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After a rather lengthy hiatus, That’s How We Role is back! I am doing a slight departure from my normal interview-style podcast. This episode is a roundtable discussion on the SAG-AFTRA 2023 TV Theatrical Tentative Agreement. I am joined by my first time co-host, Courtney Rioux, host of The Whole Artist podcast.  We are  joined by our fellow SAG-AFTRA board members and fellow TV/TH Negotiations Committee members, Shari Belafonte, Jason George Danielle Towne.We talk about gains in this $1 Billion contract including the very first AI and Digital Replica language, hair and makeup consultations for performers of color, self-tape provisions, and more!The deadline for voting is  December 5th at 5PM PST. For more information, visit out Courtney Rioux's podcast, The Whole Artist.Bri CampanoExecutive ProducerBeyond Reach Studiosbri@beyondreach.liveSupport the show
I had the opportunity to meet and speak with some incredible, amazing and talented women for this episode. I attended the NY Now Gift Show and the Curve New York Winter Show in February. The first interview is with Elina Sofia Wang. She is the CEO & Co-Founder of ESW Beauty. Elina has created sustainably-made beauty products made with non-toxic ingredients, vegan & cruelty-free formulas, which are inspired by foods & beverages.ESW Beauty is a female-founded company with a mission to support other women. Elina’s mission is to empower other females to achieve their dreams & prioritize their self love.ESW Beauty partners with Women Aware, a non-profit organization, that promotes the safety and self-sufficiency of individuals and families affected by domestic violence in Middlesex County, New Jersey. Our promise is to donate 10% of the profits from to Women Aware every month. Website:  ESW Beauty Instagram: esw.beautyCurve New York is a B2B for Buyers and industry influencers to see new collections from 175+ top brands of lingerie, intimates, sleepwear, swimwear, activewear and accessories. There were representatives from all around the country. I spoke with three female business owners from the German Pavilion, Yanna, Co-Founder of Tizz & Tonic; Emily Renk of Zodiaque Studios and Christina Vivacqua-Weyers of Happy Undies.I hope you enjoy this episode and listen to find out more about these incredible women and where you can purchase their products!Yanna of Tizz & TonicTizz & Tonic was founded by two sisters, Yanna & Imke, in 2017. They are a Canadian-sister duo who ended up in Germany starting a business together. They were raised by culture-curious, world-traveling parents that taught them that the sky's the limit, but the sky is beautiful and should be kept as so.So they created Tizz & Tonic to get you more excited about greener fashion and be inspired to invest in better clothing. Uncomplicated style, uncompromised ethics - that’s what Tizz & Tonic are all about. Designed to energize you for each new day!Website:  TizzandtonicInstagram:  tizzandtonicEmily Renk of Zodiaque StudiosZodiaque Studiosis a project exploring fashion and contemporary culture based in Berlin. Their collections are created with a passion for luxury that celebrates the senses and finding strength in vulnerability. Zodiaque Studios was founded by Emily Renk while studying at Central Saint Martins in London.Website: Zodiaque StudiosInstagram:  @ZodiaqueStudiosChristina Vivacqua-Weyers of Happy UndiesHappy Undies is a modern trendy style inspired by colors and a flamboyant mood. It is a sporty and comfortable underwear that can also be worn in water as beachwear. Vivacqua is a lifestyle company from Munich for whom underwear is everything.Happy UnSupport the show
I had the opportunity to meet and interview, Diana Beshara, Restauranteur & Co-Founder of Cantina Royal Hot Sauce ONSITE at the NY NOW Winter Show.  This is Cantina Royal’s first time at the show. And their journey from a restaurant to online hot sauce sales is a spicy tale…Cantina Royal Hot Sauce was born in Brooklyn, NY has been featured on Hot Ones, the #1 most popular YouTube show with combined viewing of 100+ Million people.Cantina Royal Hot Sauce is PROUDLY Woman Owned, Minority Owned, and Made in NYC!Thoughtfully sourced from Mexico, carefully curated, and lovingly made in Brooklyn.Born out of Williamsburg Mexican Restaurant & Bar, Cantina Royal, by Restauranteur Diana Beshara & Executive Chef Julio MM.Drip. Drip. Coat. Repeat - Meet your new favorite hot sauce! the show
