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When growing a business there is no one secret to success, but a series of strategies that help business owners scale at will. Hi, I’m Buzz and I’ve spent over 20 years marketing for entrepreneurs just like you. On this podcast we uncover invaluable insights that successful entrepreneurs and industry experts use to profitably scale businesses. Welcome to You Are Buzzworthy.
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I am sure I don’t have to tell you, my podcast listeners, how awesome podcasts are for learning from experts. I mean, I hope that’s why you are listening to this podcast. But did you know that you could be utilizing podcasts just like mine for your own business? Yes, I am talking to you. I am really talking to everyone in the business world, but you are here and hopefully you will tell someone else about what we are going to cover today, which is how to use podcasts to help your business succeed. And to help me with today’s topic is the master of both sides of the podcastmarketing coin, Alex Sanfilippo. the host of the top-rated podcast called Podcasting Made Simple. He is also the founder of, a software company focused specifically on the podcasting industry. Alex and his team have created popular services like PodMatch, a service that matches podcast guests and hosts together for interviews, and PodcastSOP, a project management tool that helps podcasters keep up with their episode releases. Welcome to the show Alex.This week we'll cover: 1. Why use podcasts for marketing?2. What are the benefits of podcast guest speaking?3. How to approach being a guest on podcasts.Follow Alex: @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
How many times have you heard that podcast guest speaking is a great way to get your name out there and build your quote authority? Well, I am here to say that whoever is telling you this, is right. Podcast Guesting is a wonderful way to build your personal brand and authority. The best part is that it doesn’t take a lot of effort to do it? Or does it? When I launched my book in 2021, I decided to go on a podcast tour. I initially hired an agent to help me and eventually started using a platform called Podmatch to supplement my placement. Now, over 100 podcast appearances later, I still use both. Now I will say having an agent gets me on bigger shows with less effort, but the cost is something I question from time to time.So the question remains, use a podcast agent or utilize platforms like Podmatch to hunt for your own spots? Or is there a better way then both of them? Well, that’s what we are going to talk about today. We are going to explore the many ways you can use to get on other people’s podcasts to share your knowledge, build your following, and establish your authority.To help me unravel all of the layers I just laid out is Adrian Moreno who began his career inside the health & fitness space while also gaining unparalleled experience with hypnosis & NLP, establishing himself as a behavior transformation specialist. Early on, Adrian too uses podcast guesting to grow his business beyond a half a million a year, and now he spends his time showing others how to do the same thing. This week we'll cover:1. Why is podcast guesting such a lucrative marketing strategy?2. What are the best ways you have used to get on podcasts?3. So is there a way for someone like me, an E level celebrity to get on shows with millions of listeners?4. Let's assume our listeners haven’t been on at least 50 shows. What are the first steps to becoming a successful podcast guest speaker?Follow Adrian:, @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
Is your business one that deals with project management. Do you deal with managing clients through the project management process? If you do, you will love today’s topic, because I know for a fact that there are little to no entrepreneurs that think they can’t learn how to be better project managers. The topic is weaved into every facet of our businesses. It’s present in our sales process, how we serve our clients, paying salaries, and even how we let personnel go. Project management is what makes businesses run, but it’s also what slows so many of us down. It’s a momentum killer that keeps us from building our dream business and reaching our goals. So today, we are going to dive into this topic and see if we can’t make better project managers out of all of us. To help me today is Rob, a seasoned software developer of over 30 years. He’s been involved with a wide variety of system architectures and platforms. His roles have included staff developer, director of development, architect, database administrator, and many points in between. Rob founded his company RB Consulting as a software development and implementation company. However, after witnessing a significant number of poorly planned and designed projects, he altered the business focus to helping customers put together well-designed project plans and navigating through the vast sea of technology we are bombarded by everyday. This week we'll cover:1. What is the biggest challenge do you feel we face when approaching our business goals2. How simple can we make project management?3. What steps can we take this week to build better momentum towards our goals?Follow Rob: @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
