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For business owners who don't want to jump up and down on social media all day, nor get their picture taken next to Lamborghinis just to update their profile picture.

For business owners who still want to grow their business by using proven strategies and not working overtime every day.

The ' Podcast' is for you. Tune in to hear more about who I am and what I stand for in the first few episodes.

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How To Get Paid Twice

How To Get Paid Twice


EPISODE 16 Last Saturday, both kids had gone to bed. My wife had gone to bed too, putting our youngest to sleep who is 1.5 years old now. I was laying down next to our 3 year old son, he was fast asleep, I put in my earphones, opened youtube and started searching for old marketing videos. What I found HAD to be shared. Grab a pen and press play.  - At the end of this episode I mentioned the marketing map I use to attract customers to a business and grow sales. To get a free copy just go to:  and enter your email address - the map will be emailed to you automatically.
Episode 15 I was working with a client a few years ago when this truth really hit home with me.  - FREE: Get a free copy of my key marketing strategy I use with all clients and my own business here now: - EPISODE TRANSCRIPT: I was working with a client a few years ago when this truth really hit home with me.  It’s one of those things that you know but over time it kind of crystallises in your mind and you begin to understand it deeper and deeper.  You probably have things like this in your industry, you can think of it as ‘rules of thumb’ or the ‘golden rules’ or something like that.  The client I was working with in the women’s health industry has a great business, it’s a product that the customer needs and lots of customers come to this client all by themselves - which is great.  That means that even without marketing they can make some sales. This is a common situation that some businesses are in. Your local plumber, your local electrician are people like this. They have been in the local community for 10 - 20 years and their word of mouth and referrals makes their phone ring 2 times a day with a new job with NO marketing.  But when they want to grow and get a second and third truck with employees doing work for them they need to reach outside their circle, that’s where marketing comes in.  Ok so back on track..  The client I was working with in the women's health industry often came to the table with lots of ideas on what they wanted to do to get more customers. It;s always great when you have a client who is very interested in the marketing but sometimes, it can take some time to get them back on track.  The Marketing Lesson Of course I would work with the client and try to work with their ideas too, but when something doesn’t work it simply doesn't work. No matter how much the client might want it to.  The conversation often turned a corner when I asked them:  “So what’s the strategy here?” Which meant, what will happen after that? And what;s the reason we;re going to tell the customer we’re going to do that?  And so on…  This client was great to work with and they knew tha marketing was not really their thing; they were just excited to get the product in as many hands of people who needed it as possible.  They would realise “ok yes... I can see I was a bit off the track there”.  Local Businesses  Let’s talk about local plumbers again for a moment, I’m no plumber or tradesperson. I did spend a few years after high school working odd jobs in construction for days and sometimes weeks at a time - just for cash of course. (that’ll probably be a story for another time).  About plumbers, when they come into the lay the pipes for a new house I’m sure they don’t just come in, dig some holes and put pipes in the ground and connect them to sinks.  They would have a strategy, a plan of attack first. Forgive me if you’re a plumber, because I’m probably about to say something totally incorrect, but maybe a plumber needs to connect the highest point first or maybe they need to make sure the drains at the lowest points of the house are connected first or whatever.  The details are not important. What's important is that the industry has a reason for the way they need to do things, and for marketing that’s the strategy.  This company in the women's health industry can't just put signs outside saying “Come buy this stuff”, there needs to be more thought. More strategy.  75% Of This Job Is This When it comes to marketing and attracting and winning customers in a way that will actually work for your business, the strategy behind it all is going to be 75% of the job.  This means if you don’t have a good strategy in place, you’re only going to get 25% of the way to the goal of having a successful marketing campaign.  If you want to grow  your business some type of marketing needs to take place. I’d never say that something common-day today like “Facebook Ads” is a must do or that it’s the only way to grow your business. It’s a great and a powerful way but yes there are others.  What’s more important is the strategy that you would take to Facebook Ads (for example)… and just as important is the strategy you would take to putting flyers in people's mailboxes. The strategy component is the same.  I go through all my strategies on my web class so if you want to go deeper into that just click here , it’s free, you’ll get a lot out of it I am sure. Just click here and see the date and time for the next class.  