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Erick Worrell joins us from Oklahoma City to talk emotional intelligence, leadership lessons, and the specifics of non-profit ads. He's both a freelance creative, working under Coin Creative with his longtime creative partner, Abbie, and ECD at TCM Creative, an OKC-based agency that handles the niche of national nonprofit advertising.  Follow him on twitter at @irreverick and find out more about TCM and COIN in the episode links. Episode Links:
Thomas Kemeny signed Brian's copy of Junior, "Learn the quadratic equation, math is fun!" It's gems like this that have made his advertising how-to for juniors (and everyone else) one of the most talked about ad books out there. But seriously, Thomas Kemeny and his book are both chocked full of wisdom and good humor. In this episode we talk about how creativity should feel like vandalism and the future of pickle ball. Find his work (and hire him for yours) at
Portland-based photographer, Ivan McClellan, joins us on Super Bowl Sunday to take us behind the scenes of his journey of creative self-discovery. Post agency life, Ivan is now the driving force behind Eight Seconds - Cowboys of Color, a celebration of black cowboy culture in America today. We first heard Ivan's story from his performance on The Moth. Listen to Ivan's Moth story at the link in today's episode notes.Episode Links:
In Episode 45 of The Bad Podcast, we welcomed Cameron Day, an award-winning ECD and copywriter, and the author of two books, Chew with Your Mind Open and Spittin Chiclets. He's also advertising royalty, being the son of Guy Day, co-founder of the inimitable Chiat/Day. Cameron shares his experience of the blessings and challenges of following in his father's footsteps, which business sectors in  advertising  can trap a copywriter and how to overcome them and a few thoughts about how to treat clients.  Episode Links: Cameron Day's WebsiteBuy Spittin Chiclets: The Advertising Survival Guide - Stage Two: the Messy Middle Years
In this episode of TBP, we speak with Will De Lannoy, Head of Media/New Engagement Models at Anomaly.Will discusses what sets Anomaly apart from other ad agencies, living up to their name. He also talks about why he chose to pursue a career in advertising rather than as an Art Director, despite his impressive artistic skills.Tune in to hear Will's insights on the world of advertising and how Anomaly is breaking the mold in the industry.Episode Links: Anomaly Will's Art IG Episode Sponsor: Wash-a-Pig
GSD&M's Chief Creative Officer, Jay Russell, joins TBP to tell us what The Chicken Sandwich Wars were like from the front lines, why he loves running, and how he delivers creative feedback. Buckle up bbs, this one is Bad™ to the bone. 
Simon Bruyn has been a player in some of the best ads to come out of some of the best ad shops in the past decade. After pivoting from a computer programming career back in his hometown near Toronto, he found his creative calling as a copywriter and now celebrates one year as the Executive Creative Director for none other than Mother LA. He joins us from sunny California to talk about the years and agencies in between, the mentors who have shaped him and the gems of wisdom that he has collected along the way. 
Robin Landa is a Distinguished Professor at the Michael Graves College at Kean University and author of 25 books. She joins us for our 40th episode to discuss how to generate your best ideas and the foundational points of her newest book, The New Art of Ideas: Unlock Your Creative Potential.  Grab a copy of your own online or at any retail book store. All of Robin's proceeds from her books go back to scholarship programs for her students. Episode Links: More about Robin LandaThe New Art of Ideas on Amazon
Patrick Holly, Executive Creative Director at Upwork, is a multidisciplinary creative whose career has run the gamut from agencies like R/GA and AKQA, to brands like Apple and Uber and Harley Davidson.  Patrick joins us to talk about the new Upwork campaign, brand-side vs agency life, what it takes to be a capable leader and high-functioning creative team in a remote world and more. See the new Upwork campaign at
Brendan Robertson is Chief Strategy Officer at the storied small agency M/H, historically known as Muhtayzik Hoffer.  Brendan's tenacity and affinity for an authentically great insight, idea, and technological avenues for ads has taken him coast to coast, working for some of the best agencies and brands around. We talk about his advertising family, the changing landscape of advertising avenues, and his new home in LA. 
