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The podcast that shares personal stories of people who have adapted and overcome physical and mental challenges to achieve their dreams. To prove to themselves and all of us that your dreams are within reach.
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Imagine being very competitive playing sports such as powerlifting, ice hockey, and golf just to name a few then suddenly feeling pain fatigue and exhaustion to point where the only thing you can do is your job and not knowing the cause for years. Ryan Syverson this was one of the hardest challenges of his life in this episode we discuss his journey discovering he had Lyme disease and mold exposure. We also discuss his struggles with depression and moving past traumatic childhood events to become the inspirational certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, certified Wellness Code Academy® Coach, and certified Whole Psychology Method Coach he is today. Trigger warning this episode contains mature subject matter listener discretion is advised If you'd like to learn more about Ryan's journey or try his transformative programs yourself follow him in the links below until next time Keep Calm and Roll On  
Have you ever heard the expression you are what you eat? Usually if you feel sick you might take a pill to relive your headache , swallow something for an upset stomach or sleep it off. According to our guest Heather Gray a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist Practitioner we have been approaching our health the wrong way. After many years of living with chronic Lyme Disease, Mold exposure and a few autoimmune issues Heather over time developed her own recovery program DRESS focusing on Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress reduction, and supplementation. through this program many of Heather's symptoms have been in remission, so the next time your body doesn't feel well take it as a sign your check engine light is on don't be like Penny from the Big Bang Theory and ignore it we only get the one body so take care of it. If you want to learn more about how to change your life whether you have a chronic illness or not you can follow the Lyme Boss Heather Gray in the links below
There is no substitute for hard work Reginald Clark is a prime example of this as he moved from New York to Atlanta GA at 25 years old to pursue his dreams of being an actor and male model. This major life change came with a cost the loneliness and hard work caused Reginald to develop depression and at times become homeless and resorted to sleeping in his car. We discuss the importance of finding your outlet, something to help you get through dark times be it meditation, prayer or a support network and the importance of looking after your mental health.Although May is mental health awareness month you should be aware of your mental health every day. Check out how Reginald Clark has bounce back in the links below until next time keep calm and roll on.
 Cystic Fibrosis a genetic condition that affects For as many as 5,000 Canadians at the time of writing in many ways. For Paula van Wyk she grew up with an older brother who has CF and now she helps look after the next generation of CF warriors in her young son Jack. in today's episode we talk about the importance of doing research on family genetics, food and enzyme monitoring, the salty skin test, planning for the future and so much more. To raise awareness for Cystic Fibrosis you can help by donating to the Cystic Fibrosis Canada walk that takes place May 28th and following Jack's journey in the link below
Being a parent is never easy at any stage but, for Liza Blas looking after her two children during their teenage years was especially difficult as both children contracted Lyme disease, a viral condition most commonly spread through bites from deer ticks. On today's episode Liza and I discuss the lengthly process of finding a treatment plan, how Lyme disease has the possibility to go unnoticed and untreated hiding with the human immune system for years, as a parent giving yourself a break for being wrong about a possible treatment and not knowing all the answers . There is much more we can learn about Lyme Disease and the challenges that come with it if you'd like to learn more check out the book Unlocking Lyme: Myths, Truths, and Practical Solutions for Chronic Lyme Disease by Bill Rawls If you'd like to hear more from Liza's experience check out The Very Happy Stories Podcast, or follow Liza Blas in the links below
Born with Fused fingers on both of his hands Ryan Niemiller has always use his wit and sense of humour to see the positive side to every situation. On Todays episode we discuss the importance of listening to the needs of others with disabilities versus assuming we know them all. The importance of coming to terms with our conditions and recognizing what's possible and what's not. We also take a deep dive into the world of Stand up comedy where we discuss how cancel culture may impact performers, the importance of being funny versus offensive, and the long road to success in the entertainment industry. For tickets and information on how you can see The Cripple Threat of Comedy click the links below
This week we conclude our two part series Meet the McGinns with Julie McGinn as she shares her experience raising her first child, William as a child on the Autism Spectrum. Where she went to for research on the subject, what steps the whole family to help Willam now into the man he is today. We also discuss Julie's on going career as a dentist to find out the answers to some age old questions Are children starting to like the dentist? Is accessibility in dental offices for disabled patients improving? All these things and more for #AutismAwarnessmonth on The Sit Down Stand Out Show if you'd like to ask Julie any questions or you'd like to book a dental appointment click this link Until next time Keep Calm and Roll On
Willam McGinn has been creating for as long as he could remember from writing the Sly Cooper book series to voiceover work, book and film reviews and so much more. Willam was born with what was thought to be Aspergers Syndrome was later diagnosed as autism , the difference between the two being those with Autism are more likely to experience communication delays while those with Aspergers Syndrome may be more socially awkward but, this varies from case to case. While there is an entire spectrum of challenges associated with Autism, after reading Luke Jackson's "Freaks,Geeks and Aspergers Syndrome: A User Guide to Adolescence Willam decided regardless of wether he has Aspergers Syndrome, or Autism he was born with a gift that should be celebrated and cherished. Five novels later Willam's career continues to show upwards as he preforms in community theatre plays around the Kawartha Lakes area. William is a shining example of what all individuals disabled, on the spectrum or from any any background can achieve so, The next time you see someone who may be struggling or you might consider to be odd or weird please remember all of us have something beautiful to offer the world even if it can be hard to find. Please check out Willam McGinn's projects in the links below. Check out Luke Jackson's "Freaks,Geeks and Aspergers Syndrome: A User Guide to Adolescence here
Trigger Warning this episode contains discussions of self harming Listener Discretion is Advised Born without a Tibula bone Keith has lived his entire life as an amputee. Life hasn't been easy for Keith dealing with being an amputee, and being unhappy with his appearance. All these factors caused hm to develop an eating disorder and a habit of self harming. This would not last as Keith would reach out to his high school Science teacher after deciding he didn't like the person he had become so he shared his story The Amputee Story and he has now been seven years clean of self harming. The book would go on to become a best seller . Keith works as a Zebedee model and makeup artist with a dream of changing the outlook of the LGBTQ+ community in West Indie culture. check out The Amputee Story and Keith's other projects in the links below
Born with Cerebral Palsy people have doubted what Cayetana Uranga was capable, doctors doubted she could learn to speak English, university professors doubted whether or not she could complete her bachelor's degree in Fashion Management Cayetana Uranga has gone on two prove everyone wrong. Cayetana Uranga now works at Amazon and Target and films her free time exercising at the gym, playing with dog, cooking family dinners to raise awareness for Cerebral Palsy. Cayetana Uranga is a prime example of how people with cerebral palsy are capable of anything. if you'd like to check out some of Cayetana Uranga's content click one of the links below
Cerebral Palsy awareness month continues with fellow podcaster James Cox one of the host behind the When Words Fail Music Speaks podcast. on this episode we discuss a variety of topics including the challenges disabled people and the workforce face balancing accessibility and finances, the benefits of music and the right medication when dealing with depression, and the challenge everyone faces one day independence once we leave home. Which of these topics speak to you? Be sure to check out When Words Fail Music Speaks podcast and follow James in the links below until next time  Keep Calm and Roll On.
