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Unstoppable Woman with Shailja Saraswati

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Unstoppable Woman is a space for women to come share their stories of resilience and relentless spirit. About their journeys of fighting the odds and eventually, succeeding. In each episode, host Shailja Saraswati speaks with powerful achievers who share their stories to inspire others who want to create their own paths to success.

Tune in each week to find out how to become unstoppable.

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In this inspiring episode of #UnstoppableWoman, host Shailja Saraswati interviews renowned classical musician and artist Nirali Kartik. Nirali talks about her early passion for music, nurtured by a musical family environment, and her journey into classical music despite not coming from a hardcore classical music family.  She discusses the importance of discipline, the joy of learning, and the experience of creating and collaborating through her innovative platform, Maati Baani, with her husband. Together, they fuse diverse musical genres, spotlighting folk music and bringing it to the global stage. Nirali also touches on the impact of AI on the arts, her views on patience and persistence, and offers insightful advice for aspiring musicians.  Don’t miss this episode as she shares her experiences performing globally, the essence of different ragas, and the unstoppable spirit that drives her artistic endeavours. 00:00 Introduction 01:30 Meet Nirali Kartik: A Musical Journey 01:52 Early Musical Influences and Training 05:02 The Importance of Discipline in Music 10:20 Creating Maati Baani: A Fusion of Worlds 17:46 The Role of Patience and Persistence in Art 23:51 Debating the Role of AI in Art 24:38 Empowerment Through AI 26:23 Travel and Concerts 26:58 Coping with Tough Days 28:17 Social Media and Mental Health 29:57 Current and Future Projects 30:42 Hobbies and Interests 31:32 Quick Bites: Fun Questions 38:11 The Unstoppable Spirit 41:09 Conclusion and Farewell
In this inspiring episode of #UnstoppableWoman, host Shaijla Saraswati interviews Priyanka Bajaj Sibal, a former chartered accountant and winner of Mrs India 2022 who transitioned into the entertainment industry. Priyanka shares valuable lessons from her journey, including overcoming multiple failures in her CA exams, the importance of resilience, and her dedication to personal growth and social causes. She highlights her transformation through pageantry, her significant weight loss journey, and the crucial support of her family, especially her husband. Priyanka also delves into her forthcoming film 'Kathakar,' where she plays a strong, determined cop. Don't miss this episode full of motivation, perseverance, and the true essence of being unstoppable. Get inspired and remember to like, share and subscribe. 00:00 Introduction and Early Lessons 00:19 Facing Gender Bias in the Workplace 02:01 Overcoming Challenges in Chartered Accountancy 05:36 Weight Loss Journey and Determination 08:30 Supportive Partner and Pageantry Dreams 10:12 Preparation and Success in Beauty Pageants 14:17 Giving Back: Social Causes and Education 18:46 The Essence of Seva 19:50 Journey Beyond Beauty Pageants 20:14 Kathakar: A Role of a Lifetime 23:49 Facing Challenges and Overcoming Obstacles 29:04 Empowering Advice for Women 31:45 Rapid Fire Segment 37:42 What's Next for Priyanka? #shailjasaraswati #minditbyshailja #unstoppablewoman #priyankabajajsibal #mrsindia #actress #indianactress
Join Shailja Saraswati on a heart-to-heart conversation with Kavyal Sedani, a psycho-spiritual healer, as she shares her journey from being inspired by #Oprah Winfrey to overcoming depression and finding her mission. Her profound insights into self-healing, the power of faith, visualisation, and taking responsibility for one’s own happiness are a revelation. Learn about Kavyal's belief in the vibrational energy of thoughts, her explorations in neuro-linguistic programming and hypnotherapy, and her ambitious vision of a farm for rescued animals and abandoned children. An inspiring discussion on authenticity, personal growth, and making a difference in the world. Tune in for a great guide to transformation. 00:00 Introduction 03:41 Personal Struggles and Turning Points 06:10 Manifestation and Meeting Oprah 09:50 Faith and Spiritual Practices 11:51 Taking Responsibility and Inner Reflection 16:37 Understanding Vibrational Match 21:42 Past Life Regression and Karma 25:00 The Power of Authenticity 26:33 Living with Courage and Faith 30:04 Dreams and Determination: Meeting Oprah 34:13 The Role of Affirmations 37:24 Understanding Soul Connections 44:29 The Purpose of Difficult Lives 48:37 Concluding Thoughts on Kindness #shailjasaraswati #unstoppablewoman #healing #transformation #manifestation #kavyal #kavyalsedani