So let me wrap this up here. If you have tried to market your business before, maybe you ran Ads on Facebook or maybe you paid for a spot in the local newspaper it doesn’t really matter… if you have marketed your business before and you did not get the results you needed to at least pay you back for the cost of running the Ads... it’s likely the strategy you took was wrong.  Maybe you didn’t think about the strategy - that is a common response to that. And that’s ok, you’re probably in a business where marketing is not really the main thing you do.  Maybe you're a plumber, or you have a local law firm or whatever, marketing isn’t your thing and that’s ok. This is what I do full time and have done full time for over a decade now, but I’ve been in the marketing world for over 16 years, it is a full time job.  Before I end this post just let me tell you that spending the time to get the right marketing strategy in place will get you 75% of the way there, to having a successful marketing campaign.  Ok that’s it, I’m marketing my book on Facebook Ads right now, so if you’ve got a product or service that is already selling Facebook is a great place to go to find more people. Between Facebook and Instagram (which are both owned by Facebook), there are 4billion people who log onto either Facebook or Instagram every single month… 4 billion with a ‘B’. So are your customers on Facebook, yes… they are.  My book on Facebook Ads is free, get a copy of the book and see how you can reach your target customers on Facebook, how you can do small tests to find out what works, so you don’t overspend and waste money… Just $5 a day for a few days will get you started.  Get a free copy at . We’re sending out these books every day, so just add your name to the list. Go to and click the button, tell us where to send it.  Plus there is a heap of other bonuses that come with the book that will help you get the results you’re looking for. Just go to the link to read all the details.  Ok that’s it for today, I’ll speak to you again next. 
Episode 14 As business owners, our future relies on customers buying the thing that we’re selling. That’s the way that most people would look at it.  However the accurate way to put this is that our future relies on us selling the thing that customers really want. It’s not our customers that buy things from us, it’s more about us having the right thing that our customers want to buy and then being able to offer it to them in the: Right way At the right price With the right conditions  ...and so on. All real business owners have tried to sell something before. Maybe in a mass marketing push like a radio ad or on the internet with Google or Facebook Ads.  If you've tried to sell something but it didn't work... this episode is for you.  - DO YOU WANT A FREE COPY OF MY BOOK ON HOW TO GET CUSTOMERS FROM FACEBOOK ADS? OK - JUST TAP HERE NOW AND TELL ME WHERE TO SEND IT. -  Would you like more tips on using the internet to get more customers for your business? Well then follow me on Facebook HERE.  - EPISODE TRANSCRIPT: The term “mother nature” gets used to describe lots of things that don’t make a whole lot of logical sense.  When you hear things like “mother nature rules” or “mother nature decides”, that’s the kind of thing I’m talking about.  ‘Mother nature’ itself comes from Greek mythology. At the time and maybe still now, I don’t know…  The people believed that there was a goddess called Gaia who created herself and then created the earth and the ecosystem all around the earth. Or something like that.  Obviously I’m not a professor or student of greek mythology but it’s interesting to hear where the term came from.  Now, let me tell you why I’m talking about this… It’s What Moves People To Do Things and To Buy Things As business owners, our future relies on customers buying the thing that we’re selling. That’s the way that most people would look at it.  However the accurate way to put this is that our future relies on us selling the thing that customers really want. It’s not our customers that buy things from us, it’s more about us having the right thing that our customers want to buy and then being able to offer it to them in the: Right way At the right price With the right conditions  ...and so on.  Predictions in Marketing. Before I get into the next bit here in this post I need to say that when I talk about “ads and marketing that work”, I’m only ever talking about Ads that cost you $1 and give you back $2 (there’s a lot more to be said about that but i’ll leave that for another day).  All real business owners have tried to sell something before. Maybe in a mass marketing push like a radio ad or on the internet with Google or Facebook Ads.  Now remembering how I judge if a marketing message has worked or not (based on getting MORE than $1 when you spend $1) I know that the majority of Ads businesses put out into the world ARE NOT effective!  The business owner might feel good about it, and they might love the design or the video or the image or whatever…. But if it didn’t make them more than it costs than it didn’t work.  To think that someone can write one Ad, put it out into the world and have it be a winning Ad on the first try isn’t realistic. I’m talking about a winning Ad. Something you can continue to run for weeks and months and maybe years and have it consistently give you $2 for every $1 it’s costing you.   You might get a couple of customers and then it might fizzle out the next day, that’s not a winning Ad. Where Mother Nature Comes In There's a simple reason why it’s not that easy, it’s mother nature.  