Have you ever heard the phrase, “Your network is your net worth”? It is a saying that took a long time for me to truly understand. I don’t know if it was because I have always been a natural networker or if I hadn’t stuck in the same industry for more than a few years at a time. I don’t think I truly grasped the value until I decided to burn my creative agency to the ground and start all over. That’s when my network became more valuable than anything else in my life.So the one secret I feel I have uncovered over the last few years is that you can know a lot of great people and connect even more and still have a bad network. So how do we make most of it? And how the heck do we do it in a post Covid era where everything has moved online? Well that’s what we are going to talk about today and to help me uncover some networking secrets is Sara Alepin, a master connector. She’s so good at it, she turned it into a business with the District Bliss community so she knows a few things about monetizing your network, so let’s dive in. The questions we answer on this weeks episode are:1. Why is networking so important?2. Is it possible to network online successfully?3. What’s the most important networking practice you can start implementing this week?Follow Saraa at:Instagram: @districtblissevents | | Networking Cheat Sheet: Grow and Nurture Your Connections: @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
It’s amazing how many entrepreneurs I talk with that are either scared of sales or have a hatred for it. A lot of the fear I see comes from two main sources. The first cause is talking to strangers mixed with imposter syndrome. In my opinion, fixing this is just a matter of practice and a little mindset work. The second reason I see many avoid the sales process is the sleazy sales stigma. This is also why many people hate the sales process. They just don’t want to be seen as pushy salespeople. And I don’t blame them. Pushy sales people bug me too.But without sales, your business is going nowhere and avoiding the process is just slowing you down. So how can we approach sales in a way that avoids the sleazy aspect altogether? Well, that’s what we are going to talk about today. And to help me peel back the layers is Jeremy Pope, a former clinical and stage hypnotist who now helps entrepreneurs build scalable high-ticket sales departments. He’s been a top salesperson, sales manager, and sales trainer for a plethora of businesses including the direct-marketing giant Guthy Renker. Now, he and his team at Sales Call Overhaul build high ticket sales departments and help small business owners repair broken sales methods. Questions we answer in this episode:1. Why do salespeople get a bad wrap?2. How can we approach the sales process with a giver’s attitude and still be successful?3. What are the first steps in moving into the giver’s mindset in this taker’s world?Keep up to date with Jeremy @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
When I started my business in 2005 I was obsessed with big advertising agencies and media companies’ walls of awards. I thought I wasn’t going to be considered a quote, real media company until I had those awards. So to battle the lack of glass on my walls, I postured that my company was more concerned about results than awards. I even had a slogan, less prestige, more results. Over the years, I have accumulated a lot of metal and glass , but the question still remains, do they even matter. Does spending time going after awards worth the energy and sometimes cost to get them. To help me answer this question today is Vinnie Potestivo is an Emmy Award-winning Media Advisor who grows personal brands & scales founder-led businesses by increasing content distribution, brand visibility & media reach. He is also a Google News source that connects independent creators with opportunities to grow their careers and get discovered. Welcome to the show Vinnie.Questions we answer in this episode:Do industry awards really matter?What awards should we as entrepreneurs be trying to get, if any?What are the first steps in approaching using awards for your marketing? Say someone already has one…Follow @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
Have you noticed over the last few years that there are a lot of new authors popping up? There are a couple of reasons for this. The main one in my mind is the democratization of authorship through platforms like Kindle Direct Publishing and other self-publishing platforms.  It has never been easier to publish a book. The biggest hurdle now is writing a book. So the question then becomes, why should a business owner write a book? Should you write a book for your brand? Well that’s what we are going to dive into today. And to help with the subject is my friend Mike Capuzzi.Mike has authored 19 books, including two international Amazon # 1 Best Sellers, The 100-Page Book and The Magic of Short Books and he’s going to share some tips, wisdom and insights on why and how to write and leverage a nonfiction book for business.Question we answer in this episode:Why write a book.What’s the best approach to writing a book?How do we get started?Follow @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
In every business, there always seems to be more to do than there is time or resources to get them done. This is especially true for smaller businesses and solopreneurs. Shoot, I still had this problem when I had a team of 22 full time employees. So is it that we are trying to do too much or are we just not managing our resources correctly? Or is it a little bit of both. To help me peel back the onion on this proverbial chicken and egg issue is Sarah Duran. She is a freelance project manager and solopreneur coach. She’s an operational expert and has been a project strategist for over a decade, designing and leading projects for a variety of organizations, helping businesses refine systems and processes. She started her company, Fruition Initiatives, to help businesses turn their ideas into action. She joins us today to discuss how to better manage time and resources in your business.In this show we will cover:1. Do you think entrepreneurs try to do too much at any given time or are we just bad at managing all of the projects on our plate?2. How can we better prioritize all of the things we want done, seemingly at the same time in our business?3. Once we have our priorities straight, what is the best way to approach managing multiple objectives in our business?Follow Sarah at:,, @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