Join us as we dive into the fascinating journey of Megha Tata, a trailblazer in the media industry with 33 years of experience spanning Turner, HBO, Discovery, and Star Network. From overcoming gender biases at work to embarking on spiritual journeys with Sadhguru, Megha's story is one of resilience, adaptability, and relentless pursuit of her passions. Learn about her early struggles, groundbreaking roles, commitment to women empowerment, and her personal philosophies on leadership and life. This conversation is packed with insights, anecdotes, and inspirations for women and professionals aiming to make their mark in any industry. 00:00 Let's Begin 01:34 Journey into Media 02:17 Early Career Challenges and Successes 07:17 Joining Star TV 08:25 Leadership Roles and Career Growth 11:10 Launching Discovery Plus During COVID 13:14 Childhood and Adaptability 17:10 Facing Career Setbacks 28:35 Navigating Life's Choices 29:21 Empowering Women Through Representation 33:06 Discovering Spirituality with Sadhguru 41:47 Impact of Spirituality on Corporate Life 45:00 Future Aspirations and Personal Growth 49:01 Rapid Fire and Reflections #media #meghatata #careers #sadhguru #spirituality
On the first episode of Season 3, Shailja Saraswati engages in an in-depth conversation with Aastha Khanna - India's pioneering intimacy coordinator. On the show, they discuss Aastha's career, the role and importance of intimacy coordinators in film and television production, and the impact of her work on the industry. Aastha shares insights into the process of choreographing intimate scenes, ensuring actor comfort and consent, and her aspirations for the future of the profession in India.  She reflects on personal motivations, the challenges of introducing a new role in a conservative industry, and her efforts through 'The Intimacy Lab' to educate and train new professionals. The discussion also touches on society's perception of intimacy, gender dynamics in filmmaking, and Aastha's vision for a safer, more inclusive portrayal of intimate scenes on screen. CHAPTERS:  00:00 Opening Thoughts on Comfort and Consent in Filmmaking 00:57 Introducing Aastha: India's First Intimacy Coordinator 01:46 The Role and Importance of an Intimacy Coordinator 03:11 Expanding the Definition of Intimacy in Film 05:09 The Global Evolution of Intimacy Coordination 12:49 Challenging Gender Norms and the Male Gaze in Cinema 27:38 The Ethical Framework of Intimacy Coordination 31:16 Navigating Consent and Protocols in Film Production 32:40 Adapting to Veteran Actors and Production Needs 33:29 The Art of Managing Closed Sets for Intimacy Scenes 36:02 Achieving Intimacy on Screen: A Case Study 39:09 Fostering a New Generation of Intimacy Professionals 43:46 Upcoming Projects and Personal Endeavors 46:30 Rapid Fire Round: Insights and Aspirations 52:33 The Unstoppable Journey: Motivation and Support Systems
Meet some of the women who are absolutely unstoppable - and find out how you can be unstoppable too!
It's not easy to get up and try again after a crash, whether in life or in motorsport. This episode, Shailja meets Aishwarya Pissay, a multiple world title-wining circuit and off-road motorcycle racer as she displays the determination and perseverance that makes her unstoppable in a sport that's considered a man's domain. 
This episode Shailja meets Sonali Swami, an international award-winning fitness athlete, who won the bronze at the Asian Bodybuilding Championship in 2016. Catch this conversation about building strength, both inner and outer.
In the second episode of this brand new season of Unstoppable Woman, Shailja meets Kiran Manral, a best-selling author, speaker, columnist, and a feminist. Kiran's power to weave compelling insights into her entertaining and informative narratives makes her truly Unstoppable. Catch a captivating conversation about the power of fiction, raising feminist children, and so much more.
Welcome to a brand new season of Unstoppable Woman! Shailja celebrates International Women's Day in an insightful conversation with Anupama Chopra. Anupama is an author, journalist, film critic, and the founder and editor of the online platform Film Companion. Her drive to make her passion her profession is what makes her Unstoppable.