For Redwood Empire Whiskey's head distiller Lauren Patz, the secret to craft distilling is passion, palate and patience. Growing​ ​up in a winemaking family, she developed the palate and​ ​appreciation for good food and drink from a very early age. After​ ​earning a dual degree in Classics and Japanese at Bates College,​ ​teaching English in Japan, and working at Tcho Chocolate's​ ​factory,Lauren discovered her true calling when she joined Spirit​ ​Works, a small Sonoma County distillery, in 2013 as an apprentice​ ​distiller. Diving fully into learning her craft, she swiftly worked her way up to Head Distiller and managed all Spirit Works operations and product development for three years before joining RedwoodEmpire Whiskey in January 2021.Lauren has judged at the American Distilling Institute since 2017,and taught distillation seminars and workshops in the local community. Her passion and creativity help to push Redwood Empire's innovation forward without abandoning its roots. "l ask a lot of questions," she says, "and I drive us further toward defining our identity on the distilling side."For every bottle sold, Redwood Empire Whiskey plants a tree.  Redwood Empire Whiskey is proud to partner with Trees for the Future to make a clear commitment to sustain our planet’s climate and livability. For every bottle sold, we will plant a tree. Website: https://redwoodempirewhiskey.comInstagram:  redwoodempirewhiskeyFacebook: the show
 Hey there beautiful people. Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays. Feliz Navidad, and a very, very Happy New Year. The holidays are a very hectic time and and slightly stressful for me. There's travel, there's shopping, there's packing. Whew! But anyway, I just wanted to take some time during the holidays and,  thank all of you who have tuned into the podcast over my first year as a podcaster.April of 2023 will be year number two for for That's How We Role. I'm so looking forward to see what year two is going to bring. It's been quite, quite a, quite an adventure. It seems like it was just yesterday, and then it seems like it's been forever. Either way, I'm blessed and thankful to be on this amazing journey with all of you.I've met so many incredible people and other podcasters along the way. I've really learned so much, just a great learning opportunity for me. But anyway, I have a great episode coming in January. I thought I'd wait until after the holidays to release it, so I invite you to join me for my interview with Lauren Patz, and Lauren is the head distiller at Redwood Empire Whiskey. So I'm looking forward to sharing that episode with you, And, and speaking of whiskey and, and the holidays. Is anyone making fruitcake? I used to love fruitcake. My grandmother used to dab it with homemade wine to keep it moist, and she would really, as we used to say, doctor on it, just making it so delicious and so special.So, question for those making, giving or receiving fruitcakes this year. Will you be dabbing yours with wine or whiskey to keep it moist? I'm sure that whiskey would be really good on fruitcake, right? Right? Let me know how you keep your food cake delicious and moist, or whether or not you even like food cake.DM me and let me know that That's How We Role. Or you can DM me directly, Avis Boone on Instagram. I'm wishing all you beautiful people, a very happy New Year. And a joyous and blessed 2023.Support the show
Maggy and her family started their journey seven years ago into the Mezcal world. A family trip to Oaxaca city that led them by mistake to a small town 3 hrs drive uphill, Sola de Vega, land known for its exquisite Mezcal. Maggy gained her extensive expertise by digging a little deeper into the producers’ life. Together with her family they have accomplished to support a few Mezcaleros from the village. Her entrepreneurial spirit has kept the brand alive through the years, and her passion and devotion has helped the brand expand into new markets. Maggy is now based in Canada. She founded Coa de Jima Inc, an agency that represents Don Sixto Mezcal in Ontario, Canada. She believes that to have outstanding growth the mezcaleros and the agave farmers are as important as the marketing, importer, or distributors. Maggy graduated from the Fashion Marketing program in Toronto and graduated with a trend-forecasting and Haute Couture diploma in Paris. She