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This is the Up!Rotterdam podcast. Showcasing the vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem of Rotterdam - and our journey to support the founders responsible. Hosted by Lars Crama.
13 Episodes
In 2016, Jarell founded Shypple - the " for intercontinental sea freight that connects more than 3000 companies worldwide." In 2020, Shypple was voted Sprout Startup of the year. In april 2021, they raised a 7 Million Euro Series A, bringing the total funding to 9,5 Million and gearing up for more to facilitate acquisitions. Jarell earned his bachelor degree in Tilburg and his Masters in Rotterdam and turns out to be quite competitive.In this episode, we'll cover the following topics:Shaking up a traditional industry that is used to fax and e-mail;Finding balance between organic growth and acquisitions;Staying healthy through quantified self.Links mentioned:People: Jarell Habets, Ruben Wieman, Pieter Sleeboom Companies: Shypple, DHL, Kuehne Nagel, Clear Health, Antler, Oneteam, Graduate EntrepreneurMedia: Interview with Jarell in AD Other: Vacancies at ShyppleKeep an eye on our LinkedIn channel for upcoming guests!
EJ sold his first business @Media to the Dutch Broadcasting Service in 2001. In 2006, he founded Nimbuzz, which he sold for 137 Million Euros to New Call Telecom in 2014. He then went on to found NGTI, until he dedicated himself to take up a role as the Managing Director of YES!Delft - voted #2 best university incubator in the world. EJ is also a guest speaker at Nyenrode on innovation and transformation, an expert member for the European Commission and… a force to be reckoned with when it comes to padel.In this episode, we cover the following topics:Dream exits;Building strong entrepreneurial ecosystems and;The link between business and sports.Links mentioned:People:  Evert Jaap Lugt, Elon Musk, Jan Koum, Constantijn van Oranje, Hans SchefferCompanies: Nimbuzz, YES!Delft, Erasmus Enterprise, Nyenrode, Whatsapp, Yahoo Messanger, KPN, Techleap, Gemeente Lansingerland, CIC, CES, Gladiatoren aan de MaasMedia: Podcast Jan van de Tempel, Podcast Cinzia Silvestri, Liselore Lugt at Gladiatoren aan de Maas, AD Article about the Dutch Mark ZuckerbergOther:Nimbuzz Finder, PadelKeep an eye on our LinkedIn channel for upcoming guests!
Vincent is the founder and Managing Director of - the online network that helps young professionals find a job they love. In his spare time, Vincent represents the VVD, the liberal party at the City Council of Rotterdam. So you can see him on Dutch television every now and then. He has also been one of the driving forces behind the scale-up program in Rotterdam.In this episode, we cover the following topics:How do you compete in a crowded market like recruitment;The opportunities in career coaching for students;Combining entrepreneurship with a role in the City Council.Links mentioned:People:  Vincent Karremans, Harald Swinkels, Laurens van Nues, Freek Schouten, Roos Vermeij, Sabine Biesheuvel, Bas van KooperenCompanies:, LaatBloeien, Het IndustrieGebouw, LinkedIn, Eton, Rabobank, NLE, VVD, BlueCityMedia: Campaign Video - I’m on a horseOther:, Careers at magnet.meSong: We built this city by StarshipKeep an eye on our LinkedIn channel for upcoming guests!
Han is the founder of LeadInfo, category leader in B2B website visitor analytics. Before founding LeadInfo, Han worked for Telecom 360 for almost eight years, where he learned all about growing conference call services in multiple countries. Han featured on Dutch News Radio BNR twice in 2018 and 2019 and his interview at SaasBazen was  the most downloaded episode. In this episode, we'll discuss:How do you beat the odds as a bootstrapped single founder?What is Han's strategy for winning new customers across Europe?How do you manage work life balance as a founder raising three young children?Links mentioned:People:  Han Kleppe, Marien den Besten, Filip Lauweres, Adriaan Mol, Hans Scheffer, Quirijn Kleppe, Marianne KleppeCompanies: Leadinfo, BNR, Saasbazen, LaatBloeien, Exact, Feyenoord, Heineken, Amazon, Mollie, Helloprint, Adhoc DocentMedia: jobs.uprotterdam.comSong: Mark Knopler - SkydiverKeep an eye on our LinkedIn channel for upcoming guests!