How can one person predict what 1,000 people will think without any prior information? In marketing especially now in the internet age of marketing we talk about Ads in 1,000 people groups.  It makes no sense to judge anything on what 2 people think, nor 10 nor 100… 1,000 is a more accurate number.  Predicting how 1,000 people will react when they hear, see or watch an Ad is the job of professional copywriter. Copywriters are the people who write the words that you read or hear an actor or spokesperson or sometimes the business owner say in any Ad.  Of course, it’s usually the business owner who writes down the words for their own Ads, but when you’re getting into the professional level of marketing it’s usually the job of someone who does it all day every day and has done for’s the copywriter.  The CEO of a magazine doesn’t decide on what words get written on their front page, they might review it and approve it… but they don’t write it, a copywriter does.  It’s a copywriters job to try and get inside the heads of 1,000 people and think: What is it that they are thinking about?  What specific area do I want to focus on? What would make this person take the step I want them to take? There’s a famous expression in marketing by Robert Collier who said:  “You need to enter the conversation that’s already going on inside the customers head”.  Reality of Marketing The reality is that not all Ads hit the target and the further away you are from being a top performing and professional copywriter, the more ideas (more Ads) you will need to throw out into the world.  Because Mother Nature rules, the opinion of the tribe rules… You need to get 1,000 people to read or hear your message and see what they think, it’s hard to predict mother nature.  It’s 2021 as I’m writing this and it’s never been easier to test 10 different ideas in the same day.  Back in Robert Colliers day (mentioned above) it was letters posted in the mail and needing to wait for returns to come back to your office with orders or ‘requests for more info’. Of course they tested different ideas thoroughly still, as everyone should. But today... You can get it done before lunch.  Facebook is a great way to reach customers. if you think your customers aren’t there… rethink that and then spend $100 with the right strategy and see what happens.  I wrote a book on Facebook Ads and have recently updated it. In the book I cover the type of Ad I use 90% of the time and it’s the same type of Ad you should use too if you’re wanting to quickly test a few or 10 or 100 different ideas.  When I was writing this book I was thinking: “What do I wish I could have read about Facebook Ads when I was getting started?” The book walks you through how to make sure your Ads and account are set up the right way because this is another common area business owners make mistakes with.  As my way of saying thank you for reading this post let me offer you a free copy of my updated book on Facebook Ads, it’s called “How To Get Customers From Facebook Ads - even if you’re new or have tried and failed before”. To take me up on this offer and get your free copy, just open up a new window or tab now and type in: and just tell me where to send it.  Back To Mother Nature When you write your next Ad on Facebook, please be comforted by the fact that there is NO perfect way to write a winning Ad.  When you set up and run your next Ad on Facebook you will be trying to get inside the head and influence 1,000 people at a time (to reach 1,000 people on Facebook only costs anywhere between $7 and up to $30-$50 is common - just so you have an idea of what I’m talking about here).  The best way to overcome this and get the best results is to not write just 1 Ad, but write 3 completely different Ads. If you have the time, write 5 or 10 completely different Ads.  How do you know which Ad is going to work the best?  The answer is: you won’t until you test them. Here’s a brief summary of what I cover in the book. Facebook makes it easy and for about $5 a day for 3 days you will know if your Ad is a winner or a loser. Which means, you’ll know if you were able to control mother nature so to speak and get inside the heads of enough of the 1,000 people.  The total to test each Ad then is $15. That’s $5 per day… and running the same Ad for 3 full days.  If you do write 5 completely different Ads which I suggest you do, that budget now will be $15 for 3 days x 5 = $75.  You might get 2 of these Ads to return positive results for you, or maybe 0 will. It’s mother nature and human behaviour we’re dealing with here so it’s not as easy as finding out what 2 + 2 is… there are other things that come into play.  I updated my Facebook Ads book with all this in mind and I show you how to do all this and more inside of the book, and free! Get a free copy at  Wrap Up Ok I’m going to wrap up this post and will share with you on the next episode what takes care of 75% of the journey when it comes to attracting and winning customers for any business.  So if you want a 75% head start, be sure to read the next post. Again, if you want a free copy of my book on Facebook Marketing that will show you how to limit your downside in terms of losses, so you don’t risk and lose more money than you intended to spend. So that you can learn how to find out what works for your business using the Ad types and methods I use, open up a new window now on your phone or laptop (wherever you are) and type in and get claim your gift from me - a free copy of my book on Facebook Ads.  Ok that’s it for this post, I’ll speak to you again next time.
