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Not Another Business Podcast with Mark Havenner

Author: Mark Havenner

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A weekly down-to-earth exploration of marketing and communications for business leaders. With 20 years in marketing/comms and almost 15 of them in an integrated agency, Mark has worked with many different businesses and industries and has learned firsthand what works and what doesn't. As we weather uncertainty, it is more important now than ever that business leaders think through the old ways of doing things. Mark provides industry-busting insights, a distillation of marketing speak, and real-world strategies and tactics you can use in your business today.
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It's hard to know what to do about announcements these days and it often becomes a PR problem as companies and organizations rely on press releases and pounding the pavement on media relations to get results.In this episode, I dive deep into announcements, what to do to prepare for them, how to pull them off, and what works. It's a practical exploration of getting the most bang out of announcements as you can.I also go into various announcement tactics like press events, SMTs, and--of course,...
Beyond your own legacy, what’s the impact you’re after? What if we considered time beyond ourselves, into the 100 years that frames our life in both directions? From the cultural context that shaped you, to the society that will exist in 100 years that you’re participating in right now? Given that, what’s your purpose for being here? We’re at a critical juncture. This is a very transformational time in history, with forces at play that we have never experienced before under any generati...
People talk a lot about gratitude, especially this time of year. The extremely complex sentiment of gratitude is now ubiquitous. Gratitude often reads as insincere, surface-level platitudes—watch your social media feed this week. The problem is, when we express gratitude from this passive place of autopilot, we lose connection with the incredible meaning and power it can bring to our lives. Genuine expressions of gratitude are dynamic actions, not passive statements. When we connect wit...
Every business leader needs to understand their unique target audience intimately. Let’s face it, we all want to be understood. It’s the foundation of every connection. Typically, client discovery is through the limited lens of market research data which only produces generalized ideas, resulting in mass-produced messaging and superficial connections with a customer base. In this episode, I unpack how understanding your ideal audience on an individual level allows you to communicate...
6: The Truth About SEO

6: The Truth About SEO


SEO is thrown around the business world like it is some mystical art--or worst like it's special seasoning with a secret recipe.Let's sit down and explore what SEO is, what it's not, and why it's important--but from a business leader's point of view. We want to provide context for when these three letters are batted around a boardroom or Zoom call.We'll unpack the principles of SEO, what goes into a good SEO strategy, and why most things people call SEO really aren't.
If you are focused on any generation other than Z your business may be antiquated--or it soon will be.In this episode, I explore generation marketing and advise on how to make it useful rather than fall into assumption traps. We go into each generation and their environmental situation and general outlook as a result of that.Then we unpack the significance of Gen Z, why they are significant, and what we need to learn from them.
The power of storytelling can be used to create your business story. Doing so crystallizes your purpose, your vision, and even what your business goals, metrics, and outcomes need to be. I'll walk you through an exercise where we apply the concepts of Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey model to your own journey.We'll go through each of these questions, what they mean, and what the answers will do for you. What is the current state of your industry or situation? What does your audience...
Public Relations is broken.Professionals are using antiquated approaches, and it isn't working. Journalists and publications are refusing to participate in brand communications, third-party endorsements are decreasing in value among the public, and agencies are bleeding dry trying to drive media relations.I do not spend this episode trashing public relations. But I do spend a lot of time exploring why PR is not working like it used to. Exposing the raw truth behind what is going on out there....
After twenty years in the business, I've worked with many business leaders, and this is the number one mistake I see them make.And I won't make you listen to the podcast to find out what the mistake is.The biggest mistake I see business leaders make is that they are focused internally. I'll unpack this with you, and we'll explore the implications of this statement and more importantly what you can do about it. And it's fundamental to any journey toward industry leadership.
Uncertainty is now a constant and the business world has fundamentally changed. Nothing is as it was.Business leaders struggle to know how best to guide marketing/communications. It sometimes feels like they are steering blind.My own journey began as a result of uncertainty and even though I have 20 years in the field, communications and marketing is all new again.The debut episode of Not Another Business Podcast explores the nature of this new era of business and how business leaders can cha...