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Author: Julie Basello -Basello Media

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Are you ready to reinvent yourself?

Would a little inspiration help you get started?

I’m Julie Basello, the host of Reinvention Adventures and Owner of Basello Media.

Basello Media is a marketing content creation and podcast production company.

And of course I’m a big supporter of reinvention. I’ve had a lot of experience with it. 

My podcast supports what I refer to as Reinvention Adventures. 

From inspiring stories to inspiring information, I will be sharing something geared towards reinvention in each episode. 

Every big life change has its ups and downs but reinvention is so necessary to live a fulfilled life. 

It can be painful but it doesn’t have to be. 

How can I help you get started on your reinvention adventure?

Let’s talk

Or better yet, listen in each episode. 

20 Episodes
Send us a Text Message.Embarking on a new chapter often comes with its fair share of hurdles and epiphanies; just ask Julie Basello. Two weeks into her unemployment, she's already unearthing key insights that resonate with anyone standing at the crossroads of change. Through candid storytelling, Julie shares her personal reinvention journey. From the unexpected challenges of updating a resume to the familiar comforts found in maintaining a daily routine, she shares the raw and relatable progr...
Send us a Text Message.As Julie Basello, I'm inviting you on a journey where we push past the paralysis of our comfort zones and face the fears that bar us from transformative growth. Ever felt your heart race at the thought of leaving the familiar behind, even when it’s clear it no longer serves you? That's the essence of crossing 'fear bridges,' and in this episode, I draw from my own unexpected phobia of driving over bridges to illustrate the potent changes that lie in wait when we dare to...
Send us a Text Message.Have you ever considered the lives you live within this one lifetime? Join me, Julie Basello, as I chat with Susan Drummond, a woman whose story of resilience and transformation is nothing short of extraordinary. Susan lays bare the intimate details of her spiritual connection, the heartbreak of her mother's illness, and the courage it took to navigate through her six metaphorical 'past lives.' Together, we unravel the rich tapestry of her life, taking you through the e...
Getting Unstuck

Getting Unstuck


Send us a Text Message.Ever find yourself trapped in the quicksand of a life that's begging for reinvention? Your struggles and the feeling of running in circles are not solitary battles, and in this heart-to-heart, I, Julie Basello, will guide you through the trenches of mental blocks and financial tight spots. We'll unearth the treasures of taking those small, yet mighty, steps that pave the way to significant change, and how shifting your mindset can unlock doors you never knew existed. So...
Send us a Text Message.Ever feel like you're racing against time to reinvent yourself, or perhaps you're on the younger side, striving to be taken seriously? Let's cast aside the age-old myths as I, Julie Basello, take you on a spirited adventure to prove that transformation knows no age limit. This episode isn't just a call to action; it's a treasure chest brimming with encouragement, relatable anecdotes, and actionable advice that will embolden you to reshape your life's narrative with unbr...
Send us a Text Message.What happens when reinvention leads to loss? And how do you deal with it? I'm Julie Basello and this episode is a raw look at reinvention through the lens of loss, a theme too many of us are intimately familiar with. Whether it's the heartache of divorce, the grief of losing a loved one, or the shock of a sudden job loss, these life-altering events can catapult us into the whirlwind of change. We discuss how these involuntary transformations, while incredibly toug...
Send us a Text Message.Ever wondered how resilience and adaptability can help you reinvent yourself? Meet Dan Bigger, a man who has successfully navigated various career pivots, personal trials, and life changes. His journey is an inspiring tale of resilience that casts light on the emotional and physical tolls of job loss and moving, and the significance of effective communication during such transitions. Dan's story is not just about career twists and turns but also about honesty, authentic...
Managing Expectations

Managing Expectations


Send us a Text Message.Ever found yourself so tied up in expectations that reality becomes a bitter pill to swallow? Dealing with this struggle has been a part of my personal journey, and this week, we're going to explore how to manage these expectations as a key step in reinvention. We'll delve into the psychology behind how expectations are formed and why we often anchor ourselves to them, even when they seem unattainable. I'll share some useful research, personal stories, and tips for sett...
Finding Your Voice

Finding Your Voice


Send us a Text Message.Season 2 of "Hey It's Julie" kicks off with an episode about finding your voice. Your voice is one of the most transformative things you can find. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, a professional, or simply someone seeking personal growth, this episode is for you. This podcast is brought to you by Basello Media, a Multimedia Marketing Content and Podcast Production company providing specialized content for small businesses.Thank you for lis...
Send us a Text Message.Do we judge our mechanic by his or her ability to pass a calculus test? Of course not! So, what does that have to do with my guest for this episode? I’m about to tell you! Based in New York City, Jonaed Iqbal is a career consultant who is set on shattering the stigma associated with hiring people without college degrees. He believes that regardless of background, academic achievement, or formal education, everyone has something to offer and everyone deser...
What's in a Name?