Episode 13 (The lucky one).  Welcome again to the podcast.   This is a quick episode for business owners who love to stay up to date and read or watch information on new tech and new gadgets and things like that.  My point here is that it’s usually a black hole for your time and effectiveness.  If you’re a mechanic and you need to know what the new specifications for the new motor Ford are releasing this year, that’s different. That’s not what I’m talking about on this episode. Press *PLAY* now and tune in.  -- Question for you: Have you ever spent $50 - $100 or maybe even more on Facebook Ads, but never got a real customer from it?  Yes? Maybe you got a couple of likes...but likes don't pay you money.  When Facebook Ads become available, I started trying to get some leads and sales on there too...but I didn't get it work for a loooong time.  Fast forward to 2021 and I've written a book on it. See the book and the details of what comes with it HERE > Talk soon,  Craig Marty     
Episode 12 Welcome back to the Podcast  So I don't really like being on camera, but sometimes it pays to record a video. That's what this episode of the podcast is about. If you're trying to sell a product or a service this will be a great episode for you to tune into.  Just facts here. No fluff. Enjoy a quick story about a video disaster I had recently while trying to record the video for my newly updated book on Facebook Ads.  Get a copy of the book here > Sometimes things don't go to plan and I talk about this here on this episode.. ...and also WHY it's very important to make sure you're focused on the right things.  TAP *PLAY* listen to the episode and enjoy.  Talk soon,  Craig Marty 
Episode #11 To get a free copy of the Facebook Ads book I talk about on this episode just go to: and tell us where to send it. This episode of the Podcast will uncover the BIG thing that 98%+ of business owners do when they try to market their product or service online.  I'm confident you see it every day.  There's no surprise that most marketing fails to return the owner more than what they spent on Ads.  This episode has a nice example that I saw out in the wild in one of my local malls, I think you'll like.  PRESS PLAY - listen in and enjoy this episode.  To view the website, go to:  Talk soon Craig. P.S. And one more thing while you're here... If you are enjoying this podcast. Please: 1. Subscribe now and get the new episodes automatically when I load them up.  and  2. Connect with me and say hello at: Facebook:  Website:  ===== Also, on this episode I talk about my updated book on Facebook Ads. To get your free copy of this while it's still available go to this URL right now:  ...and just tell us where to send it.  Enjoy.
Episode #10 In the last episode I said I was going to talk about why Michael Jordan wasn’t as good as everyone makes him out to be.. But that’s not true.  Growing up in Australia we had the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan hype in the early 90’s I think it was. We had the basketball trading cards in school but that kind of drifted away as quickly as it came in.  I literally never watched a game of basketball and have still never watched a full game of basketball. It’s not as much of a popular sport here in Australia as some others like Australian Rugby for example.  Even though I’d never watched a game, we knew all about Michael Jordan. I learnt a lot more though after watching the Netflix documentary on the Chicago Bulls during the Jordan era.  What lesson did drive home and make simply obvious? Turn in and listen to this episode for my take on it.  - Craig. P.S. And one more thing while you're here... If you are enjoying this podcast. Please: 1. Subscribe now and get the new episodes automatically when I load them up.  and  2. Connect with me and say hello at: Facebook:  Website:  ===== Also, I'm have a free web class coming up where I'll be going into detail about how to grow a business the right way so you can continue to grow it but now have to work full time hours.  Check when the next web class is on and register your seat here.   
