about the psychological edge that can help you achieve a smoother, more successful golf shot, and find out why the correct grip, posture, and clubface alignment are your best friends on the course. You might just be surprised to find that your physical ailments aren't the hindrance you thought they were. Wrapping up, we delve into the art of communication in golf instruction and the power of a solid pre-shot routine. Discover why practice swings aren't just a formality but a critical step towards nailing that perfect shot. With anecdotes and tips from the trenches, we shed light on the common mistakes amateurs make and the ego traps that can sabotage your game. Whether you're looking to improve your bunker shots or navigate the mental game under pressure, this episode is your caddy to a better golf experience. So grab your clubs, and let's get swinging towards a more refined, confident approach to the game we love.
Have you ever considered that maybe, just maybe, the secret to lowering your golf score lies not in the latest swing technique, but in the recesses of your mind? Join me, John Ashton, and the wisdom-infused top 100 teacher Jeff Smith, as we unpack a mental game-changer for golf enthusiasts. We're redefining success one par 5 at a time, and trust me, this isn't your average golf chat. We're not just talking birdies and bogeys; we're getting into the nitty-gritty of why par is a professional's game and how the rest of us can find joy in every drive, chip, and putt. Now, let’s swing over to gear talk – the PXG Black Ops Golf Driver. This isn't just another club to add to your bag; it's a tale of transformation that began with my own fitting experience. And as Jeff chimes in from the picturesque Pine Canyon, we don't just marvel at the surroundings; we dissect the PGA Championship, celebrate Bryson DeChambeau's heart, and give John Daly's antics a fairway's worth of discussion. We're peeling back the layers of the pro game to reveal just how those recovery shots and fairway stats stack up. To cap it off, we tackle the mental tees and hazards of improving your game without letting frustration bogey your spirit. We talk handicaps and indexes, but not just the numbers – the pride, the expectation, and the very real dedication needed to swing closer to your potential. So whether you're eyeing that single-digit handicap or just looking to relish your time on the greens, this conversation is about finding your sweet spot in the game, where the love of golf meets the drive to improve. Join us, and let's put the 'play' back into 'play through.
Have you ever found yourself on the green, questioning every choice you've made leading up to that pivotal putt? John Ashton and the wisdom of Golf Magazine Top 100 teacher Jeff Smith are here to help you navigate the course with confidence. From crafting a practice regimen that actually pays off, to getting the club to move as an extension of your body, we're unveiling the secrets to a more controlled and powerful swing. Beginners and mid-handicap players, take note: this episode is packed with tailored advice to help you refine your game and shave strokes off your scorecard. Let's talk alignment – it's not about holding the club straight, it's about getting that club face to speak the right language to the ball. We tackle the common myths and arm you with practical tips, including the smart use of alignment sticks, to ensure your shots are consistent and your handicap is heading in the right direction. Jeff Smith, with his unparalleled insights, walks us through the intricacies of grip strength and the importance of setting up for success before each shot. It's the details like these that can transform your game from frustrating to formidable. And for those moments when it's all about finesse over force, we've got your short game covered. Discover why an older golfer named "Dirt" became our unlikely hero, and how his exceptional chipping and pitching outshone his peers. This is the episode where we emphasize the unsung heroes of golf – the third shot, bunker play, and those nerve-wracking eight-foot putts. Join us for a round of conversation that promises to improve not just your swing, but your entire approach to the game. Trust us, your scorecard will thank you.
