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Author: PREP and DEFEND - Chris Ruano

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Helping busy men build lasting performance and resilience so they can better perform in their teams and families.

Host Chris Ruano is an active professional Fire Captain with over 25 years of experience dealing with the challenges of high-demand stressful environments.
We believe all men are meant to master their performance and attitude as they emerge as leaders of their teams and families.

It is our honor and passion to equip workers and leaders with effective strategies to unlock powerful performance and positive attitudes. 

66 Episodes
In this episode, our seasoned fire captain and host, Chris Ruano, takes you on a journey deep into the world of muscle-building secrets. Prepare to debunk protein myths, explore the science behind protein, and even navigate the awkward but real phenomenon of 'protein farts.' Yes, they're a thing, and you're not alone!Discover the critical role of protein in muscle growth and why not all protein sources are created equal. We delve into the pros and cons of animal-based and plant-based proteins...
Mastering Work, Family, and Fitness in a 24-Hour Day," this is a must-listen for anyone seeking to achieve a harmony between their personal and professional lives. Rushing from work to family responsibilities and finding time for fitness can often feel overwhelming, but fear not! Our practical insights will empower you to take control of your schedule and maximize your productivity without compromising on the quality of your family life or your own well-being. Discover time managem...
Welcome to the ultimate guide to periodized fitness - the best way to maximize your strength gains! Periodized fitness is a highly effective training approach that allows you to strategically plan and organize your workouts to achieve specific goals. In this episode, we go into explain linear periodization in detail so that you can start maximizing your strength training, save time and learn how to build muscle fast. Let's get that garage strength working so that you can overcome fitness...
This episode discusses our new podcast format and what you can expect.We describe in more detail Our Goal building and equipping Purpose Driven Men to become more;- Capable - Functional - Durable for their Teams, Crews and Families"Coach Roo" discusses his refined focus toward his mission to provide real world strength and conditioning programs as well as Leadership and Coaching resources.This episode emphasizes the synergy of fitness, leadership, and mental resilience.
Gain helpful insight and strategies for tackling life's challenges from a Firefighter perspective with Ryan Rodriguez of Ignited Firefighter.On this episode we discuss.Improving Life BalanceRescources for leading at work and at homeJoin host Chris Ruano as he and Ryan Rodriguez provide valuable insight and tools for you to continue to evaluate life's current priorities and ways you can increase your success.
Join the conversation with Fire Captain Don McLaughlin @firehousedog_avaas he shares about;Firehouse DogsPeer Support and Mental WellnessUS Marine Corps ServiceAdventure RacingLeadershipand moreThe following are the links to support the foundations that train and prepare the 6 peer support dogs that “DonnyMac” mentions in this episode:“Ava” the Firehouse dog@firehousedog_ava“Echo” the Dog@echothefiredog@22tozerodogshttps://www.patrioticservicedogfoundation....
Summertime Status report. Early summer provides its own set of challenges and opportunities; listen here to hear what those are from a Structure fire dept perspective as well as a Wildland agency perspective.
On this episode, we hear great perspective form Firefighter Rob Perez. As if being a full-time firefighter, husband and father of three, weren't keeping him busy enough; Rob Perez has been challenging himself by completing higher education.Over the last 5 years Rob has obtained his Bachelorette Degree, Teaching Credential, Masters Degree, and is now currently working on his Doctorate at USC.He provides great insight and perspective in all areas of life, enjoy episode 058!Rob Perez also ...
The most determined guy I have ever met! That is Firefighter Specialist Mishel Harteni.If you consider yourself highly motivated, willing to push through challenges to achieve your goals, you may think again once you hear this man's story.Immigrating to US as a refugee from the Middle East presented unique challenges for Mishel as he passionately pursued a career in the fire service.Hear his inspiring story as he went from learning english to fighting fire in a few short years.
This episode we check in with Kevin Welsh and hear what he has plans for as he returnes to the Fire Station after his recent surgery and time off.
Tori Dow has is on a fascinating journey. At a very young age she is already known for these amazing feats;- Female CrossFit Games Athlete- Welder by Trade- Pursuing a Fire CareerOn this episode we get great insight from Tori and her unique athletic and work history.Tori and host Chris Ruano discuss;- CrossFit- Teen Sports- Fitness Programs- The New Firefighter Workforce and more Fire Career mentorshipYou can Follow Tori Dow in IG
Are you looking for adventure and true purpose?Well if you're not, go ahead and skip this episode.Our guest Michael Noyes explains why stepped away from a from multiple 7-figure opportunity after a unique "desert experience". Follow Mike as he prepares to take on an upcoming Baja 1000 race.IG: @michaelnoyes7
On this episode
Congratulations! You have met the minimum standard; guess what...Nobody cares.How will you establish your reputation?What in the world are the expectations of Firefighters when they report for duty after completing their Training Academy?This show is full of helpful tips and perspectives around probationary firefighter work habits and routines.
This episode is Real-Talk and perspective from active Hotshot Superintendent :Ben Strahan- What is a Hotshot?- What Mental and Lifestyle Challenges do Hotshots deal with?- Hear from Bens story of Mental wellness low points and breakthrough If you're looking for some hope or some help, listen to this episode and head over check out resources and projects Ben Strahan is involved with.IG: @BenStrahan@wildlandwellnessfoundation
A Father, a Son and a Friend is who you'll hear from on this episode as we discuss Oral Interview Preparation Tips and beginning a Fitness Lifestyle as a Student.Two great highly motivated young men are guests on this episode;Noah and Damien give a unique perspective as we dive into these topics.- Oral Interview Tips- Fitness Motivation- Sources of Motivation- Firefighter Preparation InfoSpecial thanks to @bedroskeulian @raycashcare and @byronovenstone for their mentorship at the @squireprogr...
HOTSHOT SUPPORT - LEADERSHIP - LEARNINGJoin us on this episode as we hear from US Hotshots Association board membersAll 3 of our guests are former IHC Hotshot Superintendents;Mike Alared - retired Supt of Bear Divide IHCDan Kleinman - retired Supt of Fulton IHCJimmie Rocha - retired Supt of Rio Bravo IHCThe mission of the US Hotshots Association is to support the mission of all Hotshot Wildland Firefighters- Past- Present- and FutureThis episode if full of valuable leadership lessons and insi...
We hear from Anthony powers of Hotshot Up!He is a longtime Wildland firefighter and US Forest Service Hotshot that is now serving on a Municipal Fire Agency in Southern California.We get to hear about the HotShot lifestyle and Family, and what led Anthony and others to found the HotShot Up event and charity.HotShot Up is a non-profit Volleyball event to support firefighter Line-of-Duty-Deaths and the hardships that surround them.The 2022 Hotshot Up Volleyball Tournament is held each year in V...
Evan Halquist is on for Show 47 and we talk about FireFighter Academy Fitness.Fire Captain Evan Halquist is on a mission to help improve the Fitness and Training for those entering a Recruit Training Academy, and Firefighters operating in Fire Stations.This episode will help you learn how the "R.E.S.T." method can help you optimize and elevate your overall fitness.We discuss- Kettlebells vs Sandbags- Workouts vs. Programs- Recruit Firefighter Training - Challenges - So...
This episode is a great conversation and perspective on Leadership, Career success, and personal fulfillment.Guest Tom Higgins has recently retired as Commander on the Police Department he served on for several years.Tom shares about the challenges that come with leaving a job or routine of several years and how important is is to maintain balance in life and an identity outside of your career.This episode will help anyone facing difficulties when its time to make a big change or transition i...
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