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A Better Way to Travel - The podcast from Halal Travel Guide

A Better Way to Travel - The podcast from Halal Travel Guide

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A Better Way to Travel is the new podcast from Halal Travel Guide, where we partner with locals from all over the world to give you access to much better travel experiences.

If you're an adventure-seeking Muslim, you're in the right place.
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Join Soumaya in the final episode of season one, where she speaks with Yasin Maymir, a local Spanish Muslim who's leading the way in researching, sharing and bringing to life Andalucia's Islamic heritage. It's from his base in a small rural town - only a stone's throw from the Alhambra - that Yasin is changing the way you travel through Spain, opening up experiences that are otherwise inaccessible.  We've partnered up with Yasin to bring to lost and forgotten stories from Andalucia. You'll have the opportunity to connect with the local Muslim community, enjoy some of the best halal local food and enjoy a personal insight into what it's like being Muslim in Andalucia. Head over to our website to find out more about this trip, including how to book your space! Check out Brother Yasin's Instagram and website to find out more about his company, IlimTours.  **We recommend listening to this episode with headphones or a high quality speaker as there are parts where Yasin's line sounds faint, and you DON'T wanna be missing the gems he has to share :) ** Music composed and recorded by Oak Studios Creative Commons - Attribution ND 4.0
Today Soumaya's joined by Samia and Nasra Bwana, two Kenyan Muslim women providing an alternative travel experience of their home country. Samia and Nasra run Halal Safaris, one of the only exclusively halal tour operators in Africa and the only one exploring Islamic heritage in the region. In this episode Samia and Nasra will share why the popular perception of Kenya being specifically known for safaris is more a colonial hangover than a true depiction of all that Kenya has to offer. You'll gain an insight into Swahili culture and the experience of being Muslim in East Africa, along with a snapshot into the appeal of life on the island of Lamu. Samia shares the challenges she's faced starting a halal travel company and how learning and sharing more about her Islamic heritage has been a huge motivating factor. Nasra's passion for unearthing and sharing Swahili heritage has led her on a journey to found 'Hiistoriya', a digital platform that seeks to conserve and promote the culture and history of the East African coast. Together, Samia and Nasra are bringing their heritage to life for travellers to Kenya looking to explore the lesser-known stories of this beautiful country. Check out Halal Safaris for Samia and Nasra's halal travel company and Hiistoriya for more stories and insights into East African culture and heritage. Enjoyed this episode? Let us know, we'd love to hear from you! Music composed and recorded by Oak Studios Creative Commons - Attribution ND 4.0 ​
Maybe you've been to Istanbul once, twice, even three times before. You feel ready to explore in more depth the stories of this ancient city. But where do you start in the city that spans two continents?  You’ll take a virtual tour of Istanbul this episode, where Soumaya's joined by Haktan Tursun, Coordinator at Ibn Khaldun University, Islamic history and architecture enthusiast and an expert local guide in Istanbul. If you like mosques and Islamic architecture, you’ll love Haktan’s stories of Mimar Sinan, the great Ottoman architect behind some of the most beautiful Islamic architecture in the world. You’ll also find out how best to explore the stories etched into the walls of Istanbul, as well those waiting to be uncovered from underground. Check out some of our trips to Turkey here: Ottoman Adventure: Sogut, Bursa & Istanbul Secrets of Sinan: Islamic Art & Achitecture in Istanbul  Check our Brother Haktan's Youtube channel and Instagram for more of his interesting stories Enjoyed this episode? Leave us a comment on our website and subscribe to join our community of Muslim travellers. 
In part 2 of this episode Soumaya continues her conversation with Selma in Sarajevo, Bosnia. Selma was born and brought up in Bosnia's historic capital, Sarajevo, where (before the pandemic) she regularly took people on walking tours through her city. Today Selma will share with you her personal insights into what makes Sarajevo such a unique European city; what it was like for her growing up during the 90's war; and the impact of the Ottoman Empire in Bosnia, both past and present. To take a tour with Selma in Bosnia, head over to our website: Classic Experience Bosnia tour Join our travel community and receive tips and insights straight to your mailbox when you subscribe: Cafes Selma mentions are listed here: Caffe Divan (the cafe in Morica Han), Sarači 77, Sarajevo 71000 Aščinica Hadžibajrić, Ćurčiluk veliki 59, Sarajevo 71000 ASDŽ Aščinica, Ćurčiluk mali 3, Sarajevo 71000, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Throughout the Muslim world and particularly in the Ottoman Empire, Karavanserais and Hans would open their doors to travellers to stay, rest, eat and sleep for up to three days free of charge. Although few (if any) operate anymore, here in Sarajevo you can still experience what this might have been like in the heart of the city's old town. In fact, all over Bosnia there's beautiful Ottoman architecture that's still used by travellers and the local community today. What's even more impressive is that Sarajevo continues to be a centre of Islamic learning, with schools such as the Gazi Husrev-Beg Madrasa educating future leaders since 1537. Today I'm joined by a graduate of this very madrasa and local travel expert Selma Fisekovic. Selma will share how Bosnia played a crucial role in the Ottoman Empire, including stories behind the beautiful Mosques, Madrasas and Hans dotted all over the country. She'll also share a local's perspective on the brutal '90s war, along with what it's like being Muslim in Bosnia today. Music composed and recorded by Oak Studios Creative Commons - Attribution ND 4.0 ​
What's it like being Muslim in Barbados? Soumaya speaks with local Barbadians Suleiman and Firhaana Bulbulia, a powerful father-daughter duo with vital leadership roles in the local Muslim community. You'll hear the story about how Islam arrived on the island from the Bay of Bengal, the inspiring work that Firhaana does to help elevate local Muslim women, along with some great tips on how to experience Barbados as a Muslim traveller. If you've ever wanted to make a trip to the Caribbean, we're now hosting trips to Barbados in partnership with Barbados Halal Experience. You'll have the opportunity to connect with the local community, explore some of the most beautiful scenery around, swim with turtles, ride jet skis and sail on glass-bottom boats.  Our local hosts will share stories about the island's Islamic heritage, the impact of the slave trade and what it's like being Muslim in Barbados today.  Head over to our website to find out more and book your space today: Barbados: Islam & the Island Life tour Join our travel community by subscribing to our mailing list here: To find out more about the Barbados Association of Muslim Ladies:
OK, you know when, you're travelling to a new destination and you don’t have to check where the best halal restaurant is, or plan a daily itinerary, because you already have a local contact who you trust to give you an incredible trip? Obviously this only really is the case if you've got a good friend or family member who can host you, which only happens some of the time. But wouldn’t it be great if you had a local to help you travel better every single time? Salaam, I'm Soumaya, and I run Halal Travel Guide. We partner with locals from all over the world to give you access to much better travel experiences. If you're an adventure-seeking Muslim dreaming of exploring the world, you’re in the right place.
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