achieved her bachelor’s degree in fashion design from Mexico.Don Sixto produces 6 different types of Mezcals, which have proudly won national and international awards through the years . Starting with, Don Sixto Mezcal Coyote, winner of gold medal with 95 points in The 2022 Chilled 100 Spirits,  winner of gold medal with 95 points in  New York International Spirits Competition 2022, winner of gold medal and Top 99 Mezcal in CAVA Magazine in Mexico, and a few more gold medals from “The Academy of Mezcal and Maguey A.C.”Mezcal Don Sixto Arroqueño, award winner of New York International Spirits Competition 2022. Don Sixto Mezcal Tobala, silver medal winner and Top 99 Mezcal in CAVA Magazine in Mexico 2022, gold medal winner  “The Academy of Mezcal and Maguey A.C.”  2019. Don Sixto Mezcal Barril winner of gold medal with 95 points in  New York International Spirits Competition 2022, and winner of silver medal from “The Academy of Mezcal and Maguey A.C.” Don Sixto.Mezcal Mexicano winner of silver medal from “The Academy of Mezcal and Maguey A.C.” Don Sixto Mezcal Espadin  won silver medal in 2022 and 2019, from “The Academy of Mezcal and Maguey A.C."Instagram:  DonSixtoWebsite:  Don Sixto MezcalTwitter:  @DonSixtoMezcal Facebook: Don Sixto MezcalPinterest:  Don Sixto MezcalSupport the show
Lauren Flick is a writer, producer and director who has worked for such notable networks as NBC, CBS, A&E and AMC. She has written articles on feminism, environmental causes and social justice and is frequently featured on CNBC’s digital platform. She has a drive and passion for politics and human rights and actively creates content for many political organizations and campaigns. She is the NYC Events Chair for Women In Media, an organization that promotes gender balance in the film and entertainment industries for filmmakers who work above and below the line and the people who love to collaborate with them. She is a Board Member of Friends of the Metro Theater, a group of neighborhood residents that have come together to tackle the task of revitalizing the Metro Theatre on the upper west side.Website:  Lauren Flick.comLinkedin:  Lauren FlickTwitter:  Lauren FlickInstagram:  Lauren Flick Women In MediaWebsite:  Women In MediaLinkedin:  Women In MediaInstagram:  @womennnediaincTwitter:  @WomenNMediaSupport the show
Ina Coveney is a 6-figure entrepreneur, business coach and host of The Global Phenomenon Podcast.  She helps up-and-coming online coaches monetize their tiny audience through organic lead generation strategies before they invest time and money in audience growth. Her mission is to help others do the same. Ina reached 6-figures in her business before ever cracking 1,000 followers on any of her platforms, and her mission to help coaches do the same.Her motto is to stop living paycheck to paycheck and design a rich and abundant life with one purpose, to help others become the next global phenomenon….Website:  Ina CoveneyInstagram: @yourengagementcoachMembership Program: Get Clients FirstThis episode is sponsored by For a free month trial,  go to, promo code is QUICKSTARTSupport the show
This week’s guest is award-winning composer and journalist, Charu Suri.Charu has been playing the piano since the age of five, and performing since the age of nine. She is the first Indian-born jazz composer to premiere work at Carnegie Hall. Her latest album, Book of Ragas. vol 2, debuted on August 6th. Charu received six nominations in the International Singer Songwriters Association aka ISSA, Awards in 2021, and won a Silver for Band Single of the Year for her original song, "Bluesy."  In April she became "Jazz Artist of the Month" and won a gold record from ISSA.She is a voting member of the  GRAMMYs (Recording Academy).During the Pandemic, Charu uploaded several jazz performances on her social media channels for joy and inspiration, which we all needed so desperately. So check out her social media channels to listen!!So let’s find out more about Charu and all her accomplishments, and about her upcoming performance at the famed CARNEGIE HALL coming up in November. So join me in welcoming Charu Suri!! Charu's Website: www.CharuSuri.comInstagram:  CharumusicFacebook:  Charu Suri Trio***UPCOMING CARNEGIE HALL PERFORMANCESupport the show
