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Whole Health for Employee Tobacco Cessation
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Whole Health for Employee Tobacco Cessation

Author: Veterans Health Administration

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A dramatization of two employees who are on a journey to quit smoking. The series is intended to serve as a guide for listeners to move at their own pace, listen to episodes multiple times, and pause at any time to take notes or work on skills during their own journey to quit smoking. This podcast is provided by the Employee Whole Health Program and will introduce Whole Health concepts that the listener can incorporate to achieve desired goals and milestones.
7 Episodes
The program identifies benefits associated with quitting smoking, highlights coping skills that can be used to maintain abstinence from tobacco, and identifies additional available resources that can be helpful to the listener during their journey to quit.Useful Links:
This program identifies ways to cope with slips and setbacks while trying to quit tobacco and discusses ways to overcome obstacles that may arise while trying to quit smoking, such as weight gain and stress.Useful Links:
Episode 5: Quit Day

Episode 5: Quit Day


This program explains how to select a tobacco quit date and prepare for it by recognizing nicotine withdrawal symptoms and understanding the role of the grief cycle in quitting smoking. Useful Links:
This program introduces AARM coping skills (avoidance, altering, replacing smoking with a substitute, and mentally coping) to develop an individual action plan that includes strategies on how to cope with triggers. Useful Links:
This program outlines strategies to become a conscious smoker, discusses multiple ways that nicotine is addictive, describes how to recognize triggers that bring on cravings to smoke, and explains how to develop an action plan for overcoming triggers.Useful Links:
This program discusses the benefits of quitting tobacco and describes Whole Health concepts that can be used by employees who are ready to quit or are thinking about quitting tobacco.Useful Links:
An introduction to the Tobacco Cessation Podcast series for Employees. This program identifies the resources that the VHA tobacco cessation program has available to help employees quit smoking.Useful Links:
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