Djordy is a tech entrepreneur who is passionate about real estate and building impactful ventures.  With a Master in Law (Cum Laude) and a Master in Science, he joined HousingAnywhere in 2014. In 2018, Djordy took over as the CEO. He professionalised the company, led multiple funding rounds taking the total amount raised by the company to €35.5 million, accomplished four successful acquisitions within 12 months and navigated the business through the Covid-19 crisis.In this episode, we discuss:What is it like to step in as CEO when the founder steps out;What are Djordy's learnings when it comes to M&A;How do you structure your company for growth;Links mentioned:People: Djordy Seelmann, Niels van DeurenCompanies: Housing Anywhere, Rentmate, Studenten WG, Stanzazoo, Kamernet, Moonback, HenQ, Mendix, Vostok New Ventures, BlaBlaCar, GettMedia: AD Article - Tinder for Rental MarketOther: Five55 Building, OKRs, vacancies at HousingAnywhereSong: Eminem - Lose YourselfKeep an eye on our LinkedIn channel for upcoming guests!
Cinzia Silvestri is the Founder and CEO of Bi/ond, the Dutch biotech company on a mission to enable personalized disease treatment. Originally from Italy, Cinzia holds a Master in Electronic Engineering from the University of Rome, and a PhD in Microelectronics from Delft University of Technology. She is a TEDx speaker and was selected InspiringFifty.In this episode, we discuss:What is it like to build a business in the pioneering field of Organ-on-chips? How do you keep faith when your competitors receive 100M+ in funding?What are Cinzia’s dreams for the future;Links mentioned:People: Cinzia Silvestri, Nikolas Gaio, William F. Quirós-Solano, Ronald Dekker  Companies: BI/OND, University of Rome, TU Delft, UNIIQ Books: Crossing the Chasm Other: TEDx talk: "Your Drugs Are Average",  Philips Innovation Awards 2019, Accenture Innovation Awards 2018Song: Roberto Vecchioni - Sogna Ragazzo Sogna Keep an eye on our LinkedIn channel for upcoming guests!
This episode features Hicham Shatou, Founder and CEO of LeQuest.Hicham is a man on a mission to improve the world of healthcare. With a background in civil engineering, he founded LeQuest, the leading MedTech company in online training for medical devices. Last year, LeQuest was recognised as one of the 250 fastest-growing companies in the Netherlands. Hicham is also an investor and coach at BlueSparrows, a Delft Based MedTech fund, where he shares his experience and insights with upcoming MedTech entrepreneurs.In this episode, we discuss:How do you build partnerships with multinationals like Philips and GE?How does diversity help you build stellar teams?How to combine family life with a globally operating scale-up?Links mentioned:People:  Hicham Shatou, Dervis Demirtas, Anoesjka Imambaks, Dyon Leter, Sven Kramer, Ireen WüstCompanies: LeQuest, BlueSparrows, IcySolutions, Feyenoord, LUMC Leiden, Philips, GE, YES!Delft, Venture Café, Fundright, Medical XBooks: The hard things about hard things by Ben Horowitz Articles: LeQuest €7M funding announcementOther: Qui se ressemble, s'assembleSong: Claude Nougaro - Tu verrasKeep an eye on our LinkedIn channel for upcoming guests!
This episode features Jeroen van Velzen, Founder and CEO of Roadmap.Jeroen has an impressive entrepreneurial record. In 2002, he co founded Mobile2Pay, the first mobile payment system in the Benelux. After that, he became CEO and co-owner of Sound Of Data. In 2015, together with Koen Bavink and Markus Emmer, he spun out their travel activities, which became Roadmap. They raised a EUR4M series A in 2018. In March this year, Roadmap was acquired by Emburse, a global leader in expense management.In this episode, we'll talk to Jeroen about:What is Grit and why is it important?How do you prepare for a dream exit?and… what will the future bring for Jeroen?Links mentioned:People: Jeroen van Velzen, Koen Bavinck, Markus Emmer Companies: Roadmap, Emburse, Newion Media: Grit by Angela Duckworth (book), Press release Emburse acquires Roadmap, Interview with Jeroen on how the COL  helped Roadmap to stay afloat Other: Qi Gong, Brain AcademyKeep an eye on our LinkedIn channel for upcoming guests!(Ps.: we took our show on the road and experienced a challenge with sound levels this time. But we promise to learn fast. Thanks for your understanding and... enjoy the story! 🙏)
This episode features Charlotte Melkert, Founder and CEO of Equalture.At the age of 19, Charlotte started her first company, together with her identical twin sister Fleur. Today, she is the co-founder and CEO of Equalture - the fast growing HR Tech company that is shaping the world of unbiased hiring. Charlotte was nominated most talented female entrepreneur of The Netherlands, LOEY Talent Award, Sprout 25 under 25 and Sifted's top European Gen Z Founders.In this episode, we'll talk to Charlotte about:How do you raise your first round of 1MM in seed capital?How do you make tough entrepreneurial decisions at a young age? What are Charlotte’s dreams for the future?Links mentioned:People: Charlotte Melkert, Fleur Melkert, Jaap Haagmans, Rinke ZonneveldCompanies: Equalture, InnovationQuarter, 4impact, Recruitee, UsabillaMedia: Finder, Charlotte's blogKeep an eye on our LinkedIn channel for upcoming guests!