Listen in as we catch up with Ron Sullivan and explore the latest enhancements of his innovative Pro Tips Golf app, designed to bring golfers the local knowledge they need on the course. Ron details the app's new features, such as live chat, which lets players communicate in real-time, and audio tips from golf pros and general managers that guide shot selection and course navigation. Sharing a personal story, we highlight the difference this kind of insider advice can make, especially when tackling unfamiliar terrain. The app's evolution not only aids in improving gameplay but also cultivates a sense of community among golf enthusiasts. In our discussion, we also look at the broader aspects of enjoying golf, emphasizing the importance of expert advice and how it can be turned into accessible audio clips. These tips come from various golf course personnel and are aimed at enhancing both skill level and pace of play. I share insights into the simple joy of golfing with friends, the setting of personal challenges, and the strategic choice to save your best swings for the game, not practice. Ron Sullivan from Pro Tips Golf joins the conversation, shedding light on how these elements merge to uplift the golfing experience for players of all skill sets. Wrapping up, the conversation shifts to the integral role golf plays in forging and strengthening relationships, using the backdrop of the Myrtle Beach Classic and the famed Kiawah Island's Ocean Course to discuss the game's social and business benefits. From humorous tales on links-style courses to the candid revelation of one's character during a round, we cover the gamut of golf's influence. Top Golf Instructor Jeff Smith chimes in, sharing his expertise on local course knowledge and how it's akin to having a caddy. Whether it's the value of caddies, the anticipation of a new club, or the satisfaction of improving one's skills through expert advice, this episode is a testament to the deep connection between the game of golf and life itself. Copy
Ever found yourself chuckling at the audacious claims of a fellow golfer who insists on playing from the back tees, despite their drive barely clearing the ladies' markers? That's the kind of jovial banter you can expect from me, John Ashton, and my sidekick, Jeff Smith, a Golf Magazine Top 100 teacher, as we saunter through tales of local golf glories and the amusing bravado that fuels our beloved sport. From the electric energy of Louisville in Derby season to celebrating a 72-year-old's hole-in-one, our episode is a front-row seat to the passion and peculiarities that make golf more than just a game. As we age, tees aren't the only things we might need to move forward. We wade into the realities of golfing through the years, discussing how drive distances and strength may wane but highlighting how staying fit can keep your swing young at heart. With Jeff's expertise, we peel back the curtain on the marketing smoke and mirrors promising quick fixes and instead, prescribe a hearty dose of exercise as the true elixir for a consistently strong game. Golf mirrors life's challenges, and in this round of conversation, we're your caddies for navigating the course of staying active and enjoying every shot. Wrapping up with sage advice for golfers of all ages, we talk serious shop about the transformative impact of getting the right gear. Whether it's grip sizes that ease the strain on arthritic hands or the perfect club fitting that could turn your bogeys into birdies, Jeff Smith lends his wisdom on how to make your equipment an extension of your own drive to improve. It's not just about playing the game, it's about loving the play—and we're here to ensure you're equipped, quite literally, to do just that. Join us, and let's tee up some knowledge to help you swing with ease and walk the fairways with a little more pep in your step.
Join us on the green as we kick off the season with a swing, sharing a mix of laughter and wisdom in our latest golf-centric discussion. Listen in as I, John Ashton, alongside top 100 teacher Jeff Smith and our special guest, James Hong, share tales from the fairway, including a gripping anecdote about Don Rickles and a mobster that'll have you on the edge of your seat. We chat about the challenges and joys that come with the start of the golf season, from the migration of golfers seeking warmer climates to the surprising observation about senior golfers grappling with the mystery of losing distance on their irons. Plus, get a peek into the luxurious world of high-rise golf simulators that might just revolutionize your practice sessions. For those fostering the next generation of golfers, our conversation navigates the intricacies of junior golf programs. We share insights on how to create an engaging and supportive environment that caters to a child's developmental needs, ensuring they fall in love with the game. From the delicate balance of coaching kids with prior instruction from their parents to strategies for effectively involving parents in the learning process, our talk is a treasure trove of tips for anyone looking to guide young athletes. We also delve into the often overlooked yet critical topic of choosing the right golf equipment for kids, drawing on the humorous yet telling parallels with other sports. Rounding out our tee time talk, we explore the journey of finding the perfect golf instructor for your budding junior golfer. Discover the wealth of resources available, like the US Kids Golf website and Operation 36, that can help parents connect with certified instructors who are not just skilled, but also resonate with their children on a personal level. Tune in for our candid take on this pivotal aspect of golf education, where the right match can spark a lifelong passion for the sport and even see children outplaying their parents on the course. So, whether you're a seasoned golfer or a parent with dreams of your child donning the green jacket, our discussion promises to entertain and enlighten. Grab your clubs, and let's hit the links together!