Episode #9 I remember when I was getting started in the self-employed, business owner world, two of the main motivators for me were: To earn money with less time invested from my side. To have more spare and free time.  Yes obviously those to things are very closely related but having more money and having more time were the two main things. Actually, now I am thinking of it, it was not necessarily to have MORE money back then.  Replacing my salary was the goal for me. Having the same amount of money in my own business as what I did from my employer was what I had in my mind as the goal.  However, when I started working for myself none of those wishes were granted and I found myself in a place where most business owners live.  I was probably lucky somewhat to get out of it, but now let me tell you in this episode how I did it.  Press *play* right now and listen in.  - By the way, I'm holding a free web class online that you should come and join too if you like this podcast.  It's more of the same, but better and more in depth.  Click here to register - And find out when the next web class is scheduled for.  Talk soon,  Craig. P.S. And one more thing while you're here... If you are enjoying this podcast. Please: 1. Subscribe now and get the new episodes automatically when I load them up.  and  2. Connect with me and say hello at: Facebook:  Website: 
Episode #8 I’m going to go over this more in my web class so if this is making sense to you and if you want more click here and see when the next class is happening and you can get a free ticket there. I’ll be going deeper on this and more in that class.  I remember the more I made sure I was sticking to a marketing plan that had all the main things kicked off, the better results I got. The first big win I had that really secured my businesses future was a result of me saying “ok! That’s it! I’m sticking to this list, I’m not going to leave anything out and I’m not going to ignore any of it…”. That’s what saved me from having to go back to the corporate world.  Anyway, for the full story click *Play* and listen to the episode here now.  Talk with you on the inside.  Craig. P.S. Liking it? Well then... 1. SUBSCRIBE to this podcast. 2. Follow me on Facebook. 
Episode #7 I didn’t get good at marketing and business overnight, or not even within the first year! Join me on my next web class to hear all about this in good detail. here: (click that link and you can register for the next web class). There were several big grand ideas that I had which failed. I’m sure there is 10-20 that I can’t even remember.  In this podcast episode I'm going to tell you about some early failures and also something that I call "The Masterlist". Press play to listen to all this now.  And also click here to register for my next web class that also shares lots of quick stories like this and lots more details on how to actually grow a business the right way, without working overtime every day!  - Craig. P.S.  Enjoying the podcasts? 1. TAP Subscribe on the Podcast now. 2. Connect with me and say hello at: Facebook:  Website:  And join me on the my next free web class here.  