Eric L. Hu is a world traveler, a photographer, Head of Fintech Strategy at Walmart, and the new unofficial third host of The Bad Podcast. He joins us from NYC to talk advertising, capitalism, morality, cars, and compassion. Tangents include cars and what we're gonna do with our lives. Find Eric on LinkedIn or IG @ericlhu
Kate Horvath is your luckiest day if you're looking for your next perfect career fit, whether you're an individual or an organization. Partner at Salmela Creative Recruiting, she joins us to talk about the science and sentiment behind effective recruiting. We also get a peek into her long career as an actress and theatre manager and how that role (pun intended) helped her become the career trajectory rocket scientist she is today. Find out more about Salmela Creative Recruiting at
Joshua Womack joins us to talk life, advertising, and his new book, "I'm not a copywriter but... [Lessons learned from a late bloomer] and the life that led to its publication. We discuss the spiritual implications of a creative career, killing your ego, the monumental task of writing a whole book, and working from home vs the office. Ad newbies and crafty veterans alike will find a inspiration and solidarity in Josh and his new book--as well as this episode. Enjoy!Link to Josh's book --'s portfolio --
Jen Mageau is an art director, freelancer, teacher, co-founder, business owner, and one of Brian's most influential advertising mentors. She's also a Department Head at the hallowed Ad Land institution, The Creative Circus. After 26 years of supplying some of the best minds in the ad industry The Creative Circus will be closing its doors for good.  We talk to Jen about what that looks like, what it's meant for her throughout the years, and what it means to move on. Buckle up, baddies. Episode 34 is a good one!
Manuel Frank has been the Chief Creative Officer for Edelman Deutschland since 2014 and joins The Bad Podcast as he transitions to his new role as Global Co-chair of Edelman Health. He has also served on many major awards show juries including Cannes Lions and the One Show. He joins us from Edelman's Chicago office where he and Amelia shared a zoom window. We talk about his 15 years as a copywriter, his new global role, Edelman's history as a PR juggernaut, and more. Enjoy this episode and please leave us a review if you can!
Andy Pearson returns to the Bad Podcast to tell us what life has been like from the helm of one of the world's most exciting new brands, Liquid Death. The constant outpouring of hilarious, original, and brave work from this brand has them on just about every creative's dream roster. We talk about nimble creative teams, not overthinking it, freelance life, and why he hates the Super Bowl. See Andy's portfolio at www.ievenwrotethissickurl.comLiquid Death YT: Death Website:
Saurabh Kakade, of Hyperinteractive, an innovation agency in Hamburg, Germany & Tobias Natterer, a Sr. Copywriter at DDB Berlin, were a couple of the creative minds behind this year's brilliant "Truth Wins" campaign for Reporters Without Borders. Essentially, they used the Russian government's own lottery against them in order to provide people in Russia with access to the news outside of the state sanctioned propaganda disguised as news. It's the kind of work we all strive to do as advertising creatives and we're so grateful they took the time to join us from Germany to walk us through their process. You can find out more about the campaign and the agencies behind them at the following links: Campaign Website: Film: Russia: russia.thetruthwins.eth.linkBlockchain based decentralized archive: russia-info.thetruthwins.eth.linkTwitter Turkey: turkey.thetruthwins.eth.linkTwitter Brazil: brazil.thetruthwins.eth.linkHyperinteractive Website: more on de-centralised storage: 
Susan Credle forged her own education in the advertising profession through sheer tenacity and talent. Starting as a receptionist at BBDO NY, she eventually earned her way into a creative role which she parlayed into one of the most notable careers the wider world of advertising has ever seen. Her career as a creative saw her reinventing the M&Ms characters into the world famous icons they are today, she oversaw the advent of Mayhem for Allstate while at Leo Burnett, and the list goes on and on. Today, she focuses her prowess as a creative leader into making the offices of FCB as forward-thinking, diverse, equitable, and creative as possible—championing leadership roles for all types of people with the wisdom that true creativity comes from having broader conversations at every level of the creative process. We were absolutely blown away by Susan's thoughtfulness and generosity before and during this conversation. Despite her rank, this was one of the easiest guest bookings ever for the podcast which just speaks to the passion that she has for her role as a leader at FCB. Enjoy this very good episode of the Bad Podcast and please leave a review wherever you listen to your podcasts. 
Todd Turner is of the mind that if you're not having fun, then you're doing this advertising thing all wrong. It's why he invented Ad Twitter's favorite headlines game, Wash-a-pig. And he's not done there. This episode we talk with Todd about the origins of WAP and his future plans for his creative game business as well as his long career in outdoor advertising—the purest form of advertising. You can order your very own deck at and find Todd's portfolio of work at 
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