​​This week’s guest on That's How We Role podcast is Patrice Juah, an accomplished author, award-winning poet, education entrepreneur and former Miss Liberia.  She is the founder of the Martha Juah Educational Foundation, based in Liberia, West Africa. The Foundation launched the Sexy-Like-A-Book initiative, designed to inspire young women and girls to improve their perspective on reading, literacy, and education. She is a firm believer in the transformative power of education. Among MANY things, Patrice is a Mandela Washington Fellow for President Obama's Young African Leaders Initiative.Patrice’s desire is to motivate and empower young women by supporting local non-profit organizations to educate women on HIV/AIDs, teenage pregnancy, and education.So let’s find out more about this incredible woman and her amazing accomplishments and platforms, as we welcome Patrice Juah.LINKS TO PATRICE - Juah is a Communications and International Affairs Professional. As founder of the Martha Juah Educational Foundation, she champions girls’ education, leadership, and digital and information literacy through the foundation’s Sexy Like A Book initiative. The initiative takes a social and academic approach to address some of the barriers to girls’  education in Liberia.Patrice works to improve girls’ perspectives on literacy and education by fostering creative expression and cultural awareness. Through public speaking workshops, mentorship meet-ups, and social excursions, girls not only enhance their capacity to tackle academic rigor but are equipped with the confidence and voice to write and speak about taboo topics in their communities. This approach of embedding Social Emotional Learning into girls’ education empowers girls with the social-emotional skills to think critically and make informed decisions as socially conscious young leaders.Explore Sexy Like A Book’s Enchanting Voices Anthology (Book One), written by the first cohort of young writers. Proceeds from the book support the provision of scholarships and educational resources to girls in rural Liberia. A second anthology, written by cohort two, will be released later in 2021.An accomplished author, award-winning poet, former Miss Liberia, and a firm believer in the transformative power of education, Patrice is a Steering Committee Member of Karanga - The Global Alliance for Social-Emotional Learning and Life Skills. She also supports the Liberia Literary Society as a board member and editor. Patrice is a Deutsche Welle Global Media Fellow, a Kistefos Scholar, and a Mandela Washington Fellow for President Obama's Young African Leaders Initiative. She holds a master’s degree in International Relations from the IE School of Global and Public Affairs at IE University, in Madrid, Spain.  A perpetual knowledge seeker, she has a fascination for languages and enjoys fostering global collaborations. More on Patrice’s work can be found here: to Sexy Like A Book here.Enchanting Voices echoes stories of a Liberia that could be but struggles in the now. It echoes stories of hope and dreams; of courage and resilience; of possibilities and a future waiting to bloom. Support the show
This week’s guest is best known for her roles as Delia Ryan from the soap opera, Ryan’s Hope and her two-time Emmy-nominated performance as Roxy Balsom on another soap, One Life To Live and she is Ilene Kristen.  Ilene is an actress, singer, songwriter, cabaret performer, and one-time cinema owner. Even though she may be better known for her soap opera roles, Ilene has many Broadway, Off and Off-Off Broadway credits as well as primetime television shows and movie credits.  She originated the role of Patty Simcox in “Grease” and portrayed the infamous Leona Helmsley in “Mayor”. Her album of original songs “I’m Not Done With U Yet” is available on Amazon and iTunes.A native New Yorker, Ilene is perhaps best known for her portrayal of Delia Ryan on "Ryan’s Hope," and her ten-year stint as the gambling, beer-guzzling and always-inappropriate hairdresser Roxy Balsom on "One Life to Live", for which she received two Emmy nominations for Best Supporting Actress.  Ilene portrayed the de, dems and do Norma Gilpin on "Loving" and wannabe socialite Madeleine Thompson on "Another World." Currently she is reprising the role of Delia Ryan in a character crossover on "General Hospital."Ilene made her Broadway debut as a dancer in Henry, Sweet Henry.  She originated the role of Patty Simcox in Grease and portrayed the infamous Leona Helmsley in Mayor.  