Bob Harig has written, and still does wrote about golf for Sports Illustrated, ESPN and other fine Gof Publications. Bob wrote a book entitled, "Tiger and Phil' about Tiger Woods and Phile Mickelson. Now he has released a new book entitled, "Drive: The Lasting Legacy of Tiger Woods". Bob spent an hour with us this week talking about Tigers Legacy, how Tiger has inspired other tour players to work out, become stronger athletes. Bob talks about Tiger's work ethic, his practice routines, how he came back from serious injury and some serious personaltragedies. Any fane of Mr. Harig's, fan of Tiger's or simply a fan of golf needs to hear this week's show.
This week on Those weekend Golf Guys, John Ashton and Jeff Smith discuss the 3 ways that a great teacher can get you to hit every club in your bag farther. You need to check three things: Are You Gripping The Club With Your Natural Arm Hang? Are Your Forearms level? Can You Swing Your Clubhead Between Two Tees Without Hitting Either? There are some concepts and set ups that Jeff describes in this episode that really need some visual accompaniment so we have uploaded the video version of this episode on YouTube at . Keep in mind that this video version has not been edited so you get it all, the in between banter and all the stupid stuff we say to each other. I don’t remember if we swore or not so forgive our language if we did. Also, if you enjoy the “behind the scenes” nature of this video, let us know. Simply email and let us know. If enough enjoyed it we will post video like this every week. Hope you enjoy “The Distance Episode” this week on Those Weekend Golf Guys
Not only do we interview the owners of the sunglass line called Popticals, sunglasses specifically designed to make golf easier to play with the glasses on, But John And Jeff also discuss other pieces of gear that will improve your game. We have discussed how important it is that your glove be tacky and not worn out. Well, the same  is true for your grips. How often should you replace the grips on your clubs? Good reasone why they should be replaced and a good idea of how often. Even how to tell if they need to be replaced. All this week on the award winning, Best Golf Sgow of 2024, Those Weekend Golf Guys
This week with Those Weekend Golf Guys we have an in depth interview with Corbin Cowan, the creator of the experience all golfers long for with The Albatross Golf Society. Membership in this society allows golfers of all abilities to compete in a tournamant setting that mirrors the competition we watch on TV. The albatross Golf Society holds tournaments for the members at various courses across the country and invites many celebrities to play too. So you can compete in handicapped flights, play for valuable prizes, and rub shoulders with celebrities, athletes and more. Check out the schedule of events and how to join at Coffee, Tea, anything really will taste better from our Those Weekend Golf Guys coffee mug. Only $10! Get yours here Those Weekend Golf Guys Mug - Bleav Shop
John Ashton and Top100 teacher Jeff smith discuss ways to practice all aspects of your game both inside and at the range or at the course. As well as describe some somple practice aids that can be used with a minumum of expense, many of them use items you already have around the house. If lower golf scores are what you are after this season, you can't miss listening to this episode.  
A few different topics. Jeff describes a couple of the articles you can read in soe forthcoming editions of Golf Magazine. John and Jeff talk about the benefits of getting fit for a new driver even though John's current driver works very well. We discuss why some people get frustrated and leave the game because they find it difficut if not impossobke to improve and that many times the reason is because their equipent does not fit them properly. Did you get yoiur clubs at a yard sale? from a friend? on Facebook Marketplace? They may not ne right for you and that's why you can't get any better. Go get fit professionally. Plus we revisit the Gilligan! Another fun, entertaining and funny edition of Those Weekend Golf Guys
The main topic of todays' episode is a few twists to some money (dare we say gambling?) games on the course. Many of us use Milligans. That of course is an official "do over" when we have a bad shot. Prior to Teeing off we will decide how many Mulligans per side each player will get. But now we suggest adding the "Gilligan". That is also a "do over" but a "do over" demanded by one of the others in your group. Let's say you hit the shot of your life. On a Par 5 you stripe a fairway wood and it rolls up on the green. Chance at an eagle putt. But since I am such a good friend and competitor I will say, "WOW! What a great shot man. Now do it again." Yeah, I can call a Gilligan on any shot (however many times we agreed on. Same number as Mulligans). I can make any shot that I thnk might really hurt my chances of winnng the hole null and void. We think this will add a whole new dimension of fun to your next round. Also Jeff expains how to play the game "Wolf" correctly. It's a whole episode on making your next round more fun if not more prfitable