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Sensitive Being with Michelle Marsh

Author: Michelle Marsh

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Sensitivity and neurodivergence are a gift when they are balanced and tuned. But when it is highly charged and without toning and control it can feel unbearable, leading us to act, think and feel in ways which do not align with our true selves. The Sensitive Being Podcast is here to help you to gain clarity through the synthesised lens of western medicine, psychology, natural medicine, spirituality and yogic philosophy.

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In today's podcast we are chatting about neurodivergence. We'll dive into what neurodivergence means, touch upon common neurodivergent conditions, and ponder whether neurodivergence is a pathology or simply a natural variation.Sensitive Being AppAndroid: the Sensitive Being Quiz Support
All my life I have struggled to fit in. People say I'm confident but the truth is that I wear masks and I have gotten very comfortable with being uncomfortable.In this episode I am telling my story of the masks I wear in the hope that it brings understanding for those without a similar experience while also letting others know that they are not alone in their struggles. Sensitive Being AppAndroid: https://apps...
One of the biggest struggles as a highly sensitive and/or neurodiverse person is communicating the internal struggle, pain and trauma which has built up over a lifetime of trying to function "normally" in a neurotypical world. In episode # 5 of Sensitive Being (podcast) I dive into nonverbal approaches that hold immense potential for addressing the trauma which stems from the suppression of neurodivergent identities.In a world where neurodivergents often struggles to find their rightful ...
If you have ever tried to meditate but just end up bored and frustrated due to your busy mind, then this episode is for you. Whether or not you can access the state of meditation is not the question. The real question is 'what is the best way for YOU?'Sensitive Being AppAndroid: the Sensitive Being Quiz Supporthttps://aroma...
In this episode I talk about diet, lifestyle and environmental considerations and tips for calming the nervous system and reducing negative symptoms of sensitivity and ADHD. In the next episode we will cover Practices to release, restore, tone and cultivate.Website: Being AppAndroid:
If being highly sensitive means that navigating our busy world is more painful/confusing/overwhelming then why would you want to deliberately cultivate it if you aren't "highly sensitive" already? In this episode I answer this question (and a few others) drawing from yogic philosophy and human anatomy to help you understand the gift of sensitivity available to us all.Connect with Michelle on social media: @aromanosisBook a consult or learn more about Aromanosis:
Welcome to the Sensitive Being Podcast. Let's begin the conversation around sensitivity. What does it mean to be sensitive? Is it a good thing.... Something that increases your intuition and ability to navigate life in alignment with your true self? Or is it a curse that means you are easily stressed and overwhelmed? What if both is true? Is there a way in which we can cultivate and tone sensitivity to work for us?Find me on social media: @aromanosisBook a consult or learn more about Aromanos...
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