Off-Broadway shows include Acts of Providence, All That Glitters, Light Up the Sky, The Dolphin Position, Cowboy, and Trust. She also appeared in The Gig at Goodspeed and Marvin’s Room at the Helen Hayes in Nyack. An Ensemble Studio Theatre member since 1984, Ilene has performed in five of their Marathon of One-Act Plays including Saxophone Music, Naomi in the Livingroom, Cosmo's in Love, Degas, C'est Moi, A Dead Man's Apartment and the comedy revue Strange Behavior. Recent film appearances include Tinseltown, Signs of the Cross, Mattie Fresno and the Holoflux Universe, Luscious, Knock, Knock,  and Manhattanites. Night time TV sightings include  Deception, Unforgettable, HBO's Show Me A Hero, Law and Order, Law and Order: SVU,  The Good Policeman, Third Watch, The Sopranos, Family,  and The Black Donnellys.In addition to a full-time performing career, Ilene also co-founded of The Jean Renoir Cinema, a film theatre showing independent and foreign films. While affiliated there, she produced the award-winning short The Aftermath. In 1997 she was a producer of the feature Angels with Angles, starring Frank Gorshin and Rodney Dangerfield.  As a songwriter, Ilene has penned album cuts for teenage phenom Kaitlyn Lusk and jazz guitarist Chuck Loeb, as well as producing for the label Tuxedo Records. A regular on the club circuit, Ilene has recently recorded her first CD of her own original songs, which is expected to be released sometime this year.Support the show
Hey there beautiful people and welcome back to another episode of That’s How We Role, a bi-weekly podcast where I talk with motivating and inspiring women who are professionals, entrepreneurs, organization leaders, artists and so much more!!And leading the pack in all things fabulous is this week’s guest, Jane Applegate, a writer, producer, coach and creator! Jane is a writer and producer that is all about highlighting women. She has written and produced award-winning independent films primarily written, produced and directed by and about women! She is currently working on a hybrid feature documentary, Left Bank, which  tells the untold story of four remarkable feminists who supported Irish author, James Joyce. But wait, that’s not all! Jane is a teacher and an author of four books on small business success….but she is not done! Her fifth book, Hair on Fire: An Insider's Guide to Producing for the Big and Small Screen, is available on Amazon. She is also co-founder of, a career coaching and production consulting company she co-founded with producer, Julie Crosby. Please welcome THE woman's woman about town, Jane Applegate! IG:  @janedoryapplegateTwitter: @janewapplegateWebsite:  https://www.leftbankthefilm.comJane Applegate is a writer and producer of award-winning independent films, primarily written,  produced and directed by and about women. Her current hybrid feature documentary, Left Bank, tells the untold story of four remarkable feminists who supported Irish author, James Joyce, so he could write his banned, burned and censored books. It will be shot in France, Ireland andthe U.S. It will be released in 2022 to mark the 100th anniversary of the publication of Ulysses, which was made possible by American ex-pat book shop owner, Sylvia Beach. Jane teaches the business of film class at the Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema at Brooklyn College. She is the author of four books on small business success. Her fifth book, Hair on Fire,  is a guide to independent production. It is available on Amazon. She is also co-founder of, a career coaching and production consulting company she co-founded with producer, Julie Crosby.Jane is an active member of New York Women in Film and Television and serves as the chair of external relations committee for the Women Independent Producers group.  She lives in a 100 year-old house in Verplanck, NY with her husband, son, daughter and son-in-law. The Left Bank: Jane Applegate: Producer & Co-WriterJane has produced several award-winning features and documentaries, including Erica Fae’s To Keep the Light, a period drama about a female lighthouse keeper. Beauty Mark, won the Ultra-Indie Award at the Woodstock Film Festival. Jane teaches the business of film at Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema, Brooklyn College.Support the show