This episode features Jan van der Tempel, Founder and CEO of Ampelmann.Jan is the inventor, co-founder and CEO of Ampelmann, the global leader in motion compensated offshore access systems and services, used on vessels all over the world. Jan is also the co-founder and director of DOB-Academy and in 2018 he was awarded as an honorary member of the Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers, for his domestic and international contributions to the offshore industry. In this episode, we'll talk to Jan about:How do you balance your company between innovation and growth?What is it like to step out of the company you founded, and then step back in again?The other organisation that Jan is involved in: DOB-Academy. Links mentioned:People: Jan van der Tempel, Peter Paul van Voorst tot Voorst, Mina Nacheva, Elon MuskCompanies: Ampelmann, DOB Academy, Lehman Brothers, TU Delft, Skoon EnergyMedia: The Founders Mentality, Microsoft Teams, Danny Vera - RollercoasterKeep an eye on our LinkedIn channel for upcoming guests!
This episode features Kars Veling, Founder and CEO of LessonUp.In 2000 Kars founded strategic internet agency Q42, where he was the CTO and is still on the board of advisors. In 2014, he started LessonUp where he is now CEO. Kars is also a Co initiator of Future NL, the foundation focused at bringing digital literacy to the classroom;  and until last year he was a member of the Economic Board of the Hague.In this episode, we'll talk to Kars about:How the corona lockdown accelerates the growth of LessonUp;Falling in love with your co-founder;What his dreams for the future hold and how an elderly home in Portugal fits into this story.Links mentioned:People: Kars Veling, Janneke PlaisierCompanies:, Working at, Q42, Peak Capital, FutureNLMedia: Living Darfur - Mattafix, SlackOther stuff: Commodore64, MRRKeep an eye on our LinkedIn channel for upcoming guests!
This episode features Hans Scheffer, Founder and CEO of Helloprint.He started his first business at the age of 19. Today, he is disrupting the Print Industry by Creating Earth's Largest Platform for Printed Products, Next to that, he is Founding Partner of WeTechRotterdam, an initiative to strengthen the tech community. In this episode, you'll learn:How do you build a company culture for fast growth?What do you do when a crisis turns your business upside down?And, what drives him on a more personal level?Links mentioned:People:  Hans Scheffer, Melissa Ablett, Reindert KriekCompanies: Helloprint, Drukzo, Flyerzone, WeWow  Media: What a wonderful world, Hello-X with Astronaut, Helloprint Strategy week 2019Books: Rockefeller HabitsKeep an eye on our LinkedIn channel for upcoming guests!
This episode features Judith Eyck, Founder of and Managing Director of Zoover. Judith founded online travel agency in 2017 with Sunweb founder Joost Romeijn as investor. In the following two years Judith led Vakanties to grow rapidly. She was nominated for Loey Talent Awards 2019 and Rotterdam Business Woman Awards 2020. In the summer of 2020, in the middle of the corona pandemic, she successfully acquired Zoover, of which she is now co-owner and managing director.In this episode, you'll learn:What does it take to grow a tech company in the travel industry?How do you integrate two teams after an acquisition?… what is Judiths’ most memorable holiday experience?Links mentioned:People:  Judith Eyk, Joost Romeijn, Companies:, Zoover, Sunweb Group, ISM Ecompany, Sana Commerce,, BlueCity010, 42WorkspaceMedia: Up!Rotterdam video; The Long Way Up, Run Boy Run.Keep an eye on our LinkedIn channel for upcoming guests!
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