On today's episode I sit down with teacher, student, and blogger Sam Bronstein, as we discuss how despite growing up without many disabled individuals in her life she has an incredible desire to educate and challenge the way we think about individuals with Cerebral Palsy among other conditions. Some important questions discussed include why are some people afraid of the disabled? What are people more afraid of? The challenges that come disabilities or, showing their own vulnerability by setting physical  and mental limits? All this and more on The Sit Down Stand Out Show Podcast. For more information on Sam Bronstein The Disabled Dreamer check out the links below
On today's episode I sit down with Caylin Mansfield a person who in recent years haas grown to accept herself as a person with Cerebral Palsy and a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community. We talk about how Caylin unlearned the behaviours taught by her family to hide her disability, the importance of studying the culture of the past in order to improve accessibility in the present. Most important of all you should  never be afraid to be who you are. If you'd like to get a custom made Spotify playlist based on your energy from Caylin or you want to check out some of her work as a poet click the links below
In Honor of Cerebral Palsy awareness month I thought I'd share a brief letter I wrote to give people an example of the good the bad and the ugly of living with cerebral Palsy. Music: 
Despite being born with Cerebral Palsy Lauren Grier has always had a passion for fashion. On this episode as we focus on Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month we discuss the importance of get the right education, the challenges of developing a social media presence, and the power of always staying positive. Lauren currently works as a model for Gamut Management and Zebedee Talent Management as she hope to pursue her dream of having her own clothing line. Please consider checking out Lauren Grier's work in the links below
All her life Hajar Albattah-Thompson has lived her life visually impaired. Despite being visually impaired Haiar has always had a passion for learning new things which allowed her to receive a a bachelors degree of psychology and a minor in disability studies and Arabic language. From the University of Oregon. Hajar uses social media to educate others on how she lives her life. On this episode in honour of #Lowvisionawarnessmonth we discuss Hajar's journey from the school for the blind in Kuwait to living her best life as a Zebedee model, dancer, and performer in the United States,  the importance of not being afraid to ask questions, knowing the difference between asking to provide assistants and taking away someone's independence. Please consider checking out  Hajar Albattah-Thompson's inspiring videos in the link below
Shelley Reid has always been resilient ever since the age ten having to care for her mother. both Shelley and her mother inherited a rare disorder CMT Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease a genetic nerve  disorder that wears away at the muscles and sensory nerve in the body this condition affects one in every 2500 people or 3 million worldwide. Despite the life long battle Shelley has ahead of her she continues to pursue her dreams as a content creator, Jujitsu practitioner, and CMT Ambassador. If you would like to learn more about CMT or donate whatever you can to help find a cure for CMT please check out Shelley's GoFundMe   in the links below. For more info in CMT Follow Shelley Reid on her journey on these links
Happy Valentines Day from all of us at The Sit Down Stand Out Show. Relationships can be challenging  no matter the amount of experience you have but, for individuals with disabilities and mental health challenges finding the right person to spend your life with can be more difficult for some than others. I hope this little Jazz number inspires you to keep searching for that special someone or, if you're already in a relationship to remember its a worthwhile work in progress. Thanks to Nicholas Russell for helping with the creating and mastering of this song be sure to check out some of his work in the links below
Lucille Seppi has always had a passion for learning whether she's preforming at a local theatre in her home of Frankfurt Germany, Scuba Diving, or pursing her degrees in Psychology and Neuroscience. Unfortunately at the age of fifteen Lucille learned how to make difficult choices as she left home to escape a bad family situation that had been going on for years causing her to develop PTSD. On this episode we talk about the importance of communication, perusing your passions, and simply taking life one day at a time. Be sure follow Lucille Seppi in the links below Be sure to Rate, Review, and Subscribe  
Michelle has always been a creative person wether she was writing poetry, dancing, or acting but, at the age of nineteen her life changed forever. Michelle needed to have her right arm amputated after a car accident, she briefly struggled to accept this new permanent life change and kept up writing but, with a darker edge to her work. All it takes is one person to be an example of what is possible, for Michelle her example was surfer Bethany Hamilton who returned to surfing after loosing her arm in a shark attack. Michelle now stands as an inspiration as a Zebedee model, writer, actor, and parent that you can achieve anything you want. Be sure to follow Michelle and Zebedee in the links below'
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