Sophia is a playwright, screenwriter, and a film & theater director.  She is a producing artistic director of Garden of the Avant-Garde Productions and she’s also a member of the New York City Bar Association, working in human rights.She was the screenwriter and producer for the international arthouse film Poor Liza, which won a Garnet Grand Prix award. The film starred Emmy and Golden Globe Award winner Ben Gazzara and Emmy & Academy award winner Lee Grant. Sophia has written and directed three films for New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts Dramatic Writing Program.Outside of film, Sophia has written fourteen different stage plays which have been produced either off-Broadway or “off, off Broadway”.Sophia’s latest project, which is currently streaming on Amazon Prime is Used and Borrowed Time. It is a 2020 time travel film about an aging actress who is magically returned to the year 1965 in segregated Alabama. Sophia penned screenplays and directed three films for New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts Dramatic Writing Program.  She also wrote and directed a series of cutting-edge short films for the New York Film AcademyPornography!" and "Commercial America in the 90’s." She wrote the screenplay for the documentary "Call Girls for Hire: The Sex Slave Trade Epidemic in Eastern Europe," for which she was honored with Moscow’s Social Awareness Documentary Film Award at the Moscow Women Make Documentaries Film Festival.  Romma also wrote and directed a series of cutting-edge short films for the New York Film Academy: "Underneath Her Make-Up" (unveiling the stigmatized and hounded LGBTQ community in India) and "The Frozen Zone" (shedding light on the supernatural healing powers of ancient shamanism and its infinite wisdom).Dr. Romma is the author of fourteen stage-plays, produced Off-Off Broadway/Off-Broadway, three of which were produced at La MaMa E.T.C. Her play, “The Past Is Still Ahead” which she wrote and directed, ran at the Cherry Lane Theatre, at the Midtown International Film Festival and toured Montauk, London, Moscow, Montreal and Seoul. The Negro Ensemble Company presented “The Mire” at the Cherry Lane Theatre; it was heralded by the New York Times for “grinding down stubborn cultural borders with love’s symphony.” Romma’s “Cabaret Émigré” was lauded by The Villager for "delving deep into the dislocated émigré’s soul in erotic quantum verse.”Romma graduated from Tisch School of the Arts, earning her B.F.A. from the Dramatic Writing Program and her M.F.A. from the Dramatic Writing and Cinema Studies). She holds a Ph.D. in Philology from Maxim Gorky Literature Institute and a Masters of Law from Fordham University School of Support the show
Rachel Martin is the owner & founder of Oceano Wines, from the Spanish Springs Vineyard in San Luis Obispo, California.She is a native of Virginia and was there in 2005, at the beginning of what is now considered to be one of that state’s premier wine producers, Boxwood Estate Winery. She serves as the Executive Vice President of Winery Operations of Boxwood’s award-winning wines. She led Boxwood Estate’s Bordeaux-style wines to national and international fame.  And was successful in her efforts to  designate Middleburg, Virginia as an American Viticultural Area. Rachel hosts a livestream show  “Tasting Room Live” every other Tuesday to their  Facebook Page and YouTube Channel.The Food & Wine event, The Family Reunion is August 19-22 at The Salamander Resort & Spa in Middleburg, VA. Their  winemaker, Marbue Marke will be among the scheduled talent during the weekend.  Oceano Wines can be purchased directly from the website, and can be shipped to 44 states. They can also be found at select retailers and restaurants which are all listed on their website here.For more on  Rachel Martin and Oceano Wines and see her full bio, check out the website: Follow her on IG: @rachel_oceano  @oceanowinesTwitter:  @OceanoWinesEmail her if you have any questions about wine or pairings at Support the show
