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Welcome to Smarter Lawcast, the official podcast of Hall & Wilcox, a leading independent Australian law firm. We pride ourselves on our Smarter Law approach, where we work with our clients to creatively solve their legal and business challenges. Tune in to be educated and entertained by our experts’ take on topical legal issues.
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John Hutchinson, Michelle Eastwell and Sevan Gore discuss cleansing notices, which are an important part of any capital raising toolkit. What is a cleansing notice, when would you use one and what happens if there is a breach of any of the cleansing notice requirements?
John Hutchinson, James Morvell and Hamish McNair discuss how defamation issues may arise when claims are made against companies or individuals within companies, what defences are available and how to prevent these issues arising in the first place.
Environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues are a big topic in corporate life but have particular importance for listed entities, given the public nature of ESG disclosures, investor interest and the potential for regulatory and class action risk. John Hutchinson, Julian Hammond and Vanessa Murphy discuss the change in ESG emphasis from regulators, what to do if your company receives a notice about ESG-related issues, and why bluewashing is the next issue on the horizon.
With companies gearing up for AGM season, John Hutchinson and Deborah Chew discuss how to best prepare for AGMs, including whether meetings will be in-person, virtual or hybrid, typical resolutions and areas of possible controversy.
Stefan Fenk chats with guest David Gibson, CEO of DGA Group, a specialised construction global consulting firm, about advance payment and price adjustment clauses. These are two quick fixes that can be incorporated into construction contracts that might reduce the risk of contractors going insolvent. David shares his knowledge and experience of these clauses in practice and offers top tips for using both clauses.
Stefan Fenk and Sam Kelsey discuss whether there are any ‘quick fixes’ that can be incorporated into construction contracts that might reduce the risk of contractors going insolvent, focusing on advance payment and price adjustment clauses.
What practical steps can tax practitioners, accountants and other professionals take to protect the confidential data of their clients? Eden Winokur and Bradley White discuss two of the most business critical issues facing organisations today: cyber security and data privacy.
Adam Dimac and Todd Bromwich discuss Treasury’s proposed changes to Australia’s complex tax residency rules for individuals, highlighting the key changes, how they may work in practice and what changes they hope to see in the final proposal.
In part 2, Frank Hinoporos, Chris Brown and guest Jason Phillips from JNP Advisory discuss key due diligence issues presented during the sale of a professional services business including structure, employees and employment agreements, insurance, and clients and existing arrangements. Read ⁠Jason's profile⁠.
What issues should be considered when contemplating a sale of a professional services business? In part 1, Frank Hinoporos, Chris Brown and guest Jason Phillips from JNP Advisory discuss how to maximise the benefits while managing the risks. Read Jason's profile.
Hosts Sean Kempel and Ariana Saropoulou are joined by Isabella Emanuel, Stephanie Malamas and Victor Yeo to answer questions we received during the season from our listeners. We cover the most challenging and rewarding parts of being a grad at Hall & Wilcox, how to build confidence, why keeping an open mind and having a positive attitude are key attributes, how to balance work with practical legal training, how to network, and how to get involved in pro bono and social and sports committees.
Hosts Sean Kempel and Ariana Saropoulou interview two of Hall & Wilcox’s newest partners, Vanessa Murphy and Ben Cotter. Vanessa and Ben speak about their journey to partner, the areas they practice in and why they chose those areas, how their roles and responsibilities have changed since they were promoted to partner, and offer some advice to grads starting out their legal career.
Jacob Uljans discusses with hosts Ariana Saropoulou and Sean Kempel the importance of work/life balance and why it’s crucial to develop strategies to ensure that work does not become all encompassing. Jake also speaks about his role as National Graduate Partner and the importance of a great graduate program.
Nathan Kennedy and Dan Poole chat about our pro bono and community program with hosts Ariana Saropoulou and Sean Kempel. They talk about how pro bono makes a difference in people’s lives, how the skills learned make for better lawyers, and share their stories about why they love working in this area. Find out more about our Pro Bono practice.
Matt Curll busts some myths around insurance law with hosts Ariana Saropoulou and Sean Kempel. He also chats about what he loves about insurance law, the skills good insurance lawyers need, and why insurance law is an exciting and challenging area to practice in. Do you have any burning questions for our grads? Submit them below.
Hosts Sean Kempel and Ariana Saropoulou chat with Partner Elisa Paxton and Senior National Early Careers Advisor Gilda Carter about why blind recruitment during the clerkship and graduate application process is so important, how to make your application stand out, how to prepare for an interview and why grads should consider applying to Hall & Wilcox.
Hosts Ariana Saropoulou and Sean Kempel chat to Tony Macvean, who outlines his career journey from articled clerk to managing partner, what he loves about the firm, how our Hallmarks articulate and drive our respectful culture, why collaboration is our superpower, what he learned as a leader during Covid, and he shares his advice for law graduates.
In our new law graduate podcast, we’ll explore what it means to be a part of Hall & Wilcox. How can you best prepare for applications and interviews? What’s special about working at Hall & Wilcox? We’ll share plenty of stories and tips from our people. In this episode, meet our law grad hosts: Sean Kempel and Ariana Saropoulou. Learn more about being a grad at Hall & Wilcox:
Scott Butler and Nicole Tumiati discuss the key reasons that can impact a business’s ability to comply with its contractual obligations. How can a business introduce flexibility into contracts to allow it to respond to changing economic conditions?
There are serious consequences for directors when a company becomes insolvent. In this episode, Scott Butler and David Dickens discuss what risks directors face, what options are available for directors to avoid insolvent trading liability, and how a good turnaround advisor may be able to help save the business.
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