What's in a Name?


Send us a Text Message.In this episode from Hey It's Julie podcast, Host and Business Coach, Julie Basello is back with a Reinvention Adventure episode. Julie discusses tips for naming your business and why your business name is important to your success. Need some coaching on your reinvention adventure? Reach out to Julie at HeyItsJuliePodcast@Gmail.comThank you for listening. To contact Julie Basello, email heyitsjuliepodcast@gmail.comHost: Julie Basello Productio...
Defining Success

Defining Success


Send us a Text Message.In this episode from Hey It's Julie podcast, Host and Business Coach, Julie Basello is back with a Reinvention Adventure episode. Julie discusses success and why defining success for yourself is so important to your business and your brand. Gain some insights into defining your version of success in this episode. Need some coaching on your reinvention adventure? Reach out to Julie at HeyItsJuliePodcast@Gmail.comThank you for listening. To contact ...
Send us a Text Message.In this episode, meet Kate Bradshaw, a musician and singer/songwriter who was signed for her first development deal at 15 years old. She’s performed all over the world and auditioned on The Voice and American Idol. Although those experiences didn’t turn into her musical breakthrough, she hasn’t given up and still performs and writes all the time. Can you say Reinvention? I’ll be working with Kate on her reinvention story soon. For now, we got to chat a bit about her exp...
The Big Idea

The Big Idea


Send us a Text Message.I’m trying something a little different between interviews and I wanted to share it with you. This episode is kicking off a sub series I am bringing to you as part of this podcast called Reinvention Adventure. I am still going to do interviews—I promise. Interviews and human stories are the basis of this podcast adventure for me. But I’ve had so many comments and questions about what I do as a Business Mentor, Content Creator and Marketing Content Coach that I decided t...
Send us a Text Message.Hey It’s Julie.Welcome to Episode 5 aptly named Shiny Silver Objects. You’ll see why that title makes sense when you listen to my great interview with jewelry artist, Michele Grady in this episode. Michele is a self-taught jewelry artist and metalsmith and she’s been making jewelry for as long as she can remember. Stringing beads as a child and making clay pendants in school segued to metalsmithing which she fell in love with at the age of 18. And she’s never...
Send us a Text Message.Welcome to Episode 4 of Hey Its Julie Podcast.In this episode, my guest is someone special to me. Her work is literally in every room of my apartment. We met years ago when we both owned our art galleries a few blocks away from each other. She is someone who I instantly felt comfortable and connected with. Regardless of what she is doing, she has always had clarity of purpose, is completely present and knows where she wants to take her journey. She focuses on creat...
Not the Queen

Not the Queen


Send us a Text Message.Hey, It’s JulieWelcome to Episode 3 of my podcast. For this episode, I talk about reinvention, starting over, changing everything and moving forward. My last guest in Episode 2 spoke about reinventing himself and I felt like it was a topic that could use a bit more focus because I have often been asked about my own reinvention journey... How I did it, Why I did it…I will be discussing some of the things I've done to reinvent myself and I will give you some tips in ...
Send us a Text Message.Welcome to a very boring talk...but not's just a chat with Ryan Boring, Marketing Director for Samuel Goldwyn Films. Ryan is a gay Christian who left his life behind in New Jersey 5 years ago to start a new life in Los Angeles. Hear about his work and his personal journey towards a more authentic life as he chats with host, Julie Basello. This is a behind the scenes look at marketing, movies, a little bit of mayhem, and making life changes. Guest: Ryan Borin...
Who the Heck is Julie?

Who the Heck is Julie?


Send us a Text Message.Welcome to the first episode of Hey It's Julie, a podcast about exploring the lives and creative journeys of regular people just like you. This podcast is real talk with real people.In this introductory episode, Julie explains who the heck she is with a little backstory about her life. She also talks about her motivation behind this podcast.Welcome, new friend. Don't be a stranger.Do you think you would be a good guest? If so, contact Julie at heyitsjuliepodcast@gmail.c...
Hey It's Julie Trailer

Hey It's Julie Trailer


Hey It's Julie. Welcome to my podcast. If you want to hear regular stories from regular people, then this is the podcast for you. I'll be speaking to all kinds of people about all kinds of things including art, marketing, movies, photography and so much more. Think of it as listening in on a chat with friends. Subscribe now so you're the first to know when new episodes come out. I can't wait to have you as part of my listener tribe, where regular people are extraordinary.To contact me about this podcast: heyitsjuliepodcast@gmail.comFind me on instagram: @heyitsjuliepodcast or @jbaselloHost: Julie BaselloProduced by: Julie BaselloSupport the show
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