Jill Dalton is a actor and writer.  Jill’s memoir, My Life in the Trenches ofShow Business: Escape to New York - Act 1  It has a five star rating and was #1 in Acting andAuditioning for several days. Her essays have been published in AuntieBellum Magazine, Delmarva Review, Evening Street Review, TheMacGuffin, Pine Hills Review, and Progressive Activists Voice.Her plays, Collateral Damage (2014) and Whistle-blower (2015)were both semi-finalist in the Eugene O’Neill National PlaywrightsConference. Her solo play, Lizzie Borden Live! was commissioned bythe East Lynne Theater Company in Cape May, NJ, where it had itsworld premiere (August 2007), and a successful and critically acclaimedsix-week run. Tony and 4 time Emmy winning Orchestrator andComposer, Larry Hochman, did original music for the piece, and Ms.Dalton won the 2007 Jacoby Award for her portrayal of Lizzie.Jill has also written and performed two other solo plays: MyLife in the Trenches and Calling on God. These works wereperformed at: Surf Reality, Dixon Place, Womenkind Festival, SoloArts, Hudson Guild, The Field, New York Fringe Festival,Ensemble Studio Theatre, the Int'l, l Midtown Festival (best of thefest), 78th Street Theater Lab, the Kitchen Theatre (Ithaca, NY).Her acting credits include: FBI, Things Heard & Seen, The LoomingTower, Succession, Braid, Too Big to Fail, Law & Order, All MyChildren, As the World Turns, Another World, One Life to Live,Saturday Night Live, Veronika Decides to Die, Rachel GettingMarried, and Oliver Stone’s Wall Street.She consulted with William Hurt on his portrayal of Hank Paulson in theHBO film, Too Big to Fail and he was nominated for an Emmy.She spent 4 1⁄2 years honing her skills as a stand-up comic, and is therecipient of the Mary Jo Comedy Show Award for most promisingnewcomer in NYC.In 2019, Jill was selected to be a part of the PERFORMING ARTSLEGACY PROJECT (PAL) developed at the Actors Fund. PAL is anonline platform to document and represent performers’ careers and saveour national legacy. to coming to New York she was an Artist-in-Residence with theMetropolitan Arts Council in S.C. Her mime troupe, HOMEMADEMIME, toured the southeast and Puerto with grants from the NationalEndowment for the Arts and the S.C. Arts Commission.Jill is a member of SAG/AFTRA, AEA, and the Dramatist Guildof America.https://jilldalton.nychttps://www.jilldaltonwriter.com Life in the Trenches of Show Business: Escape to New York - Act 1You'd Be Great At What I DoI Was a Cheerleader in Hitler’s Stadium (Will appear in a year in Evening Street Review)No Business Like Show Business  (Will appear in Vol. 14 - November ’21 of The DelMara Review)What’s Your Porno Name?  (Will appear in Vol. 37.3. of The MacGuffin)The Performing Arts Legacy ProjectJill Dalton acting websiteSupport the show
This week on That's How We Role podcast, I am talking about opening up and stepping out into the new normal in the summer AFTER covid...I am chatting about cautiously entering into summer.  My first non-work trip on public transportation to get a haircut and the restaurant outing that followed as the world opens up to the 'new normal'.I hope you will Like, Share, Subscribe and Rate the podcast. For the FULL EPISODE, click here or wherever you choose to listen.  Follow me on social media:Instagram: @avis.booneTwitter:  @avisbooneWebsite: https://avisboone.comSupport the show
Stepping Into Your Purpose, Passion and Personal Power with Certified Mindset Life Coach Beata ZdanowskaThis is definitely the time for a reset of the mind and  Certified Mindset Life Coach, Beata Zdanowska is the one to help us through it. Beata is extremely passionate about guiding clients through life blocks and  their struggle to find ultimate fulfillment. She helps her clients find their alignment, their purpose and their passion and teaches them to take action. She accomplishes that through building confidence, self-esteem, emotional intelligence, setting healthy boundaries, creating healthy lifestyles and alignment with intuition and goals.She now applies these lessons in her coaching program to help others avoid those unnecessary struggles and be more productive with their time. Her goal is to guide others to their highest potential. Her mission is to inspire millions to act with purpose and passion.She received her Master Mindset Life Coach certification at the Transformation Academy, an ICF accredited program with focus on Confidence, Emotional Intelligence, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT).She immigrated from Poland in 1989 and went through many life blocks and difficulties to get to the fulfilling mission as a life coach. From telemarketing, through managing million-dollar estates, to having the life of an entrepreneur, life has taught Beata many lessons. She now applies these lessons in her coaching program to help others avoid those unnecessary struggles and be more productive with their time. Her passion is to guide others to their highest potential. Her mission is to inspire millions to act with purpose and passion.She is a spiritual meditation practitioner, yogi, tango dancer, sustainability supporter, proponent of a healthy body and healthy mind, and most of all a lover of nature and the great outdoors. Want to reach Beata?  Website: @beata.zdanowska.coachingFacebook: me on social media: Instagram: @avis.booneTwitter:  @avisbooneWebsite: https://avisboone.comSupport the show