Did you know that there is a big difference between growing a business and scaling a business? For many years, I didn’t and it created a lot of headache for me. It’s this misunderstanding that probably had the biggest impact on my 15 year journey through entrepreneurial poverty. It’s definitely what allowed me to grow my first multi-million dollar business broke. So today we are going to save you from my prior fate and clarify the difference between growing and scaling a business, and how to recognize when you should transition between the two. To help me unravel this topic today is Michelle Hougland, a best selling author, YouTube creator, and has helped multiple medical practice scale 4X and has also worked with new practices. So growing and scaling businesses is something she is very familiar with, so let’s get started! In this show we will cover1. Clarifying  the difference between growing a  business and scaling a business.2. If there is ever a time a company that is already scaling will have to transition back into the growth stage3. How do you know when your business is ready to transition from the growth stage to the scaling stage?Follow Michelle at:,, https://www.paladinglobalmarket.comFollow @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
How many times have you heard about this thing called search engine optimization or SEO? I have personally lived and breathed SEO for the last 17 years because it’s one of the core elements of my marketing strategy for clients. But when we start talking about SEO, we start to hear about different flavors, like on-site optimization and off-page SEO, or citations and backlink building. It’s enough to make your head spin, right? I think I am going to have to create a limited series dedicated to all of the elements that go into SEO, but for today, we are diving into a tactic that helps off-page SEO. It’s called public relations and it’s something that in itself can bewilder even the most veteran entrepreneur. So to help me break it down, is Steven Lentz, a former firefighter who now helps businesses with their online presence and showing up organically using the magic of public relations marketing.In this show we will cover:1. What exactly public relations marketing is in layman's terms?2. How public relations marketing helps off-site SEO3. What are the first steps you can take if you are considering adding public relations to your marketing mix?Follow Steven at:www.ocelottraffic.comFollow @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
Did you start your business after a successful career doing something you were passionate about only to be bombarded with all of the things that get in the way of doing just that - what you love. It’s a common plateau, even for us that didn’t have a career in what we now offer in our business. Plateaus plague us all at various stages in our entrepreneurial careers and can hold us back from our true potential. So let’s dive in today and discuss how to overcome these hurdles and stay in love with our entrepreneurial lifestyle. Joining me today to help uncover secrets of doing just that is David Shriner-Cahn, community builder, Founder of the Smashing the Plateau Community and Host of the Smashing the Plateau Podcast. David empowers high-achieving professionals to build their consulting or coaching business following a late-career job exit, so they can do more of what they love and get paid what they’re worth. In this show we will cover:1. What other stages in the business life cycle do you see plateaus occur?2. How can you avoid plateaus regardless of where you are at in your entrepreneurial career?3. What are the first steps in overcoming plateaus you  can apply in your business?Follow David at:, @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
I was in a mastermind workshop the other day helping some entrepreneurs set their 2023 goals. One of the topics that came up was being true to yourself and honest with who you are not. It all boiled down to authenticity. I am sure you have heard this new buzzword rattling around the social media stratosphere the last couple of years, but I don’t think the social gurus are getting to the heart of what it means to be authentic and how authenticity is actually the express lane to profitability. So today we are going to dive into how authenticity equals profitability in your business. To help flesh out the details is JM Ryerson, who has successfully exited two companies that have created personal and financial freedom using his Show Up As You methodology. And that’s why I think he is the perfect guest to join me to discuss today’s topic. In this show we will cover:1. What is your stance on authenticity as it pertains to business and do you agree how it is portrayed in social media today?2.How does authenticity correlate with profitability3. What can you do to uncover your true authentic self?Follow JM at: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Follow @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
Do you think that the process of digital marketing sucks? Maybe you think that it’s over complicated? Worse yet, you don’t know where to start. I am sure many of you can relate, right? So what if there was a simpler way to approach digital marketing? What if I told you that I have a friend who wrote a book on how to do just that? You’d be excited, right? Well this is your lucky episode because I have my friend Jake Zufelt to talk with me about this very subject. Jake is the owner of Hite Digital in Eugene Oregon, and he specializes in simplifying the complexities of digital marketing. After spending 10 years as a pastor and working with non-profit organizations, Jake started working in marketing to help business owners streamline their marketing methods, and control their momentum. His experience has led him to write his Amazon best-selling book "Digital Marketing Sucks: A Practical Guide For Frustrated Business Owners." In this show we will cover the following questions:1. Why do you think digital marketing is considered to be so complex?2. What are 3 practical things you can do to simplify how you approach digital marketing?3. What one action can you take this week to simplify your digital marketing?Follow Jake,,, @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
