Beyond Safari: How to visit Kenya // Season 1

Beyond Safari: How to visit Kenya // Season 1

Update: 2021-04-11


Today Soumaya's joined by Samia and Nasra Bwana, two Kenyan Muslim women providing an alternative travel experience of their home country. Samia and Nasra run Halal Safaris, one of the only exclusively halal tour operators in Africa and the only one exploring Islamic heritage in the region.

In this episode Samia and Nasra will share why the popular perception of Kenya being specifically known for safaris is more a colonial hangover than a true depiction of all that Kenya has to offer.

You'll gain an insight into Swahili culture and the experience of being Muslim in East Africa, along with a snapshot into the appeal of life on the island of Lamu. Samia shares the challenges she's faced starting a halal travel company and how learning and sharing more about her Islamic heritage has been a huge motivating factor. Nasra's passion for unearthing and sharing Swahili heritage has led her on a journey to found 'Hiistoriya', a digital platform that seeks to conserve and promote the culture and history of the East African coast.

Together, Samia and Nasra are bringing their heritage to life for travellers to Kenya looking to explore the lesser-known stories of this beautiful country.

Check out Halal Safaris for Samia and Nasra's halal travel company and Hiistoriya for more stories and insights into East African culture and heritage.

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Beyond Safari: How to visit Kenya // Season 1

Beyond Safari: How to visit Kenya // Season 1

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