 That’s How We Role welcomes Actress, Playwright, Producer and Filmmaker, Ura Yoana Sánchez. As a playwright, she co-wrote the comedy, The Jedi Papi Chulo and The Power Pansa, which was first seen at The La Tea Theater and The Nuyorican Poets Cafe, as well as Sacred Spaces. Most recently, she has started writing the one-act play anthology series, On The Block, of which it's first installment, Bodega Cat was shown at The Pro Black Theater Festival in February 2021. As a filmmaker, she produced, wrote and directed the film "Finding Home”, which is a tribute to victims of child abuse. This was the freshman project under her own production company, Cuentos De Ada Productions, which Ura founded with the purpose of creating universally relevant film and theater productions. Cuentos De Ada (is a play on words meaning fairy tale, in Spanish, the literal translation, “Tales of Ada”. Ada is Ura’s mother, whose legacy lives on through the work of this company. Her second short film"SOMNIO" is currently in post production. Her third film, "As The Ashes Settle, The Fire Stirs" began production in March 2021. Find Ura on social media or visit her website: Instagram: @urayoanasanchezWebsite:  www.urayoanasanchez.comTo help fund Ura's latest film, there is a GoFundMe for As The Ashes Settle, The Fire Stirs Follow me on social media: Instagram: @avis.booneTwitter:  @avisbooneWebsite: https://avisboone.comSupport the show
Sophia Rose Gigante is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist, and owner of SRG Fitness. She has recently added author to her accomplishments, with her book, “Strength, Resilience, Growth: How I Defied Physical and Mental Limitations and Took Control of My Future.” Sophia was born with a brain disorder and was told she would face multiple limitations in her life. But at  just 22 years old, Sophia created her own business, SRG FITNESS, which is a personal training and nutrition counseling wellness studio located in Westchester, New York.  She builds training programs and nutrition plans that are specifically tailored to each individual. And brings all aspects of health and wellness into her clients’ lives. She has also expanded her business worldwide through virtual training.Sophia believes that everyone is entitled to health and wellness. She wants everyone, especially the “underdogs,” to always feel strength, resilience, and growth when walking into SRG Fitness. Sophia has been featured on News 12, and in many publications including The Hydrocephalus Association Blog, which we will discuss in more detail in a bit. Sophia Rose Gigante put the SRG in SRG Fitness.Get Sophia Rose’s book is available on Amazon: her success on social media: Instagram:  @srg.fitFacebook: me on social media: Instagram: @avis.booneTwitter:  @avisbooneWebsite: https://avisboone.comSupport the show
Vivienne Jurado is an actress, model, voice actor, host and Founder of Girl, Love Yourself Now. Vivienne has had roles on NY Undercover, Saturday Night Live, and played a defense attorney on the NBC Television Show, Shades Of Blue, starring Jennifer Lopez.  She also had a role in the award-winning feature film, Dirty Shield. Vivienne and the cast of Exile Is My Home, received the 2016 HOLA AWARD for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble Cast. She has served as host for the Latino Film Market Film Festival for the past 3 years.Vivienne is also the Founder and President of Girl Love Yourself Now, an organization whose mission is to empower women with the tools to strengthen their skills and give them the confidence necessary to love themselves and create the life of their dreams.Instagram: @viviennejurado and @girlloveyourselfnowFor more information on Vivienne, check out her website: http://www.viviennejurado.comFor information on Girl Love Yourself Now, visit their Facebook Page: me on social media: Instagram: @avis.booneTwitter:  @avisbooneWebsite: https://avisboone.comSupport the show
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