3x As Many Sales

3x As Many Sales


Episode #6 I’ll share a quick case study with you here on this episode, it’s a big eye opener that’s for sure.  EVERY BUSINESS OWNER NEEDS TO LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE! I heard this case study a couple of years ago, but I’ve seen and heard other versions of it too. The facts repeat themselves time and time again.  TAP 'Play' and listen in on this powerful episode now.  - Craig. P.S.  Like what you're hearing so far? 1. TAP Subscribe on the Podcast now. 2. Connect with me and say hello at: Facebook:  Website: 
Episode #5 In the last episode I outlined the Customer Mountain Map, if you haven’t already, go back and to the previous episode (#4) and listen to that either before or right after this one (before would be better).  - Now you know the basics I wanted to tell you the truth about a whole range of things that you’ve probably come across and fought with during your time as a business owner. A lot of these, not everyone will agree with - and that’s fine by me.  My focus is always on getting customers the right way and the best way.  If something is popular but does not perform better than what I'm already doing, I'm not going to make it a permanent part of my business.  I'll try things out often, like any good marketer should.  Take chatbots for example. They were the hype of 2017-2018 but I knew they wouldn't last and they didn't.  This is Episode #5. If you haven't listened to Episode #4 yet, go back one episode and listen to that first...because it will set the tone for this episode.  Either way, press play on either and enjoy.  - Craig. P.S.  Like what you're hearing so far? 1. TAP Subscribe on the Podcast now. 2. Connect with me and say hello at: Facebook:  Website: 
Episode #4 This is it! Episode 4 of the Podcast ready to stream and listen!  You'll be finished listening to this episode in about 30 minutes (or sooner if you listen to podcasts on 1.5x speed like I do).  However, this powerful 30 minute episode took me 15 years to record.  You're about to hear the marketing strategy that I use for my business and for my clients businesses too, it's called The Customer Mountain Map.  WARNING: The only "failure" with this is that to some people it can sound too simple so they look for ways to over complicate it and by doing so...they break one of the 4 "checkpoints" in the map and break the overall process and flow that should happen.  Like I said, there are 15 years compressed into this customer winning map and I continue to now (in my 16th year in the marketing world) to look for different angles and different lenses I can look at this through to continue to mature the map.  There is not a "strategy" or "tactic" that is not baked into this map somewhere - even if it's hidden from view.  TAP play and have a close and slow listen to this episode now.  - - Craig. P.S.  Are you enjoying this podcast? 1. TAP Subscribe on the Podcast now. 2. And connect with me and say hello at: Facebook:  Website: 
Episode #3 You can hear all about my back story here, what was I doing before I was a business owner? HINT: corporate world.  It's actually a great story that has two endings... 1. When my corporate career ended abruptly.  2. When my struggling time as a business owner finally started to work at the 11th hour... without another dollar or day to spare!  Liking what you're hearing so far with this podcast? Well...this is just the ground work. We are only getting started here. *SUBSCRIBE* to this podcast to keep up to date with what's new and keep learning from my failures and my wins too.  I'll be sharing everything as the weeks go on. Use it to your advantage, take what you hear and inject it into your business.  All free, subscribe now.  Tune into this episode for my back story.  I'll talk with you on the inside.  - Craig. P.S.  Like what you're hearing so far? 1. TAP Subscribe on the Podcast now. 2. Connect with me and say hello at: Facebook:  Website:   
Why I Do The Opposite

Why I Do The Opposite


Episode #2 On this episode of the Podcast I tell the story of the moment I realised that using the internet to make sales and earn money was a real thing.  But we will quickly start talking about WHY it's not easy to learn how to actually do it! (internet marketing and 'marketing' in general that is).  There's a shocking number that will clearly point out what the problem is and why it's hard for small business owners and people wanting to learn how to do marketing, digital marketing and to get more sales for their businesses and so on. You will also hear more about the path I've put my business on now, what I'm focused on and why too.  This is only episode #2 but like I think I said in episode #1, I don't do fluff and waste time talking about stuff that simply isn't important just to fill space.  Listen to episode #2 and episode #3 to and get a good taste of the stuff I'm going to talk about and cover.  Press play now, listen in and I'll talk with you on the inside!  - Craig. P.S.  Like what you're hearing so far? Connect with me and say hello at: Facebook:  Website: 
Episode #1  Welcome to the Podcast. This is the first episode so I'm here to tell you what you expect to get from this podcast every week.  I spent years learning about marketing, business, getting sales, digital marketing and most important of strategy.  These are some of the main topics you'll be hearing about in future episodes of the podcast, along with my own stories and experiences from every day life as a dad, husband and business owner. BUT BEWARE! I don't like hype... You won't hearing me screaming into the microphone trying to get you excited about the new (probably doomed to fail) tech gadget that is going to "change business forever!". However, I do use and encourage todays tools and tricks (as long as I actually use them and know they are worth your time and investment!) Listen in to the first few episodes for a good understanding of WHO I am and WHAT the Podcast is all about.  I dive into what's important and what's garbage when it comes to attracting customers and winning them too very quickly. So... play this episode now and I'll be talking with you on the inside. - Connect with me and say hello at: Facebook:  Website: 
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