Technology is the new addiction of our age. We've become inseparable from screens in both our personal and professional lives. This episode, Shailja speaks with Bindiya Murgai, a counsellor, mental fitness and digital wellness coach. What makes Bindiya Unstoppable is her dedication to helping people overcome their personal challenges as well as maintain their mental fitness in the digital age.
In this episode, Shailja speaks with Anupama Murali, an ICF certified coach and keynote speaker. Anupama's life's work is to inspire others to achieve their potential through finding clarity, stability and enthusiasm in her initiative Achieve with Equilibrium. In other words, Anupama has made a career helping others become Unstoppable. To know more about Anupama, visit
Our guest on this episode is Dr Richa Shukla. She is a scholar of Vedic Astrology, an Astro Coach and an educator. She focuses her energy on helping others find their purpose through her practice of Astrology. In becoming a guide for those in need, she demonstrates how to be Unstoppable. Dr. Shukla joins Shailja for a conversation about how to find our purpose in the year to come.
In this episode, Shailja speaks with Monisha Singh Katial, a creative professional with over 20 years of experience in TV, print, and now audio. Not only does she break boundaries in the entertainment industry, she also advocates for local artisans - something she’s now driving through her own podcast, 'Voices for Local'. Monisha's drive to succeed in whatever she does, no matter the obstacles, is what makes her Unstoppable.
Rachna Arora James enjoyed highly regarded positions sports and entertainment broadcasting and a career filled with awards for outstanding business innovation and many other achievements. However, displaying tremendous fortitude, she left the corporate world behind to pursue her passion for food styling and photography. It's the courage to leave behind a prestige career in order to pursue her passion that makes her Unstoppable. In this episode, Rachna joins Shailja for a discussion about passions, professions, and everything else in between.
Singapore-based artist Sarbani Bhattacharya is a highly regarded artist. Her paintings are popular with private collectors in Europe and Southeast Asia. But her purpose of painting goes beyond being part of collections and recognition.  As a painter, she is looking to “think, express and search the self” thus paving the way for self discovery. The subjects she chooses - Tree of Life, Mother & Child - are evocative and suggest ideas of fertility, growth and nurture and, perhaps, a spirituality that undergirds that relationship.  The drive to be symbiotic in all forms of existence is what makes her Unstoppable. In this episode, Sarbani joins Shailja for an impassioned discussion about art, femininity, and creative expression.
Nirupama Subramanian is a consultant, facilitator and leadership coach with a wealth of experience built up over 25 years. She is the Cofounder at GLOW, an organisation committed to the development of inclusive work cultures and empowering women for leadership roles. Among her many accomplishments, ​​Nirupama is also a bestselling author of two books, 'Keep the Change' and 'Intermission'. In today's episode, Nirupama joins Shailja to discuss how women can subvert the stereotypes that shackle them in society and find their power.
Multi award-winning singer Sonam Kalra speaks to Shailja about music's power to overcome all barriers. Sonam's work itself is a testament to this power, a Sikh herself, her music is heavily inspired by Sufi devotional music, largely an Islamic genre. Her musical endeavour, The Sufi Gospel Project, blends the many voices of faith, through music, poetry, and prayer to create one universal voice of faith. This project has earned her worldwide critical acclaim. Catch her in conversation on the launch episode of Unstoppable Woman with Shailja Saraswati.
Meet the trailblazers

Meet the trailblazers


Unstoppable Woman is a space for women to come share their stories of resilience and relentless spirit. About their journeys of fighting the odds and eventually, succeeding. In each episode, host Shailja Saraswati speaks with powerful achievers, who share their stories to inspire others who want to create their own paths to success. Tune in each week to find out how to become unstoppable.