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CapTivate to MoTivate

Author: NaTasha Benjamin, LCPC, ACS

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Empowerment and motivational hub with the purpose of normalizing everyday emotional struggles and trauma effects on persons of color.
This podcast and it's content is not intended to take the place of therapy!
4 Episodes
In this podcast (YouTube vlog rip), I will be sharing my thoughts/ideals on the concept of "Release to Receive".  This is a thought that literally came to me as I was going to bed earlier this week and I wanted to share a video offering my personal ideals around this subject.     Click here for more content from CapTivate to MoTivate:  Please follow, share, like, & subscribe!   As with any content shared on this platform, this does not take the form of or replace the need for therapy, and this is more so of a motivational and encouragement piece to help you to explore.    If you or someone you know is in crisis, contact the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or dial 911 in case of emergency.
In this episode, we will take a look at the concept of "pivoting" and how essential this skill is in charting out our goals, aligning with our values, and establishing our life's purpose.
Welcome!  My name is NaTasha Benjamin and I am a licensed clinical therapist; however, all content on this page is not to be used to replace the need of therapy.  Also, I do not accept client inquiries through this portal.    CapTivate to MoTivate is a podcast/webcast/simulcast project that's purpose is to highlight and uplift people of Color and issues related to Black culture, explore barriers to growth, and normalize mental health across intersections to promote overall health and wellness.  Follow me on all platforms:  In today's episode we will discuss the purpose and power in using "I Am" affirmation statements.  I have shared 21 "I Am" affirmation statements; that if recited/meditated over everyday for 21 days, you can create a routine of healing, clarity, and restoration.
In today's episode we will be exploring the concept of dreams and how to take the first step towards making them a reality. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, and Twitter