At the beginning of every new year, business owners take time to study their numbers. The sad thing is that most are looking at the wrong ones, or at least focusing on the wrong ones way too long. What I mean by that is that not all metrics are built the same. As Jason and I discussed in our conversation, there are a lot of vanity metrics out there meant to make you feel good about yourself and your progress. There are other vanity metrics that marketers use to make themselves look better than they actually are. So today I am going to take some time to discuss a the five most important metrics I think you should be focusing on in your business. Follow @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
How many of you have heard of vanity metrics? If not, I am sure you have heard of key performance indicators or KPIs. In marketing, we use KPIs to show our clients incremental progress that support the success metrics set at the beginning of any campaign. These metrics should always be tied to revenue or profit. If they aren’t - we call them vanity metrics. And unfortunately, they are used way too often in many facets of business to either prop up mediocre performance or make the business owner feel good. So today, we are going to take a look at how to avoid these vanity metrics and ways to stay on course with KPIs that consistently move the revenue needle. To help me dive in today is a friend of mine, Jason Cercone a podcast guesting strategist, author, and experienced podcaster. He helps value-driven coaches and consultants establish authority and become thought leaders in their niche through impactful podcast guest appearances. He shares my disdain for vanity metrics so he’s my perfect wingman for this topic.Get in touch with | | @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
Oh my goodness we have made it! This is the 30th  and final episode of season one. I first want to thank every single one of you who have listened to the entire season and those who have subscribed. And a shout out to those who have given the show a review. I have been blown away by some of these reviews we have received so far. I am actually surprised to have gotten as many reviews as we have episodes. So let's celebrate some of the feedback from season one and dive into what season two has in store for you. You are not going to want to miss my sneak peak!Follow @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
Many of us have been in business for some time while others are just getting started. Regardless of where you are in the entrepreneurial experience, you are constantly starting new initiatives. But the landscape of starting a new business along with new products and services is changing and we need to adapt to the new way of creating things in and around our business. So let’s dive into this topic and discover new roadmaps to success. Joining the conversation with me today is Jason Sherman, who is a successful innovator, award winning filmmaker, published author, and a tech startup expert. He has been featured by Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Verge, and ABC News. Jason, welcome to the show.What we cover:Jason's new video friendship app ventureNew methodologies and tactics that have had to change with this new venture?Actionable advice for people starting a new business, launching a new product or initiative in an existing businessConnect with Jason:Jason's websiteHis new Spinnr appFollow @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
The new year is upon us and if you haven’t already, it’s way past time to get the ball rolling for 2023. In this episode, I uncover my new strategy to keeping my eye on the immediate in my company and how to get more done in less time.In the episode I cover:Why always keeping a sense of urgency is so important.How to condense your successes into 90 days.Why annual plans are a waste of time.Follow @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
Today I want to talk about leadership from an entrepreneur's point of view. Specifically when dealing with the great resignation and now, the new quiet quitting epidemic. Now some say this is not a new phenomenon and rather with recent events like a global pandemic, turbulent economic times, and a hostile political landscape, people are much more vocal about it. Never the less, we are in an employee driven market right now and as entrepreneurs, we now more than ever need to attract and retain the best people for our companies. And that’s what we are going to talk about today with my guest Jocelyne Morin-Nurse.What we talk about:How do you see various leadership philosophies having an impact on this?It might also be that there's a risk of chasing that "perfect" employment where every day will be "bliss". It comes back to being clear on what the organization stands for and attracting the "right" candidates and then retaining them.Connect with Jocelyne:On LinkedInHer WebsiteDownload this FREE guide to find out the top five reasons businesses struggle to attract and retain top talent and what to do about it. Follow @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
I was talking with Adam Liette on the podcast the other day about how to get ourselves as business owners from working in our business to working on our business. This is a very important topic because it is something that holds way too many companies back from their true potential. And that is because owners are human and as humans we have limits. There is only so much of us to go around. So as we build our business bigger and bigger, we start to spread ourselves thinner and thinner. And the thinner we spread ourselves the worse off we and our companies become.What I cover in this episode:Two main reason why business fail to properly delegateHow perfectionism holds business back and costs profitsWhy 80% is good enough for your clientsFollow @urbuzzworthy on LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter. Get your copy of Buzz's best selling book, The Rule of 26 at
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